Tangents & Feeling Progress & Can You Do This?

I wore Boston head (my Boston Goodr glasses) to toe (Brooks 2019 Boston Launches) for my run yesterday.  I wasn’t going to be at Boston this year but I was definitely planning on our normal watching party at home.  I sure missed watching it on tv yesterday but it will be so fun to watch in September.  PS I am noticing more runners out than ever before these days. Anyone else seeing that where they live?

On Sunday my brother that lives a few hours away drove all the way to my house, my parents’ house and my sister’s house to heart attack our doors, leave treats on our porch and then drive home.  It made ALL of our days and we were quite surprised.  He left our families favorite dessert (date bars) too and they were the perfect post-run snack.

IMG 1617

My niece wrote this heart for our door:)

IMG 1574

I noticed Brooke was playing with her carriages a bit differently than normal and when I asked her she said it was because she had to keep them 6 feet apart.  It’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us when we go back to normal life.

IMG 1621

Skye wanted to try out the no-bangs look yesterday and she loved it because I think she felt even more like Brooke.

IMG 1627

Another very normal day at our house.  These chicks of ours are getting big and REALLY fast.

IMG 1645

Brooke told me that she missed her grandma’s (in California) Frog Eyed Salad so she learned how to make it herself (picture before it set-up in the fridge).  She is going to be a chef by the time this whole quarantine is over.

IMG 1647


Let’s finish off today with a few tangents.

*Knox was organizing the mudroom for one of his chores and he just could not get over the fact that I have a few pairs of the same shoes (if only he knew about my stockpile of these in my closet too:)  Even Knox thinks runners are a bit strange… when we find a shoe we love, we have to make sure we have enough of them!

IMG 1490

*Not only can Andrew rewatch movies over and over but he can also re-listen to books over and over and he does that when he is getting yard work done.  Does anybody else re-read or re-listen to books?

IMG 1640

*I LOVED loved Steph Bruce’s latest post on her blog.  “Progress isn’t always about seeing it.  It’s about feeling it.”

IMG 1646 2

*Andrew and I were talking about what it will be like to be able to call up a baby-sitter again and go out to dinner (one of our favorite hobbies) together.  We will probably just sit there for a few hours, order many courses and take it all in as long as possible.  We are still getting take-out from local small restaurants 1-2 times a week but it just doesn’t taste quite the same as eating it in the restaurant.

IMG 1497

*French bread + butter + garlic + cheese + tomatoes + basil + balsamic glaze = heaven.

IMG 1641

*I think Skye needs to take over the blog for a few days.  PS she is in a band-aid stage right now and she believes the smallest ouchie deserves the biggest band-aid.

IMG 1492

*If I haven’t convinced you yet to make Shalane’s Quinoa Salad… maybe this picture will.  We made another huge batch and I am perfectly happy eating the same food over and over again until I get sick of it before switching things up ha.

IMG 1565


Are you a fan of eating the same meal over and over again or do you want to switch things up often?

Would you rather have a simple pizza without toppings or one with a lot of toppings?

Do you ever re-listen or re-read books?

-Unless they are religious books or running books… nope!

Are you seeing more, the same or less people be active where you live?

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I feel like accidentally eat the same meals over and over again! haha! We have spaghetti once a week but just change out the noodles to different types. ;) I need to branch out to something new for sure!

I like supreme pizza but I’m also a big fan of good old pepperoni!

I don’t ever re-listen or re-read books but I can watch You’ve Got Mail 382936 times and it never gets old!! It’s my all-time favorite movie. Oh and Gilmore Girls too when it comes to shows!

Yes, there are so many more people out and about these days. It’s really nice to see! Plus, we’ve been having such great weather so it’s almost impossible not to get outside.

Have an amazing day, Janae!!


Changing the noodles out makes it a completely different meal in my opinion haha. Oh I forgot about that movie, I need to rewatch that one because it has been way too long. GILMORE GIRLS is the best! What did you think of the comeback season? Keep enjoying that amazing weather and I hope you get a pepperoni pizza asap! Thanks Chelsea!


I love to relisten to books! Does Andrew relisten to the Harry Potter audiobooks, those are some of the best!


HEY!! He does and he absolutely LOVES those. I hope you have a fabulous day RK!


Wow–Brooke really has embraced the joys of the kitchen :)
I’m absolutely fine with repeating meals that I like. Not so much for the rest of the fam, LOL.
Simple pizza is fine with me. I’m OK with lots of toppings, too, as long as the crust can handle them and doesn’t get mushy.
I rarely re-read books on purpose. I have sometimes forgotten that I’ve read something and suddenly realize why it sounds so familiar, LOL! And a couple of times I’ve even purchased the same book twice. haha!
Yes, there are a lot more people out exercising around my neighborhood. I wonder if that will continue as restrictions ease up and the weather gets warmer?
Love the “heart attack” visits :)


Hahah it sounds like our families are the ones pushing us into trying new things:). Oh you are so right about a mushy crust… I cannot stand that. HAHAH oh that makes me so happy because I just did that with a book a few months ago and it took me a few chapters to realize it! I sure hope that the exercise increase continues to happen! Have the best day Corey and I hope you have an amazing pizza soon!


Omg I went through a bandaid stage when I was younger!! For my birthday, someone just got me a bunch of the cool bandaids with princesses and Disney characters. I would just put them on me for no reason ha.

I eat the same meal alot because I’m a fan of leftovers so I’ll make more than I need in order to have lunch and dinner for a few days. Less cooking and clean up then!

Have a wonderful day Janae! Your blog is putting a smile on my face right now.


Bahaha thanks for the good gift idea for Skye:). Your story makes me so so happy. Leftovers are LIFE and I can’t wait for mine soon. Thank you friend, your comment made me smile! Have a wonderful Tuesday, Maureen!


Okay so Brooks released their newest model of my favorite shoe (Adrenaline) which meant their previous model was on sale. I bought a new pair, even though I had just bought a pair within the last month or two. My husband was like “Okay… that’s an interesting theory…” They were $50 off! Why wouldn’t I when I know I would need them?? So glad to hear it’s not just me hahaha


Oh I love Stephanie Bruce! She is honest, inspiring, and can be funny. She was just on the rambling runner podcast, and it was so good.
I too love Shalane’s quinoa salad, but for some reason my husband and boys do not. I think they’re weird. So, when I make it, I just make 1/2 a batch just for myself. It is so good. And I love to throw left over grilled chicken in it.
I can’t reread books. I can definitely rewatch movies, just can’t reread books.
Yesterday on the Olympics channel (some really obscure channel) they re-played the Boston Marathons from 2014 – 2019 all day. It was so fun to watch and remember how each year played out. It definitely helped fuel my fire to earn another BQ!
I too, have noticed more people out running these days. Oh, and I saw one of my neighbors out running (he has never run before) and he stopped me to say that watching me run by his house all these years, has inspired him to try now that he is home. That is so cool!
Have a great day. ?


Wait, she was?! Oh I cannot wait to listen to that episode. BUMMER about the boys in your house not liking the salad but I guess that just means more for you. Oh I bet that was so fun to watch yesterday and I cannot wait to hear about your next BQ! Look at you inspiring others to get out and run, that story is awesome Wendy! Way to go. Hope your Tuesday is a beautiful one!


Hahaha you simply cannot turn FIFTY DOLLARS OFF down! You are a smart shopper and the more the merrier with running shoes. You are definitely not alone. I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday, Stacey!


I am new to the blog – where do I find this quinoa salad?! Thanks!



Hey Laura! So excited you are here! Here is the recipe and it is delicious!



I have had a smoothie and rice cakes with pb everyday for lunch for the past… 3 weeks? And now that I think of it, I have probably had 20 chicken salad sandwiches over the last few weeks. Ha apparently I am a creature of habit.
I like lots of pizza toppings! But you can’t go wrong with a cheese slice either :) I think the only books I re-read are the Harry Potter books. I read them in middle school and then re-read them when the movies were coming out. And EVERYONE has been outside. I think it is good that people are getting outside and being active during this time. It is so good for mental health!!

Have a good day Janae!


Oh that is such a lovely surprise that your brother concocted!
Re: Brookw playing with her cerrusges 6ft apart.. its funny how much kids know and pick up. My four year old niece told her mom that she couldn’t go to daycare because of the coronavirus and my sister was like whoa where did that come from.

If I have a meal on repeat..home made pad thai or just pad thai. Jason protests because I make it so much!

I feel like I need ar least 3 toppings on pizza for it to be legitimately pizza haha. Your garlic bread and pizza sounds delicious!

Definitely dreaming of normal or a new normal here too. I miss my running partners.. I miss my mountains and being able to run out for items without thinking about it.

Have a great day and week Janae!


Hey Kristine! Oh WOW, your little niece sure is paying attention to what is going on around her. It really is such a different world now. Now I need pad thai daily too! I hope that you are able to run again with your partners and explore those mountains again soon. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Melissa, that sounds like a delicious lunch to me… I’d eat it every day too and those sandwiches also sound perfect. It just makes life easy to eat the same thing a lot ha. I totally agree, it’s amazing to see everyone outside and active. I hope it sticks after this is all over. Thanks Melissa, you too!


I would be happy to eat the same. Less mental energy to think of something. I like having leftovers for that reason.
Seeing more walkers in our neighborhood. People I’ve never seen before! Haha.
And I would like lots of veggie toppings on pizza!


Leftovers are EVERYTHING to me too! The less thought, the better ha. Keep enjoying seeing all of these people outside and I hope you get a veggie filled pizza asap! Thanks Mary!


I re-read certain books! If it’s a book I really loved or had great information, I like to reread once in a while. Especially Harry Potter. Or I’m thinking I should reread Deena Kastor’s book soon.

I’m seeing a lot more people out being active- hope this continues!


Let’s reread her book together please! Such a good one. I really hope it continues too (along with the fabulous weather). Have the best day Mariah!


I re-read books all the time–the Miss Read novels, Agatha Christie, biographies, Star Trek. I have certain books I must re-read at certain times of the year, as well. Flannery O’Connor is a must in the summer. Shirley Jackson (Life Among The Savages, The Lottery and Other Stories) in the fall.


Thank you for reminding me of Agatha Christie! I need to read something from her soon along with your other recommendations. Hope you are having a great day Karen!


Yep, lots more people running nowadays here. I guess it’s because the gyms are closed? I love it.
I don’t now about that Frog Eyed salad- it looks extremely weird! My grandmother used to make a jello salad with marshmallows and mandarin oranges- that was weird enough, but pasta and egg? I think I need to see a picture of the finished product all set up. Definitely looks like a fun project for Brooke though. Have a great day!


Hahaha I’m going to ship some to you because the egg and pasta do make it sound terrible but it’s pretty good haha. Thanks friend, you too!


I love Skye’s bangless-do and her BIG bandaid. I do think i this is something our 7-year olds will be telling our grandchildren – and it may forever change our cultural norms! Will we go back to handshaking? dr. Fauci says we should not.

I like to switch things up often, but do not mains having several regular go to’s. Like Tuesday night is pizza night at our house (it used to be Fridays, but now that I am on City Council two Tuesdays a month we loved pizza night permanently). Since the pandemic we have gotten pizza kits where the dough is ready to toss and stretch then we add the perfectly measured sauce and cheese (and any toppings we might want from out fridge), and bake. Helps with our self added “Chef in the Kitchen” subject on our homeschool checklist. Monday night is Meatless Monday, usually some sort of soup. Friday night is pasta night.

Simple cheese pizza. If you have to add something I would put spinach under the cheese. When I am feeling crazy I’ll do bacon and pineapple or on St Patty’s Day green olives and artichokes!

No re -reading/listening. There are too many unread books to repeat!

We are seeing way more people get active than ever before. It is getting crowded out there in the trails after 10:00 a.m.


Meals on repeat, please! I can really eat the same ingredients over and over but may mix up the seasonings or prep (sweet potatoes, I’m talking ’bout you!). I’m a mixer so salads (especially the non-lettuce kind) are sooooo delicious. I also LOVE to pile on a grain type salad ontop of random greens.

Pizza is a trick question-there’s nothing so simply delicious as a caprese pizza, but…..a pizza piled with veggies is so amazing, too. I’m so weird with pizza, I’m not a pizza sauce girl so just use olive oil and salt. (hey now, I’m intolerant of tomato concentrate and don’t think for a second I’m not missing it on a classic pizza)

My brother and I were laughing at a meme that eluded to all the running haters who are now discovering running. hehe. I live where it’s rural-ish so yes, I’m seeing more people but also the weather is conducive to it. In other words, I may see 2 runners instead of zero when I’m out. Weekends I see a lot more but still, not crowded or annoying.

Have a GREAT week!!!


I could totally eat the same meal over and over till I get sick of it. I feel like I put pressure on myself to not do that though because of the other eaters in my house.

Your bro is the sweetest. I love that!!


Ha! I am making a big batch of recovery salad today – but with wild rice, mixed greens, and chicken. LOVE IT! My husband smoked a pork butt Sunday so we will have that a few times this week too, but in different forms – sandwiches, quesadillas, just plain. Last week we almost ran out of food for lunches as we weren’t making enough at night for leftovers.


I can eat the same meal for months and months and be super happy.

My favorite pizza is simple Margherita. When it’s good, it’s wonderful–with fresh tomatoes and delicious cheese….I wish my favorite local pizza shop was offering pickup or delivery!

I am a huge book lover and I’ve only ever reread about 5 books in my life. I feel like there’s always another good one and don’t want to take that precious time to reread instead of discovering another good book.

And Andrew is just like my husband with the rewatching of movies. I can’t do it, but my husband can turn on the TV and get sucked into a movie he’s watched at least 10 or 15 times.


I feel like I always have a rotation of meals in place… and then I swap a couple different ones in and out to shake things up! I can eat the same thing for breakfast without any issue but I like variety in my lunch and dinner meals.
I could eat plain cheese pizza all the time without any complaints! Too many toppings are distracting and make the pizza less enjoyable for me! Unless it’s taco pizza, in which case, the more, the merrier! :)
I don’t reread books as much as I used to… but sometimes I do! I find I’m less likely to reread a book on my iPad than I am an actual book. Not sure why that is!
WAY more people being active outside… runners, walkers, bikers, etc. I think people are just taking any excuse they can to get out of the house. It’s finally going to be consistently warmer here (we just had a few inches of snow last week) so I anticipate more people will be outside going forward!


We pretty much have a set rotation of meals each week and don’t vary a whole lot from it. None of us really “enjoy” cooking.

Simple pizza here – no veggies on there for me!

Mostly “no” to re-reading books.

Definitely more people running around the neighborhoods. A lot of them seem to be younger; I know there are a few college students home on our block and at least one of them runs. So, I would assume a lot of other neighborhoods have college and high school kids running around their home neighborhoods instead of at school. That and all the running clubs that can’t meet up to run. I have seen some pretty creative runs on Strava – making pictures of things and running every single street in a neighborhood.


Singapore just extended the circuit breaker (fancy name for lock down and also “CB” is short form for a swear word in local vernacular lol), and tightened measures so now shops selling the nation’s favourite beverage, bubble tea, have to close with effect from 11.59pm my time (about 2h more). Pictures have already surfaced online of queues at bubble tea shops. Hahahaha. I know people are also bulk buying it and storing it in the fridge. These are some very, very weird times. (I personally prefer tea with fresh fruits in, which is sold by some chains but that won’t keep very well.)

Yes a lot more people out and about here too… I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier and plan to wake up at a really ungodly hour this weekend to do my half time trial in place of the half I was supposed to race. But on a regular basis it isn’t always possible to wake up early esp when I’m still working and the kids are home. I feel bad but when people don’t keep to the correct side of the running path/pavement or don’t make any effort to try to keep their little kids on scooters/ bikes to the correct side (I KNOW it’s difficult, but if you dont even tell them how will they ever know?) I’ve been secretly wishing them DOMS (the adults!) as I dodge past them… haha. Trying not to let the pent-up frustration get to me. It’s tough for everyone and heading out especially to the supermarket has gotten so stressful.

I can’t really re-read books, though I’m certainly going to try during this period for some of my recent faves. I find I can re-read the books I grew up with quite easily though- eg the Anne of Green Gables series and Little Women.

Simple pizza. Does four cheese count as simple.


I will eat the same meal constantly–when I’m going to work, I make a big batch on Sunday, and then eat it every day for lunch. Leftovers for the win! I also reread books and watch shows over and over–if I’ve read a book once, I’ve probably read it twice, if not more. :-) You get so much out of a book reading it over and over!

We’ve been talking about how many walkers we’ve seen out that we don’t recognize. Seems like people are getting out more and exploring new neighborhoods, which is really cool!


Totally new menu every week for me. Honestly, I normally work full time so this is just dinner. Doing WFH that now means 21 new meals every week. Oy.

Pizzas should be lightly topped. A good crust is the star.

I re-read anything good. When the Harry Potter books originally came out, I re-read the whole series before any new release. Not that onerous with book 2– I bit more commitment by book 7. ;-) Also, let’s not discuss how many times I have read every Jane Austen book.

I live in a college town where they sent all the students home (roughly 1/3 the population). That said, waaaay more runners are out. There are less super fast XC and track kids, though.


I eat all the same foods all the time :) Chipotle especially! I can watch the Leap Year movie over and over but I don’t think I can listen to the same book over and over. lol

That pizza looks good!

My 4 year old doesn’t like wearing Band-Aids actually. She loves putting them on her dolls though ! She doesn’t like the feeling of taking them off—sticky and sometimes gets stuck to hairs.


When I was was a kid I would re-read all the time! Now I rarely do it, but I remember connecting more deeply to certain books you loved and read over and over again, so I would like to try it again :)


I hope when you fantasize about your date night out, you see Ross and I in that scenario. Because a date night, where I am not just sitting in a car, and with another adult couple sounds like a DREAM!!!!

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating the same food, but not when it comes to re-reading the same books. And give me allllll the toppings. I want there to be barely enough cheese to hold all the toppings. Ha!


OK so many comments. My daughter went through a huge Band-Aid phase and sometimes she’d have like 20 stuck on her. She could go through a box in a day. Skye with no bangs, oh my goodness she looks so much older!!! I definitely want to read a blog post authored by skye, LOL!!

I love eating the same thing over and over… I think I ate the same breakfast for like a year once!!

Love re-reading books and re-watching things as well. I have read Harry Potter many times (just finished the whole series a few days ago again) And I think I have watched The entire series of the office 10 times.


Hi Janae! I love what you did to celebrate Boston and what your brother did for your family! It’s so nice to see the big and little ways people go the extra mile nowadays. Have a great day!


We probably cycle through 15 meals a month. I’m only good with leftovers once, then I’m done, so I’ve learned to cook 4 servings for most things.

The exception to the above is pizza. We eat is almost every Friday night with a lot of toppings. Usually half and half, so we get a variety.

If I’m reading a fiction series that isn’t finished, I like to go back and re-read the previous book(s) before I start the next one to pick up where I left off.

We’re definitely seeing a lot more people out. The weather this week is going to be amazing, pretty sure we’re going straight to summer – suppose to hit 95 on Friday!


We have our favorites and eat them a lot (pizza, tacos, turkey burgers) but we have added a few new items into the mix this last month. We made macaroni and cheese, then mixed steamed broccoli into it….so good! We also made nachos in the oven. And we cooked simple veggie rotini pasta, then tossed it in a combo of olive oil and spices. We served it with veggies on the side. Delish!

Pizza wise I usually prefer some combo of pineapple, avocado, and green pepper……..but………we’ve been getting local pizza once a week and we get their veggie (onions, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, green peppers) and add avocado and it is HEAVEN.

Hope you have a great day! (and Earth day tomorrow!)


I really like the recent reports about the environment/ Earth/ pollution. There is a lot of love and beauty in this time. You can see it in your getting-big chicks (less fluff now). Also, Brooke’s frog salad – she’s thinking about family and actively pursuing new skills! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Now, regarding the new normal and employing heightened technology…. Not sure about the love and beauty here. Thermal cameras, etc.? While the AI people are gearing up, this is a time for naturalists (runners) and HP fans to LOVE ourselves and find a way to protect our security and freedom.

BTW Zoom is a Chinese company, and another big one is Israeli. Are we on top of this? Freedom isn’t free.


I love re-reading some books, for sure. But there has to be enough time in between. It’s usually a year or so later.

I think the same amount of people out, we’re a pretty active small city anyways. The trail parking lots can get a little full on the weekends though, kind of wish they’d open provincial parks so it wouldn’t cause people to congregate all in another place.

Is this your brother the pilot?? Incredible!!! He always seemed pretty sweet :) To drive all that time…though he’s probably used to sitting for hours flying haha.


I would love to have them in my dinner though I had pizza, burger cake, icecream for dinner in the past 3 weeks


i’ve got a real problem with food variety, as in i eat nearly the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day with few swaps here and there but overall, THE SAME. and i really don’t get sick of it! i live alone so its easy to stick w/ the same meals, easy prep, predictability, no planning…no one to please but me :) and i really like what i eat so i’ll keep doing it until i don’t, haha!
definitely more people being active. lots and lots of people just taking walks which i think is so nice. have started doing that myself and its beyond pleasant. need a little outside time for mentality without the major effort of running sometimes.
you guys stay healthy and well over there!! <3

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