Silentish Saturday!!

10 miles of sunshine and podcasts.

With me for every. single. run. (+ code HRG10 can get you 10% off)

IMG 1416

I was sore from here down after the previous day’s strength workout:

IMG 1415

Anybody else having allergies lately too?

IMG 1417

Calling my MIL to sing happy birthday to her!

IMG 1437

She really thinks she is in second grade these days.

IMG 1433

10:30 a.m. Shalane’s quinoa recovery salad with added dressing because the combo just sounded good.

IMG 1434

Andrew had a great day out on the trails with his mountain bike.

IMG 1443

In that stage where a kiss heals any wound.

IMG 1440

The taller the sandwich, the better it tastes.

IMG 1441

Eating straight from the pan because I’m sick of doing 49,594 dishes a day;)

IMG 1445

The prettiest of sunsets.

IMG 1451

Movie night.

IMG 1376

No school for the kids this weekend = time for me to start a new book.  Also, I ended up just chopping my nails off because I was too lazy to do anything else;)

IMG 1455


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!!

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You’ll have to tell us what you think of that book! I normally read mostly fiction but am on a nonfiction kick right now—just started My Year of Running Dangerously.

Today: run once the weather clears (cuz like you said…we’re not training to race in any weather right now), read, and bake cookies!


I totally will! And now I need to start My Year of Running Dangerously. SO happy you waited until the weather cleared up and I hope you had a fabulous run:) Send me those cookies;). I hope you have a really great day Kristin!


Long Run
Big breakfast
Taking the whole day off from doing dishes. Seriously, there are so many!!!


I’m going to join you on taking a break from the dishes today. Wish I could have joined you for that long run and big breakfast. Have the most beautiful day Erica.


I’ve heard nothing but good things about that book!! Let us know what you think when you finish! :)

I am getting in a 5k run (Maybe longer…not 100% decided!), demanding a nap (haha!) and spending as much time outside as possible because we’re due for rain tomorrow here in Arkansas!

Also, that cake totally made me crave some!! It looks soooo delicious! ;)

Have an amazing weekend, Janae!!


Oh I totally will! I love your plans today and I’m going to demand a nap too. I hope your run was a gorgeous one and that you can be cozy all day tomorrow for the rain. Thanks Chelsea, get some cake asap and I hope your weekend is amazing too!


Weekend off from the hospital, so I’m hanging out with my daughter (we’re just about to make homemade bath bombs), my husband is building our chicken coop and I’m making jalapeño cheddar burgers for dinner! I cook a lot but weirdly have never made homemade burgers before!!


YAY!! So excited for your weekend off and you just reminded me that I need to do that with Brooke (we got the kit from Costco)! YAY for the coop and you’ll have to send me a picture of it afterwards. SEND ME YOUR BURGERS! That sounds amazing. Have a fabulous weekend friend!


OK OK OK you got me I finally ordered my own Koala clip this morning, I am over having a ziploc bag in my bra while running.

Allergies are AWFUL right now. Most of last week I had a crushing headache from them. Ugh. Can’t wait for that to be over – especially since every time I feel mildly sick or sneeze these days, I’m convinced I have a deadly virus.


It only took me a few years to finally convince you. You are going to love it. SO lame about your allergies, I get it (mine aren’t nearly as bad as yours though). GOOD LUCK and it better not be a deadly virus. PS how are your parents? Have a beautiful day Victoria!


You will have to give a book review! I started following Glennon on Instagram and she is amazing!

-Long run (3rd grader joining me at the end a la Brooke)
-air fryer breakfast burritos ( make your own and toast them i there)
-Oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies
-Hanging curtains in our living room (hope they look how I imagined!)

Have a great day!


I absolutely will do a book review (I have a few books I need to review so I’ll put it all in one post:). SO fun that your little one joined you for the end, just the best. Ummmm I need one of those breakfast burritos… NOW! Enjoy the cookies and new curtains and I bet they will look amazing. Thanks Jenny, you too!


I need lots of podcast recommendations! I miss my running buddies!!

Long run this morning. I feel like it should be warmer by this time of year…

Trip to the nursery for soil for my raised beds.

Outside time as much as possible temperatures permitting.

Next week looks to be really beautiful weather! Has Andrew gotten very busy at work? I’m in Davis county and it’s not crazy up here yet. I hope it’s the same for him down there. Prayers for his safety!?


We are reading “Untamed” for a book club, it’s so good! Endless dishes! May have to make a cake this weekend! Not much on the calendar for the weekend, but I’m sure I’ll come with a project! Have a great weekend!


Untamed is amazing! I’ve loved all of her books. Other than my long run today, nothing on the agenda. I’m planning to run the Indy Mini virtually in two weeks-so sad it was cancelled.


Oh my gosh…. So.Many.Dishes
Oooo… Now I have a new book to add to my must read list. I have heard it’s really good.
Today is cloudy again, boo, but at least it’s not raining! So I will get out for a longish run, take the dog for a walk, and then figure out what everyone else wants to do.
A friend just told me that Peleton is offering 90 days of their app for free! She is trying out their running app and said it is awesome! So I think I may check that out. She said that it helps with different types of runs ( tempos, fartleks, etc) which are hard for me to do on my own, so it really does sound interesting!
Have a great weekend Janae ?


I picked up my new bike this morning. I already love it. It’s a 8 speed City bike to run errands with and go to the train station when I go back to the office again, but it’s a lot lighter than the one I had, so I can ride longer distances too. I brought some groceries to my parents, but it rained on the way home, so hopefully it will be dry in the evening for a longer test ride. The cool thing is it has a belt instead of a chain. I’m making mac and cheese for dinner tonight. I did yoga last night, I missed it. Have a great weekend!


Listening to her on Brene Brown’s podcast and I want to read her book so badly!! Gonna add to my list.

Today I am doing lots of homework and studying- midterms are next week! Also going to do some yoga and take a bath to prep my legs for a long run tomorrow. And have a relaxing night reading.


— long run (9-12 miles depending on crowding and body feel)
–fix the dryer (got the parts, just need to take it apart and replace them)
–maybe baking? maybe Costco? maybe laziness?


Great photos! I love the one of the beautiful trees with the mountains in the distance.

Catch up on some work
A walk outside with my boys!
Hopefully get them to start cleaning out their closets


That sunset is beautiful! It almost doesn’t even look real.


1. 10 mile morning run (it was a much needed long run)
2. Yard work
3. Clean the house


I love that salad dressing!

3 things:
Early morning super easy spin on the bike which led to this question – why are so many runners running with their backs to traffic? I’ve had several instances when people have stepped in to the road just as I was about to go around them. They ran right into my 6 feet of social distance without even looking. They are the minority, but they do make cycling a little more challenging.
I followed up my ride with yoga and then…
I found Charmin at Target!! Day made ;)

Happy weekend, Janae!


Hi Janae !
what kind of trees are on this beautiful photo ?? Those pink flowers are really nice !
Happy birthday to your MIL !
Today – indoor bike – cleaning the house – Netflix ! (after cleaning and bike, i deserved Netflix ! Haha !)
Have a nice week end !


Well I left a comment last Saturday talking about my new 5k time and having a marathon 2 weeks from then. I decided to run another 5K race this weekend to see if I could improve my team because 20:13 was just so close to sub 20! I went for another fast run and got a 19:49 today! I am very excited to have a 5K under 20 minutes! I am running my marathon as planned next Saturday, so I am hoping for a good race next Saturday as well. I started running last June (I literally couldn’t run a 5k and was 100 pounds overweight). My 5k times over the last year are August 29:51, October 25:45, December 21:44, March 20:20, and now April 19:49!


ALEX!!! You. Are. Incredible. You started running last June and you did a (solo… which is way harder!) sub 20 5k? I am so impressed by you and can’t wait to hear about your marathon next Saturday! Cheering you on big time and thanks for inspiring me!


I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book!

We are still social isolating where I live but we went to the beach (4 degrees Celsius) for a drive and a walk! Family movie night tonight, Disney+ for the win. ?


Oh boo, Koala Clips are sold out. :( I’ll be keeping my eye out for when they’re back in stock!

Three things:
1. Cleaning the house!
2. Long hike with the dog
3. Drive by birthday party with the kids!


The changing weather you have is amazing! We sort of have that but maybe not as extreme changes.

Venture out to the store (which is a quite an ordeal these days- the unpacking/wiping/cleaning/soaking produce)
Strength training

Why is funfetti the best cake on the planet?! It’s our fave.


Laundry (never stops)
Making a big batch of chili for dinner/left overs


Run, blogging & family breakfast!

That salad looks so good!


Can you share the green running top you have on? Looks like the perfect running top for this crazy weather right now ??‍♀️


Hey!!! I got it at flabletics last year and I can’t find the same one anymore but this one is a little similar:

Have a great weekend!


I also chopped my nails off. I tried the acetone on cotton balls with nails wrapped in foil for 30 mins but nothing. I guess because I have acrylic nails. So, I was like whatever and just cut them down. They feel so much better and hey, they are still kinda done as the polish is still there from when they were done. Ha.


Doing dishes is WAY overrated. One dish assigned to each family member, it’s a little radical. Are you feeling radical? Well, you claimed Untamed….

Cosmo floss, like it! Congrats!

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