Marathon Secret + Our Weekend Recap + A Family Accomplishment!

Good morning everyone.  Time for week #782 of this all:)  Let’s catch up with what we were up to this weekend! PS I’m really thinking about all of you that are missing out on Boston today.  That is really hard and I am hoping you are able to do it in September!

It had been a very long time since I had last been on one of these.  On Saturday I decided it was time to do some speed work so I hit the track for some 400s.  I did 8 x 400m with 200m recovery jogs and they were hard!  It seriously left me wondering how in the world we used to do 20 of them at a time but it really was so fun to feel the bounce of the track and work on a faster leg turnover.  Another 50 mile week for me:)

IMG 1459

It’s starting to get a little bit warmer here (still wearing gloves but the shorts are a big improvement) and I’ve decided I need to start bringing water on every run with me.  I’m not sure if the water fountains around town will turn on so water bottles in my shorts or my handheld water bottle will accompany me.  Favorite running shorts with pockets for water bottles are these ones, these ones and these ones!  I also use these little hammer bottles and I love them and these ones are great too.

IMG 1458 2

While I was running I listened to Ali’s interview with Nell Rojas (a 2:28 marathoner and she took 9th at the Olympic Trials).  It was SUCH a good episode.

IMG 1472

At one point Nell was talking about how she made a few nutrition mistakes during the Olympic Trials and how it was her first time really hitting the wall and feeling completely depleted of glycogen.  For her previous two marathons she said that she felt so great during those races and didn’t hit the wall because she was eating the whole way.  I REALLY connected with her on that.  My best marathons have been the ones that I was sipping on a gel or a bottle with calories pretty much the entire race.   The more calories I take in during a marathon, the faster I run the race and my stomach handles the calories much better if I take them in slowly rather than all at once!  Pretty sure every future marathon race photo of me will include a gel/or bottle in my hands between the miles of 3-24:)  It’s my personal marathon secret.


Skye decided that

IMG 1479

We needed to escape the house for a few minutes and our local bakery has a delivery window to pick up donuts which was just what we needed.

IMG 1480

Other than that, our Saturday was pretty low-key and Skye keeps trying to steal my eye mask.

IMG 1494

We finished up the day with a movie (like every other night of our lives right now;).

IMG 1500

Sunday morning I woke up grumpier than I have been in a very long time and decided that fresh air was going to be the best solution.

IMG 1554

Our kids needed it big time too.  We all went home a lot happier.

IMG 1556

So did Beretta!

IMG 1547

My last Sunday moment to share with you—> If you ever have a chance to experience a creamies popsicle, please do it (they started in Utah but I think they are in California now too).  A lot of the races in Utah have them at the finish line and there are no better popsicles on the planet.

IMG 1571

My family was pretty excited about this.  My brother-in-law (my sister’s husband) is over and trains BYU’s mascot (he used to be a mascot too in the NBA) and Cosmo just won the National Championship!

IMG 1457

Just my favorite Cosmo moment:


What have you found to be a key to success for your fueling when it comes to racing?

What was the best part of your weekend?

What has been a cure for grumpiness youve experienced throughout the last 6 weeks of staying home?

Food/brand that is only in your state/area that you feel fondly about?

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Where did you go for your hike? You are so blessed to have amazing trails so close and that your kids enjoy them.


Hey, are you a Utah local? That would make it a lot easier to explain! I totally agree, we feel very lucky… I hope you have a beautiful day and that you get some time outside today!


We are not 100% local. We plan to retire to Park City in 19 years. We own a house there now. My goal this summer is to hike up Mt. Timp.


I looooooove the bounce of the track!

I need creamies to come out east. Especially for after hot hot/humid runs.


I still am just so unsure about how in the world you train so hard in all of the heat and humidity that you experience like 6 months of the year. You are a rockstar in a million ways. Hope your Monday is a beautiful one!


I’m totally the same when it comes to fueling. I can’t take big amounts all at once and much more prefer to have small amounts of fuel pretty consistently during races. I also can’t do weird gummies…I feel like I can’t breathe and eat them at the same time. haha!

The best part of my weekend was knocking out my 4 mile run and getting in a 5k PR! Woo hoo!

I’m right there with you too where when I feel the grumpiness coming on, I know I need to get outside. Fresh air makes a world of difference right now. Also, when outside isn’t an option because of the weather, I put on my headphones, turn on my favorite playlists or podcast and clean the house. Total mood booster and productive all at the same time! :)

Ooohh I’m not sure about a food that’s only in Arkansas…but those popsicles sound AMAZING! We do make Mountain Valley water here…but that’s not really a treat. hahaa! It is good water though!


Best part of the weekend…looking at puppies online. We are looking at getting a dog of our own so have been searching and reaching out to shelters breeders etc. I am pretty excited.

That and sunshine!

I have grumpy days too…and yes outdoor is the cure!

Those donuts look an amazing!

Have a great day Janae!


I am SO thrilled for you guys and you’ll have to let me know what puppy you end up getting! I really hope that you are able to get some sunshine in today and a donut soon. Thanks friend, you too!


Hey Chelsea! I am totally with you on the gummies while racing, it makes it so hard to breathe! HUGE HUGE congrats on your 5k pr… that is incredible to be able to get a pr outside of a race when you are doing it all on your own! That takes some serious determination! You are so right about how cleaning the house can really improve our moods too… Speaking of which, we really need to do that ha. Now I need to try your water:) I hope your Monday is off to a beautiful start!


Ha that video was great!! We had a pretty lazy weekend since it rained here on Saturday. But we did treat ourselves to takeout (we have been trying to avoid it since NJ is being hit pretty hard with covid) so the highlight was a supreme pizza on Sunday night :)

Grumpiness has definitely come and gone during these stay at home orders. Working out is always a cure for me! I hope you have a great day!


I’m a southern California girl, so I am very fond of In n’ Out! Not a huge fan of their fries, but of everything else there! It’s just so iconically California ?
Best part of my weekend was definitely my run on Saturday morning. I didn’t think it was supposed to rain, but with 2 miles to go, it started to absolutely pour! You know that the rainy weather has been getting me down, but for some reason running those 2 miles in the rain was so fun and just put me in a great mood!
I still struggle with fueling during long runs/marathons. I can’t chew while running, and I haven’t found a gu or gel that sits well with me. I have done 5 marathons, with 1 being a BQ, so I manage, but I would love to figure out fueling better.
I’m glad you all got out for a nice hike. Sunshine and fresh air definitely get rid of the grumpiness for me too. This week is supposed to be really nice and sunny, so I am so looking forward to that!
Have a great day Janae ?


I think it is necessary to love in n out if you live there… that is why Andrew loves it so much (he grew up in Orange Country). I am SO thrilled that those last two miles in the rain were so fun for you. There is something about splashing around out there on a run (as long as it isn’t cold ha) that is just a blast. I really hope you are able to find the best fueling plan for you! Have you tried UCAN during your long runs? Maybe a liquid would do better? UCAN works so much better for my gut than gels do! Thanks friend and I hope you have a beautiful day too!


I just recently tried UCAN, and love it! I’ve only used it a couple of times before and after 10-14 miles, so I’m excited to see how it is during a marathon. I do need to check out more of their products.
Thanks Janae.
Oh, and I think Andrew grew up not far from where I live :)


I bet that pizza tasted better than EVER!! I am so sorry that your area is hit so hard, I am praying you stay healthy and well. I hope you had a wonderful workout and beautiful day! Thanks Melissa!


I have to share that I just officially signed up for my first marathon!!! I’m excited and terrified; there is so much to learn and figure out! It’s going to be a whole new adventure. :-) I will be combing through your blog for ALL the advice!

I haven’t had to fuel during a race before, but one overall nutrition thing I’ve found helpful is . . . less sugar. Not a fun one, but when I cut back I find it does make a difference! But WOW those popsicles look good, and I want to try one so bad! I really miss Culver’s custard from the midwest–if you ever are by one, you NEED to try it. It is. so. good.

Best part of my weekend: a hard run with my dad! We didn’t run the whole way together, but we both crushed it and it’s always fun to get out there with someone. Sometimes I’m finding alone time to be really helpful dealing with all this, sometimes being with people is best–I think figuring out that balance and not having too much of either is really helping me.

Ha ha, this was a really long comment, sorry! I hope you guys have a great week!


KRISTIN! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS! AHHH thank you for telling us about it and I want to be updated all along the way (feel free to ask any questions too). We have Culver’s and you just reminded me how much I love their custard so we will be driving through there soon. I love that you were able to run with your dad, you guys sound like you have a great relationship together. I completely agree with you, finding that balance between people and alone time is so necessary. Have a beautiful day!


My cure for grumpiness is looking at my dog. No joke, every time I look at him he makes me laugh. Ha! Also, ALL of the Tonight Show YouTube clips are keeping my spirits VERY high. I actually prefer the at-home talk show versions!

Now you have me thinking about these chocolate popsicles I used to have as a kid – they were creamy-ish. No idea what brand. On a web hunt now… :)

Happy Monday!


I need to meet your dog, he just sounds like the best. I hope you guys had a great hike this weekend. and I need to look up those clips on YouTube. Andrew and I would love them! I hope you find those chocolate popsicles asap. Happy Monday to you too Amanda!


I agree getting outside is the best cure to grumpy moods! Works for me too. I go for a walk, listen to upbeat music or a podcast, and soak in the sun! Also, getting off social media helps.

Best part of my weekend was my long run in gorgeous weather! Up to 8.5 miles now- quarantine has given me a lot more time to run, which I am thankful for. Also, I had to go grocery shopping (haven’t been in weeks and had some anxiety about going) and the staff at Sprouts was so nice! They had tape lines throughout the store showing 6 feet, but all the tape had cute sayings or drawings on them. And the lady at the check-out had such a positive attitude, she was so sweet!


You are so right about getting off social media too… I think the overload of social media is effecting us all! Thanks for that reminder. Way to go on your long run and building up your mileage. I am so glad your sprouts trip went so well, I am also very anxious about going! Hope you have a beautiful week and I’m so excited that you’ve had some more time to run! Thanks Mariah!


I love mascots and halftime routines! That was fun to watch.
Totally agree that fresh air (preferably with sunshine) is good for the mood! My run yesterday (after seeing your Instagram post) definitely helped :) Thank you for the extra inspiration!
A couple of things in Maryland, both have quite old histories, and both have plenty of icing: Berger cookies (very rich fudge icing; I can usually only handle a bite or two), and Smith Island cake. Both can be shipped, but they’re not widely available in stores outside of the area. Of course, copycat recipes are online and may be worth a try :)
Happy Monday!


I’m glad you liked watching it, Cosmo is just so good! SO happy you got out for a run yesterday, it just makes the world of difference. Berger cookies and Smith Island cake sounds right up my alley and I might have to get them shipped or try the recipes. Have a great Monday to you too Corey!


Totally agree, my best race was definitely the one where I ate often! Skye is looking like such a big girl lately, her smile reminds me of your mom. And congrats to your brother and law! He and your sister are both so talented, that was a fun video.

Getting outside and getting some exercise and fresh air is definitely helping with the grumpies! Also baking ;)


Yes… Skye really is looking like such a big girl lately and I totally see my mom in her too. Thank you, I’ll make sure to tell him. I hope you are able to bake and get fresh air today during your workout. Hope your week is a wonderful one, Michelle!


Cure for racing nutrition: Take it and be on with it. Like mentally move ON! Not should I take it now,how does my stomach feel, how is it sitting, should I take more etc etc.

Cure for this situation’s grumpiness: “dates” with C after H goes to bed. Happy hours, dinners, game nights with friends over video, eating outside.


That is very true too, you just gotta go for it even if it is tempting to wait another mile or continue to think about it. I love that. Ummm those dates sound perfect and we are going to have to try the game nights over video with friends. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far, Erica!


My friend that I run most of my marathons with and I always laugh at each other for our “tumor hips” at the start of each race. We have so many snacks shoved in our pockets that we look mis-shapen. I eat something every 3-5 miles, depending on where the water stations are (eat as I approach, wash it down with water/Gatorade). My body handles the 26 miles MUCH better that way. (If I could do gels, I would eat more often but I just can’t get past the goopy texture and aftertaste.)


Tumor hips! I’ve definitely had those at different races too! I love your method of eating something as you approach the aid station to then be able to wash it down. You have this all figured out! Have you tried huma gels? I think those are by far the best as far as gels go but the goopy texture is still kind of there. Hope you are having a great Monday so far!


Nature, fresh air along with running or walking (or any kind of aerobic activity) is the best cure for grumpiness and anxiety. For me this, combo never disappoints! :-)


YES YES YES to all of that and you are so right about it curing anxiety too. I completely agree. Thanks Leslie and I hope you get plenty of fresh air today!


Hi Janae! Yay for donuts, those look so good! I think the best cure to grumpiness is either endorphins or gratitude, definitely making am effort to get both now. Happy Monday!!


You are so so right. Time to start up with my gratitude journal again. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Monday to you too, Amy!


I try to go on walks with my kids (so weird to pluralize that now!) every day we have nice weather, and there are a TON more runners out than usual. I wonder how many people picked up running as a hobby, simply due to the restrictions of quarantine.
My area is known for something called a “garbage plate.” It’s basically two hotdogs/burgers/cheeseburgers (your choice), with home fries, pasta salad, meat sauce, onions, and mustard — all kinda piled up on one another. I’ve had bites on one, but never an entire plate. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that, as a Rochesterian :)


It’s SO good to hear from you and I love hearing kidS from you! I hope you are all doing well and adjusting to all of the changes wonderfully! I’ve been wondering about your work situation or if you are on maternity leave for a while. I’ve been seeing so many more runners too! That plate sounds like Andrew’s dream! Hopefully someday we will get to come out and experience that. Have a beautiful day Stacey and I hope you had a great night of sleep!


looooooooved that video you shared. SOOOO good. thank you for that :)


Oh thank you friend! I love it so much too and I’m embarrassed by how many times I have watched it haha. Hope you are having a great Monday so far!


I heart Cosmo. The 3 point shooter and the one wear he breaks that concrete square on the roof of … is it the JFSB? You should post that for everyone. :D
And yes, good hiking trails for kids? I’m in American Fork but we frequently drive the Alpine Loop when we are looking for a pretty drive. :)


I graduated today from my college program so I actually feel the opposite of grumpy and feel free lol!! No more late night studying after my 3 children go to bed. Working out or getting out of the house always cures my grumpiness. I let my running slide while in school so I’m looking forward to getting back into a running routine. I’m jealous of your scenery. We still have snow!

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