He Finally Convinced Me + Mistakes + Our Weekend!

On Saturday Andrew got put on call (his hospital is not busy yet and they are preparing for it to get busier in mid-May now) which meant that instead of running early, we all went together around lunchtime.

Skye experienced my favorite water fountain for the very first time.

IMG 1071 2

Skye was in the jogging stroller and Brooke on her electric scooter for most of the run but then Brooke got in about a mile of running herself too.

Fifty miles for my week and a lot of them done with Brooke (on her bike/scooter/running).  I was supposed to start coaching cross-country today at Brooke’s school but maybe I can convince the school to do it in the fall this year instead:)  I was so excited to coach!

IMG 1144

We got home and I found the most large and delicious cookie wrapped on my doorstep.  It made for the perfect post-run fuel.

IMG 1162

For almost our entire marriage Andrew has wanted to have a Harry Potter Marathon with me.  I finally agreed and it might take us a few days to finish but I’m proud of myself for starting the journey;)  Here he is showing you his Harry Potter twinner scar that he has on his wrist.

IMG 1165

Next up… Sunday:  We did our best to make Easter feel normal but we sure missed Knox and our families.

IMG 1172

We did church at home.

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Along with (multiple) Easter egg hunts!

IMG 1179

My sister wins and she made extra pizza and dropped one off for us to cook at home.

IMG 1198

The chicks had plenty of playtime.  I’m not sure how much longer they will fit on Skye’s lap.

IMG 0362

Just a few things to talk about before I let you go:

*Spring Break is now over and we are back to starting school again at home.  Today we are adding in a cooking class because once I saw that Disneyland released their churros and dole whip recipe, I decided that this is crucial education for them:)

This blog post from Steph Bruce about the trials was amazing and it’s people like her that remind me to never quit dreaming.

IMG 1197

*Brooke and I convinced Andrew to watch a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie with us and he loved it

IMG 1184 2

*Beth posted our exact budget right now:

IMG 1167

*I came across this picture the other day and it made my feet just hurt looking at it.  This was from my second marathon and I wore cotton Costco socks with racing flats I had never worn before and it rubbed the bottom of my feet so badly by the end that they were completely blistered.  At the end of the race I couldn’t even wear one of my shoes anymore.


Since I miss making mistakes myself at races right now—>  What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made during a race?  Give me the details!

What movie could you watch over and over again?! 

How long have you been staying at home now?

What was the best part of your weekend?

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Week FIVE of isolation is starting now . . . it is crazy. And to think this was the week we were originally told things might be back to normal! I got into a major funk this weekend and am hoping that a fresh week helps dispel it.

Skye looks so grown up in the picture with the chicks! She looks like a little girl, not a toddler anymore!

Best par of my weekend: I did a tempo run yesterday and wasn’t sure how into it I’d be, since I’ve had no desire to do speed. It felt SO good and I hit my time goals, and now I have the urge to do speed again! Have a wonderful Monday, Janae!


Good luck with week five! Andrew and I were talking about that yesterday, remember how we thought (in Utah) this would be a two week thing? I hope this is your best week yet! I agree, both girls are growing up faster than ever during this isolation! WAY TO GO ON YOUR TEMPO. That is huge Kristin and I’m so glad it got you into wanting to do speed again. Thanks Kristin and you too!


Hello Janae !
I’m so sorry that you can’t coach kids now. I hope that will be possible in the fall.
Is Skye behind the cookie ? She has a cookie-head ! :)
Are you sure Andrew loved the movie. His face tells the opposite. Haha !
I now have the same budget. Only buying food, and food, and food.
And this situation is finally not so hard, as we still have food ! I appreciate each meal, telling myself we have the chance to eat good things.
Four week at home now. And i’m afraid this will last again. (Our president will announce the confinement extension this evening. Two more week i think, for the moment).
Have a wonderful day !
And let’s go for school at home again and churros !


Ouch! Been there done that with the shoes.. except with the same brand and model I was used to wearing. But brand new and not broken into.

Been home 3.5 weeks but in some ways feels like a lifetime! Haha.

Best part about the weekend..our work gives us Easter Monday off as well so not having to turn on the computer today. But lots of highlights.. it was a quiet weekend..zoom calls with family, walks in our hood and yesterday I ran 8 miles while Jason skateboarded. We live near beaches and water so we played dodge the people ☺. The weather has been stunning here for weeks now so thank top and shorts weather it was. Felt so good to be outside. Feels like one of the few things that hasn’t been taken from

Love Actually. Every year during the holidays.

Though I did make Jason sit through a Harry Potter marathon. ?.

Happy Easter Monday! Have a wonderful day!


Oh that is a bummer… you probably though for sure there was no way that you would be getting blisters. Ours feels like it has been a lifetime too, I get it! I am SO happy you had a great weekend, sounds perfect. And enjoy your work free day! Now you have me wanting to watch Love Actually:). Thank you and you too!


Hey Ingrid! Thank you so much and yes, that is Skye hahah. The cookie was that big. Yeah, he was bored to death by that movie ha. Please keep me updated with what your president says, I am anxious to hear. Good luck and thanks friend!


I was wrong. We are now confined until May11 :)


I had a sock disaster once too! The 2012 Boston Marathon was super hot. So that day, I figured I would wear thinner socks (to keep my fee cooler???). I got a blister at mile 13 and with EVERY step for the next 13.2 miles, my foot was in agony. That is a lot of steps. Ha!

Hiking with the dog on trails this weekend was heavenly.

Happy Monday and good luck with schooling, Janae!


Oh I cannot even imagine how bad that would have hurt and in THAT HEAT! I am so glad you were able to get out for some hiking and thanks so much, Amanda!


The budget meme is so true!! It somehow seems like we didn’t eat before because I’m buying more food but we’re eating it. So odd! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Janae. Have a great Monday!


SO good to hear I’m not alone! I’m shocked how much more we are spending on food right now! Thank you so much Maureen, I hope your Monday is a great one too!


Biggest mistake when racing, that I feel I will never learn is too many layers!, but in my last race I managed to continue running whilst re-attaching my bib and taking off my jacket – new skill learned!

Movies I can watch over and over again: frozen, legally blonde and sex and the city

In the UK we are into week 4 of lock down, however as I work at the hospital I am still going to work but in a slightly different role and with new working patterns and I haven’t quite got into the swing of working longer shifts and fitting in regular running.

The best park of my weekend was going on a lovely walk and run to my favourite park. And also learning to appreciate the little things more!


That takes talent to be able to run and attach your bib at the same time! Thank you for reminding me of Legally Blonde, I need to watch that today. Wow, you have a lot of changes going on at work and that must be hard to switch it all up. Good luck with that and I’m so glad you were able to go to the park. I’m with you… this morning I was eating a strawberry and it was so good and I felt so thankful for it when I usually wouldn’t really notice. Have a great day and keep in touch!


Biggest mistake… probably continuing to run and finish the half in Vegas with a fractured foot. How could I stop myself with only 3 miles to go, though?!
I find myself repeating TV shows more than movies… is that weird? I have watched all the Marvel movies a ridiculous number of times though, so I would say those!
I’ve been at home for… 4 weeks? The first week was off and on though, while my work tried to figure out what we needed to do. It’s supposed to be cooler this week, which means I can’t open the windows to let fresh air in, but I have been trying to let the sunlight in as much as possible. I am trying to not lose my mind at home, but it is definitely tough.


Oh Rhiannon, that must have really really hurt. I’ve done a very similar thing during a race, you aren’t alone! I repeat tv shows more than movies too! Keep getting in as much sunlight and fresh air as possible, this is so hard and I wish you the best!


We had pizza for Easter dinner too! Although it was not intentional. We were going to make lasgana but our power went out just as we were going to start cooking, so we ended up ordering pizzas because that was the only thing we could find that was open. This will be an Easter to remember for sure! Luckily the power came back after a few hours so nothing in the fridge or freezer went bad, and we’ll have lasagna tonight. (Also, luckily we like pizza.)
I actually had to get out the calendar and count back the weeks because time has no meaning anymore. The kids have been off of school 4 weeks and I’ve been home from work for 3 and 1/2. I think we got our official “stay at home” order about a week and a half ago (Florida was a little slow with that!) but we were pretty much already doing that by then anyway. Have a great day Janae!


Your power went out?! I’m so glad it came back on quickly though and enjoy that lasagna tonight! I’ve lost meaning to the weeks too ha… I just remember this starting a few days after Andrew’s bday! I hope you are getting plenty of sunshine in Florida right now. Thanks Jenny, you too!


Yes, enjoy HP!! I did a marathon over Christmas with my cousin and I forgot how long some of the movies were. But now is the perfect time to watch since we have more free time!

I feel like I’ve been home FOREVER. But haven’t counted the days, not sure if that will help me or make me sad.

Best part of my weekend was having a Facetime dance party with my nieces! They picked the songs, we propped our phones up so I could see them dancing and they could see me, and we danced for probably 20 minutes! They are 5 and 3 and loved it.


Oh that’s so fun that you recently did the HP marathon with your cousin! Maybe don’t count the days then ha. I LOVE your idea of doing a Facetime dance party with your nieces and I want to copy your idea. Have a beautiful day!


Favourite part of the weekend – definitely watching my daughter enjoy her egg hunt!! Allie (My 4 yo) got the same beanie baby owl as Brooke In her basket and she named it “hootie”. We get our chickens tomorrow!! Am going to try to get them used to humans/kids as much as possible Like you guys are doing! The weekend was weird / sad, definitely didn’t feel like a Holiday. Hopefully I’m going back to work at the hospital this week after having and recovering from COVID!


I love the Harry Potter movies, definitely a series I can watch on repeat. Are you enjoying them so far?
We are heading into week 5 of quarantine. It has sometimes felt so long! Last week was my toughest, lowest so far. But I am feeling more optimistic today, so hopefully the next couple of weeks will be better.
Yesterday was a great day! The highlight was having a family Zoom for Easter, complete with a Easter egg “hunt”, family prayer, and singing the Doxology. Then my husband made the most amazing prime rib for dinner. Almost felt like a normal holiday.
Have a good Monday, and I can’t wait to hear how the churros are!


Hey Wendy! I am enjoying them but not quite as much as Andrea:) Last week was especially hard for you because of all of the rain and I hope you guys get so more sunshine this week. Love what you did this weekend, it sounds perfect to me. Thanks Wendy and I can’t wait to eat them!


Hey Andrea, I AM SO GLAD you are doing okay and recovered well. Wow. Good luck going back to the hospital!
Watching those little ones search for those eggs is the best. SO excited for your chickens to arrive! I totally agree, it definitely felt a little off, that is for sure. Just so happy that you are doing well now!


Officially it’s day 6 (7?) Of the nationwide “circuitbreaker” (who comes up with these names !?!?!) – it’s 6 if you count from when schools closed, 7 if you count from when everyone could only get take out, all non-essential shops closed… but I was already working from home the week before that so it all feels like a really long time. Haha. Things are going ok. They closed the running paths near my home for a bit which made me really sad (flat and good for speed work) but they’ve reopened again. Hope people stop clumping together in such big groups.
Have a great week Janae… you sound a bit down, I know Easter must have been unsettling – it was for me too (but what about this period hasn’t been unsettling??) . Take care!! :) <3


Oh I haven’t heard that name yet… interesting! It has definitely been a very long time for you! I am so glad that you are able to get on your trails again! Oh you know me well, it just felt like such a different Easter but we will all celebrate our next holiday that much more when we can celebrate all together again. Thanks for caring, it means a lot! Have a beautiful day Chloe!


I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies (although I have read the books) and my daughter wanted to watch them (she has seen them all) so we started watching them in order this weekend. It’s been fun. She is 17 and I will say that since being stuck inside, we have spent a lot of time together and I love it.


Hey Allison! I am so happy that you are getting so much time with your teenage daughter. It really is bonding us all together so much! Keep enjoying the movies together! Have a great week!


Biggest mistake in a race was only stopping for water TWICE during the half I did last April……it was rainy that day, and I was already feeling heavy from the clear poncho I was wearing (also a mistake, since I was overheating). I was trying so hard to get under 1:40, and I didn’t want to waste even a second! Well, needless to say, I did NOT get under 1:40, I got 1:41, but I did have a 6 second PR still haha! I just wish I would’ve been smarter from the start.

What movie could you watch over and over again? There are honestly SO many, but I never get sick of The Martian. If it comes on, I watch it even though we own it, too. I am just so fascinated by the science and the inside NASA views.

We are going into our 5th week at home. My 3 year old son’s preschool has been closed for 4 weeks, and I’ve been teaching him myself every morning to keep that routine. I am also a high school English teacher (10th & 12th grade), and the first 2 weeks were emergency leave. We’ve just had 2 weeks of online learning, and tomorrow starts week 3. It’s definitely crazy, but I’m making it as manageable as possible for us and my husband (who is also working from him in his office, not to be disturbed until he’s done at 4:30pm each day).

What was the best part of your weekend? We did a lot of fun Easter things with my son like dying eggs, creating an egg hunt for him in our house, sidewalk chalk, and having our Easter Church service on Zoom (he was SO excited to see his Sunday school teacher and friends!).

Glad you guys are making the most of your social distancing as well! Happy belated Easter!


Oh Elizabeth, that is a tough mistake but still so amazing you ran so fast and still PRed in those conditions and not enough water! We have all made that mistake too! Andrew rewatches the Martian over and over again too! You sure have your hands full, I don’t know how you are balancing it all. I bet your students miss you and learning in the classroom a lot (even if they are teenagers:). I’m so glad that you were able to have a great weekend together. Thanks Elizabeth and good luck!


Bummer about coaching! fingers crossed for fall :)
I was so confused that Andrew wanted to “watch” a Harry Potter marathon and not “run” a Harry Potter marathon …. HA HA HA!!! I get it now!!
I think the biggest mistake I’ve made was a) drinking coffee before racing a 10k … I was racing alright just not to the finish line! Oye! and b) changing my mind about my race day outfit on the day of the race. Worst chafing ever!
I could watch any of my all time favs on repeat … Dirty Dancing, Love & Basketball, Princess Bride, Finding Nemo, Lion King, Rio …. ok, the last few came to me about 10 years ago! Ha!
Other than work and the grocery store, I’ve been staying home since sometime in March. I’ve lost track of time!
Best part of my weekend was playing with my youngest’s belated birthday presents and watching him hunt for eggs in the back yard as well as cleaning the fridge (sad, but true). Oh! And I got to run in the sun with a tank top! It was magical!
Have a great day!


Hahaha now I should make him run a HP marathon. I like the way your brain thinks. The chafing and coffee mistake both sound miserable haha! Thanks for sharing. Now I need to watch Dirty Dancing and Princess Bride! Happy birthday to your youngest a few days ago and tank top runs really are magical. Thanks and you too Jenny!


Hi Janae! A harry potter marathon sounds fun, I loved the books as a kid but haven’t seen most of the movies. We have good weather here this week so I’m happy about that. All the food you posted today looks so good! Let us know how the churros turn out!


You should do a HP marathon too:). Enjoy the beautiful weather and I hope you have some good food too! Thanks and I will. Happy Monday Amy!


My biggest race mistake was in my first marathon, when I drank only water (no electrolytes) and got sick at the 20-mile mark. I ended up walking most of the last 10K. I hadn’t trained with anything other than water because I didn’t want to gain weight–terrible mistake, of course, and obviously didn’t work out well. Fueling for the effort is so much more successful.
I could probably watch Princess Bride every day.
We’ve been home for a solid month now. March 16 was the first day of telework and online school (although it took some time to ramp that up to actual assignments). That meme about spending money is so on target! I’ve used 1/4 tank of gas in the past month, and the grocery bill is really up there.
The best part of the weekend was surprising my parents with an Easter “ding-dong-ditch.” They loved the sidewalk chalk art that the kids created, especially since they could share it by telling their neighbors to go outside and take a look.


Oh Corey, that must have hurt so bad! Those electrolytes do wonders for us! I’ve made that mistake too! Princess Bride really is the best. ONE MONTH! Wow and haha I miss the Target daysI. Oh I love what you did for your parents, such a sweet idea! Have a great day!


So funny, my husband and I started a Harry Potter marathon a few weeks ago and then we kind of forgot but this Easter weekend we watched movies 4, 5 and 6. Planning to watch the 2 parter #7 this coming weekend to finish it out.


Oh no way! Wish we could have all done it together. Enjoy finishing this week! Have a great week Alicia!


I think it’s been 4 weeks :/ Coming up on 5. Which means a month of not working and no pay. But, one day at a time.

Hmm, not sure what I could watch on repeat now, even with all this time not working, I’m not watching Netflix! I used to put Shrek on all the time or National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – any time of the year :)

Have never watched the Harry Potter movies, but LOVED the books! I should watch that maybe or find the books and re-read. Is Andrew also a Lord of the Rings fan??


Jenni, no work and no pay… I am seriously so sorry. That is so hard and I really hope that you are doing okay and that you are able to work again soon. You should watch all of the HP movies this week! Andrew does love Lord of the Rings! Harry Potter is his favorite but he will still watch them. Keep me updated with how you are doing and I hope you are able to get some fresh air today!


I really enjoyed the first two HP movies-mostly because I took my kids to them when they first came out. My mom and I took my two oldest boys (my 4th baby wasn’t born yet and #3 was too young) plus my two nephews. We all sat in a row with my mom and I as bookends. At one “intense” scene (1st movie) and a character makes a HUGE spell my younger son crawled into my lap. After the scene was over my older son looked over in sheer panic and said “where’s Nathan?!” he totally believed that the spell had made Nathan vanish. I kind of zone out a bit in the movies but the music is so good. I respect the movies a lot though.

Best part of my weekend was getting my son (child #4, the “baby”) onto a full suspension mtb and showing him the trails that were a bit rough for a hardtail. I’m a bit more cautious but he was way into every bump, rock, swoopy tight turn. He also rode while I ran on trails this weekend, too. He’s 15 so any time together is fun and funny.

As a parent, don’t we have to watch movies over and over and over again? I’m roped into watching *so many* and I am grateful for popcorn, bubbly water, and chocolate mix-ins when I have to watch…..again.

that cookie looks amazing.

We closed school exactly a month ago. I’m not minding the lock-down because where I live is moderately rural and we are allowed to “make sport” outside, just not in groups (which I don’t anyways.) I’m more concerned about others than myself so am often checking in with people to make sure they’re okay.


Oh no hahaha!! Our kids really think some of the things on HP happen too:). I sure miss those movie theater days! How fun! So glad you guys were able to get out on the trails together! I am so glad you guys are doing so well and it really is so important that we check in with our people, thanks for the reminder. Hope you have a beautiful day!


We’ve been home since February 27th since our kids both tested positive for influenza A right before all of this happened. It seems like we’ve been home for AGES now!


Oh Paige, that is so hard! This probably seems never ending to you! I hope you guys have a beautiful week!


Biggest race mistake – during my first marathon, I thought slowing down at all to drink at the water stations would hurt my time so I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink water until maybe mile 18…BAD idea! Ughhh! It seems like this is most everyone’s biggest mistake, too – why do we all have to learn the hard way?! Haha.

I could watch any and all of the Harry Potter movies over and over, and I am SO excited that you’re watching them! Hooray! I hope you love them! Let us know what you think. :D

I’ve been working from home since mid-March now but I kind of love it. My commute is pretty long so it’s nice to not have to spend so much time driving, and to get to see my husband and daughter more (since they’re home as well). :)

The best part of my weekend was a 13.1 mile run I did out on a dirt country road in the mountains here in Colorado – it was the perfect way to clear my head with everything that’s going on in the world! Thank goodness for running in times like these!

Also, random, but – tomorrow is one year since I got to say hi and steal one of your donuts at your meetup pre-Boston! Time sure flies!


I ran a half marathon in San Francisco and I wore a long sleeve cotton to shirt to toss. I should have kept it. It was foggy and I froze my butt off.

I could watch The Birdcage, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and Jaws over and over.

This is going on week 6. It’s a little weird because I am still dog walking part-time so I am out. (I have essential workers as clients and one who has MS so they still need me). after my walks I go home though.


As a second grade teacher, I HIGHLY support the cooking classes…especially related to Disney items. ;) Good job!!


We FaceTimed with both of our families for Easter service/ family time so that was definitely my favorite part of the weekend. My husband and I are both nurses so last week was our first week in quarantine (we are moving next week and had been planning to have this time to pack way before Corona hit). It’s definitely helping me get what I need done because there is nothing else to do :D
Your blog inspires me so much, and I am so thankful for your constant positiveness and encouragement! :)


My biggest running mistake, I wore a cotton short sleeve shirt for my 1st half marathon. I literally ripped it off after crossing the finish line! Oh the these we have learned over the years!!
Not a movie but we literally watch Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, over and over and over!
So thankful that even though Easter was a lot different this year, we serve a mighty God who never changes! He no longer hangs on the cross and he no longer is in the tomb!!
Although we have been on the “stay at home” law for a couple weeks now, I am in healthcare so I leave the house day after day!!!


WAIT, why can’t you coach the kids now??? Brooke had show and tell the other day + she’s running. How does it go, “produce and multiply?”


Too funny my daughter, son and I just finished our Harry Potter Marathon….I actually loved it because for once it all made sense going in order and having the previous one fresh in my mind.

The only other movies we (I) can watch on repeat are the STAR WARS collections….


Was it “It Takes Two” on Netflix?!?! I watched that this weekend!! Also, here’s a comment for Andrew. I love the library and reading physical books, but with the library being closed, I went to my parent’s house and asked them to grab my stash of Harry Potter books from high school. I’m re-reading all of them! The series makes me feel like a kid again and kind of forget what’s going on in the world for a few minutes.


We’re starting week 5 this week. When you say Andrews hospital doesn’t expect it to get busy until mid may makes me think ugh how long is this going to continue?? Are we still going to be isolating through May too? ?

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