Friday Favorites!!!

Knox woke up Thursday morning and told Andrew that the night of camping was the best night of his life and Brooke agreed… and that’s what I kept reminding myself as we were dealing with sleep-deprived children all morning haha.  A nap for all three children occurred;).

I started my day with 10 miles in shorts and a tank-top after a full night of rest which put me in a very good mood.

These kiddos just love camping with all of their hearts (Skye understands how great it is to do all of the before and after of camping but still sleep in her own bed too;).

IMG 1798

And once we were done with naps/school/chores, the kids spent the afternoon in the backyard playing and picking our tulips;)

IMG 1813

IMG 1836

IMG 1822

I cleaned our kitchen and main floor for a while which meant take out for dinner because there was no way I was going to clean it again.

IMG 1827


Time to chat about some of my favorite things from the week!  Affiliate links included.

*My favorite podcast episodes from the week were:  I’ll Have Another with Molly Seidel and her coach, Funny Race Stories w/Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas and Brené Brown on loneliness and connection.

*I talked about the PMD last week but it’s my favorite thing this week.  I look forward to my PMD nights (once a week) so much because my skin feels so so so soft afterwards and it just gulps up my products afterwards and feels so much more hydrated than ever.

IMG 1584

*Andrew bought original Life from the store a few weeks ago and I was so disappointed in his decision to get that over Cinnamon Life.  Then I tried original Life and I’m so grateful for his choice.  Life is VERY delicious.

IMG 1620

*Turns out I’m just bored by my hair lately ha so I’ve started using my favorite waver again to add some more waves.  The best part about the waver is that the waves stay for a few days which makes life easy!

IMG 1477

*Has anybody been watching the Michael Jordan documentary?  It is SO so good.  We have watched the first two episodes from the ESPN app and can’t wait for more to come out.  I love learning about what these different athletes go through and do to get to where they are at.  This week I also watched the documentary on Hulu called ‘The Inventor’ and really enjoyed watching it.  For some reason I am very interested in the Elizabeth Holmes story so I watch/read anything I can about the story.

IMG 24144E1AC194 1

*It was definitely time for some new running shoes so when these beautiful pairs arrived it made my month!  I got a pair of the Ghost 12 for some cushioning/comfort on my easy runs and the Launch 6 for some spring during faster runs.   New running shoes make me look forward to my runs more than anything else:).

IMG 6048 2

*Tetherball is a HUGE deal over here right now.

IMG 1776

*If I can find a project or activity that all three of them enjoy doing… I feel like I’ve won.  They can build, create and mold these little pieces into anything they want and it’s also something I enjoy doing with them too.  They are HERE.

IMG 1834


Last thing that you watched and really enjoyed?  Anybody else watching the Michael Jordan documentary?

What cereal do you eat most often?

Last time you got a pair of new running shoes and what were they?

What are you looking forward to this weekend!  

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Hi Janae !
My favorite cereals of the moment are «Bjorg croustillant chocolat». I don’t know if you have this brand in th USA.
The only shoes i need these days are slippers. Haha !
As i am now working from home, i have a little less time, but still have more time than normal days.
I am still reading Endure. One chapter at a time. Because too much information :) I am impressed / scared about some stories of people that push the limits of their body too high (about heat or thirst…) That is really scary…
You don’t know the chance you have with your beautiful straight hair :)
Have a great friday !


Hello friend! So good to hear you and I must try that cereal asap! It sounds heavenly. I totally agree with you, Endure is a one chapter at a time kind of a book. Thank you friend and good luck with all of the working at home, you are incredible!


Have you read Bad Blood? I did not know much about the Elizabeth Holmes story, but bought the book on a whim and could not put it down. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend!


Maybe they need to come out with Chocolate Life just saying


Brilliant. Write them today about this idea. ENJOY your Koala Clip this weekend!


I don’t think I’ve ever tried regular Life, I always thought Cinnamon was the way to go too! Will have to try that. I switch up cereal all the time, but recently bought a box of Golden Grahams and forgot how good they were!

Looking forward my long run and a Zoom happy hour with friends (we play games on Jackbox, it’s so fun!).


I think you need to try normalLife and how did I forget about Golden Grahams? YUM! Enjoy your long run and Zoom party… sounds like a great weekend. Thanks Mariah!


Just shrieked in excitement! I ordered the same combination of shoes and they arrived yesterday! Told my husband I made the same shoe choices as Janae :) We eat honey bunches of oats with almonds, followed by cinnamon toast crunch when we need a fun cereal. Looking forward to going for a run in my new Ghosts this weekend – need to get the runs in before it rains for a week straight again haha


NO WAY! Great minds think alike. Enjoy your run together with your new Ghosts and A WEEK OF RAIN!? Good luck Rachel! Have a great weekend.


Happy Friday! We just finished watching Schitt’s Creek, and I thought the finale was so good. I’m actually reading Bad Blood right now, the book about Elizabeth Holmes! So interesting and, just, wow.

I eat a lot of raisin bran, but I LOVE cinnamon toast crunch after a long run or a race . . . not sure why, but it’s my go-to!

I recently got a pair of Nikes that are really lightweight for speed and just to mix things up–I have my Brooks that I wear most of the time, but this is the first I’ve had two pairs going at the same time, and I like having options! Makes my feet feel happy.

I have NO idea what I’m doing this weekend . . . I need to find some inspiration!


OH THAT show is amazing. I can’t wait to get to the finale… I’m hooked. I’ll get that book next, thanks Kristin… I cannot wait. I LOVE raisin bran and cinnamon toast crunch. I need both in my life soon. Options are the best and my feet are happier when I switch around too. I hope you have a great weekend and happy Friday to you too, Kristin!


I have been eating a bowl of regular life (cause Chris bought it on accident) while watching the Last Dance.


I want to eat life with you and watch the Last Dance!!


Last month I bought a pair of the NB 880. Love them! I also have the ghost 12. I want those black and gold ones you just got haha.

We eat a lot of cheerios. However last week I snuck corn pops into the grocery shop. Hee.

I want to run and sleep this weekend. It has been a busy work week..just today to get through.

Have a super day Janae and a great weekend!

P.s. it’s cool when your kids are willing to do the same activity together :). My nieces are at the stage of copy cat and fighting over toys ?


You need the black and gold combo, I love them so much! CORN POPS… oh those remind me of childhood so much. I need to get those next trip to the store. Hahah I think it is because Brooke and Knox are only together 50% of the time so it’s not enough for them to be fighting like crazy! Thanks Kristine and I hope you get in all of the running and all of the sleep this weekend!


My sister and I decided to do a Nancy Meyers deep dive this week, so we watched It’s Complicated last night and it was highly enjoyable! I love Meryl Streep sooo much. Next up is The Parent Trap and I’m very excited about it haha
I’ve been really into honey nut cheerios lately. But it’s a tie between mini wheats (brown sugar!) and raisin bran (I’m weird) for my all time favourite!
Also I’m very jealous of your gold/black Ghosts! Where did you order them from? Thanks!! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


I LOVe that you are doing that with your sister, what a blast! Parent trap is my favorite. How have I never had the brown sugar mini wheats? YUM! Here is the link to the gold and black… they are gorgeous:

Have a wonderful day!


I am addicted to the Elizabeth Holmes story, too!
Black turtle necks and red lipstick can never be the same again.


Why is it just so incredibly interesting and hahah yes to the black turtle necks and red lipstick!


Oh we are LOVING the Bulls docuseries as well! I remember being a kid and the Chicago Bulls were HUGE (being in Iowa, it’s as close as we get to our own professional team) so this is fun to watch and learn about.
I haven’t purchased any new shoes in awhile, but that’s because the last time, I bought 3 pair :) I would love to get more because I have a problem with shoes… LOL. I like to switch between Levitates and Ricochet! Brooks always has such fun colors to choose from, which makes me want to buy new ones even more. I do have the fun tie-dye Launch shoes that I wear for walks or cross training…. those have been getting a lot of use because of all the walks I’ve been taking to get outside!
Last weekend, we ran our virtual half marathon (the race was supposed to be this weekend) so I’m not sure what we will do this weekend, but as long as it involves getting outside and away from the TV (and off my lazy behind lol), I will be happy!


Oh I bet you are REALLY loving the docuseries! Oh I love both of those shoes too. Their color schemes make me so happy on their shoes. Oh I have those ones too and they are the cutest. Congrats on your virtual half marathon, that is awesome and I’m with you… let’s all be outside as much as possible right now! Thanks Rhiannon and I hope you have a great day!


TETHERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS MY FAVORITE in elementary school!!! I still have a crooked finger from when I broke it playing! haha. Oh man. That brought me back. I love the black & gold shoes!!


Hahaha you have the finger to prove how much you loved tetherball. That is awesome! Thanks Mollie and I hope you have the best weekend:)


We LOVE LIFE!!!!! It’s crazy how it’s the only cereal that not a single person in our house complains about lol!

I got a new pair of Brooks GTS two weeks ago, for sure my feet are happy about it. Best day ever! I’m curious, how do you decide what shoes to wear for what kind of runs? I’ve always stuck with the GTS because they fit well with my feet and I’ve never had problems but as I extend some of my runs I’m interested in trying some others too!

Enjoy your weekend!


Hahaha I can see why nobody complains about them! Enjoy your new GTS, I love those too! I choose based on what the goal of the run is that day… easy day = something comfortable and a little bit heavier to just sit back and enjoy the run, medium speed day = something like the launch that provides a spring but also some support, fast speed day = as light as I can go (hyperion)! I love having different types of shoes to choose from and I think it helps our feet to become stronger by using different muscles for the shoe type. Have the best day Kristin and please keep me updated!


It seems like your chickens are very calm when the kids hold them. Are they?! Mine are one and a half weeks old but they are pretty anxious when we hold them…. we do handle them every day! Crazy how fast they grow, our brooder is high but we’ve had to cover it with a mesh top already Because they can pretty much fly out!!

I’m not really a cereal fan… I would say my favourite is cinnamon toast crunch if I had to choose one.


Hey YOU! So they were a little bit more anxious when we first got them but it took them a few weeks and now they are used to it. Yes, the kids play with them every day! Excited to see your coop and ours are flying out like crazy! Have a great weekend, Andrea.


Love those waves in your hair! I’ve been playing around with my hair as well lately haha…mainly with just my curling wand or new ways to wear a high bun. Sometimes I wish I had a daughter so I could do her hair too, but alas, God blessed me with a son haha!

The last thing I watched that I really enjoyed was On the Basis of Sex which is the biographical movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I learned a lot about her early life and cases from this movie, and it made me want to go read actual biographies about her now.

So I have 2 cereals that I eat basically every single day – Honeycomb cereal and Lucky Charms. Honeycomb is a staple since I was a kid….that is ALWAYS in my life. Lucky Charms is a new addiction to my cereal rotation, but it’s been in the #2 spot since quarantine started.

Last new pair of shoes I got were the LE tie-dyed Launch 5s from the Rock’n’Roll series. They were on sale last month at $25 so I HAD to snag a pair (The Launch line is my favorite easy day shoe).

This weekend, I’m looking forward to trying a local pizza place near us for the first time to support local businesses. They have individual size rectangular brick-oven pizzas, and I am so excited to have the bbq chicken one with pineapple on top!


Hahaha I like to style Knox’s hair too:). I need to play around with high buns, great idea! I’m going to check out that movie too, thanks Elizabeth. $25 for those shoes… that is INCREDIBLE! I am so glad you got them and they are just the cutest. Enjoy that pizza, sounds PERFECT! Thanks Elizabeth.


Hi Janae!!!
I just bought my FIRST pair of Brooks running shoes all because of you!!! I can’t wait to test them out.



Well, you just MADE my afternoon! I hope you love every mile with them and ENJOY! Have a beautiful weekend Jocelyn!


Hello there!

When we went vegetarian cereal got the cut too… I never miss it until I accidentally walk down that aisle and see all the ones I used to love (apple cinnamon cheerios and wheat squares are my favs!).

What do you do with your old/warn out running shoes? I know you often buy new styles and since you have such high mileage that makes sense, just curious what/where you old pairs go.

Thanks for sharing your life with us all!


Hey Erin! I totally forgot about Wheat Squares… I loved those! I do go through a ton of running shoes. I donate mine to our local running store that gives them to those in need. I hope you have the best weekend!


If you liked The Inventor, you should read (or listen to) Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. He’s the WSJ reported who broke the Theranos scandal and the HBO documentary only scratched the surface. The audiobook is usually available through Libby. I couldn’t stop listening!


Thank you SO much Bailey, I cannot wait to listen!!


Cute kids. Love the dandelion in the bouquet!
I cut daffodils and a tulip from the yard yesterday. No sense just letting them go by in the yard.
I have next to zero motivation to run. I prefer to race and virtual races just don’t cut it. To me it’s just another training run.
As far as my blog goes, not much motivation to write either.


i got the ghosts, too! love them. bought the all black pair bc i’ve never owned all black shoes?! they make me feel kinda bad ass ha.
cereal i eat the most: probably Kashi go lean. all the different shapes and textures are so good.
ok, the last dance on espn is AMAZING! every episode gets better and better; i’m obsessed! i wasn’t even into basketball and didn’t really even follow professional sports at that time so it makes it all the more fascinating. gah! i look forward to it every week. everyone watch it! i’ll be checking out that other doc on hulu; thanks :)

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