Friday Favorites!

They told me they do planks in PE so we did a plank challenge together.  It won’t be long until they are beating me in this challenge.  They are strong.

I started out the morning with 9.09 miles with some new snow but I’m proud to say I made it through an entire winter (I’m telling myself this was the last snow day) without falling while running.  PS I was having a dream that Andrew and I were on vacation in Hawaii when my alarm clock went off and I quickly realized there was snow outside and we won’t be traveling for a long time…

IMG 0357

I was eating some oatmeal in front of the computer and it took me back to the beginning of my blog when I posted at least one picture a day of my oatmeal in front of my computer back when I was a high school teacher.   Now I am attempting to help teach 1st and 2nd grade but still love oatmeal.

IMG 0361

Andrew has really gotten good at doing the girls hair…

IMG 0368

We took the kids up to the hills for them to run around for a bit and get out some energy.  My fully gray outfit courtesy to the fact I was freezing out there and grabbed Andrew’s coat.

IMG 0390

The dirt just magically makes my kids want to run and I completely understand why.

IMG 0386

IMG 0379

The other highlight of their day was the hot tub of course.  We won’t have Knox for 10 days starting on Monday so we are really trying to soak in time together and luckily, Andrew doesn’t have to work until then so we will get a lot of time all together this weekend.

IMG 0400

Our highlight was eating adult lunchables and watching A Million Little Things together.  I haven’t made it through one episode of that show without crying and I don’t think that will ever change.

IMG 0398

A little update from my parents because I miss sharing all of our get togethers.  They are doing really well staying inside all day besides walks with their pup.  I think everyone’s dogs are very happy about this new situation because of all of the quality time.

IMG 0404


Let’s talk about just a few things I’m loving this week and I would love to hear yours too (affiliate links are included):

*I finished this book and it was SO good if you like crazy thrillers.  My heart rate was elevated for the last 75% of the book ha.  I definitely did not expect the storyline in the slightest.

Also, reading while eating pizza is one of my favorite activities;)

IMG 0126

*Last week on TriedAndTrueMoms IG (I love their account!) they shared this Dome Play Center and I knew my kids would love it.  They miss going to parks a ton (it’s the thing they miss doing the most right now) so I’m trying to help our backyard feel more like a park.  It took about 1.5 hours to assemble.

IMG 0258

*John Krasinski started a Youtube channel to share good news and this clip made me sob happy tears.  Please watch it if you have a chance.  We need more good news!!

*I’ve really wanted the kids to journal a lot during this time so they can look back on this time of life and remember what it was like.  We are being very diligent with these Q & A books because it is so interesting to see how much their answers vary at this time of life compared to when life was normal.

IMG 0360


Are you reading more or less during this time?  What are you reading right now and do you like it?

Let’s talk about spending money… do you find yourself spending the same as you usually do, more or less during this time?

Do you journal?  Are you journaling more now than usual?

Oatmeal fan?  What do you add into it?

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Reading SO much more. I loved Behind Closed Doors! I just finished A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena and Man of the Year by Caroline Louise Walker. Both very good if you are looking for a similar thriller type book!

I am definitely spending less. We only go grocery shopping when completely necessary and my husband will go with a list. Thinking we should probably adopt this method permanently!

Gosh I haven’t made oatmeal in forever. I used to always mash in a banana and top with almond butter.

Stay safe, have a great Friday!


THANK YOU FOR telling me about those two books, I definitely need to read both. Hahaha we’ve been looking at how we’ve been spending now too and want to stick with it too! That oatmeal combo is the best too. Thanks Melissa and you too!


I am reading a ton right now–I finished 5 books that were all over the place in terms of genre, so now I’m reading Deena Kastor’s book for some nonfiction. It is so interesting and I’m really into it.

I am a big journaler, and I find myself wanting to journal more, but having less to write about right now . . . I like the idea of having specific questions to answer!

I ate oatmeal like a fiend when I was training for a half–I add banana, peanut butter, and then cinnamon or cocoa or other spices depending on my mood!


FIVE BOOKS already… wow! Oh I love Deena’s book so much! Let me know what you think of it when you finish. That sounds like the perfect combo for oatmeal:). Have a beautiful weekend friend!


I’m reading a lot! I recently read “where the crawdads sing” and loved it. I also read the Ivy Hill series by Julie Klassen and it was so fun and charming. I love the regency era, but I also love any historical fiction. I used to journal every day for years, but after getting married I haven’t as much. But I’m trying to be more consistent- I use the Day One journal app and it makes it so easy. If I’m feeling lazy I can do predictive text haha. I definitely prefer a physical journal, but I think anything is good! I love oatmeal and we eat it a lot! I put chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, bananas and berries. Have a great day!


THAT BOOK IS AMAZING! I loved it so much. I will have to check out Ivy Hill, thanks Alicia. I am totally going to get that app, thank you so much.. such a great idea. I hope your next bowl of oatmeal is delicious (your combo sounds so good)! Thanks Alicia, you too!


I made oatmeal this morning for the first time in forever. I forgot how nice it is on a rainy, windy morning.
I’m not paying my usually weekly/monthly commuting fees so feel like I’m spending a lot less. We stocked up on food a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been to the supermarket in almost two weeks. I’ve been able to get a delivery of produce so that will keep us going for a little while longer.
We’re also getting take out food a couple of times a week. Partly because it’s so nice to do something so normal and partly to help out the smaller, local restaurants.

I love to read and always have a book on the go. But I’m struggling right now to concentrate long enough to finish a book I have had for almost three weeks now. :-(


YES… oatmeal on a cold morning is kind of necessary. So glad you haven’t had to go to the store in a long time. I just ordered our bfast tomorrow from a smaller restaurant and we are already looking forward to it so much. Are you having a hard time concentrating because of everything going on in the world right now? I’m really sorry! Wish I could give you a hug right now. Have a beautiful weekend!


I just read Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware, love her mysteries! Next up is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owen.

I haven’t been journaling lately, but that’s a great idea!


I LOVE mysteries so I am going to check out that book, thanks! Let me know how the journaling goes and I hope you have a great weekend friend!


I am spending less maybe. I am finding that I am buying groceries that are way more expensive then I would normally buy because they are in stock!!! Flour, good grief it was $5.50 a bag for some organic name brand flour but literally no place had ANY!! And finding mozzarella cheese, well Walgreens had for $4 for a teensy little bag..
I don’t order as much though online because I see the ship dates and if it is past the end of April it just doesn’t seem worth it. Outdoor toys though, I might go for some pricier things for my girls. I also got a used osmo to help my 3rd grader. I hate the school apps but the Osmo is at least interactive. I did get it used on eBay.
Reading more but more like kids chapter books!! Getting up and running with all my preschoolers ( special Ed teacher) has been a ton of work so between my kids and cleaning I have no spare time. I have less time then before all this!!


You are SO right about groceries being so much more expensive now… and I’ll pay for it because we need it! The ship dates are something that holds me back too from online shopping (we got spoiled with Amazon Prime). YOU ARE BUSY. You do so much good for everyone around you and I hope that this weekend at least you will get a few minutes on your own! Thanks Carrie!


“we are really trying to soak in time together” – I see what you did there! Was that on purpose? Lol….

I do journal – have for about 8 years now.

Oatmeal – yes, but not very often. I don’t get too creative with it. I do like to make it with vanilla almond milk though (with the instant packets). I keep meaning to try some overnight oat recipes.

Reading about the same as usual since I am still working. If I did not have work I would be reading more. Spending is about the same.


BAHAHA I didn’t notice that until you said it. So awesome that you have been journaling for so long. Hope you have a great weekend John!


I make oatmeal nearly every day! I put in vanilla protein powder, a banana and peanut butter!

We bought a house a couple weeks ago and just moved in so definitely spending more money. However, a lot of that spending is done online now (thank you Target and Amazon). Having our new house has been a great distraction as we are staying very busy settling in and doing house projects!

I just finished reading the Tattooist of Auschwitz and it was heavy but very good.


OATMEAL IS LIFE!! Lol. Pure comfort food for me. I add unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a dash of almond extract, a pinch of cinnamon and whatever fruit I happen to have. Usually blueberries. I am so looking forward to normalcy again! I miss my Mom so much. Sometimes talking on the phone just doesn’t cut it, but I’ll take it. We’re all in the same boat. We WILL get through this.


Janae, thank you so much for sharing that video, it made me so happy :) Now I love John Krasinsky even more.

I am reading more now for sure. I just finished Grown ups, which I mentioned yesterday and I loved it. I also recently read and loved Where the Crawdads sing.

I am also spending less which I guess is a positive in all of this; only spending money on groceries.

Wishing you a great weekend Janae, what a light you are to all of us :)


I have been reading more, but I have started 2 books and about 3/4 of the way through I realize I have read them already. Ugh, I started writing down everything I have read about a year ago…hopefully I have all new books now!

My credit card bill was 2/3 less than usual! I am pretty frugal as it is! However, now when I got shopping I don’t “wander.” I stick to my list. I am not buying the kids new clothes because who cares if they don’t match or have holes in the knees;-) I am getting more creative in the kitchen and using things we already have in our freezer and pantry. We also aren’t buying anything “extra” because I am not getting a paycheck. This past week, I have been doing some “therapy” shopping on-line–sometimes “add to cart” just makes me happy;-).

Love that hot tub!!! You got it at a perfect time. It would be a good time to have a dog too! I told my husband if this goes on much longer, we are getting puppy!

Happy Friday Janae! or as my son says “Friday, the day that is almost like the weekend!”


Definitely reading a bit more these days though still working from home so not as much time during the day.

Less because no takeout or coffee but still spending time on Amazon haha. And maybe more on groceries but still cheaper than eating our.

Oatmeal.. I love raisins milk and fruit in mine.

Oh the dogs are cute. We were looking at dog photos from rescues/shelters to adopt.. we might get one after things settle. There was a French bulldog I fell in love with haha..

A hot tub sounds amazing right now! Enjoy your time with Knox and have a great day Janae!


My daughter can outplank me now !! She’s really good and makes it look effortless. I start shaking at the end unwilling to give up before I drop. ha
I have oatmeal about 5 times a week for breakfast! I add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries..and cinnamon, chia seeds and flax seeds. Oh so good.


Hey Janae! Singapore’s finally going into a lockdown come next Wednesday (except the prime minister called it a circuit breaker. Haha). A bit too many local transmissions in recent days. The country’s been given till Tuesday to prepare, which I’m thankful for. However disney+ is still not here yet so I’m not sure how the next month of no childcare and working from home is gonna be like ;) there’s only so much on netflix, y’know? Lolol.
Thankful we can still go to the supermarket (will remain open), f&b is open for takeaway only, and we can still go out for a run! Though I ordered a cheap spin bike as well.
I read Behind Closed Doors recently too. If you liked it I think you may enjoy the Peter Swanson books. I didn’t like Lisa Jewell’s And Then She Was Gone (a bit too implausible for me) but The Family Upstairs is good. Knox (and maybe Brooke?) may enjoy the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.
Will share in the comments as and when. You have a good Friday!! :)


Spending more at the store because I can’t wait and buy items when they go on sale but just have to buy when I go to the store and some items are sold out and have to buy more option. But not buying gas for sure with less places to go! Also, seems to be a lot of online shopping deals lately so money has gone there too. Haha!
I eat oatmeal regularly and love it with raisins or chopped apples and pb.


Could you share some of the other inside pages of the kids journal book (without showing your kids answers). I want to see more what it’s like.


Hey Mary! They ask questions like, Which age would you like to be and why? What do you like to do at recess? What is your favorite season? What do you really like about yourself today? What is your favorite thing in nature? Describe your favorite place to eat?

It really is fun and interesting to see how their answers are changing these days. Have a beautiful weekend!


And I thought I could not possibly love John Krasinski any more than I already do. In addition to reading TONS, I’m watching a lot of The Office. It has always been one of my best coping mechanisms and it is not letting me down!
I’m reading quite a mix of genres haha I just finished Demi Moore’s autobiography and am currently reading Verity by Colleen Hover (A really fun, quick read!) and The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk (Not such a quick read but so so interesting if you want to learn more about trauma and the mind-body connection!).
Big oatmeal fan. I usually go for some combo of banana, nuts, peanut butter and raisins or just plain old brown sugar. So delicious.
Hope you have a wonderful (Conference!!) weekend :) Stay well!


Hi Janae !
I’m reading more during this time. I loved Behind Closed Doors and now i’m reading a book my mother gave to me : No Place Like Home (M.H Clark). I’m just at the beginning.
I’m spending less money. I only buy food and nothing else because i don’t want to give not essential work to delivery workers. And because my income will probably fall this month :)
I’m so surprised you still have snow in April !
Have a great day !


Hi Janae! I love oatmeal too! Wish I could get more, they are sold out of it pretty much everywhere around here. The spending thing is interesting.. grocery bill has definitely gone way up but everything else gone way down. I guess it’s like the greater economy where Amazon and grocery stores are pretty much the only companies doing well right now! Happy Friday! The weekend is so close and I just can’t wait.


Good morning! I am working from home, too. Even though we’ve been working from home for three weeks now we are ready for Spring Break! Just ready for the change up to not having to sit at my computer, but I still will be worried about our kids, so I’m not sure it will be the “break” that I’m thinking. I’m a high school librarian so I’m reading up a little on some of the YA titles that I’ve had stacked up. I had some kids wanting to read Stephen King’s The Institute for a book club-type thing we do, so I just finished that. Even though I’m not really a fan of most of King’s books, I did like it. FYI–I am not reading during my work time–I just feel like I have to put that out there–many people think that’s all librarians do anyway, and it is so far from the truth.
For myself, I’m reading Outlander. I’m about halfway through it, and it is good. Now I’m getting all kinds of ideas from the comments here–I’m going to have to make a list!

I love oatmeal, but I have burnt myself out on it in the past, so I only eat it a couple of times a month. My version is not healthy at all. I like a little brown sugar, drizzle of maple syrup, pecans, and maybe a chopped apple. Can you tell I’m a fan of sweets?

I started out the year using Day One religiously and slacked off. Between working full time and a teenage daughter involved in sports, I just stopped. You’ve motivated me to start back today!

Have a great day!


Did you see that Reese Witherspoon is giving dresses from her Draper James company ( to teachers? There is a form here for teachers to fill out

I just started reading “What They Meant for Evil.” It’s about a lost girl of Sudan. There are many stories about the lost boys, but not the lost girls because so few survived. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a tough read before it gets better. I’m also reading “Lessons from Pollyanna.” The original was written in 1913. It’s about a girl whose minister father taught her to play the “Glad Game.” Choosing to be glad over things that are difficult. It’s changing my thoughts about someone who is called a Pollyanna.

I think we’re spending a little less – at least on gas and eating out. Les is working on a yard project since we’re going to be home for a long stretch. It will more than make up for anything we’re saving.

My only journaling is my blog. I’m doing more of that lately.


Oatmeal by your computer. I remember those posts.
Happy weekend to you!!
Cute picture of you and Andrew. :)


I LOVE reading :) I’ve read 34 books this year and probably 5 of them in the last 3 weeks. I’m currently reading The Discovery of Witches for book club.

I’m not buying the little stuff like lunches out, coffee, nail polish; however, we did rip up and replace the kids’ carpet with laminate so that was pricey.

I have a journal that is also a devotional and I’ve really enjoyed that, especially lately.

I love oatmeal. Lately, I’ve been adding chia seeds, a little protein powder, bananas, and sliced almonds. Yum!


My reading has varied, lately. Sometimes I can get a good chunk of time to read, but not a lot. Working from home is a definite benefit, but I’m having a really hard time with efficiency since every activity can overlap with all the others: work, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, exercising, etc. I am still working my way through the Outlander series (Diana Gabaldon) and love it!
I’m trying to keep the spending under control. Several companies have offered programs of returning a portion of their profits to CrossFit gyms based on what you buy, so I’ve spent a little bit on that to get some $ to my gym owner. I might be spending more on groceries, but not buying lunch 4x/week + 2x/week for my high schooler. The utilities bills will be higher with us being home constantly, but I have used less than 1/4 tank of gas in my car in the past 3 weeks.
So glad your hot tub is such a hit with everyone in the family :)


When my dad makes his oatmeal, he puts his bowl with some butter, nuts, and brown sugar on top of the little pot he uses. When the oatmeal is done, the butter and sugar have melted and the nuts softened. I’m a mixer upper with my oatmeal and love to have a variety of mix ins-nuts, seeds, fruit, etc. I’m a sucker for blends (like Picky Oats or Purely Elizabeth)

I am sending you a cute “Covid Time Capsule” if I can figure out how.

Have a super weekend!


I’m reading “Cozy,” by Isabel Gillies. She talks about actively and intentionally identifying things that make you feel “cozy.” It could be anything — from a favorite mug, to the sound of a lawnmower, to cut flowers on your bedstand… These things bring peace and joy to our lives, and can help us feel grounded when everything else in life seems crazy.

I love steel cut oats. Favorite add-ins: fruit, nuts, peanutbutter, and ALWAYS a bit of brown sugar and a splash of milk! A fun kid-friendly idea is oatmeal “sundaes.” Serve the oatmeal in sundae dishes or banana split dishes and put all the toppings on the side (of course, including some sweets like chocolate chips and sundae syrups) for the kids to add themselves.


I love reading and have been reading much more lately! I’m almost done with Text Me When You Get Home, which is about female friendships. It makes me extra grateful for my best friends during quarantine and how we’re still able to use technology to stay in touch. I recommend it!

I think I’ve been spending about the same amount of money, but differently. I’m very fortunate to have a salary and a full time job that is it not at risk right now. Definitely spending less on things like coffee, gas, and restaurants, but I’m trying to pick a new charity each week and donate money I would have otherwise spent to help those in need now.

I’m a big oatmeal fan too! But I need a ton of toppings otherwise it’s too boring haha. My favorites are bananas, berries, almond butter, and purely Elizabeth granola for double the carbs :)


Reading maybe a little bit more, but it’s not much. I find I’m quite stressed (not able to work now due to COVID) and that makes it difficult to concentrate. But I know a good fiction book to get wrapped up in would be so good for my mind. I find it hard to get started, but once I get into a good book, it’s hard to stop.

I’m probably spending less overall. I’m spending more/the same on groceries…need to not ‘stress eat’ :/ But I’m not going out to coffee shops for coffee (…and a muffin, who are we kidding), not driving as much so definitely saving a lot on fuel, not on random stops for a salad for lunch sort-of-thing. But, I’m also not having anymore income going forward…so I can’t save it’s saving money overall.

Not journaling. I should. I usually find I just end up writing gibberish for the first couple of pages so I give up.

Used to eat so much oatmeal, always for breakfast. Not anymore. I would either get the flavoured Quaker packets (maple and brown sugar) or, if just Plain oatmeal, I’d put raisins and blueberries in it.

Have a great weekend Janae. Thanks for the questions to give me something to quiet my mind :)


Quick question for you – what size is the dome you purchased? 54 or 60? I’m trying to talk my husband into adding this to our yard but he’s not excited about moving it to mow! Thank you for the idea!!!


Hey Abby! We have the 60 and tell him Andrew wasn’t either ha…. until he tried it and it isn’t bad at all. I hope you can get it. Have the best weekend!


OMG, I started the book you recommended above today and it’s sooo good!!! I can’t stop reading it


The picture of your dad and his dog made me sooooo happy! And I am definitely going to recommend that book to my mom, she loves thrillers and is going through books like water these days with staying home :)

Have a great day,


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