Lots o’ Tangents!!!

By some miracle we made it to school on time after the time switch this last weekend… it was rough getting everyone up but it happened.

I got out for some miles with Emilee.  I have to brag about her for a minute… she hit 100 miles last week (in 6 days, she takes a rest day each week too).  I cannot wait to see how she does in Boston!

IMG 8684

Skye was just so thrilled that she found her tutu.

IMG 8695

Another soccer game (Brooke’s bff came with us and Knox has a crush on this friend… it’s already starting! They will just be dating each other’s friends in high school ha).

IMG 8708

We had steak and chicken fajitas for dinner and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert!

IMG 8711


Let’s talk about some tangents.

*On Sunday we invited my family over for nachos and they were a hit!  I cooked chicken in the crockpot with a bunch of salsa and then did a layer of chips, cheese, shredded chicken, red onions and beans and then cooked it in the oven until the cheese was melted.  I then topped it with avocado, tomatoes, cilantro and sour cream and it was SO good.  We will definitely be making this again and maybe try my sweet potato nachos combo with it too!

IMG 8671

*Skye is all about parties and she gets so excited when everyone comes over.  She can’t choose a dress to party in so she ended up wearing FOUR different dresses just while we were eating… she just kept changing her mind.

IMG 8672

*Popcorn made on the stovetop was one of my favorite childhood foods that my mom always made.  We made it with the kids (with extra butter and salt) for the first time and they told us to never buy the bagged kind again because they only want this stuff… I have to agree with them.  We followed this recipe and added a whole lot of butter and salt on top.  It’s even better than air-popped or microwave, try it if you haven’t!

IMG 8665

*Andrew’s great uncle brought to church to show me the sandals that the Raramuri (which means, ’those who run fast’) Runners run ULTRA-MARATHONS in.  He will be running their ultra-marathon in their hometown that is a 100k and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

IMG 8645

If you have 6 minutes then check out this clip about these amazing people!

*Speaking of ultra-marathons, we came across one during our trail run on Saturday.  The runners had 6 hours or 12 hours to see how many times they could run from where I was standing for this picture to the peak of this mountain. My goal is to run up it once in the next few weeks because these runners inspired me so much.

IMG 8561

*Every Sunday night Megan posts around 20 of the most hilarious memes ever to help everyone start their week off right.  Andrew sent this one to me because he said he relates very deeply with it.  Why is it so hard to remember if we turned them off or not?!

Screen Shot 2020 03 09 at 2 08 19 PM

*Samantha sent this to me and maybe this is why I can handle crazy running events yet a paper cut ruins my day;). Running is exercise induced discomfort and I can handle that… pain is what I don’t like.

IMG 8700

*Thank you skiing for making me love this winter more than I ever have before and now we get to enjoy spring!

IMG 8573

*It’s Andrew’s birthday week and I’m looking forward to Tucanos with him on Saturday, all of the mountain-bike shops and celebrating him like crazy.

He has Skye’s heart:

IMG 8435


What food reminds you most of your childhood?  

Have you ever run barefoot or in shoes that don’t look like the running shoes we see out often?

Kettle corn or butter popcorn?  Any delicious popcorn recipes for me to try?

Share a tangent with me please!

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Hi Janae! Just a random observation but I think Brooke looks just like your sister (which is definitely a compliment:) Have a great day!


Okay, I just looked through these pictures on this post and completely agree with you! How fun! Thanks and you too Lynn!


My friend’s husband makes popcorn this way and he puts garlic in the oil when he heats it, before he puts the popcorn in. It makes the most amazing popcorn I’ve ever had.


BRILLIANT! We are totally going to try that next. Thank you Linda… maybe I’ll make it for breakfast haha! Hope your Tuesday is a beautiful one:)


Ok, the nachos and the popcorn are definitely going to happen here soon! I love making chicken in the Crock-Pot with salsa for tacos, how have I never thought of making nachos??
It does really seem like you all have enjoyed winter this year, thanks to skiing. So fun for all of you!
It’s another crazy busy day and it’s raining, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can sneak in a run at some point today. It will probably happen on the treadmill, but that’s ok.
Have a good Tuesday ?


Oh I hope that the rain stopped for a little bit so you could get in a run and if not I hope you had something very entertaining for your treadmill run! Let me know if you try the nachos Wendy, they were so so good. Thanks so much friend!


Happy Birthday (early) to Andrew—-and, most importantly, what kind of cake is he going to have?!?! ha ha ha


Hahaha I like the way you think! Either funfetti or cheesecake or both… one can never have enough birthday cake! Thanks friend and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


When I was a kid, we used to buy Morton’s frozen donuts (jelly filled, granulated sugar) from the grocery store. My brother and I would bake them and serve them to our parents warm for a special dessert. I don’t think they exist anymore :(
I’ve never done a training run or race in them, but I often do a warmup run (400m-800m) at the gym in my Land’s End slippers :) My feet don’t get cold, which would ruin the warmup, right?
Have you been reading “Behind Closed Doors” much? It was hard to put down, but I was so disturbed and worked up while reading it–curious how you’re feeling about it.
Yesterday was 74* in Maryland, and I certainly ran happy :)


I love memories like that one with the frozen donuts and hopefully someday they come back around so you can relive it with your kids:). Such a good idea with the slippers… I might have to copy you on that at the guys. Ehhhh I haven’t had much time since the other day but I was planning on taking some time tonight to read! I’ll keep you updated. Oh and 74 degrees sounds like heaven! Keep enjoying Corey!


Stove top popcorn is the way to go! We grew up with my dad making popcorn for game night and if we were lucky we would get to have soda with it. My parents were hippies, so typically it was Hansens Grapefruit soda. If my dad was in charge, it would have been RC Cola ;) To this day, I only make popcorn on the stove (with the occasional bag of Boom Chicka Pop if on a road trip). I’d have to say popcorn reminds me of my childhood as does homemade bread. My dad would make homemade bread in the cast iron dutch oven on weekends. He still does whenever we visit or he visits. My mom is on cookie and banana bread duty. Also, I’ve made popcorn using coconut oil or flavored oil and it’s tasty, too.

I’ve run in Keen sandals before and I have to say they were totally comfortable. We were camping in San Juans and on a whim ran around the lake.


I need to try it with coconut oil, that sounds delicious. I love the memories that you have with your parents and I’m going to copy the stovetop popcorn with game night (and maybe a soda) tradition. And that homemade bread… I’m going to need some of that asap! Good to know about the run being comfortable in Keen sandals. Hope your day has been a beautiful one so far Kelly!


You should read this book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0028MBKVG/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

I am not much of a popcorn eater! I know, I am strange. Kentucky fried chicken reminds me of my childhood because we only got it as a special treat on an occasional summer picnic!

Have a great day!


Oh I love that book but it’s been so long I should probably reread it! I totally have those memories with KFC too:). A picnic with that stuff was heaven:). Thanks Jennifer and I hope you are having a great day too!


You should try the Atom Popper for stove popcorn- it’s made by some small company in Kansas and my family orders them in bulk to give as gifts because it’s the BEST popcorn I’ve ever had You don’t have to stir or shake or do anything because of the shape of the pan. Mmmm I want to go make some right now.



THAT THING LOOKS AMAZING! I’ve never heard of it before… my mom would love this as a gift too! THANKS Bailey for sharing!


Oh I can’t wait to watch that clip! You always share the best stuff! exercise induced discomfort – yes! Love it!
Big Pancakes remind me of my childhood! I think they’re really called German pancakes but growing up my dad made “BIG” pancakes for special occasions. I eat them at least once a week now! They are literally the only reason I bought my cast iron!
I’ve only seen one person at a trail race running in running sandals; his feet didn’t look too beat up but he was in pain and was going to put on shoes once he got close to his car.
Kettle corn all the way! The rest of my family LOVES movie theater butter which means more kettle corn for me! I cheat and buy microwavable but I may need to try home made after seeing those smiles!
My tangent; yesterday I set out for an easy recovery run since I spent all weekend at a water park eating junk food (no regrets!!) but after the first mile I wanted to see how i would feel going faster. I thought I would run a quick mile then back off but then 3 miles later negative splitting each one I had to force a recovery run since I had to be home in time for work. My HR was the lowest it’s been on a run in forever even though I was really pushing my pace! I was in Z3 for speed work and I just couldn’t believe it!!
Have a great day!


Oh I love that you called them BIG pancakes because they really are huge. Hahah that’s why I bought my cast iron too… that’s all we use them for. If you try the homemade version, let me know! Runs like that are the best! YOU ARE FIT and way to go on the negative splits and low HR. You are on fire Jenny! Cheering for you:)


We eat sheet pan nachos all the time! We put them in the center of the table and just eat off of it without plates, not the best dinner etiquette but easy cleanup haha

I barely skied this winter. We had such a mild winter here the season is already over. Hoping to do a trip next year!


Well, now we will be doing that… much easier cleanup! Oh I hope that next year you get much more skiing in and a trip to your favorite resort. Hope your day is off to a great one!


Hi Janae! Can you believe spring is already pretty much here? This winter sure flew by and I’m already loving the extra daylight! It’s crazy how the same route looks different in more or less light or a different season!


Oh I love that too… I usually run the same loop most days and you are so right, it looks so different each month! I hope your Tuesday has been a great one so far!


Happy Tuesday!

I am obsessed with Boom Chicka Pop! We stock up at Costco when it goes on sale.

Happy birthday week to Andrew!

That is a lot of miles for Emilee! Way to go! I am getting excited for Boston. Are you running Boston this year?


Hey Rachel! Boom Chicka Pop is heavenly… Andrew loves it even more than I do too! SO SO excited for you to run Boston and I would love to hear about how your training is going! So far I’m not but last year I found out mid march so I just never know:). Hope you are having a great day and it’s almost just one month away!


Okay, I think I need to try those nachos tonight! We have some kind of Mexican food at our house at least once a week. It just seems to be something we all like and can customize the way we want. :)

Butter popcorn, for sure! I like Kettle corn, but if I’m going to have a sweet treat it’s going to be ice cream or a cookie or both. Ha!

Something random…I just registered for the Carmel Half Marathon on April 4th with a free race entry I won at our local Thanksgiving 5K! Free race entries are SO much better than a medal, trophy, or plaque!!


YES YES YES, let me know what you guys think of the nachos and I’m glad we aren’t the only ones enjoying delicious mexican food often! Maybe that is why I prefer butter popcorn to kettle corn… you are onto something with that. Way to go on winning that entry and enjoy the race next month… I bet it is going to be a stunning course! I want to come join you:). Thanks Kristen!


I use a variation of the Rachel Ray kettle corn.https://www.food.com/recipe/sweet-and-salty-kettle-corn-rachael-ray-271419. I use 1/3 c of sugar, 1/3 c of kernels and 3 tbsp of oil. The key is to get the oil warm, then drop in kernels and when the first one pops, drop in the sugar, cover your pan, and shake the heck out of the pan.


THANK YOU for the recipe and how you altered it too! I cannot wait! Hope your Tuesday has been a beautiful one so far Marissa!


So now I am going to buy the ingredients for stove top popcorn, my 2nd born LOVES popcorn and would be thrilled to help me make it.
Rhubarb dipped in sugar out of the patch, strawberry rhubarb pie, homemade veggie lasagna and banana spice cake. The last two were my birthday meal requests….
I often run barefoot. I prefer it though now in my older age, my feet are much more sensitive. I also climbed the tallest peak in the White Mountains (multiple times) in flip flops:)
I think butter popcorn over kettle corn but my absolute favorite is homemade caramel corn. My grandmother made the best!


You’ll have to let me know what your kiddo thinks of the homemade popcorn and if you ever feel like sharing your favorite homemade caramel corn… I’d love to try it:) I also need to try that banana spice cake! SO cool that have you have done that climb a bunch in flip flops, your feet are strong. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday Blair!


Right after I graduated high school my shoes were hurting seven miles into a 15 mile run so I took them off and left them on the side of the road and finished the run… it seems so weird to me now because I feel like I would never do that haha!


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