How long does it take you and could you do this?

FIRST, I’m excited to tell you that I’m teaming up with to design some amazing new running-themed tees + tank tops (including an update of my “I’m sorry for what I said at Mile 20 (or Mile 10 for the 1/2 Marathon)” tanks). Go on over to their IG HERE and share any creative input that you have and they will use that as they design them! At the end of the week they will have everyone vote on their favorites so make sure you are following them to be part of the process!


7 miles solo @ 8:28 average pace for my Tuesday.  This was the first run in a long time that I’ve done alone but it actually went by very quickly.  Random safety thought—> I will only cross a stop sign intersection or a driveway with someone preparing to leave or a road if the driver of the car waiting for me nods at me or waves back to me.  I used to always rely on the fact that the driver should just see me if it looks like they are looking at me but lately it just feels like drivers in my area are paying less and less attention.  Unless they fully acknowledge I’m there with a nod/wave, I’m not crossing.

IMG 8776

Skye cries 9/10 mornings that Brooke is getting her shoes on to leave for school.

IMG 8738

I’ve stuck to strength training two days a week for a few weeks now (does that mean it’s a habit now?! wahoo)!  And now I’m working on making 2 days of core work a week consistent (not great plank form in the picture but a self-timer plank photo with a two year old takes work;) on days other than strength training days.

IMG 8790 2

I’m all about basic and this is a core routine I’ve been using a lot lately.

Skye and I went shopping for Andrew’s bday gifts and she scored some chocolate at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while we were there.

IMG 8821

Four generations in one picture.  We were able to talk to my mom and Mer for a little while yesterday!

IMG 8827

Skye thinks my sleeping mask is her bra now.  She was very proud of herself for figuring this out.

IMG 8813

Thank you Rachel for a great idea… These are the perfect things to always have on hand lately!  PS I take screenshots of so many comments from you guys with great ideas that I want to try:)

Screen Shot 2020 03 03 at 1 02 09 PM IMG 8835

We had burgers on bagels for dinner.  Our grocery store was out of their normal asiago cheese bagels that I like for hamburgers but the plain bagel was great too!

IMG 8834

Andrew met us after work to watch Brooke’s ballet class.

IMG 8850

Skye was very excited that she was able to join class for a few minutes.

IMG 8845

Because when you are buying bagels at the store… you have to buy some donuts too.

IMG 8858

One thing I find really interesting as I hear/read more about all of the different elites and people that competed in the trials last week is hearing about what the rest of their days look like.  Some of these elites prefer focusing in on running, prehab, recovery, naps and nutrition all day and others are working part-time or full-time jobs and can’t imagine not cramming in their crazy busy schedules in with their running.  If you were one of these top runners in the country would you be able to focus fully into running/training or would you prefer to do that while you work or have other big things going on in your life?

When you are running do you feel like you are seen by cars?  Do you do anything that helps you feel safer out on the roads?  Have you ever had any close calls?

How often do you do core work and do you have any great sources for where you get your core workouts from?

How long does it take you to form a new habit?  What was the last new habit you started?

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I’ve started stopping at zebra crossings too till the cars come to a stop. If there’s a light I’ll usually wait unless other people are there jaywalking/running too :p

The real question is, do you stop your watch at these “short” stops ;)

I was just thinking about the packing my day… nowhere near an elite but I realised for me what makes running so much more special for me is having other “real life” and “normal” stuff going on to (work, kids, some household chores). Is that weird?


Oh I definitely stop my watch for those short stops!!! Do you?? I totally agree with you, it makes running special and to crave it when the rest of our day is jam packed! It would be interesting to try both ways:). I hope you have a wonderful day Chloe!


Of course I stop my watch haha and then I feel a bit silly coz it’s like a 5 second stop… BUT IT AFFECTS MY OVERALL PACE. Lol. Although Strava does calculate total moving time ;)


Oh I am so with you on waiting to cross intersections! Even intersections with a light and walk signals. Way too many close calls for me in the past. I think drivers are not paying attention to pedestrians.
It’s fun to think/dream about what it would be like to be an elite…. But I think I would still keep doing all my volunteer jobs while training.
Forming a habit… I think it definitely takes 2 to 3 weeks, at least for me. I’m on my 2nd month of consistently going to Friday morning pilates and Sunday morning yoga, and I am loving both! Even my family has gotten into that habit, knowing it’s pilates or yoga day, ha. I too, am working on developing a habit of strength training.
So excited to see what your tees and tanks start looking like!! What a fun endeavor!
Happy Wednesday ?


YES… even lights with the walking signal! I totally agree, no crossing until I know they KNOW we are there. I love that you go to pilates and yoga each week. Both things are so good for you and now I need you to make that a habit for me! Thanks so much Wendy and I hope you have the best day. PS you inspire me a lot with the volunteering you do… thanks for sharing your light with me!


I always feel like I am seen by cars, but when I am driving I realize how hard it can be to see runners! I did have a close call once. I was running in the dark and I could tell a car was behind me, I was on the right side of the road on a side street because I was going to turn. I looked behind me and the truck was 2 inches away from me! I was scared and ran back to my car. As I was driving back to my house, the same truck had run into a telephone pole outside the gas station. I stopped and asked what had happened. It was an older man who had Alzheimers and should not have been driving.

I do whatever core work I feel like, haha. I need to be a little more structured. I am horrible at forming new habits. I would say my newest habit is starting a load of laundry in the evening, putting it in the dryer before bed and folding/putting it away in the morning before work.


Oh Becky, that is so incredibly scary… 2 inches. My heart is beating so fast just reading this! I am so thankful you were okay. Hey, that habit is something I desperately need to start over here too! Way to go on that one Becky! I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


I think if I was an elite-speed runner, I would still need other things in my life . . . definitely would need to be doing something creative, as well!

I haven’t had close calls running, fortunately, but I did once when I was walking–I had a walk signal at the crosswalk, all the cars were stopped, and then when I was in the intersection, a car just barreled straight through on a red light! I had to jump back and it was SO alarming.

Habits–I think being consistent and HAPPY about running is my latest habit. I didn’t necessarily have a negative mindset about it, but I wasn’t being as positive about it as I wanted to be. And it’s way easier to be consistent when I’m excited about it! It took me maybe a month or two to really dial into this, and I’m so glad.

Sweet potatoes are life. I’ve started cutting them up, roasting them, and adding them to pasta with tomato sauce. Yum.


Kristin, that must have been SO scary and I’m so thankful you weren’t hit. We have to be so careful which is sad because there are a lot of drivers out there that just aren’t careful.
BEST HABIT to pick up. Thanks for sharing that with us because we can all work on this! Now I’m going to try your sweet potato combo, thanks so much Kristin. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


If I were an elite i could definitely handle just working out every day with no side job.

As far as cars – I always look for acknowledgement (the nod) – but more often I just run around the back of the car since they are usually so intent on watching for traffic.

I do a little bit of core/glutes/hamstrings/upper body 4 times a week depending on the day.

Since I strained my hamstring again I am now developing a warm up and warm down routine I plan to stick with. I found a Steph Bruce warm up routine video I am using as my basis – what I like about it is that it incorporates some of the strength exercises I was already doing after my runs (or on non run days). I would imagine after a month or so after I start running again this will be my new normal (routine).

Check it out here:


Yes! I make uncomfortably long eye contact with drivers in intersections, well if they look up from the phone long enough. This winter I’ve been running in a flashing light vest and drivers still seem pretty oblivious. My favorite is when I’m jogging across an intersection with the little walk symbol lit up for pedestrians and people turning left or right across my path act like the want to play chicken. I also get run off the sidewalk fairly often by bicycles and those little motorized scooters that just got to my town.
I used to run with buds in every single time, but have been doing a lot more quite miles lately. If it’s dark or heavy traffic I don’t just for safety, but I’ve found it can be kind of nice on a quiet Sunday morning run too.
I get most of my core work in pilates reformer classes each week, it has really transformed my core and flexibility. I’ve got typical runner’s hips – tight and wonky – and pilates has helped a lot!


ROFL! The sleep mask toddler bra!
I cannot imagine training at an elite level while also doing a traditional job or having small kids or any of the other things. Even being consistent with “basic human” -level training 4 days a week can be tough to do.
I’m a freak about road safety. I ALWAYS assume that drivers don’t see me unless they make a point of letting me know. Extreme safety practice: if a driver sees me at a crosswalk (without a stop sign) and waves me across, I still won’t go if another car is behind them–I worry that the behind driver will rear-end the kind one waving me across. I’ll turn so that they know I’m not going to cross yet. I’ve even patted the side of a car that blocks the crosswalk if a driver pulls across it while looking for traffic in the other direction.
My gym workouts often include “sneaky” core work, like kettlebell swings, front barbell squats, lunges, weighted box step-ups–things that require bracing the core while moving weight.
My most recent habit has been to reserve gym times on specific days/times at the start of the week, so I’m committed to going. It’s been helpful!
I’m excited about your new t-shirts :)


I’ve had a couple close calls with cars over the years and now I’m definitely more cautious. A lot of my close calls were when I was living in Australia, because all the cars were coming from the opposite direction! It was very disorienting while running :)

For core work – I’ve added core to my main strength routine I do 2x a week. The rest of the days I’ve made it a rule to do atleast two core exercises when coming in from a run or bike ride. It’s always easy for me to just add 2 min straight from the door. Anything longer and I tend to lose the motivation haha!


Oh I can’t wait for the new tanks and tees! It’s been too long since I’ve bought new gear so it’s time to splurge!
I can’t imagine the elites who run 2x/day + strength train or get a massage/PT etc have time for much else! I also can’t imagine running twice as fast as my current pace so I’m sure they have more time than I think they do :) I love to be busy so I would have to work part time or else I would probably have the cleanest house in the state if I didn’t have anything else to occupy my time!
I’ve had a few close calls; once in a crosswalk, once when someone hugged the corner and once when someone was backing out of their driveway. I wear a headlamp, reflective vest, I have reflective doodads on my gloves and shoes and I make sure to wear bright clothes as well. Sometimes I feel like it’s not enough!
What’s a core workout?! Ha!
I don’t know the last habit I started but the last habit I broke was stretching and foam rolling and I feel it every time I run! I always swear I’ll make the time. But then I don’t.
Have a great day!


Hi Janae! I totally agree with you and all the commenters about the cars.. I have too much to lose. Some days if I want to do a workout and not stop and I can’t get to the track or trail or it’s dark, I’ll just do laps around my block. It’s definitely a little boring (my longest is 10 miles) but I feel less anxious.
Love the sweet potato idea, Shalane calls them Sunday potatoes! Happy mid week to you!


I’d be careful. Last year a car almost hit me even though they waved me on but started to go?? How that happened I don’t know but I was MAD.


I had an incident not long ago when I came too close for comfort to almost hitting a runner. It was on a country road I wouldn’t dream of running on – no extra pavement, ditches on both sides, deep curves with limited sight where people are notorious for driving too fast. I came around a curve and just didn’t see him and swerved. He flipped me off and I felt terrible, but I also feel that we runners are responsible for finding safe, visible places to run. We have so many greenways here! It scared me, for sure!


I am totally with you on driveways! I’ve had way too many close calls, especially early in the morning when people just PEEL out. Some people reverse ridiculously fast.
I’m just starting out my career as an OT, and really hoping to get into pelvic floor therapy so I’ve done some digging into core strengthening. Maintaining a strong pelvic floor and core muscles is so so important for improving our day to day function, running performance and preventing injury! I’ve been trying to do some type of “core activation” everyday. Even if it’s just focusing on my posture for a few minutes. I found this really helpful
I’m really learning to slow down and focus on engaging those deep, low abdominal muscles. It is taking a lot of patience and focus, but I definitely notice a difference in my walking/running form when I am concentrating on maintaining that alignment and engagement of the pelvic floor. The exercise ball is my new best friend haha.

And I’m so happy you’re loving sweet potatoes :)


The muncher cruncher strength workout for runners that you mentioned a year ago or more I bought it and have used. It also has post run core work I’ve used.


I suck at core work. No–really–I am so bad about making it a regular priority. It’s horrible. And I need to be good about it, because it would help me be explosive and more dynamic when I shift positions on the spin bike and I know it will help steady me when I get back to running.

BUT, when I *am* good about it, I like this one Les Mills class that’s all core-focused. It’s called CxWorx. Les Mills OnDemand–which is a subscription online thing with a ton of the Les Mills classes on it (including Body Pump…)–has a lot of CxWorx classes. It might be time for me to renew my subscription. It also might be time for me to lace up again, tbh. SOmething inside me is steadying out after so much chaos (and I am about to have health insurance again…which means I can have access to orthopaedic doctors if I need them, which makes me feel safer taking on running again), and when I feel steady I crave a return to running. And a return to a regular yoga habit.

I seriously need to make your well-loved quinoa recovery salad (with chicken instead of beans) for my lunch meals meal prep for the next week.

And speaking of fitness things and Les Mills program–over the next week, I am videotaping myself teaching a live Les Mills SPRINT class (HIIT training on a bike…) for instructor certification!!! Taping #1 is on Sunday and Taping #2 is next Tuesday. I’ll compare, and I will submit the better of my two videos for certification and feedback! That will make program #3 for me!!


I don’t tend to run a lot in the dark, but I always wear headlamps and reflective gear and make sure the driver makes eye contact with me. I prefer to stick to running paths. I never assume the driver sees me. And when I run at night I am almost always with someone.

I bike ride to work, so I have tons of reflective gear, lights – I just got these crazy christmas light things for my bike wheel that my partner helped me put on my bike. Be seen.

I feel like I need other things going on in my life. But…this morning I tried to run before bike riding 7 miles to work but that was a fail because I was barely awake! Will try again tomorrow. I don’t have a consistent core routine but will need to get one.

Have a great day Janae!


Seriously, running paths are the way to go! It just feels so nice to feel safe and not have to worry about cars! So happy you got some more lights for your bike!I hope your run tomorrow feels amazing. Thanks Kristine, you too!


I am the same as you with the cars! Most of my runs are very early morning, so the plus side is that there aren’t many drivers out but of course the con is that it’s dark! I use one of the wrist glow lights you recommended one time (thanks!) and also my phone flashlight, but I always either wait or go behind the car. I’ve thankfully never had a close call with running, but when I was in grad school I used to ride my bike to campus and was once very nearly hit by a car running a stop sign.

P.S. the look of pure joy on Skye’s face at Brooke’s dance lesson is soooo precious!!


I am so glad you love the lights for your wrist, they are awesome! So glad you didn’t get it back in grad school, that is SO scary! Thanks Lindsay… she was loving it. Enjoy the rest of your day!


I like to do a plank before I run. I feel like it helps activate my core and my glutes. I don’t know if it really helps, but I feel like my run is better when I do this, which motivates me to do it each time.


Joan, I am totally going to try this! Thank you so much for the tip. Hope your day has been a beautiful one so far!


One time I threw my water bottle (plastic) at a car that didn’t see me… it did the trick! ??‍♀️


I will have to try that next time it happens! Glad it taught them:) Hope you are having the best day so far Abbey!


Totally unrelated, but your nails have been looking awesome! What are you doing?


Hey Kelli! Thank you! So I just went to my salon and they put on acrylic for the length and then gel on top! I’m in love with them and they’ve already lasted over a month! Hope you are having a beautiful day friend:)


Hey, I’m super surprised you’re following those dudes for core basics. What about @goodfortheswole? She does planks (down and supine) with marching. Hut 2-3-4. Those dudes aren’t thinking about the pelvic floor!! Booyah


My races are in the summer and fall and are local, so not yet for me. But I know the cancellation of Chuckanut 50km in Washington which is super close to us will affect a lot of runners I know. My neighbour was also supposed to be doing Paris. It is disappointing but in the grand scheme of things, this is definitely a first world problem having a race cancelled.

Hahah! I love how your sister locked up the electronics and candy for spring break.

Have a super day Janae!

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