Friday Favorites!

***First, I am so so sorry to all of you that have been training so hard to have your races cancelled.  I’m thinking about you and I hope you can feel what you need to feel… I would definitely be crying a lot if I were you.  The amazing training you have done will carry over to some fall PRs!****

Good morning!!  We decided to celebrate Andrew’s bday yesterday because he didn’t have work and we had Knox!

Everyone was very happy with the change in plans and bday celebrating early. We started the morning off with donuts and cinnamon rolls for Andrew because those are his favorite along with his favorite chocolate milk brand.  If Andrew could drink chocolate milk the way the rest of us drink water… he would be a very happy man.

I got in a nice run with Emilee and sat by the fire afterwards because I was frozen.

IMG 8935

Andrew then chose a few places that he wanted to go to (including Costco and bike stores of course).  Skye was the most chill person at Costco yesterday, that is for sure.

IMG 8969

He chose Chipotle for lunch and we had amazing burritos.

IMG 8965

Andrew took the big kids on a mountain biking adventure.

IMG 9826

He didn’t want a cake, he just wanted a banana chocolate shake!

IMG 8996


I have some Friday Favorites to get talking about today (affiliate links included)!

*Just so beyond excited for the documentary, ‘A Time & A Place’ to come out.  Let me know if it’s normal or not if the trailer made me cry (ehhh sob).

*I take my spring sneaker selection very seriously.  I need to be able to run in them (well, chase after Skye as she tries to escape from me anytime we are in public), beyond comfortable because I’m going to be in them a lot and I want them to last for a while.  These are the ones that won my heart!

IMG 8511

*Now that shorts season is here, it’s fun to have some cute running socks that you can see above your shoes:). Love these ones right now… cropped my legs out because I need to shave;)

IMG 8514

*Last time I talk about the trials (for a few days;) but Tara sent this article to me by Jenny Donnelly and it was the most incredible recap of the day.

Screen Shot 2020 03 06 at 2 26 09 PM

*I really have strong feelings about cleaning ha.  If I want to fall asleep at night then my kitchen has to be clean (I inherited this from my mom).  I love Grove products and love using these packets (just add water) in a glass bottle that we can keep reusing forever.  It smells amazing (not chemically at all), works great and helps to cut down on plastic waste.

IMG 8548

*Video games drive me nuts so to help Knox fulfill his love of Fortnite I bought the Monopoly version and it’s a huge hit with the whole family.  We have been playing every day he is with us!

IMG 8677

*A Roolee top that I bought and LOVE.

IMG 8958


I LOVE hearing the amazing things you are doing so share them at [email protected] so we all get to celebrate you!


Madeline!!!  “I ran the LA Marathon for the third consecutive year on Sunday and achieved my ultimate dream: qualifying for Boston! I finished in 3:23:03 — knocking 19 minutes off my time from last year — and you better believe I fought for every last second! I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost seven years, but seeing the city on foot while running from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier blows me away every time and makes me feel so grateful to live in such an eclectic, diverse, and sunny place (I could do without the hilliness though ;)). The race wasn’t easy, but a friend from my running group, the LA Road Runners, pushed me through the last three miles and helped me get to the finish line well under my goal time. (Never underestimate the power of running with a friend, especially if said friend throws a cup of cold water on your back in the last mile, lol). I celebrated with lots of pizza and ice cream with my friends and fiancé afterwards, and though I’m incredibly sore today, I’m brimming with pride. I didn’t let myself give up, even when I got to that dark mental place around mile 20. And now I’m a stronger person — and a freakin’ BOSTON QUALIFIER (will it ever get old to say that?!) — because of it!

P.S. – the pic attached is me celebrating with the best ice cream ever: Salt & Straw’s Salted Malted Cookie Dough :)”



Loribeth!!! “I ran my 16th half marathon on March 8, and I hit a new PR!! It was the Chattanooga half marathon and I have run it every year since it’s first in 2016. (I did the 5k the day before with my running group and we had a blast!) The course is hilly but moves fast and the only mentally hard miles were 10-12. Otherwise the weather was perfect, crowds were great, and the running was at it’s best!! I saw the clock at the 1 mile left mark and knew I could get a new best time, so I just soaked it in and enjoyed it. I ended up with 1:56:29!!! My previous time was 1:58:09, so this was almost 2 minutes faster! I’m over the moon right now!!”



What do you have going on this weekend?

What type of shake is your favorite?

What’s your run or workout today?!

And another time for those of you that had your big races cancelled, I’m really so sorry and I wish you the absolute best!

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Hey sweet mama! ? I feel so, so bad for everyone whose races have been canceled! So many cancellations going on everywhere!! Also, I hope I’m not bothering you again with another book post, but I wanted to let you know I’m having an Usborne Books Easter party going on & would love to know if you’d like to order any books for your sweet kiddos!! Our activity/sticker/craft/outdoor books are the best, especially if school is closing temporarily!!! I’d be so honored if you order ?


HEY SARAH!!! You are just the best and never bothering me! Let me talk to Andrew and see what we need! Thanks friend and I hope you have the most beautiful day!


You’re the best! Thank you!! I wish I could show you all the activity books here!! Here’s my link ~



Definite tears and chills from that video!
This weekend my daughter will take the SAT, then have friends over to celebrate her birthday–pizza, movies, and probably lots of laughter :) Also, we’ll do some planning for next week, since the Maryland Governor cancelled school for the next 2 weeks & we’ll need to figure out schedules to get online schoolwork completed. I’ll probably telework quite a lot (thank goodness I’m an editor and have that flexibility) to keep things on track. Fingers crossed for the wifi!
I love a thick milkshake & would seriously go for a peanut butter chocolate combo right now.
I’m aiming for a speed interval ladder…I should say “speed-ish,” since my current training level is more intensity than fast running :)
Happy FriYAY, and happy early birthday to Andrew!


BUSY weekend for you guys! I am very grateful that you will be able to get a lot of work done at home. Keep me updated with how the online program goes. I’m really wondering what is going to happen here.
I hope you get a thick shake soon and that is SPEED to me! Thank you friend, you are just the best Corey!


Salt and straw ice cream (sea salt vanilla with caramel ribbons) is the BEST post running reward ever!!


Can you please ship me some?! That sounds like heaven! Have a great weekend Jen!


I’m expecting my April marathon to be cancelled any day now. It’s so hard to keep training when I know it’s unlikely I will race! But I totally agree that it’s probably the safest choice. Just really tempted to skip my 17 miler haha!


Oh that is really hard and I’m with you… races are my only motivation to do hard runs like this. I really hope this all gets figured out soon. Please let me know when you find out. Thinking about you JP!


We are having a family birthday party for my 10 year old! Otherwise, relaxing, cleaning and running errands–fun stuff! We may have to look into rescheduling/taking a different vacation in the fall vs going to Maui for spring break:-(.

I feel so bad for the people that had races scheduled! I understand why they are cancelling large events, but it still is difficult if you have trained for the past weeks, months or years.

Just a walk and light weight lifting today. I am have cold that is dragging me down! I feel bad coughing and blowing my nose–I feel the need to explain that I only have a cold!


Becky, I was so excited for you guys to be able to go. I’m so sorry about this and I hope you are able to plan and really look forward to the most amazing trip this fall. Good job getting in some lifting today and I hope that cold is gone ASAP!! Let me know what you guys plan for the fall!


Madeliine and Loribeth – great job! You are both inspirational!

Favorite shake – just the plain Strawberry shake from Sonic.

Going to try running tomorrow. I’ll let you know how the hamstring feels – I am almost certain it will be fine.


Well now I need to go to Sonic today for a strawberry shake. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW and I hope your hamstring is beyond happy the whole run. You’ve been so patient. Happy weekend John!


I thought Ross was the only one who liked chocolate banana milk shakes. He got a chocolate banana oreo shake on Tuesday night. They really are MFEO. Going to costco right now for fun/birthday celebrations does not appeal to me at all. Maybe yours wasn’t bad as ours? I didn’t go to ours, but a neighbor did and said they had to close the doors and only let so many people in at a time as people left because the store was at capacity. INSANE!! I don’t have any canceled races, but I am pretty sure we will be cancelling the trip to Costa Rica we had planned for the end of this month.


WHAT?! Okay that is unreal. Ours was pretty crazy too and it looked like we were stalking up but really we were just buying our normal haul ha. Can we see you soon and double for chocolate banana (not sure about the oreo) shakes from JCWs?


Hi Janae! Races are canceled and can we talk about how free samples are also canceled at Costco?! I mean most of the time I already know what lasagna or candy or cheese they are selling tastes like but I still love sampling them. I hope this is over soon.
Love reading these stories, congrats to Madeline and Loribeth, those are some great achievements!
Happy birthday to Andrew and I hope he has a fun birthday weekend ahead!


It really is so crazy how so many things have changed…including the samples! I definitely did not predict this (although my brother that is a doctor sure did about 5 weeks ago)! Thanks so much friend and I hope your weekend is a beautiful one!


No run today, I am still slow on my runs Wed and Thu after that half marathon PR, but I am still riding that high! Just had to cancel a work trip to Florida, so I guess this weekend will be filled with pet sitting and more running! Not really a bad thing, right?!

I think by tomorrow I may have a little more speed in my legs…..really want to get out and enjoy the weather:)

Mmmm….I am not even much of an ice cream person, but that one in Madeline’s recap sounds good!!


Congrats again friend! Your weekend sounds great to me:) I hope you have a great run tomorrow!


You are going to love those Olukai sneakers! I got them in the Clay color last summer and wear them all the time. In fact I’m wearing them right now. So comfortable!


Oh I am so glad! TWINS!! Yay:) Hope your weekend is a great one Laura!


We are flying back to Hawaii on Sunday. Les said he may have to work from our condo as the company is trying to decide if they need to self quarantine (they don’t have anyone with Coronavirus, just taking precautions.) I’ve got my hand sanitizer and wipes ready to go, other than that we’ll just be careful and hope we don’t get stuck somewhere.

Peppermint is my favorite shake, but I like chocolate, mocha, coffee, and vanilla, too.

It’s raining here in So Cal, so I did an hour of yoga/pilates. We snuck in a bike ride yesterday morning – it started raining about an hour after we got home.


Your comment about Skye being the most chill comment at Costco is hilarious – because though I have been avoiding our local Costcos mostly, I hear it is like crazy. I read in the news that a little boy was sent home from school in the UK for selling squirts of hand sanitizer for 50 pence: it made me lol.

I personally haven’t had any races I am registered for cancelled…yet. My friends have though. A local favourite race for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled. Which is completely understandable. I feel for the runners but I appreciate that this is being taken seriously!

I will probably run by myself this weekend. I have also been biking to work more to avoid public transit haha.

Have a wonderful day Janae!


London Marathon postponed until Oct 4. Happily, both my place in the race and in the Abbott Age Group Championships automatically transfer. But retraining to peak will now be through the Dallas summer days of 90F+! It is disappointing but they made the right decision—our personal goals must take a backseat to public safety. The silver lining—I won’t have to do 20 miles next weekend after all! And I’m fitter than I usually am 7 months before a marathon ?


I love your perspective Honor… best shape ever 7 months before a marathon! Keep in touch with all that you are doing!


Definitely vanilla for my shake flavor but I would be even happier if it was a malt!

I am waiting to hear on whether my half marathon next weekend will be cancelled and no word on my full marathon in May either. It’s a weird place to be in training but it’s never wasted!

We are eating Chipotle for dinner tonight! What is on your burrito? I can never decide what to get and need ideas ha!


YAY!! Enjoy chipotle tonight! I get the steak, corn, rice, veggies, cheese, sour cream, mild and medium salsa… it’s heavenly. Keep me updated on your races and I hope you have a malt soon!


I have the OluKai shoes in dark gray and love them!

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