20 Running Changes Since My 20s.

9.17 miles @ 8:16 average with Emilee in TANK TOP weather.

There was only about 12 seconds between Skye’s above picture of pure joy and the below picture of moping.  Guessing her next emotion is quite an entertaining part of my day.

IMG 8309

I have figured out a little bit better how to get Skye to wear normal clothes… buy her matching clothes with Brooke!

IMG 8303

She only changed once during the day which is a record lately.

IMG 8348

Andrew brought us home fresh Great Harvest bread on his way from a training and that was definitely the highlight of my afternoon.  Getting rid of Great Harvest Bread was NOT part of our new budgeting of eating out less… I can’t live without their bread;).

IMG 8345

Who got dressed in pink first…

IMG 8350

We made Jen’s Easy Pad Thai recipe and it was a hit.  We added the sriracha to Andrew’s and my bowls rather than the sauce so that the girls could eat it without the spice and also so that Andrew could add half a cup to his bowl because he loves spicy food.

IMG 8286

IMG 8289

This is how Skye felt about it.

IMG 8290

PS Jenny shared this episode with me of Ginger Runner talking with Ladia Albertson and her experience of running the trials.  I LOVED hearing all of the details from the day and Ladia is just an incredible human.

The other night I was thinking about how many things have changed over the years in my running and it really does feel like a different sport to me now!  I am really interested to see how running has changed for you over the last 10 years.

1.  I had a subscription to every running magazine ever in my 20s and used my highlighter marker as I read through them and now I don’t have any subscriptions and rely on all of their online sources.

2.  I HOPE I’ve learned to handle bad races/workouts better in my 30s than I did in my 20s.  I feel like now I just know that they are bound to happen as part of the growth process but in my 20s I felt defined by my race performances which made them a lot harder to handle if they went poorly.

IMG 2712

3.   I’ve started to wear much more supportive sports bras in my 30s vs my 20s ha.

4.  In a lot of my 20s I saw running as a way to burn calories and see how little fuel I could get away with… now I see eating plenty of calories as a way TO ALLOW ME to keep running.  In my 20s there were many runs that felt more like a punishment for what I ate the day before and now I’m grateful that those thoughts aren’t a part of my running anymore.

5.  Most of my running in my 20’s was on my own and it feels unusual to be running alone now.

IMG 7873

6.  I’m not sure if I ever ran on trails more than 10 times in my 20s and in my 30s I can’t believe how excited I am for every mile on the dirt I can get.

7. I didn’t really know that much about different elite runners but now I feel like we are all best friends because I obsessively stalk their social media channels, Youtube videos and podcast interviews.  I love learning from them and being inspired by what they do.

8.  In my 20s I was on the treadmill a lot more!  When I was a teacher the only time I could run was very early in the morning and I didn’t have running friends so I hit up the treadmill and then as a single mama I NEEDED the treadmill big time.  In my 30s it has worked out that I am outside running most of the time but in both decades the treadmill has been an excellent tool for my training.

9.  I incorporated a lot of spin classes into my running training in my 20s and I think that was really good for me and I miss those classes a lot.

10.  I put sunscreen on before EVERY single run now (even if it is dark for 99% of my run) and I sure wish I did this during my running in my 20s.

11.  I fuel during my longer runs and races and often.  It took me years and years to understand this concept and I don’t think I really started doing it well until Mary would write my exact fueling plan into my workouts .  The more I took gels the more my stomach handled them well and the sooner I start taking in fuel in long runs/races the better the experience.

12.  I hated short distance races in my 20s and oh wait… I still do ha.  Emilee and I have been talking though and if we really want to take our marathons to the next level and OTQ we are going to dedicate a year to really building that 5k/10k speed along with some half-marathons.  We need to develop that next gear and so many of the best runners in the world specialized in the 5k/10k distances first and we definitely both just skipped to the marathon first.

13.  In my 20s I pretty much listened to angry music on 99% of my runs and in my 30s if I am listening to something it’s a podcast.

14.  Lighter gear (shoes, Garmin, clothing) and a whole lot less cotton is happening with my running now.

15.  I fell a lot more in my 20s while running which doesn’t make sense why because I don’t think I’ve fallen once in my 30s… maybe I take less selfies now while I run?!

16.  I stretched a lot more in my 20s than in my 30s… but I really need to switch that around.

17. In my early 20s especially I skipped breakfast more than I ate it and now I come home and eat as soon as I possibly can (thanks to Andrew especially because a lot of times he’ll have something made for us to eat if he is home).

IMG 8306

18.  I wear a lot more spandex now than I did then.  I was too self-conscious about it back then but now I could care less if it shows my cottage cheese because spandex makes me feel like I can run faster.

19.  I LOVE my rest days each week… love them and I do absolutely nothing on Sunday’s.  In my early 20s especially I never took rest days… even when my body told me to and I’m sure that played into my constant injuries.

20.  I definitely put limits on myself with my goals and dreams in my 20s.  You’d think as I get older I would be putting more limits on myself but it turns out that I’m learning more and more that the only limit is ourselves and our thoughts and once we take those away we can go so much further.  Ten years ago I did not understand the importance of mental training and the last few years I spent a lot of time reading/studying/incorporating every mental trick I could get my hands on.


If you have been running for a while… what are some ways your running has changed over the decade?  Can you relate with any on my list?

Spicy food… YES please, just a little bit or you don’t want to go near it?  Spiciest food you have ever eaten?

What’s your favorite bread to have at home? 

What type of cross-training have you done the most out of everything over the years?

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I always set it up the night before and am excited for it before I go to bed. Priorities.


I need to try this… you always have the best ideas!


Ooooo great question! I have been running for two decades now and it sure has changed. I also used to have every running magazine subscription known to man and would tear out the training articles and put them in a 3-ring binder (Now I get Runners World only – though I did have a four year hiatus while we were overseas -which is a combination of the former Runners World + Running Times- and occasionally rip out an article, stick it on my desk, and months later stick it in the recycling bin) as well as being a member of at least two running clubs at a time (okay, I am still doing that)! I did speed work with a group once a week (now I rarely if ever do speed – wait – does a 5K count?) and for 6 of those years had a regular – once every week or two -running companion (now I am back to my always solo runs, though a couple of days a year our schedules work so that my hubby runs with me). I also used to cancel my run if I forgot my iPod Nano, my Nike pod for my shoe, or my headphones – I traveled a lot for work (now if life gets in the way I run in the dark or on the treadmill or do a double the next day, socks or no socks, AirPods charged or not, no excuses). I used to log my races and annual miles in that aforementioned binder right after the race and on New Years Day (Now I log races months at a time, thank goodness for online races results)!

Spicy food… YES please! Habaneros kill me. At our local Mexican joint we like to order sliced and grilled jalapeños- those are hot as they keep the seeds on!

My favorite bread is any fresh out of the oven.

Probably swimming (does hiking count?), but still not a ton, maybe a half a mile every month and once in a while I’ll do it weekly and work up to a mile…I have created and dissolved yoga stations three times in the two decades (right now I have a one year old created one – still never used).


3-ring binder… you had it down with your running organization! Oh I forgot about Running Times, I miss that magazine a lot. Loved reading about how running has changed for you! Hiking totally accounts in my opinion. I hope you are having a beautiful day Tonya and I wish we could get in a run together, I would love to hear all about your travels and living in different places.


10 years ago I was NOT a runner and thought all runners were crazy . . . how things change! My biggest differences from a few years ago vs. now: 1. I am SO much less insecure about my running. I’m still not the fastest, but I’ve realized I’m slower than some people, faster than others, and I am going at MY pace. You’re a valid runner no matter your pace! 2. In the last year, I’ve really shifted my mindset about running and exercise. It used to be something I HAD to do to do stay healthy, lose weight, feel like my day had value. Now it’s something I GET to do, and I’ve found so much more joy in it that way. And if I have to miss a workout or a run, I know the world isn’t ending.

I thought of you yesterday–I went to great harvest because I really just wanted my free sample! I bought a granola bar there, too, but I was really just there for the sample. Worth it. If you get the chance to try the chocolate chip sourdough . . . do it. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Things have definitely changed for you but even as a runner I still think we (runners) are crazy;). I’m so happy about the change from ‘have to’ to ‘get to’… that is life changing. Oh thank you for thinking about me and how have I not tried their granola bars or chocolate chip sourdough… I better go back today!


Quick note! I am so happy to see you feature Ladia! I had the privilege and honor of being her teammate and friend in high school on our cross country running team. She is every bit of nice as she seems and I am so impressed by her daily.
In response to your cross training question: I am a yoga teacher and mom to three boys. If I am not chasing them around I am teaching a class and that is my cross training currently. I would love to have more time to dedicate solely to it, but for now..pushing a heavy stroller and having my students do a million chair poses and bird dogs are my method :)
I LOVE spicy food too, my body doesn’t always ;)


NO WAY! Oh Danielle, that is so awesome and I love hearing that she is just as great in real life too. I want to come to your yoga class, that would be amazing! Haha my body doesn’t either. Enjoy the rest of your day!


I loved reading this post! I’m turning 28 next week and if I compare working out now versus a few years ago I have become a lot better at finding work-outs I actually enjoy doing (it feels weird calling it a work-out when it’s more like a hobby) and finding people I love working out with! Kind of wish I had discovered these things 10 years ago, but I guess that’s part of the process.


I have been running for just 10years now. I definitely stretch more now than I did when I first started, but I have learned (through several injuries) that stretching and cross training are key to keeping my body healthy! Here’s to many more years of happy running!
Some spicy food is good. My husband loves spicy food, any time of day. And we don’t eat a lot of bread here. I guess bagels would be what we have most. But I do love homemade, soft bread! I should make some again.
Thanks for sharing that podcast. Now I’ll have something good to listen to on my run this morning.
Have a great day!


I hope you had a great run this morning and that you enjoyed the episode! You are motivating me to stretch more and I hope you get some amazing homemade bread soon:) Thanks Wendy!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK NINA! Oh I love what you said about finding and doing the workouts that you enjoy! Why did we used to force things? Have a beautiful day and I hope you start celebrating your birthday now:)


We love Harper’s bread :) It’s a brand!


I’ve never tried that kind before… I MUST find it!


I would say no to things if they fell at the time my run was supposed to be. Glad that changed.


Oh I did the same! Love how far we have come:) Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday sweet friend!


Wow in my 20s I would sign up for a handful of 5ks and would be happy if I got through the 2 mile mark without having to walk. In my 30s running became my therapy with dealing with some major life changes. Fast forward I have run 3 half marathons (with a 4th coming up in May), started a training plan that includes speed work, and have more running shoes than work shoes.


Kaleena, YOU ARE AMAZING and I am so grateful that running has helped you through these huge life changes. It’s just the best and such an amazing constant when everything else is changing. I love hearing that you have more running shoes than work shoes… that’s how it should be IMO:)


That bread always looks so delicious and every time I see a pic I get hungry!
My youngest does better when he’s matching his older brother too; he would prefer they have the same bedding too but after many tears by both boys he settled for something different! Ha!
Gosh a decade ago I was pregnant and either on bed rest or just coming off of bed rest … based on that alone running has changed a TON! I wasn’t running much before that though but I was teaching classes in the gym. I picked running up again when he was 18-24 mo and it was pretty consistent until my 18 week of pg #2 when I was on bed rest again. Around his 1st b-day I got serious with running and it’s been steady for the last 5 years.
I like mild spice. I’m a chicken! Ha!
Favorite bread is zucchini!
Cross training wise I’ve been consistent with lifting weights, stationary bike, elliptical and now the stair climber. I tried swimming but I got a cramp in my calf and thought I was going to drown so I gave that up!
Have a great day!


BED REST… Jenny, that must have been so hard! I am so glad it has been able to be a big part of your life the last 5 years. Now I need some zucchini bread ha. You are rocking it with your cross-training and way to go staying consistent with lifting. Thanks and you too!


What kind of bread do you usually get at Great Harvest? Today’s looks SO good!!!


HEY AMY! I always get the Beehive White (maybe that is just a Utah flavor?) but it is my favorite and I have a hard time getting anything else! Hope you are having a beautiful day so far.


Hi Janae! I relate to many of these.. the biggest one I think for me is when I was younger I’d treat every workout like a race. Didn’t understand the concept of easy days at all. Now that I do running is more fun and I’m faster too!

Have a great day!!


Oh YES! Great one Amy, I think a lot of us can relate. Thank you so much and you too!


Great post Janae! I’d guess falling more in your 20s was correlated with no rest days, less fueling, always trying to run fast, etc. When I was diagnosed with being over trained, I used to fall a lot more!


Oh that is so interesting… I guarantee that is probably why too! Thanks for sharing Kendra and I’m glad you are overtraining anymore! Hope you are having a beautiful day:)


I’ve been running consistently since I was in 7th grade – so 15 years now. Not sure how that’s possible. I ran competitively all through middle school, high school, and college. The biggest change is going from running to always compete at a high level to running because I actually love it. Sure I’ve had some goals along the way but I also love that I get to run for me and not for a place in a race.


15 years, that is awesome Sloan! That must be a big change for you and now you coach and help those kids reach their goals too… so cool!


I didn’t start running until I was in my 30s, now I’m in my 50s and things have definitely changed! I never listened to music until I started training for my first marathon at age 47, I still love running with just my thoughts, and usually save music for long runs. I lived through the whole minimal heel drop shoe fad and thankfully learned quickly that that wasn’t the shoe for me. I survived the hormone horrors of perimenopause (which included lots of tripping!) and now that I’m fully menopausal I feel SO much better! Right now I’m more interested in continuing to move and not worried about pace.

I like spicy food, but I don’t like it when it’s so spicy I can’t taste anything!

Cycling is my number one cross training. My current schedule is something like this: run, ride, trail run, trail ride, repeat. I have also added yoga stretches and that helps.


I’m with you on the heel drop… I need it too! I am so grateful that you feel so much better and those hormone shifts during Perimenopause must have been so hard. I want to go on a bike ride with you and Les one day:)


1. 10 years ago I was a senior in high school and “easy” runs were not a thing! I specifically remember my coach telling me that it was pointless for me to run slower than 8 min pace….now I run easy days between 9-10 min pace!
2. Just a little bit :)
3. You kill me with your Great Harvest pics! That was one of my favorite places but this past summer I was training for my first marathon and was so bloated/gaining weight/overall feeling very off. I went to the doctor and found out I have celiac disease…so unfortunately no more delicious bread for me! On a positive note, marathon training made me realize I had an autoimmune disorder so I probably never would have found out if I wasn’t pushing my body (therefore making my symptoms really flare up).
4. Body pump class at my gym- I need a group to do weights haha


Skye sure does seem spirited…


Hi Janae!! I love love love this list! It’s crazy what a difference a decade can make in our mindset and fitness. I have noticed that I’m so much more patient with myself than I was back years ago with running and I also listen to my body SO MUCH more. When I need rest I always take it and have zero guilt about doing so. I used to feel pressured to keep up and go go go but I’ve learned to really listen to my body because it obviously knows what I need best, more than my mind! ;)

I’m not a huge spicy food fan. Not sure why, but I just pref mild with pretty much everything!

We’ve been loving any of the Trader Joe’s breads. They’re alllll so good and are the perfect combo with their delicious natural peanut butter!

I think the most common type of cross training I’ve done is walking, if that counts! :) It’s so meditative and helps me get my blood flowing on my rest days!

Have an amazing rest of your Wednesday!!


I used to run even if I was not feeling it…now I love running so I know that if I don’t want to run it means I’m burned out! I used to run too hard on my easy runs. I was so obsessed with my running goals I would so stressed on my race day I would mess everything up.Once I was so obsessed with my matarhon time I would go without drinking at aid stations for the first 13 miles to save time. I almost fainted and at the finish line I got cramps at both my calves..now I’m more patient, I know as long as my body is strong I will achieve anything I want. I remember you used to eat so much candy! Girl, you changed a lot!


Great Harvest is good! I used to go all the time in Idaho, but the closest one now is in Nashville…..2 hrs away! But it is right next to a running store and a donut shop, so it’s pretty convenient when I go to Nashville!

In Chattanooga we have the Bread Basket…….OH. MY. GOODNESS. If it would survive the mail and still be fresh I would send you their sourdough in a heartbeat. The whole loaf is soft, even the crust, and the crust peels away like a soft thin layer…..ok, I’m drooling………….

Cross training for me is walking or biking……we live downtown and don’t own a car, so we get a lot of cross training in!

20s vs 30s…………In my 20s I was way too concerned with weight and calories and sizes. In my 30s I am happy to be 5-8 pounds heavier, a size bigger, eating more (and better food, hello to no more diet soda and frozen meals), racing more miles and feeling 1000% stronger and fitter. You just realize some of that crap you worried about is just crap. I just turned 35 and I am more excited for my mid 30s than ever!

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