When the body is moving + blessing in disguise + am I the only one?

That sunshine was just what I needed yesterday morning even if it was still only 24 degrees.

In a comment the other day, Lucy told me about something that she learned at yoga during a hard time, “I learned that only when the body is moving can the mind be still.”  This is such a wonderful benefit from exercise that we get to experience… Some days the higher my heart rate is the calmer I feel!

7 miles @ 7:57 average on a trail where I pretty much have every turn, stop and house memorized after all of these years of running on it.

IMG 6898

I loved my run entertainment yesterday—>  Ali is doing a week of Love on the Run with a new episode each week and they have been amazing.   In both episodes Ali asked them about who is most competitive in their relationship which has been interesting to listen to.  With Andrew and me, I definitely think it depends.  When it comes to things like arcade games, board games and certain sports we are both pretty competitive but as far as everything else goes, I am more competitive.  We used to think that we should buy an air hockey table to have at our house but we’ve realized that just wouldn’t be healthy for our marriage.

Screen Shot 2020 02 11 at 2 09 29 PM

Our first stop of the day was to visit Mer!  Taking Skye to other people’s house is always a little stressful for me because I’m worried she will break something but we successfully didn’t break anything and had a great visit with Mer.  She is 91 now and I’m so grateful we get to see her often!

IMG 6936

Our next stop was to lunch with friends where these were involved.

IMG 6937

Megan gave me Almond Joys because she is positive that I’m the only person that actually eats them ha.

IMG 6943

Brooke went to her first ballet class.

IMG 6952

Skye kicked her shoes and socks off and watched by the door and she tried to mimic Brooke.

IMG 6958

Andrew made it in time for the very end to watch her!

IMG 6967

Brooke loved it and told me she wants to do it forever.  It’s been really fun to see what things she is drawn to and watch her develop her passions.

IMG 6983

*Random thought of the day… My brother sent this to us and Andrew is so thankful for the husbands of Target that he can now join:

Oh and one more random thought today but I came across this picture the other day that my friend Ellyn posted and it made me really hungry for another try at CIM.  Those races where I miss my goals are really blessings in disguise because it makes me want to work even harder for it!

Screen Shot 2020 02 11 at 8 14 57 PM


Are you a competitive person?  In what things?  If you are in a relationship, who is more competitive?

Almond Joy—> give me your true opinion.

Do you stick to the same route most days or do you switch things up?  Anyone else have certain trails/areas memorized from the amount of miles you have run on them?

Who else lives near a grandparent?  How old are they now?  

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Yes to Almond Joy!! I love coconut!

I have a fairly standard route I follow on my runs. It’s along neighbourhood streets and I really enjoy going over the same streets again and again. I always think about other runs I’ve had, maybe hard workouts, along the same stretch. It makes me happy.


Oh I love that so much. It’s awesome to be able to see how far you’ve come over the years on those stretches mentally and physically… I do the same thing Christine. I need to send you some of my Almond Joys.. they are just the best. Have a fabulous day!


I love almond joys!! My husband is the competitive one- at least when it comes to sports! Something I’ve learned about myself recently is I’m a 9 in the enneagram test and we are motivated my keeping the peace! Have you ever done that test? I like mixing up the location of my runs- that’s something that helps it be more exciting for me. I struggle on the treadmill big time!


I have never taken that test… I’m going to take it with Andrew! It will be interesting to see where we are at! I hope you have a beautiful day Alicia!


Hi Janae,
I often run the same route (when i’m running all alone), not by choice (i think this is annoying) but because i don’t want to go in the forest alone, security question.
And also because of hunters until the end of march… there are so many accidents and death every years… They kill horses, dogs, people, by accidents, thinking they were boars.
Where i live, that limits the possibilities.

For lunch break i just went to my book shop and bought Endure ! I just want ro read it now ! (But i am at work :) )
I know you read it in the plane for England. And i also heard about it in a podcast about running that i listen to.
Did you finish it i like it ?

Have a nice day !


Hey Ingrid! Oh I would absolutely do the same route too if I were you! That is so scary about the hunters. Stay safe! Yay, you got Endure! I am not too far into it (it’s a book that I have to take a bit in at a time) but I love it. I think you will really enjoy it and in a few more weeks when I’m done with it let’s have a discussion. I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Target Husband’s… That was awesome!
No thank you to Almond Joys, eeewww. But my husband likes them.
I have a couple of regular “go to” routes for my runs. My favorite is a trail near our house, and yes, I have every hill, turn, drinking fountain memorized. I love it!
And I love what Lucy said! So true and now I will remember that. When the body is moving, your mind can be still. Although, there are times when I do my best thinking and problem solving while running.
Have a great day!


At least you guys don’t have to fight over the Almond Joys;) . Hahah it’s kind of nice having a route completely memorized so you can kind of zone out and then other ones to keep things exciting. I totally agree that the best problem solving/thinking can happen during a run and it’s the time I’m looking at a problem the most clearly and calmly! Thank you Wendy and I hope your day is a great one too!


I am not competitive at all! Sometimes I wish I was so I would have more drive. I love Almond Joys now, but you couldn’t have paid me to eat them when I was a kid.

Off the topic, but have you had troubles with your Garmin (forerunner or Fenix) playing music or podcasts with your AirPods? From reading the reviews, it looks like Garmin and AirPods don’t pair well. I am looking for a new watch and I prefer to stick with Garmin brand since it’s all I have ever owned, but I want it to pair easily with my pods. Thanks!!!


Hey Becky! I need to send some of my Almond Joys to you… aren’t they the best?! Oh that is really interesting! I’ve never had a problem with that yet but I also don’t use them together that often (I wanted it for when I’m racing because normally I always have my phone with me). I’m going to experiment with it a bit more and I’ll let you know. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Good to know, thanks! I was mostly looking at it for racing too since I usually have my phone with me. My husband doesn’t quite understand why I need a watch specifically for music when racing, haha.


Hahaha I FULLY UNDERSTAND and support this NEED:) . You aren’t alone!


Aww I love that picture so much and it really makes me want to give CIM another try! Still can’t believe I had the pleasure of meeting you and I hope we get to do it again soon!

Also love that Brooke is giving ballet a try. I was a ballet dancer for 13 years before I started running and I think it made me a stronger person in so many ways.

Last thing…whenever you post those breadsticks (which is quite frequently :)) I feel like I need to go find some carbs right away haha


I feel so crazy lucky that I got to meet you and you helped me out so much during that race. I love that picture of you. You exude joy. I’m going to FedEx you some of those breadsticks and can we go back to CIM again and try together?! Have a beautiful day friend!


Oh and I loved learning that you did ballet for 13 years! I might have to ask you questions as we go along in this:)


Always happy to help!


Almond Joys = Best candy bar ever (next to Snickers)! You should try Bounty Bars if you can get them. They are from the UK and every bit as delicious.


We don’t have those but now I must find them! We have a specialty candy store near us so I’m going to check! Thanks Paige and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I want to be competitive with Chris, but that guy has a no quit, ba!!s to the wall, never surrender in him that I simply cannot complete with.
The game scattegories I have total domination though. ;)


Hahaha what I would give for a double date game night with delicious food and Scattegories with you guys! Have the most beautiful day friend and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to think about the fact we have almost been friends for 10 years now!


I LOVE almond joys! You are not alone!


The Target Husbands video really made my morning. Immediately texted it to my husband.

I am very competitive against myself when I am racing. I always want a PR even If I didn’t train for it. When it comes to everything else, my husband is more competitive definitely.

Almond Joys have my heart! I am the only person in the family who eats them, which means there’s always more for me!

I mostly ALWAYS run around the same loop. I’ll have to be running with someone to switch things up. It feels good when that happens though.


Almond Joy are hands down THE BEST CANDY.

It is unpopular opinion but it’s real nice when the kids go through their Halloween candy- they happily hand them over :)


Almond Joys all the way!!!

This is a totally random question but have you ever had issues with your feet tingling? I’ve had this issue happen to me three times already and it stays for months until it randomly goes away. Running makes it a bit worse, but I keep running anyways because I don’t want to stop and even if I do take a break from running the tingling is still there.


I am somewhat competitive and so is my husband but we realize that we don’t always have to win. I am not too competitive at running as I am a slower runner but if I see someone out on my run ahead of me, I will try to catch up and pass if I can, hahaha!!

I LOVE Almond Joys!! What is better than coconut, almonds and chocolate and if they’re all together it’s even better!!

I have several routes that I like to run. I wouldn’t want to run the same route every day.
I am 52 so my grandparents have all passed away but my mom is 90 and still going pretty strong, I’m thankful that she is still here!! I love that you visit your grandma a lot. My kids all live fairly far away so they don’t get to see her very often but they make a point to visit when they can. I go everyday and help her shower, clean her house and fix her a meal when I’m there. My brother lives with her so I’m thankful for him too!!


I have a bulging disc and get tingling in my feet. I hope you don’t have a back injury!!


Hey Sarah! I have not experienced that before but now I’m worried! Will you please keep me updated with any answers that you find. Good luck!!


First comment ever because I love almond joy that much and in Canada you cannot get them! So I can only eat them when I go on holidays in the USA. We do have bounty here which is delicious, its just the sugary coconut and chocolate, no nuts!


AHHH so so thrilled that you commented:) Maybe I will bring up Almond Joy more4 often;) . I need to find a bounty! Have a great day Nic!


Good morning! You can keep your almond joy ?. I don’t like anything with the shredded almond. I’ve been in a big chocolate trip lately. My husband told me (no secrets here) for Valentine’s Day he got me a subscription box of chocolates from around the world. I can’t wait! You are very lucky to have your grandparents nearby. My only gramma lives a several hour plane ride away. I call her every week but wish we could see her more! Also we had a good laugh about the target husbands yesterday as well. Too funny!


— Almond Joys are awesome.
— I have several routes that are memorized…mostly the shorter loops around my house.
— All of my grandparents are gone (last one died in 2002 – everyone laughed at the funeral when my 10 month old stripped during the eulogy – Grandpa would have loved it so all was good) but I didn’t live by them. Two were in Utah (8 hrs away) and one in southern Colorado (4-1/2 hrs away).


So, I LOVE Almond Joy’s but I do not like coconut. I know I’m weird. I’ll eat an almond joy and love it but german choc cake or anything else with coconut and NOPE won’t eat it.


I’m so glad Brooke loves ballet! I cried to hard on my first day of ballet my mom never took me back! I look at ballerina’s legs and think I wish I would have stuck with it – their legs are so strong!!
I’m not a fan of almond joys; I’ll eat them because I rarely turn down sweets but I don’t think I’ve ever willingly bought them!
I’m not competitive anymore; when I played sports as a kid -> high school I was super competitive but that faded with the team sports! I wish my husband and I could be competitive with who does more house chores! Then I would let him win and it would be sweet! Ha!! My kids are uber competitive with each other and with us so playing board games or racing them is uhm … challenging to say the least!
I have a few routes from my house I switch up often; daily/weekly etc. It mostly depends on if I’ve been spooked and need to avoid a route for a bit (aka if a dog barks at me and I’m convinced he’s going to eat me alive!). Don’t ask me what any street names are though, I run on muscle memory! I have my favorite trail route down to a T and the trail system closest to my house is so amazing that I don’t ever feel lost because I know that as long as I keep running, I’ll end up on a familiar trail. It took a lot of getting turned around to realize that though!
All of my grandparents have moved on my husbands grandparents live in Mississippi and we don’t see them often enough.
Have a great day!


I would almost guess that my husband and I are equally competitive and again, it depends on what but we are both first borns and think that adds to our competitiveness.

Almond Joys and Mounds are the best, especially when frozen!

I sort of switch it up, but during the week I’m usually on such a time crunch (I have to be at work by 7) so I try and stick to within 15 min of my house to make it easier.

My last living grandparent died about 7 years ago, my parents had me later in life. I’m so grateful that I got as much time as I did and they all lived in the same city as me growing up so that was pretty great too. I’m also so thankful that my mom and in-laws live in town and we see them all at least once a week. I’m so glad that my kids (and me) get to have that relationship. It is so special.




Omg, that husbands of target video is incredible!


Hi Janae! Almond joys are the best!! I remember you recommended those chocolate covered coconut almond candy things from Costco too and those were great too! I definitely have many routes near my house memorized, it really helps me get into the rhythm of running . It’s also cool to see how things look different in different seasons.

Happy Wednesday!!!


Ooooh, I’m usually an avoider of *competition* but I fully admit I can be competitive with random strangers. If I am on a loop run where I’ll likely see the person going the opposite direction again I try to get to close the gap of seeing them. During lap swims I’ve been known to play keep up or keep away from others without them knowing. But I’m most competitive with myself.

Creature of habit-I have some usual routes that I love doing often and seeing the scenery change throughout the seasons, or do intervals on, etc. It’s fun to have a “no brainer” run and just go on autopilot.

Almond joys are delicious. They’re practically a fancy candy bar. The bite size are the best.


I tend to start out competitive but give in easily in the name of a good time. LOL.

I definitely have every detail of every running route memorized!

Hate almond joys. Which is funny because I like coconut flavor, chocolate, and almonds. But I do not like them together.

My grandma lives in the same town as me and she is 101 years old! She’s sweet and funny and a complete handful!


I’m so bored with my running route lol. I typically run early in the morning before sunrise, so I stick to my own neighborhood where I feel safe. On Saturday’s I run when the sun is up, so I venture out to some adjacent neighborhoods. Those are always my best miles because I’m so excited to be somewhere else ha! But seriously this situation makes it really hard to do intervals and speed work because my neighborhood doesn’t have any flat stretches. :(

And I wouldn’t turn down an Almond Joy. ;)


Almond Joys = best candy bar ever. I am a bad mom and had my kids (when they were little) convinced they were gross so they would give me any Almond Joys they got in their Halloween buckets. Now they’re teenagers and they realized that I told them that just so I could have them all. LOL! (And, of course, they both like Almond Joys too because they are smart kids with good taste.)


When I started running we lived in a neighborhood very near our current house. I started in fall, so I saw Christmas decorations go up soon after running my “usual” route. One house had a speaker hidden in their (only) front bush playing carols. That became my “Singing Bush”, ala “Three Amigos”! :D That Singing Bush brought me joy for two years before they sold the house (then we moved). If we ever drive by that house now, I still laugh and remember my silly early running route! :)

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