Tuesday Tangents!

I have so many random tangents to tell you (ps I have been doing Tuesday Tangents for NINE years now) so let’s just go ahead and get started.

*I brought Brooke home a teacup set so we did that 3 times yesterday.  Brooke wanted hot chocolate with marshmallows for our tea party and I was more than okay with that.

*Andrew found Brooke’s old Elsa pjs last night so just expect to see her in these nonstop for the next 50 posts.

IMG 6311

*I’m already missing sea-level running and the lack of snow/ice during a run.

IMG 6151

*But my views at the end of my treadmill run yesterday of Brooke taking a selfie with Beretta made me very happy.

IMG 6328

*While in London I had 20,000-27,000 steps each day and I would wake up a little sore from all of the walking!  Running makes me think I can do anything but every other physical activity makes me sore!

IMG 6161

*I’m also missing my afternoon pastry snacking that happened in London.

IMG 6269

*I am not sure how this happened but I completely forgot to post about Ben’s Cookies.  So many of you told me to try it and the moment I walked in the shop I knew you guys were right because it just smelled so so good.  Thank you and feel free to overnight some of these Triple Chocolate cookies to me if you ever get a chance.

IMG 6220

*Okay, last sugary item picture for a little while but Sarah sent me home with chocolate for my family and this picture reminded me of a story…

She ran her first marathon this past summer!  She did the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway (and it started at 8:30 pm and it rained the entire time… she is tough)!  Sarah inspires me in a lot of ways but one of those ways is because she fueled her entire marathon with Reese’s PB cups.  Now that is impressive.

IMG 6110

*Andrew was quite jealous about this…

IMG 6262

*Photo from my overnight flight that I sent to Andrew ha.  I had two layovers on my way to London but at least for the longer flight I had an entire row to myself.  I had sound blocking headphones, my eye mask and I sprawled out across the seats and slept for 6 hours straight.  I did miss my weighted blanket but it felt a little inconvenient to bring it on the plane.

IMG 6085

*This article from Lindsay Crouse made me tear up.  One of my favorite things about running is the chance that we get to get better and better at ages that aren’t common in other sports.  We all have so much potential and there is nothing holding us back.  My dream to Olympic Qualify for the marathon isn’t going anywhere.

Screen Shot 2020 02 03 at 6 25 53 PM

*I think the kids missed me but I also think they are looking forward to my next trip already (Indy Mini in May)… I think the day where they wore pjs all day, ate Panda Express and went to the arcade was their favorite.

IMG 9161

*They called a snow day yesterday which was kind of strange because we really didn’t get that much snow!  We took full advantage of the snow day and hit up Sundance.

IMG 6354

*Andrew lost his wallet while we were there but an awesome person found it and turned it in (and didn’t take any cash or anything)!

IMG 6372

*She is getting hard to keep up with!

IMG 6370


Can you sleep on flights?  What about in the car?  

Has anyone else run a race in the evening or the middle of the night?

Most delicious thing you’ve ever fueled with during your runs?

Any great articles that you’ve read lately that you want to share??

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I can’t sleep on planes so I watch a lot of movies. The only place I can nap is in a car!
I thought of you when I saw that NYT article.
Glad you enjoyed London. I’m working on planning a trip there in the fall. Fun fact: I’m from there and moved to the US when I was 7.


NO WAY! Samantha, that is awesome! I’m excited for your trip back and you’ll have to let me know what you do there. I hope the movie selection on the way there and back is amazing. Thanks for thinking of me… such an awesome article. Have a great day!


There is something about airplanes that makes me fall asleep SO easily as long as I am comfortable. Thankfully I’ve been flying this Jet Blue mint thing and they have these lay-down beds. It is very comfy and I am out within 2 minutes. I really think it is a combination of the air pressure, having ZERO control over anything and really NOT being able to do anything except sleep, watch tv, knit, etc. I always feel the need to control things and my head spins during 99% of my day but the plane is one of those spots where I can’t do anything so I just give it all up. It is very relaxing for me. Ha! And I’m not a nervous flyer (thankfully) so that helps.

I am usually driving so not much experience sleeping in the car. Even when I was little I would just jabber the whole time :)

I’ll have to send you a picture of me from London in a few weeks! I’m going the second week of March for a preview for work.


Amanda, I just read your email and I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU. I’ll write more on the email:) . Okay, lay-down beds… that sounds amazing! I felt that way on the flight too, all I could do was relax so I just let it happen! Can’t wait for the picture! I’m just so thrilled about your future.


Glad you enjoyed London and that you arrived home safely! The pictures you posted yesterday looked amazing.
I’ve never slept on a plane, not even on very long flights (16 hours). But I’ve also never had an entire row to myself, so maybe that makes all the difference :)

I’ve never run a race in the evening, I enjoy my workouts early in the morning. If that doesn’t happen, 99 % chance that working out doesn’t happen for the rest of the day!
By the way, Skye looks so tall!


Thank you so much Sanne! You didn’t sleep on the 16 hour flight… well, next flight I hope you get an open row. I’m with you on running in the morning and it not happening any time past that. She really sprouted while I was gone. It’s going by too fast! Hope you have a beautiful day! PS Brooke and I were talking about you yesterday and those awesome fish bath things that you sent!


Someone handed me a giant orange popsicle (orange flavored stuff is my fave) at about mile 12 of my last marathon and I ate the entire thing while I ran. I was pacing a friend who was hoping to BQ and it was the first marathon I ran with no lofty goal time for myself. The popsicle was refreshing, and I was having a blast (no pressure on me!) but it irritated my friend who was really pushing herself and having a grueling race. She got her BQ but still makes fun my big ol’ popsicle.


oh my goodness, that article gave me chills. Thanks so much for sharing it. What a powerful message.


Good morning Janae! I LOVE Brooke’s tea set. I had one when I was little and have fond memories of playing with it. I hear you on the ‘every other physical activity’ pain. It makes cross-training tough, but also reminds me why I have to do it. Do you know I have forgotten how to jump rope?!? My 40-odd year old self can.not.do. what my 7 year old self once did with ease.
My first half was a night race- Rock n Roll Las Vegas. It was super poor planning on my part, since I was working overnights at the time. I had to run when I would normally be sleeping! But getting to run the strip at night was so much fun. Loving your London adventure pics- have a great day!


I couldn’t run a night race!! I can’t even run in the afternoon. Has to be morning.


I’m so happy you had a great time in London! Also, I admire you and Andrew for convincing Skye to wear all that ski bum gear. I can barely get a winter coat zipped on my little guy!
I cannot imagine eating only Reese’s PB cups during a marathon. I like them in small doses during an ultra, but that’s totally different. My go-to ultra fueling is a combo of alternating between Golden Oreos and potato chips. I mix in other stuff as well, but these two have been trusted favorites. Actually, that combo has gotten me through much of this pregnancy, as well ;)
Enjoy your time back home, Janae!


I was just catching up on your posts. Envious of your girlfriend trip to London! I want to see Come From Away, too! You should read the book, The Day the World Came to Town. Our book club read it and at our meeting the couple that met while stranded in Newfoundland came to our meeting! The wife is from the Houston area and the husband is British and they live very close to us. Their story is so sweet and touching. It was such a treat. They do a lot of guest appearances with the Broadway show, since their story is featured in it. Their story is not in the book because they felt it was too close to the tragedy of 9-11 and they didn’t feel it was appropriate to share at that time. They didn’t share their story until Tom Brokaw contacted them for a documentary, which is very worth watching on Youtube.


Thank you for posting that article! As a 47 year old planning to run my first ultra this year it is just the kind of thing I need to see!


YES YES YES MARY!! We are just getting better and better! So thrilled for you and your first ultra. You are amazing. I want to hear all about it too!


So I think we are the same school district, and at my house we had 5 foot snow drifts! So I’m glad they canceled school. Last year for the same type of storm they didn’t because closer to Provo had inches and we had so much and there was a big uproar.
I’m going to London in the beginning of March and I’m so excited to try some of the things you posted!
My two year old also loves Elsa and thinks she is responsible for the storm:)
My husband has the talent of sleeping ANYWHERE. I like my conditions to be perfect. But I have a neck pillow, a sleeping mask, ear plugs and a blanket and that usually helps.


Right now with blogging, and kids, and taking my daughter to doctor appointments all the time, evening runs are my only option right now, and so I’ve been hopping on the treadmill at 8-9pm and getting my workouts in when I can. It’s not ideal, but better than nothing. Running in daylight feels like an illusive luxury right now!



I can’t believe how much you squeezed into your trip to London, and now it makes sense that you had 27,000 steps to get all that in, hah! My husband and I did a 3 week cycling trip through the Pyrenees, riding 50 miles a day with fully loaded bikes up and down the mountain passes. And at the end we spent one day walking around Barcelona and we thought our legs were going to fall off. I’m glad we aren’t the only ones who got worked from the walking! And a snow day was perfect for you to get to hang out with the fam!

PS – Sarah’s midnight run marathon sounds amazing (maybe minus the rain), congrats to her!


Love that article! I am definitely stronger and faster at 41 than I was in my 20’s. Running is so great like that.

There is a big marathon/half marathon here in Mississippi that winds through an historic neighborhood. It’s during the winter, so every year a group of spectators sets up a big table along the route with little cups of whiskey. Ha! They have the bottles sitting out so no one is confused as to what it is. You’d be shocked at how many people take them!

P.S. – I can’t for the life of me figure out what that is a picture of under your “Andrew was jealous” caption??


I should have explained that one! It’s Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter:) Andrew loves Harry Potter so much so he would love to see that. SO cool to hear about how much stronger and faster you are now…AMAZING. Haha I bet so many people are so many people are confused when they take a cup! Hope you are having a beautiful day.


I can’t really sleep on planes, but… If I had an entire row to myself, with an eye mask, I bet I could! How nice that that happened for you ?
I did a New Year’s run a few years ago in downtown LA. 10K at 6pm and then a half marathon at 8pm. It was a shockingly hilly hard course!! But the night run was a cool feature! The half marathon took us all around (and up and down all the hills) by Dodgers stadium, and the city views from up there at night were so amazing!
Glad you were able to score a ski day on an official snow day! So fun ?
Today is our oldest son’s birthday, and it feels weird that he’s not home. Having kids away at college is a really great experience, but days like this are tough! But, I’ve already texted him and talked to him ?
Have a good Tuesday!


Wendy, that is really really hard. I am so sorry and I am glad you were able to talk.

That New Year’s run sounds amazing… I might have to join you in that one someday! I hope you are having a great night!


I am surprised your Kinder Eggs didn’t get confiscated at customs ha! I am Canadian and we joke that guns are allowed in the USA but not Kinder Eggs…too dangerous! I’m glad you had a good trip to London!


Hahaha no way! They were in my checked luggage so maybe that is why? So glad they made it home! Thanks friend and I hope you are having a great night!


I can’t stay awake on planes! I think it’s cuz I’m usually up all night getting ready for the trip. But international flights are when I like to catch up on movies. I work for an airline so I get to fly for free and we have a direct flight from Phoenix (where I live) to London and it’s a lovely flight and now I want to replicate your whole trip. (Except I saw all those shows in NYC so I’ll have to see others haha). That midnight marathon run is totally on my bucket list! I was training for my first half marathon when I was in Norway years ago and we would go for runs at 10pm with full daylight. Fun but weird!


I try to sleep on planes because it helps me not get sick. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In a car, however…my husband HATES my superhero ability to pass out in the car. He says it looks like he is driving around a dead person in the front seat.
I’ve occasionally gotten up super early for a really long training run (3:30am is my earliest, 4:30am is pretty standard in summer) but the only night racing I’ve done are the middle of the night legs for Ragnar Relays. There was one leg in the middle of no place Colorado, about midnight…only saw the runner I started with for minute and another at the end for a minute…isolated road with only occasional race support cars…so quiet and sooooo many stars. One of my most memorable legs.


I used to not be able to sleep on anything that moved. But at my last job, I flew overseas something like 20 times in 28 months and had to be ready to GOGOGO when I landed so I learned to make myself sleep. But I still cannot sleep in cars.


I absolutely loved living vicariously through you as you made the most of your time in fabulous London! I have a totally unrelated comment though… did you know that Victoria’s Secret is carrying your favorite lipgloss in “Punchy” again (on sale for $6)? I saw it on their website today and thought of you! https://www.victoriassecret.com/beauty/beauty-catalog/victoria-s-secret-total-shine-addict-flavored-lip-gloss-5000006639?brand=vs&choice=900B&collectionId=171973f6-8c24-42e6-b938-5738c21250bc&filter=subclass%3ALip+Gloss&genericId=11153121&limit=180&productId=519da674-c6cd-44fc-a041-fa99c0af35b8&size1=&size2=&stackId=149aca29-6a78-48e3-bc5e-00df6eca65e3




What type of noise cancelling headphones do you have? I bought 2 pairs recently and they dont seem to.work well.

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