Silentish Saturday!

Happy weekend!

10 miles with Emilee on our normal loop that we seem to never ever get sick of.

IMG 7498

Absolutely obsessed with these and needing to buy many more pairs now so I can just always have a pair on 24/7.

IMG 7501

Skye is doing great on her potty training (thanks to Brooke haha).

IMG 7505

Ski day.

IMG 7514

IMG 7522

Staying hydrated.

IMG 7516

Costco pizza for dinner.

IMG 7526

Movie night!

IMG 7529

I stayed up later than Andrew on a weekend… for the first time in our marriage.

IMG 7532

When I see 30 degrees on the weather report for the morning and that translates to me that it is shorts weather…

IMG 7531

Did you see the Friends reunion is officially happening?

Screen Shot 2020 02 21 at 6 11 46 PM


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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I love that you have such a beautiful place to ski literally in your back yard! What a blessing. I am going to the chiropractor before my long run. There is a great bike trail with hills and is the perfect place to get a run in. Also helps me avoid boredom. I am running in the NYC More Shape Half Marathon. I do it pretty much every year and I love it, what you may not know if you have never run there is that it is hilly!! Especially this one hill that seems to go on forever!!!

I love running in this race for a few reasons.
1. I had a pretty serious knee surgery 6 years ago and they told me I would NEVER run again. (I have ran 5 half Marathons since) HA!
2. All women in this race with walkers and runners. Gives every woman of every fitness level a chance to cross a finish line!
3. NYC. I love the city and central Park is such a nice run. And the spectators… There is nothing like it.!

Have a great weekend.


Karen, your comment made me smile so big. I am SO glad that you are running so much after your surgery and how you have overcome so much. Sounds like the perfect race… can I come do it with you:) . Thanks so much Karen and that bike trail sounds great:)


Yes!! Come for sure!!!


Hi Janae! Your weekend looks off to a great start! I’m doing a long run, taking a friend who just had a baby on a surprise date, and hopefully doing some wedding planning (so much work!). Hope you have an awesome weekend!


I hope your long run was amazing and that is so sweet that you are taking that friend on a date! So excited for your wedding… keep me updated on all of the planning:) . Enjoy your weekend and thanks Amy!


Haha oh I hope Andrew isnt sick! My husband goes to bed HOURS after I do but whenever he goes to bed before me he is always sick! Today I went to burn, target, and melting pot for dinner to celebrate my husbands bday that’s on Tuesday!


Hahah glad we aren’t alone with our different sleeping hours;) . HAPPY BDAY to your husband and enjoy Melting Pot tonight… that place is the best!


My husband and I are actually in Utah! We met up with friends for a little ski weekend ? We LOVE skiing here and it’s been a few years since we’ve been back! We did the past 2 days at Solitude, tmrw we are hitting Brighton, and then it’s back to CA on Monday. Hopefully tmrw will be as epic as the rest of the weekend!
Have a great rest of your weekend, Janae!


Ahhhh I hope it was all perfect! You were so so close❤️❤️❤️


Your ski area is so pretty! I must visit Sundance at some point.
Yesterday was a travel day to Sacramento, so actually somewhat relaxing. Then this morning was a great little run through a very cute area called Cameron Park, with a beautiful lake and the coolest neighborhood. The streets in the neighborhood are super wide so that the residents can drive their planes down the street to the small little private airport. And, all the street signs are really low so that the wings can easily go over them. It really is so cool to see! Most houses and an extra “garage” for their planes too.
Today ( Sunday) will be filled with more local sight seeing before the conference starts tomorrow morning..
Have a great rest of your weekend ?


I usually just lurk, but I have a question I’m dying to know… Did Andrew end up pulling the trigger on a new truck while you were out of the country!? That car pic looks like it was taken in a truck!


You are good!!! He bought it last week and he is just so in heaven with it!! Have the best day:)


Good for him! It sounds like he works hard and deserves it! :)

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