Silentish Saturday!!!

Morning and happy weekend!  Bonus points to anyone that remembers the shoes that Skye is wearing… those were Brooke’s old shoes that she called her ‘running shoes.’

Met up with Maddie and Emilee for 8 miles @ 8:08 average.  It’s fun to start feeling good again during runs.. CIM took a good 6 weeks out of me for recovery!

IMG 7159

She found Brooke’s ballet bag.

IMG 7161

Andrew started a new tradition of taking a rose and necklace to Brooke at lunch for Valentine’s Day.

IMG 7170

Knox rocked his V-day box.

IMG 9424 2

The best Valentine’s gift from Andrew—> He cleaned my car (THAT is my even better than chocolate for me:)

IMG 7181

A few rounds of hide and go seek with everyone.

IMG 7185

And then a babysitter came over for our date.

IMG 7195

Shoga for dinner.

IMG 7192

Walked around the bookstore for a while which I love to do and always end up in the running section.

IMG 7196

It’s been too long since the last time we were here.

IMG 7197

They randomly gave us a very large spoon to take home.

IMG 7201

Time for a double digit run with some sort of speed thrown in there in the middle… it’s kind of fun to decide what I’ll do the morning of these days!


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!

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Um, is that a machine that cleans your car mats? That sounds amazing! That also sounds like the best Valentine’s present. Not sure what we’re up to today. It’s too cold right now to think about leaving this house. Y’all have a good weekend! PS I signed up for the Indy Mini yesterday, and I’m beyond excited!!


It sure is… best machine ever invented! I cannot wait to meet you Claire! This is so so exciting. Stay warm and drink plenty of hot chocolate today!


Good morning! Looks like a fun day yesterday! We celebrated Valentine’s day with pizza, grandkids and a little Yahtzee! Today is Burn Bootcamp in a bit, cleaning house ( neverending) and just hanging around with the kiddos! Have a great day!


Okay, that sounds like the perfect way to celebrate V-day! You are motivating me to get to Burn again! Thank you:) I hear you on the never ending cleaning… just mopped haha. Thanks and you too!


Knox’s Valentine Robot mailbox is awesome!! Looks like you all had a pretty good day ❤️
I’m deciding what my run should be this morning, and then not too much planned. My aunt ended up in the ER and then was admitted to the hospital yesterday, she’s going to be just fine, some strange infection in her salivary gland, so yesterday was sitting with her all day. Today will be much of the same, but a few more family members will be coming too. But I definitely need to move my body with all that sitting! ?
Hope your double digit run is great, then enjoy your Saturday ?


Thanks Wendy! I am so sorry about your aunt and so glad that you were able to be with her. Keep me updated with how things are going with her and you!


Your Valentine’s Day looks like it was lovely! I really want that sushi. :-) Glad you all had such a good day!
Today for me: cleaning, hitting up IKEA, and hanging out with family!


I need to send you some of that sushi! I hope that you got a cinnamon roll at IKEA and enjoy hanging out with your family! Thanks Kristin!

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