Opposites Attract + Running Realization.

My first ‘monster’ workout back was accomplished and I’m positive I would have quit (after the first interval) if I was on my own… thank goodness for training partners.

I had toast with almond butter and sliced bananas for breakfast and then met up with Emilee about 45 minutes after that. I haven’t taken caffeine since CIM because I keep forgetting about it but I might start up with that again for the extra energy.

We did a 2.5 mile warm-up and then started the workout and it looked like this:

1 mile @ 5:51 (downhill)

2 miles @ 6:41 average (and the entire 2 miles were a slight uphill and ended on a large uphill for last .1 which made this by far the most challenging set for me)

3 miles @ 6:23 average (some up, some down, some flat)

.5 mile recoveries after each interval

Emilee continued on to climb back down the ladder again with another 2 mile interval and 1 mile interval.

11 miles total for me @ 7:07 average.

During our warm-up we were talking about how we need to take our easy days easier again like we did last year for our training.  For me, the runs in the 7’s and low 8’s on easy days needs to change now that I’m upping my mileage and speed again.  I need to really focus on taking easy days TRULY easy because I’ve learned that taking them easy makes the fast days so much faster.

So many great things to celebrate with those easy runs (source).

DSC 6893

PS Emilee was ahead of me for all of the intervals besides the first one miler.  It would be easy to be frustrated that my training partner is ahead of me but it really isn’t because I am too busy celebrating how awesome her training is going and how awesome I am doing in my current training.   Life is so much more fun when I take out comparing.

IMG 7403

When I woke up yesterday morning I got on Strava (looking at my friend’s workouts always makes me excited to do mine) and I saw this from Andrew… Many nights he will get back up and go run or work out once I’ve fallen asleep ha.  Opposites attract because there is no chance on the planet I could run at 10:23 pm.

IMG 7416

The next thing from my morning was Brooke showing me the new signs she has learned.  She told me she woke up early to study… this little one is a go-getter!

IMG 7396

Fast forward until lunchtime…

Getting back into speed is really tiring for me ha and I’m hoping I get adjusted to it again soon but one thing I’ve learned in 34 years of life is that we don’t always have to be busy.  I used to think I had to fill up every day with things to check off, that accomplishing things gave me worth and I’m learning that if I have 30 minutes to lay down and snuggle my baby then I’m absolutely taking it.  Slowing down feels good.

Still rubbing that corner of her blanket on her nose whenever she is sleepy.

IMG 7423

A few more pictures from recently:

*Brooke is still loving ballet.

IMG 7388

*I loved this little scene.

IMG 7391

*Skye thinks it is her duty to be involved in every project that we do.

IMG 7408

*It was so good to see Knox again!

IMG 7425

*How many minutes do you think Andrew cooked these cookies at 350 degrees… my guess is 2 minutes and they were delicious.  We are raising our children to love underbaked cookies and brownies.

IMG 7441

*What Skye does when she is embarrassed by me.

IMG 7375


How often do you take caffeine before a run?

-Normally before every speed workout and long run but I got out of the habit and keep forgetting!

What have you been eating before your runs lately?

Those of you in a relationship right now… in what way are you opposites?

In my above cookie… is that too under-baked for you or just right?

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I would rather run at 3:30 am than 10:30 pm, Andrew is insane.


Oh I am soooooo with you on that. I don’t even like being awake at 10:23 pm! Hope you are having a great day!


Oh my word, we are very opposite. I am all about lists, planning and schedules. He is not! I love running, he dislikes it. I am high strung and he is so chill. I love to talk, he is very quiet.

I love your comment about “always having to be busy” I used to be the same as well and felt like a failure if I “wasn’t working” or doing something productive with the kids or around the house. Then when we were out and about one day, I saw wonderful older man from our church who is extremely successful and hardworking (he also drives my kids bus as a “side gig”) and I told him “you are always so busy!” and he said “well I am as busy as I want to be. Really we all are. Being busy is a choice. I pick the things that are important and don’t do things that aren’t productive to my life and goals” I always thing of this before I take a new job, kid activity, how I plan my day or think I am not “doing enough”. There are things that need to get done, but being “busy” doesn’t make me a better person.

I never eat before I run. I need to get better at this because I struggle on race day with when/how to fuel before a run. I drink a cup of coffee and run. On the off chance that I wait a couple of hours to run, I usually grab some fig newtons or graham crackers.

Have a fabulous day Janae!


Hahaha it sounds like you guys need each other to balance out! Okay, that gave me goosebumps… thank you for sharing what that man told you! Way to be intentional about what you are doing and I’m going to remember this too! Thanks Becky, you too!


I have a friend who is Mormon and she told me they are supposed to abstain from caffeine. When we go out to eat together, I will usually have a Diet Coke or a Diet Dr. Pepper… but she will have Sprite or lemonade (or anything without caffeine.) Is this just a personal issue or does the Mormon church discourage consumption of caffeine. Just curious. Thanks.


Hey Anne! Great question! The Word of Wisdom is something that we follow and it lists different things for us to eat/drink and not eat/drink! It tells us not to drink hot drinks (ie coffee and tea) but caffeine elsewhere is not mentioned. I think that some people decide to steer clear of all caffeine and for others they are fine with it. I think overall the Word of Wisdom teaches us to not be addicted to anything which could also be things like diet coke too! I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am all about moderation with caffeine and never want to be in a place where I ‘have to have it’ just like any other substance! Have the best day and thanks for asking! I love getting to understand each other better:)


My husband does not workout at all (he’s the annoying naturally fit looking type and doesn’t feel the need to work on that haha), and I’m totally all in on training for any and all races most of the year. He’s playing with the idea of doing a 5k this year, and I’m so hopeful! He and i also have differing opinions on cookie done-ness. I prefer gooey and he prefers baked!



Oh I really hope he does the 5k with you, that would be so fun. Hahaha come eat cookies with us… we will make them gooey for you:) Have the best day Paige!


10:30PM??? That’s dedication! I once started a run @ 3:30 am and Strava called it a night run! ha!
I take Nuun Energy before every run. Before every work out even. But I wake up at 4 to workout so I legit need it just to function!
For my 4:30 am runs, just nuun energy but if/when I run in the mountains and have a bit of a drive ahead of me, I’ll eat overnight oats.
My husband and I are TOTAL opposites! He’s a night owl, I’m an early riser. I run and he uses our home gym. I LOVE the mountains and he hates them! I love Chick fil A and he doesn’t (shocking right??!)… the list goes on.
Hmmmm….. I might be inclined to say that cookie is just a tad under-baked. I love a squishy middle but not a shiny one! Regardless, it still looks delicious!
Have a great day!


Oh my goodness haha… that happened to my friend training for an ultra and we all laughed about it being a ‘night run’ but I’d take that night run over 10:30 night run;) . I totally forgot about overnight oats, I need those in my life. HOW DOES HE NOT LIKE CHICK FIL A?! Ahhhh I guess that just means more for you? Hahaha if you ever come over we will make sure to cook them for 4 minutes then:) . Thanks, you too!


My husband is a spender. He will spend money like its nothing. I am not a spender. I freak out and think we have to SAVE money. So we balance each other out in that aspect. I keep him from spending and he tells me when I should spend and that its ok.

Cookie is a LITTLE too underbaked for me but I would try it and maybe you could change my mind! :)


Hahah I will mail some to you to change your mind! Good thing you guys can help each other out on that! Andrew and I are that way on different things so we try to find the middle ground too! Hope you have a beautiful day Stephanie!


Opposites: Chris eats 3 meals. Never ever snacks in between. Like ever. I am in the pantry 30 minutes after one of those meals and definitely 3 times before bed. :)


NEVER SNACKS?! I cannot even imagine! Snacks are life:) Have a beautiful day Erica?


Hi Janae! What a great post! I definitely get down on myself when I’m not being “efficient” but it makes sense that we should just care about getting the important things done. Also reading the comments made me feel better about my relationship.. my boyfriend isn’t the only night owl out there! Thanks for the post!


Yes Amy! Give yourself some time to breathe if you get the chance today! We don’t always have to be on:) . Oh and you are not alone with that haha… Andrew and I have very different schedules! Enjoy your day!


It’s interesting to me how the time of day for workouts has changed for me over time. Ten years ago in grad school i would run at 10 or 11 at night all the time. Now, if a workout isn’t complete by 8am, it is NOT happening! I am sure kids and working have something to do with the that!

That cookie looks horrifying to me. The crunchier the better.

Have a lovely weekend.


Yes… kids and work definitely have changed my schedule too! It’s amazing how all motivation to workout is gone once certain time in the morning passes. Hahah I’ll avoid posting any more dough cookie pictures and I hope you get a crunchy cookie soon! Thanks Mary:)


Random question! Do you have any tips for keeping your house tidy in the midst of your busy schedule, kids, and life in general?!? Your house always looks so clutter free and tidy in the pictures you post. Totally jealous! I would love a post with what you do to keep up with the house ?


Hey Christine! I think my biggest tip is remembering it isn’t just your job to keep the house tidy and clean! I’ve made it very clear (almost too clear haha) that everyone that lives here has a responsibility to be doing chores and picking up. I can’t get on board that it is just the woman’s responsibility so Andrew and the big kids are doing a lot too. When things were busier I did have cleaners that came for the deep cleaning projects! BUT that being said, I would rather have a clean kitchen than laundry put away or a clean toy room etc. So I think just choose the things that are important to you and focus on those and let the others go. I hope this makes sense at all!


I have a caffeine allergy so I can’t have it at all. My husband can’t live without it so we are total opposites in that way :-)

That cookie looks amazing (I love soft cookies and brownies!) but I don’t think I could eat it quite that raw!


I have never heard about caffeine allergies, yes you are quite opposite in that then! I hope you have a perfectly cooked soft cookie or brownie soon! Enjoy your day Torrie!


That underbaked cookie has me drooling!!! I’m sitting here in my last class of the day at 1:00, and I could use a good sugar pick me up! lol It looks PERFECT! I agree—underbaked cookies and brownies ALL the way!!!!

I like to use RunGum before my speed workouts for a caffeine boost. I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference, but it does at least mentally, and speed has been going well lately, so we’ll say it does indeed help! ha ha

If I’m running in the morning, I’ll have 2 plain mini bagels with jam OR a soft pretzel! If I’m running after school, I’ll have a cherry pie Larabar and a banana! I need to eat something before I run!!!

My husband and I are political opposites!!!!! But, we’re not argumentative about it. It’s kinda happened over the years. He’s stayed with one party that I used to belong to, but I started voting more on the issues, not just party lines. I think especially b/c I’m a teacher, I started going outside the box a bit more!

Hope you had a great day, Janae!


Oh my goodness, my partner and I have been together for almost 5 years and one of my friends goes… like I don’t get it.. he doesn’t talk and you talk…so much hahah. I am definitely more social, and have a lot more to say and am more high energy. He is extremely calm, patient, thinks before he speaks and gets things done without drama and fan fare. And he is gentle without being a pushover. I joke that I am the tornado that came blitzing into his peaceful life. He is neater than I am so he has made me more conscious of not leaving messes randomly. We balance each other out, and I know at times I try his patience but somehow it works. When I met him, it was a bit like I found home.

Before runs – usually bagels, or nothing.

I hope you have a wonderful day Janae!


I would eat your cookies!!
My husband and I are actually very similar. I know most couples are in the opposites attract mentality. It’s good because we’re both always on time and like plans but The problem with it is we are both introverts and not spontaneous so we don’t have anyone to help be the “fun” one!


Caffeine before a run is time dependent. If an early morning run, then no. I get up and go. If I am running in the afternoon after work, I’ll have my morning coffee. I don’t like sloshing in my belly so I usually plan the coffee consumption around my running. But, I’ve been known to also drink a coffee en route to a run so there is that monkey wrench. I love to have a Skout Organic bar before I run unless it’s early enough to just wait until afterwards. If that is the case, I’ll pop a few Skratch chews and water then head out.

That cookie looks delicious but it also freaks me out. Part of me thinks it screams Salmonella (if contains eggs) and part of me things it screams hot/gooey/yum.


Every once in awhile I will have a cup of coffee and/or food before a run, but not often since I run so dang early. I will try to get in both when I do a long run on the weekend.

I am definitely the positive to his negative. We think differently in that I am bigger picture and he is more what’s right in front of him. He’s also a math teacher and I’m an English teacher so I think this adds to how we think differently.

That cookie looks amazing!!


I love under baked cookies and all the cookie dough! And I wanted to say that I love your blog and the positive perspective and reminders you give. You’re amazing and such a light!


Well you just made me smile so big! Thank you friend and PLEASE keep in touch and I hope you have some under baked cookies soon (or I can send you some of ours:)!


I’m a speech-language pathologist and use American Sign Language regularly! Tell Brooke to keep up the good work! Maybe you have a future speech therapist! ?


Or a Sign Language Interpreter, like me! :) Way to go, Brooke!


I don’t run consistently and when I do it’s not long enough to need caffeine. The one half marathon I did, I started using Gu on the longer runs and used it during the race. Way to go on ASL learning Brooke, that’s impressive! Also, those cookies look just right to me. Aaron and I are opposites it a lot of ways and especially that I need at least 7 hours of sleep and he needs barely any! Have a great weekend.

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