My Ankles are Tired + Training Last Week!

I was hot yesterday on my run and I was even wearing SHORTS which is a great step in the right direction for Utah running;)

But the tracks are definitely not ready for us yet.

IMG 6715

Emilee had a long run to get done so I joined her for the first 5 miles of her run and then I did a few 800s.  On Friday I was thinking about doing speed again and I felt very very excited to do it and that is how I knew I was ready for it again.

I did 4 x 800 with equal recoveries on the roads.  I was .3 miles into the my first interval and my entire body was exhausted ha.  My brother (the one that did his first marathon last year) and I have a joke that if your ankles are tired (because usually those don’t feel tired for us when running… it’s everything else on your body that feels tired) then you KNOW you really gave your all in a workout.

My ankles were tired.

IMG 6722

We are keeping the tooth fairy very busy.

IMG 6724

After chores and naps for both of the girls we went up to Sundance.  I stayed with Skye…

IMG 6736

While Andrew took Brooke and Knox on some more advanced runs.  They are getting SO good.

IMG 6765

It was warm enough for us to explore and walk around.  Even though Skye wasn’t skiing, she insisted on wearing her pass.

IMG 6749

And then we visited my parents and this little scene was my favorite.

IMG 6785


Here is how this last week of running looked like!

Monday:  7 miles @ miles @ 8:15

Tuesday: 10 miles @ 8:33 average

Wednesday:  7 miles @ 8:00 on the treadmill

Thursday:  5.6 miles outside @ 10:03 average through some crazy new snow and then finished up on my treadmill with another 1.4 miles

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:48 average

Saturday:  10 miles @ 7:34 average!  5 mile w/u with Emilee and then I went to the track and it was too icy so I did 4 x 800m on the roads.  2:54, 2:54, 2:51 & 2:48

Sunday:  Off

49 miles for the week with a speed workout in the first time in a while!


What was your best workout last week?  Hardest workout?

What does your Sunday look like?

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Haha my ankles actually do get tired because they are extra flexible from the decades of swimming so the muscles get fatigued trying to keep everything in place. I thought from the title that you’d run on snow/ice/mud and they’d gotten tired from all the stabilization.


I didn’t know this about you!! Maybe the snow/ice made my ankles a little tired too! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday friend!


Taking this week off running to recover from my first marathon, (Did not get that BQ, but I’m gonna try again in the Fall:) so I swam which was quite the workout! ;) I’m also going to work on incorporating more strength to help with speed.
Today in MN it’s a I’m going to try some snowshoeing or skiing! Brooke and Knox are inspiring me ;) plus I love being out in nature, so we’ll see how this goes…;)


CONGRATULATIONS ABBY on your first marathon. What an accomplishment and so smart of you to take a week off. That BQ is YOURS this fall and let me know what you do for your strength. Oh I hope you had a blast snowshoeing or skiing today and all of the fresh hair. Have some hot chocolate too. Thanks Abby!


I’m training for my first half ironman in May and did a half marathon on Saturday as a training run.. And I PB’d without even trying! So that was definitely my best workout this week! Sunday was spent relaxing and helping my friend selling gelato at her food-truck :) Hope you have a great week Janae!


Please tell me where to get your headband.


I love your headband, where did you get it?

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