A Change on HRG + 15 Ways.

Morning!  Yesterday we had Andrew’s parents with us which was a blast.

Brooke insists on carrying Skye as much as possible!

IMG 7253

On Saturday Brooke and I went up to Sundance during Skye’s nap.

IMG 7210

How Brooke waits in line because her legs were tired from the blue runs that she has been doing…  Tired legs don’t stop her from wanting to ski as long as she can.

IMG 7219

We stopped at Great Harvest afterwards because it just felt like the right thing to do;)

IMG 7227

It was warm enough at home for the girls to play outside wahoo!

IMG 7235

Later on we met up with Andrew’s parents at Chick-fil-A to eat dinner and let the girls play there.  My brothers call the below goodness, ‘Andrew Soup’ because he could eat it with a spoon because he loves it so much.

IMG 7246


When I first started blogging everyone that I followed was blogging 2-3 times a day and so I did the same thing and loved it!  Over the years blogging has changed more and more and I might be the only one still blogging every day ha.  I just recently decided I’m going to stop my Sunday blog posts and it’s going to feel quite weird for me for a bit since I am so used to blogging about each day (for almost TEN YEARS NOW) but let’s just see how it goes.  I’ll include my previous week’s training on Monday’s posts now!  I’m sure I’ll be posting on Instagram on Sundays still!

From last week:

Monday:  8 miles @ 8:07 average

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 7:57 average

Wednesday:  10 miles @ 7:03 average with 4 hilly miles in the middle @ 6:35 average.  I was very excited about that workout afterwards!  My legs are ready to work again.

Thursday:  12 miles @ 8:12 average

Friday: 8.7 miles @ 8:08 average

Saturday:  12 miles (most of them with friends) @ 7:28 average with 2 miles @ 6:20 average in the middle.  Trying to make those 6:xx paces feel a little more familiar again!

IMG 7203

Sunday:  Off!

57.7 miles for the week!


Do you ever think about how your running influences the rest of your lifestyle?  Sometimes I just have to laugh when I am doing something that is probably ridiculous to non-runners but I do it because running leaks into the rest of my life and I kind of love that.

IMG 8293

*When I travel, I pack double of what the average person would be taking on a trip because I NEED two different types of running shoes, all of my gear and running clothes to come along with me to explore a new city.

*I think/plan all about how a certain dinner will effect my digestion for the next morning:). I am very careful the night before monster workouts or races with what I eat because I don’t want to be making stops!  A lot of my food and hydrating is influenced by my running when I’m training really hard.

*When I see a number on my kitchen clock (ie for me whenever it is 2:44 pm) and it gives me butterflies… Okay, maybe this is just something that I do but I hope other people also see running numbers/goals when they look at the clock too:)

*I have a permanent Garmin watch tan line on my arm… it stays year round;)

*I have so much more laundry to do every week and especially in the winter when Andrew and I are both going through a few layers a day.

*When I drive on a new road or in a new area I think all about what type of run I would like to run on that road… oh this one would be perfect for a wave tempo or 90 second hill sprints here would get me so strong or I could do every easy run ever on this road because of how gorgeous the scenery is here.

*I have a daily alarm on my phone that reminds me to stretch or foam roll every night.

IMG 6577

*If I’m at a shopping center and there are two stores in front of me (ie a Nordstrom and a store with running clothes), I will always choose to go into the running clothes store first.

*I’m less motivated to wash my hair just because I know I’m going to get it sweaty again in the morning ha.

*I meet my friends in front of a bunch of busses at 3:30 in the morning on some Saturday mornings.

F600c835bd38e1f97fd99571b1f4d675d05cc2413d65982dec66f00c96127321 3

*I talk about running A LOT with my friends… probably because a lot of them are runners too!

*For every one normal book I read, I read at least one (or two) running books.

*Even when I’m not running I’m still wearing running socks… Not sure if I own any normal socks other than a few of the no-show kind.

*I’m very invested in (and have their PRs and race schedules memorized;) runners I’ve never even met from all over the world via their social media accounts.

*When a person asks me how far away something is from the area we live within a 10 mile radius I can pretty much tell them the exact distance because of my daily runs!  I could also tell them where every restroom and drinking fountain is within 10 miles.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD!  Hopefully he slept in until at least 3 this morning (he usually starts work earlier than that because he says he is too excited to get working to sleep any longer ha) and I can’t wait to bring him some Dots and give him a big hug.

Anderson 16


What are some ways that running influences the rest of your life?

Have any speed workouts this week?  Give me the details! I’m trying to figure one out for my week!

Most delicious think you ate this weekend?

Is it starting to feel a little bit more like spring where you live?

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My favorite cooking blog, Half Baked Harvest, posts every day besides Saturdays! Totally understand needing a day off each week, a little mental break and more time to spend with family.

Another running thing that influences my life- when I get my hair cut, I tell the stylist it has to be long enough to go in a pony tail or bun so my hair can be out of my face when I’m running haha.


Thank you for telling me about her blog… I’m drooling over the cauliflower mac and cheese that she just posted! Thank you so much, you are the best. Oh hahaha that is so true! Ponytails are a MUST. Hope you are having the best day!


I hope your sweet Dad has a wonderful birthday! Happy Monday to you Janae!


Thank you Kimberly and to you too!


Good for you Janae! Everyone deserves a day off or even 2!!! I’m sure your readers understand.


Thanks Caitlin! It will be a fun change:) . I hope you are having a beautiful Monday!


Oh I will miss, miss, miss you on Sundays BUT I am so happy for you that you can take this full day to rest, recover, worship and be with your family! I would not profess to know the business side of blogging but totally understand how it requires your consistent presence. However, I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be your mother if I had you really young so of course I pray mother prayers for you. My mother prayer for you has always been for you to find and feel enough security that you would be confident enough to take this Sunday break. Janae, you are such a positive presence out here and here’s to a truly restful Sunday for you and your family! Prayers answered.


Thank you so much Belle, that means a lot! You are so kind and I am SO grateful for your prayers and for your encouragement. Please keep in touch and I hope you have the most beautiful day!


Happy Birthday to your dad. What a beautiful family he and your mom created.
As much as the pre planning of meals, I feel the post planning of meals happens more too. I crave burgers after a long run and hit the hot spots often on Saturday nights. Also, breakfast the following day of a long run………way more breakfasts out. Chris probably misses those, my mileage is super high right now.


Oh that is so true… I forgot about the post planning of meals! Basically everything is just planned way more hahaha. Going out to breakfast is the best, I would miss that too. Enjoy your day off with your wonderful family. PS I just loved the cards that you two made for each other!


I’ve been thinking a lot about how running shapes my life lately–I hadn’t realized what a big part of my day it had become until I got the flu and then another virus and haven’t been able to run for 2 weeks! I feel like there is SO much time in my days (especially weekends, when I do longer runs) right now, because there’s no warming up/running/cool down/stretching. I’m forcing myself to rest, but I really miss the structure and freedom running brings me (funny how it brings both things).

Happy birthday to your dad, and enjoy your day off from blogging! You deserve it!


2 weeks! Oh Kristin, I hope you are back asap! I totally know what you mean though… the structure just helps me for the rest of the day! We are so lucky to have it and I can’t wait to hear about your first run back (good job giving your body the recovery it needs). Thanks friend and I’m excited for a little change!


Is Chick Fil A open Sunday in Utah? It’s closed here. I have to get a lemonade on Saturday and put it in the refrigerator so I can have it Sunday.
I do the clock/numbers thing too. I like to see 1:11 and 11:11 or anything with the last two digits of my goal time.
I can totally relate to so many things on your list. No big salads before a hard workout, especially when it’s really hot.
I feel like I’ve had a good weekend when I don’t have to wash/style my hair. That means I’ve done lots of running and probably stayed home and been productive with everything like cooking (yay!), cleaning, laundry and organizing.
And the sock thing…Running socks are the BEST socks! No need for anything else.
I think we are getting an early spring in TX. We’ve had lots of rain and it’s supposed to be almost 80* today!
Happy Birthday to your Dad!! I just love that pic of your family :)


Their lemonade is LIFE! It’s closed on Sunday here too and I didn’t explain that very well, we went on Saturday but I did the same thing with my lemonade haha. YES, I’m not alone with the clock numbers. Oh please enjoy that weather, we need to come visit Texas right now. Have a great rest of your day Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday to your dad!!
I think it’s great that you are taking Sunday off! I don’t know too many people who work 7 days a week. You NEED a day off and to just be with family.
And I so agree with Mariah… When I get my hair done, I always make sure it’s not too short to pull back into a ponytail. And I would also go into the running store before any other store at the mall. Ha ha. I too pack running stuff when I travel, even if there’s really no chance of getting a run in at all, I still pack my running stuff! I’m traveling to Sacramento this next weekend for a conference, and heard that they keeps us super busy from breakfast through dinner, but I will take running stuff in hopes that I can get up early and at least run on the treadmill ?
Have a great day!


Thanks so much Wendy! I agree, I’m excited (and I’m sure my family is too;). YES… the ponytail is so needed! Oh I hope that you can get in a run while you are in Sacramento for that conference (we always come prepared in case there is a chance ha). I hope your week is off to the right start and thanks so much friend!


happy birthday to your dad! And yes to Chick fil A sauce! I brought some out from the cabinet the other night to have with tots at dinner and my family looked at me like I’m crazy!!
Running influences everything! Hair length, when I shave my legs, what I spend my money on, vacations, my refusal to give up any carbs, laundry, shoe selection, friends, night activities – or lack thereof!, wardrobe etc …
I’m not sure I’ll do much speed this week since my focus are hills! I have some trail races in mind (one of them a mtn summit) so I need to focus on hills over speed right now. But, like you say, hills = speed work in disguise :) Today’s gain was 530 ft just around my neighborhood :)
Most delicious thing I ate was the Kanaka pizza which is pulled pork, green onions, tangy BBQ sauce and cheese! So so so delicious!
It’s not feeling like spring but it’s sounding like spring! I’ve heard birds chirping away during my last two runs!
Have a great day!


YAY for those hills… they make us so strong and fast. Your neighborhood is HILLY! So now I need a Kanaka pizza… like NOW! Hahah all of those things are so true about how they influence us… shave my legs hahah! YES! Excited to hear about your upcoming trail races. I want to hear all about them. Thanks Jenny, you too!


Hi Janae,
Of course you are right to take the sunday off.
But yesterday, i was working at home, at my desk, and told myself «it’s 1:45 PM. I go on working for a quarter, and then do a pause reading Janae’s post» (Here, your posts arrive at 2 PM). I was so disapointed not having my moment reading you ! Haha !


Ahhh we didn’t get to hang out yesterday! I’m sad I missed you:) . I’ll just try to make the other posts each week better or post more on IG on Sundays:) . Hope your week is off to a great start. Thanks Ingrid!


Haha, I can relate to so many of your points! I always pack a separate bag of running gear and promise my husband it’s necessary, see new places through the lens of how great it would be to run there, and all my friends call me to ask about the distances of various trails because i know them all by heart. I recently had to take about 6 weeks off running (was sick for 3 weeks and then on my first come back run slipped on the ice and fell on my tailbone, grrr) and I ran out of clean underwear twice! Without all the running clothes to wash I kept forgetting to do laundry. When I know my favorite leggings or sports bra is in the hamper I’m much more motivated to do laundry!


6 weeks… ahhh the sickness and the tailbone! i bet that was rough and I’m just like you… my favorite running gear gets me to do laundry way more often haha. Hope you are having the most wonderful day! And I tell Andrew it is necessary too hahah:)


What are some of your favorite running books?


Hey Robbie! My current favorites are How Bad Do You Want It, Let Your Mind Run and Hanson’s Half Marathon Method and I’m currently reading Run the World, Endure and the Sports Gene! Hope you are having a great day!


Happy birthday to your dad!! Hope he has a great day :)


Thank you friend! I hope you are having a great day too Sanne!


Happiest birthday to your dad!!!!

The packing extra for vacay and trips is the biggest struggle. Because I can’t NOT bring running clothes/shoes/accessories! But it always adds so much extra. Oh well!

Best thing I ate this weekend was the vegan chicken soup with tofu/bok choy and carrots that I made (because I finally got hit with being sick). :/


We really cannot go without our running gear. It’s just our lifestyle:) . Thank you Caroline and I hope you are feeling like yourself again asap! I hope that soup is healing you and I want to try it!


Thank you, I am!
The soup was easy (I was already sick so I had to make it simple) …I’ll dm you the recipe through IG)


You said: “I’m less motivated to wash my hair just because I know I’m going to get it sweaty again in the morning.”
I say: You are my hair washing twin. *double high fives* Why doesn’t everyone do it that way? Ha! =)


When I see another runner on the road I always wonder would they be a good running partner?
My husband and I had a belated Valentine’s dinner. On Sunday night we barbecued filet mignon baked potatoes and had a wonderful glass of red wine. I could not have asked for better.


Congrats on scheduling a day off! Great idea! I’m amazed you’ve kept daily blogging up this long (not that I haven’t loved it).

I resembled absolutely everything you said about how running affects your life. I’ll add: 1.) I have to schedule my weekend breakfasts around my runs, and 2.) I don’t ever stay out past 8pm. I rock the morning run lifestyle.


Happy birthday to your dad :). You have a beautiful family :).

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