Training Summary & St. George!

I was really excited for yesterday’s run and it was the best one I’ve had in a long time.  I love running in St. George and even though it was colder than normal in this area, it still felt amazing.

A few miles on the dirt, a few on the roads and a few on the bike/running trails.

IMG 5019

I didn’t think about doing a progression run but that’s what happened because with each mile I felt better and better.

IMG 5053

I came back to my brother’s house and they had scones with honey butter for us.

IMG 8881

We went to a park in the area where they time you for the 40 yard dash.  I did this sprint about 6 times and my quads will be sore from this endeavor.

IMG 5038

Viva la Chicken for dinner.  This place is my favorite restaurant in St. George by far.

IMG 5059

And then we spent some time with Andrew’s family and this beautiful goldendoodle.

IMG 8889


Here is how last week’s running looked:

Monday:  7 miles @ 8:16 average

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 8:20 average

Wednesday:  7 miles @ 7:47 average with 1 mile @ 6:15 and 1 downhill mile @ 5:39.

Thursday:  8 mies @ 8:34 on the treadmill

Friday:  7 miles @ 8:39 on fresh snow but the sun was out and that felt amazing

Saturday:  10 miles in St. George and by far the best feeling run that I’ve had in a long time.

IMG 5028

Sunday:  Off!

46 miles for the week!


What was your best run this last week?  Worst run?

What do you have going on today?


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Ha ha… your body just really loved 7 miles this week! Isn’t it funny how, when we’re not actually “training” we definitely have a comfort zone mileage?!? Yours must be 7 right now. I think my comfort mileage is 5, and a long run of 8-10… Now I’m going to pay more attention to that to see if it’s true ;)
St. George is pretty! We’ve never stayed there for longer than an hour or so as we’re driving through to Colorado, but I love the red soil! When we were coming back after Christmas, the mountains looked amazing with snow on the top, and a dusting lower. It really showed off that red dirt!
I’m heading out for 6ish miles this morning, then lots of family time today :)
Happy Sunday!


We went to Viva La Chicken in St. George the night after the marathon!! It was deciduous. Then we went to a gas station for cookies haha. Don’t remember what it was called but my husbands friend who lives in St. George recommended it and the cookies were everything that night.


St George looks SO BEAUTIFUL. I need to go. Also I need a scone with honey butter.


I have a golden doodle! Looks to be pretty much the same size, but mine is the red color. Awesome sweet pups! But wow, do they ever have alot of energy. Rudy is still young though, just 19 months old.

I wish I could run outside this weekend, but its beyond cold and snowy where I am living in Canada. Have fun!


Where is that park? That looks so fun. My favorite restaurant in St George is called Angelica’s. They have various Mexican dishes, but my favorite are the street tacos. I always get one carnitas, one chicken and one sweet pork with the green salsa from the salsa bar. (And lots of pick, cabbage, and limes too!)
We went down last weekend and even though it was in the low 50s it felt so much warmer and we even went to the (outdoor) pool every day:)


Hey Karin! It is called Canyon Park in Washington! You guys have to go and now I MUST go to Angelica’s next time we are there. Thanks for sharing and I hope you guys are back soon! Have the best week.


Hi Janae! Best run this week.. I did a running date with my boyfriend! I love running together, it’s just way more fun and I get to chatter at him the whole time, it’s really great! It was my first run this YEAR and I am happy to report nothing hurt or was sore, greatest feeling ever!


My best workout was 400 on at 7:30 pace and 400 off at 10:00 pace for three miles. My long run yesterday was a 6 mile progression starting at 10:00 pace and working down to 8:50 pace at the end. It was encouraging because I finished thinking I could have gone much faster to start out! We’re heading to St George for Martin Luther King Jr weekend and I’m excited to log some miles down there!

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