Silentish Saturday!!!

8.3 miles @ 8:22 average with Emilee and Skye was out riding her bike with Andrew when I got home.

That front tooth was just hanging on by a thread and finally fell out at school.

IMG 5805

Lunch with a friend at Kneader’s.

IMG 5813

Skye yelled with delight, ‘TARGET’ when we turned into the parking lot.

IMG 5821

After school Skye needed a nap so I stayed with her and these three hit the slopes.

IMG 9024


If he is sitting down, children will be climbing on him.

IMG 5837

We played hide-and-seek for a while followed by tacos at home.

IMG 5844

Andrew’s throat started hurting last night… I’m pretty sure we have had every virus possible this winter!

IMG 5850

Date night on the couch with ice cream and our shows.

IMG 5802

Time for the trails.

IMG 5851

PS if you need an amazing podcast to listen to on your run today, check out this one.

Screen Shot 2020 01 24 at 8 19 32 PM


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!!

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Where is that running vest from? I need a new one! Have a great day!


Lindsey! This is my favorite vest ever and it’s on sale now too… I hope you love it too and have a beautiful day!


Have fun on the trails and hopefully Andrew feels better! Have you all tried elderberry? I basically swear by it at this point :)

3 things: 1/2 marathon, feeding a bunch of teenagers for dinner, and chaperoning formal. Long day but super fun!


I haven’t tried elderberry but I’m going to now… so sick of everyone feeling terrible (luckily he is a bit better today)! How did the 1/2 go?! You have a VERY busy day (I hope you have some caffeine;). Thanks Marissa!


Hi Janae! I hope you all get better soon! Those are all great flavors of cough drops, not that I used to eat them like candy or anything :P

Today I’m doing my first long run in a while, checking out a wedding venue, and wedding dress shopping!!!


Hahaha they are kind of like candy! I’M SO EXCITED for you… 1st long run in a while AND wedding planning/shopping. Congrats Amy and please keep me in the loop!


I love seeing all your skiing pictures! Although it starts out chilly here in the mornings, we’re back to sunny and 75° every day… Life is rough in January in SoCal ?
3 things today… 12 mile run solo, relaxing with a really great bagel, then an evening of fun with the whole family!
Have a great Saturday Janae ?


I need to come visit you Wendy, 75 degrees sure sounds amazing right now. So glad you had an amazing long run and enjoy the relaxing with everyone after some busy weekends! Thanks!


Ugh I feel like someone in our house has been sick since November. Hope Andrew feels better soon! We already hit the gym and TARGET :) and now I’m crossing all my fingers that my son takes a killer nap so I can get some schoolwork done. Have a good weekend!


Since November… NOOO! What is it about this winter?! I hope you guys start feeling healthier than ever. You are on fire today and I hope your little boy takes an amazing nap. Thanks and you too Melissa!


That tooth!!! It’s so exciting she lost it at school! I’m a school nurse and it’s fun when kids lose a tooth at school. Odd observation, as soon as one kiddo loses one, at least 2-5 others will the same day! It’s the weirdest thing. One day I had 7 kids lose a tooth. It was crazy funny and I made a *big deal* about it to them. Please tell me she got a little tooth box or tooth necklace?!

Today was selling concessions for HS basketball games, fun and funny mountain bike ride (my bf got a flat on his tubeless tire and we could NOT get it so I had to time trial it back to get his car and pick him up), and watching NBA bloopers with my kiddo (I swear I’ve seen every video on basketball the past few weeks. #dramaticmama)

Hope all goes well with the sore throat, I also recommend black elderberry!

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