Silentish Saturday!!!


IMG 4903

I was planning on going to the gym to run on the treadmill but then Emilee could run so I went with her instead!

IMG 4906

That sunshine was needed!

IMG 4911

Left to ski after school.

IMG 4927

Pretty hardcore.

IMG 4932

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IMG 4948

Hung out in the lodge with some fries too.

IMG 4957

Picture from a few nights ago at the end of my bowl of ice cream but I LOVE to add gummy bears to my ice cream.  Anyone else?

IMG 4900

In the car ride home we decided it isn’t often we have all of the kids and Andrew doesn’t have work… so we decided to drive down to St. George last night to visit my brother and Andrew’s brother!

Really excited about the weather.

IMG 4924


Tell me three things that you are doing today?

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Yay!! Have an awesome time in St George! It’s one of my favorite places ever. Soak in that sunshine because I think it’s supposed to snow up here (salt lake county) today! :)


Gummy bears get hard in ice cream!! Blek!? This CA girl can’t relate to being excited about 49 degrees, but I’m glad you are! Ha!


I love how you guys are skiing so much with the kids! So fun!
And same Kelly (above)! But I get it…. It won’t be quite so cold for you ?
This is the last weekend our oldest is home, so soaking up every minute! I do need to take him shopping for clothes, but other than that, just enjoying these last 2 days.
Heading out for an easy short run first to start the day… And it’s only 43°! Cold for orange county ?
Enjoy your weekend in St. George!


Do you get nervous running on that? I broke a leg running on ice last year so am so nervous now! I don’t want to spend all winter inside but not sure how to run otherwise.


I can’t believe you like gummy bears in ice cream! My son does that too and I think they get too hard!


It’s near 60 today, highly unusual for Philly area! On Thursday it was 20 when I ran!! Oh well. Not picked a half marathon yet and so I am enjoying doing what I want! I went out just not feeling it and then as of mile 5 I wanted to stay out forever. Did 9 miles. I did not want to push my total miles for the week.

So I know speed work is important. A few questions, when it is frigid out I just can’t do it. Any suggestions? Also I hate it, have done it on the treadmill and indoor track and it’s just not my thing but I do see the benefit. I am however seeing my times drop just by running. Could speed work be, making 2 or 3 miles of my distance runs at a faster pace?


Did my 30km run this morning and now to eat and relax. Hypothermic half marathon tomorrow, followed by more eating and resting. Enjoy all the ski days with the kids, they are the best. And mom and dad get quite the workout just getting the kids ready to ski! Alphabet game Janae as I said on insta, is the best for the chairlift.


That is hilarious, I used to ONLY ever get gummy bears as my mix-in at Cold Stone! I’m so happy you agree! I need to get back in that. It is delicious I don’t care what anyone says.

Have a wonderful weekend! I am extremely jealous, I love love love St. George! Also, it is -25 C here in Calgary. I will not be leaving the house. Maybe just to get gummy bears…


I’m from Calgary as well and I’m debating skipping my sons soccer game as -25 is just not fun to be out in! Stay warm!


Hi Janae! You had such a perfect day! I hope I have one today too.. long run, seeing friends, and prepping for Snowmageddon!!


Ski school looks like so much fun and they all look like they enjoy it!

Buy milk chocolate coved gunmy bears and freeze them before eating… it will change your life.

Happy Saturday!


Heads up!


I can’t handle the cuteness of Sky skiing with her paci. This is DEFINITELY going to be my daughter, too. She’s 15 months old now, and her love of the paci is as strong as ever.

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