Silentish Saturday!

Happy weekend!

Didn’t run but I did hit up the rower and stair climber for 30 minutes total and it burned big time.

IMG 4289

Skye makes sure to give Beretta 30 hugs a day.

IMG 4324

Andrew, Skye and I went out on a date… it had been too long since we last went to cafe rio for pork salads.

IMG 4509

Followed by a snickers and m&m blizzard.

IMG 4511

And if there is pineapple on the premises she will find it and eat it.

IMG 4502

Brooke is having the best time and I cannot wait to see her tomorrow.

IMG 3257

I think that having a big project to do while they are away has really helped both me and Andrew this time.  So just expect us to be doing renovations whenever they are gone for a while;)

Brooke’s room is coming along.

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Listened to this entire series while painting yesterday….

IMG 4525

R sent me this article yesterday and I now know what I’m going to have for breakfast:

Screen Shot 2020 01 03 at 7 39 05 PM

I think it’s time to change the face of my watch.

IMG 4531

It sure feels weird to not have a long run on the schedule this weekend… but I’m sure those will be back again soon.  From last January’s ultra training:)

IMG 2864


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today?!

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Can’t wait to see Brooke’s room when it’s all done. Will it be a surprise or does she know about it? You will have to share after pics!! Today will be a laundry day, and maybe a trip to Costco;) hah
Happy Saturday!


Thanks so much Ashley! The paint will be a surprise but we probably won’t be done done with it for another 3 weeks because of the carpet and some pictures we are getting taken in a few weeks of them. I’ll definitely post a before and after! I’m going to Costco today too. Hopefully there are good samples for both of us!


You guys are amazing with your home renos!! My son is adverse to change. He cried yesterday when we undecorated our Christmas tree (and the day before when we told him about it he got a little misty eyed and insisted on a half-dozen pictures with the tree).

Three things today: run, bike ride, and plant the Christmas tree (probably in opposite order listed). My husband is outside digging now!


Oh poor guy! That is really hard and change is just harder on some kids than others! Hoping he is doing better today:) . SO cool you are planting the Christmas tree and have a blast on your run and bike ride! Thanks Tonya.


Taking care of my sick little girl ( hoping to contain it to just her!!), making a meal for a local homeless shelter with my oldest and as with most days swim team practice.

I think I am stuck at the house for the weekend with my youngest! Sort of wish this was last weekend and not the weekend before I head back to work after break.


Oh Carrie, I am so sad that she is sick this weekend. I hope that she starts feeling better asap! If you ever get a second will you give me more info about making a meal for a local homeless shelter… I’d love to do the same with my kids!


I wish I had half of your motivation when it comes to house remodeling! Shoot- I’ll even take a smidge of Andrew’s or your sisters! Ha!!
I woke up at 5:30am thanks to a snoring husband so I started cleaning my house and getting caught up on laundry. I’m not mad at him, I love cleaning when no one else is awake!
Later is grocery shopping and shopping for clothes to wear to a party. We literally live in sweats and jeans so it’s a must!
If I can I might sneak away for a run….
Quick question- Do you have ideas for activities for a group of about 10 kids (ages 4-13) to do to keep themselves busy during a celebration of life? We hope the celebration will be a celebration- a party and nothing too somber so they don’t have to be quiet activities.
Thank you and Have a great day!


You and Andrew are so adventurous with your home renovations! I love it!! Currently 14 weeks pregnant and just ran for an hour in the rain outside.. absolute best run in 3 months!! I am bribing my husband to go to Buy Buy Baby with me this afternoon by promising him a lunch stop at Chick fil A first ;) I also think I need to stop for ice cream now too!! Enjoy the weekend!!


WAY TO GO EMILY!! I am so thrilled about your pregnancy and doesn’t running in the rain just feel like an adventure? So glad you felt so great. Have the best time shopping for baby things and now I need to go to Chick fil A! Keep me updated with your pregnancy!


Hey Jenny! Hahah I would take a smidge of my sister’s too (she is just finishing up the entire main level of her house… EVERY square inch she redid)! I’m with you on cleaning while everyone is asleep because it makes it easier to not get messed up again as I’m cleaning;) . I hope you get to get out for a run! That is a great question! Maybe you could have a games table (things like Jenga) and an art table and a cookie decorating table. That way the kids have different options of things to do depending on their interests!


Morning Janae!

We are going to see open houses, lounge around in PJs, and watch some Pats!!

You MUST try a blizzard with butterfinger and Reese’s. I wish my ice cream shop was open today to add that to my list :)


Well, now I have to go back to DQ today! That sounds like an incredible combo and Andrew will love it too. Have a blast at the open houses (I love doing that) and enjoy the relaxing day. Thanks Lauren!


Still fighting a cold so no running today. Will probably watch the football games.

Try the VerticalMeteo watch face from the Garmin connect IQ store and change it to the white background (light theme). You can customize it so it shows the local weather conditions, temp, humidity, and even wind speed and direction. I love having that all in one glance.


Totally going to change my watch face to this! THANK YOU John and I hope you are feeling 100% asap! Enjoy the games.


Hi Janae! Kind of random but I have a post request for you if you don’t mind. I just got my period and I feel like everytime I get my period it just messes my training plan up! I know I get worse cramps than others so I’m definitely atypical in that I don’t run at all usually on my period but others have to be affected while on it too right? In wondering if others just slow down or there are things they do so that cramps aren’t that bad. Thanks and sorry for having to listen to me whine.


Amy. I am SO sorry that you have to deal with this each month. What a pain! I will include your question on Monday and see if others can help! I hope the comments are helpful for you! PS You are not whining, let’s find some solutions to help you out!


Okay I love your choice of blizzard flavor BUT I am shocked to see that your DQ still does snickers!! In NY and IL you can’t get that flavor anymore. Of course the year they discontinued it it was all I wanted!


You and I are the same people… it’s my favorite and I’ve missed it so much BUT they just brought it back for a limited time at ours so you need to go check if yours is too! Good luck!


That’s a hot tip!!! Good to know!


You’ll have to let us know how Brooke likes her room. Thank you for the podcast recommendation – I just put it on.


— Long(ish) run this morning – this week is the first time over 6-7 miles since mid-November (we had a lot of snow that limited run options and then a long snow hike caused my ankle tendonitis to flare up so it’s been a slow and steady ramp back up). It was also the 17th runniversary with my one running friend.
— New microwave delivered and installed (the old one was “ghosting” us and would randomly beep and vent all the time).
— Hopefully ordering new running shoes! (I spent NYE calculating out yearly run miles and shoe miles and am overdue for new Ghosts).


I saw that about the cottage cheese bowls too, you’ll have to let me know what you think. I do the savory one for lunch sometimes, but am intrigued by the breakfast versions. And I find the rower so much fun, but oof, a big workout! Plus the arm workout from all the painting ;)


Does Brooke look extra tall and grownup in that picture?! Oh my! That’s great you get pictures when she is with her dad. I bet she likes that, too.

Does Andrew fly back to go get Brooke or does someone bring her back to you? My ex and I tend to split transportation but it’s usually dependent on location and which is easiest/makes most sense. I’ve been divorced 5 years (our hearing was on 12/23, talk about a frenzy) and it’s still hard for me but it’s getting more familiar.

It will be fun to see the after of Brooks room!
3 things: I gave myself 45 minutes to gather up bags/boxes to take to the recycle center. Trail run to figure out my shoe dilemma. Watched Bedtime Stories with my youngest. (okay, so he’s 14 and chose that movie for nostalgia, how can you say no to that?!)


I totally agree.. when I saw that picture I thought she was suddenly 12 and I’m so thankful they send pictures daily when she is with them. She is tall in her class so I’m thinking she will be my height or maybe even taller as an adult. So we switch off each month. One month he comes to Utah and the next month we go to California and Andrew usually flies her out and back the same day. Hearing on 12/23… I can’t even imagine your holiday season 5 years ago. I agree, it gets more familiar but I think it will always be hard and that’s okay! Sounds like the perfect day… keep on enjoying!


Today is the last Saturday before I return to teaching so lesson plans, prepping my 15 year olds homeschool lesson, and the first real long run since I had several emotional/physical setbacks after last year’s disaster of a race at slc 26.2……20 miles slower than slow but done!!! Love your blog and your happy approach to it all!!


Hi Janae, I
have been following your blog for a few years now and you always inspire me. I always look forward to reading about what you’re up to. Hope you enjoy your days off running, it is important and really takes courage to lay low.
Sort of random, I recently found out I have a tibial stress fracture a few weeks ago and it has been so difficult for me to be patient and let it heal. I was wondering if you could link me to your blogs about going through that? I think I read an older one that you had a stress fracture at one point but I was hoping to understand what you did throughout the day to keep busy and heal and to get you through the lows of injury…I also don’t have a PT atm so not sure when to start doing simple exercises.
Happy new year!


Love the post about cottage cheese because I just bought it today!! Love having that with my breakfast or even a great snack after a run!!


That ice cream looks amazing right now!


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