Some Fails + Friday Favorites!

One major and minor fail occurred yesterday:

*I somehow forgot about Brooke’s lunchbox until the smell reminded me yesterday… It had been in her backpack with her leftover food for almost 10 days.

*I somehow managed to spill a whole lot of white paint all over our wood floor.  I still can’t believe that happened.  But now it means we are going to tile the front entry which we were kind of thinking about doing anyways but the pain incident made up our minds for us.

Luckily, only a little bit of paint got in my hair… and that snarl in the back took ten minutes to get out.

IMG 4184

I took another day off of running just because.  I did a short strength training workout and called it good.

It’s the best time of year for me to take a mini running break so I’m just going with it and I’ll run when I want to again!

This is what Skye does when I start singing, ‘Into the Unknown.’

IMG 4177

Saw my nieces and nephews for a little while.

IMG 4182

And then we refueled after painting with some lunch at Cubby’s.

IMG 4256

Followed by picking out upholstery for our window seats.  Andrew is ALL about doing home improvement things and usually I am very lazy about them so he is taking full advantage of my random surge in interest with these projects.  Let’s hope I follow through on all of them ha;)

IMG 8821


I have a few Friday Favorites (affiliate links included) to share today!

*Such a great episode from Tina with Kara Goucher!  Definitely one to check out.

Screen Shot 2019 12 31 at 1 35 09 PM

*I’ve had some questions about what we have the kids wear for skiing so I’ll link to them here!



*This snowsuit (that I just think is the cutest)—> Boys and Girls!  We love the one piece suits because no snow gets in when they fall and we have one less piece of clothing to keep track of!

Temperatures have been in the teens some days and they have always been really warm with this combo!

IMG 3615

*Skye’s been rocking these thermals for her ski days too.

IMG 3893

*Okay, just a few more ski items because I have had a lot of questions.  This is the harness with retractable leashes that we love with Skye and these ropes REALLY REALLY REALLY helped Brooke and Knox to first learn and not be afraid.  Both items help us to really control them and keep them from falling.  We highly recommend both!

IMG 3588

*I have had problems with my feet getting cold while skiing and a reader suggested these boot gloves… life-changing.  They keep my feet so much warmer!

IMG 4055

*I love finding little games for the kids to do at night because it is so cold and we are indoors.  This mini tetherball game keeps them entertained for a very long time.

IMG 3991

*Every now and then I rewatch this speech about happiness and I want to write down about 203 quotes from it at each time.

*My current favorite thing at Costco.  This is by far the best frozen broccoli I’ve ever had and all of the kids will gladly eat it!

IMG 4116

*As my current skin care items are running out I thought about whether or not to buy more of the same stuff or try something else. I decided to go back to what I think my skin has been happiest with on over the years.  I bought some dermalogica again and was quickly reminded that their moisturizer is by far my favorite.

IMG 4098


What skincare products are you currently using?  What kind has been your favorite?

Do you use frozen veggies?  Mostly fresh?

Had any fails lately?

What are your weekend plans?

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I saw on another mother’s Instagram that she likes to have her kid wear a harness while skiing even if he’s not attached to any ropes/tethers because it gives her something to hold onto if they are on a chairlift without a bar. That could be good peace of mind for other parents too! Happy weekend.


That is such a good idea. I love that! Thanks for sharing and I will be using that with my kids. Happy weekend to you too, Liz!


My husband is incredibly good at home improvement – He’s a contractor and can do anything. And he always follows through and finishes his projects :) I have zero interest in DIY stuff and am the least helpful!! We all have our strengths!! I recently tried beauty counter but am not impressed for the price … just feels like regular old drugstore stuff to me. IVE GOT TO GET OUT SKIING!!! I’m sort of a veggie hater (I have a very child like palette) but I can tolerate frozen green beans. Frozen cauliflower is good in smoothies.


HEY ANDREA!! Oh that is so so nice that your husband loves to do all of the projects (and that he finishes them… I woke up this morning second guessing myself with all of these projects haha). Good to know about beauty counter… I’ve always wondered if it is worth the money. I hope you get out and ski soon and I definitely have a child like palette with my love for candy. Have a wonderful weekend.


I am a DIYer wannabe so I am envious. I did fix our washing machine recently by trouble shooting it and finding a $10 spring for the door handle on ebay! Saved us $800 for a new machine.

I love your spelling mistake above ;) “but the pain incident made up our minds for us”. Lol…..

Interesting Friday Fact for you – did you know “Into the Unknown” was sung in 29 different languages for Disney worldwide? There is a version on YouTube that splices them all together. Pretty cool:

I think the Korean version singer performs it the best from the ones I have listened to:


John, that is AWESOME!Hahaha and that spelling error might be more accurate than if I wrote paint;) . I cannot wait to show that to Skye! Thanks for the links, John. Have an awesome day!


We are not handy at home even thought there’s a lot I’d like to do. Can you come help me??
I started using Fre skincare. Have you heard of it? It’s supposed to be good for athletes And all our extra sweat. I bought it when there was a sale as it’s expensive too.
My kids eat zero vegetables right now! And I really mean zero. Ugh.


Hahah I’ll send Andrew! I have no idea what I am doing but it just makes it cheaper to do it ourselves. I have heard about Fre skincare but I didn’t know about how it is good for athletes! That is a fabulous idea. I hope you have the best weekend Mary!


Long time, no talk! Being off work for the holidays meant I was reading the blog on my phone instead of computer, so it was harder to comment. But hello Janae! hope you guys had an amazing holiday season.

I just have to tell you about the funniest dream I had last night. My goal half is in 2 weeks and I haven’t been feeling super confident about my goal so yesterday I spent some time mentally focusing on that goal. Well, I guess I did it too much because last night I had a dream that my half was super weird in that there was only a few people and we were running the same .2 loop around a school playground until we hit 13.1. The awesome part is my goal pace felt super easy to me, so I guesss my mental work helped in that point bahaha. But I ended up giving up my whole goal because I saw you on the sidelines and decided just to chat with you for 20+ mins in the middle of the race! Lol…so if I ever run into you at a race, lets chat at the finish line ;)

Have a great day Janae and Andrew!


Eleanor, it’s so good to hear from you! I am SO glad that you had some good time off from work! THE MENTAL WORK IS WORKING;) . Your dream was awesome and I’m so glad I was there to cheer for you… I’ll definitely wait for the end next time. I sure can’t imagine running a .2 mile loop for 13.1. Have the best day and I can’t wait to hear about how your rocked your race in two weeks!


Hi Janae,
My favorite skincare are Weleda products. For the face and the body. The sensitive skin almond cream.
I only use fresh vegetable, but these days i was thinking about finding some frozen «red fruits»
This week end will be full of emotions ! :)
A little little little tiny dog, two years old, will come at home to visit us, and, maybe, if things go right with our two dogs, maybe she will become a member of our family :) I’m so excited !


I hope so so so bad that everything goes well today and that you have an addition to your family! Let me know how it goes, Ingrid!


Sounds like spilling the paint was a blessing in disguise! I love when that happens!
I feel like the last car I bought was a complete fail! It was bought brand new but has had too many issues to name. After 6+ years of trying to hold on to it, I had enough and bought a CRV! I’m totally in love! I used to HATE driving but now I LOVE it! I tell it good morning and goodnight every day i’m so in love!
Every since Ali’s podcast where she interviewed a dermatologist, I’ve been using Dove sensitive bar soap, Trader Joe’s Rose Mist Toner and Vanicreme. Even after turning 40 I was still having mild breakouts and this by far has worked the best on my skin! No more breakouts or even a single pimple has sprouted since I started this regimen!
I use mostly fresh veggies and as of this week I’ve started using frozen mixed berries in my oatmeal. Super yum!
Have a great day!


Hahaha it really was but Andrew was wondering for a minute if it wasn’t an accident haha. BUMMER about that car not working out but SO happy you have a CRV now. That was the car that I had last and loved it SO MUCH (I was so sad that it got hit)! Enjoy it so much. Okay, that episode was so good and now I am thinking of trying that combo that you do! Thanks for sharing and your bowl of oatmeal sounds perfect!


I got a sample of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I hate how much I loved it because it’s really expensive!

My major fail is that I somehow missed a doctor bill that was sent way back in March and once I realized it paid it off immediately (in December..whoops). Apparently I was a few days too late because I got a letter from a collections agency yesterday. Yikes!

Can’t wait to see your home improvement projects! Hopefully you’ll inspire husband and I are hoping to move to Germany next year so we want to get our house ready to sell!


Isn’t that the worst?! I hope that it goes on sale at some point for you! OH NO… I am so glad that you were able to pay it off before you got hit by a collection agency (one time I did because I had moved and never even got the bill and it was so scary)! GERMANY NEXT YEAR… I am so excited for you guys! You’ll have to keep me updated with it all!


During the winter I’m all about the frozen veggies because fresh can get expensive during the winter and they don’t last long because they have to travel further to get here. During the warmer months I’m all about the fresh and local veggies. I wish I lived somewhere that didn’t have winter 6 to 8 months of the year! The growing season is so short here.


That is a very short growing season! I hope that you have the most beautiful day and stay warm!


Hotronics for cold feet were a game changer for me ?


Now I know what I’m asking for for my bday! Those look incredible… I need! Thanks Kelly and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


So we got a pair of cheap skis for my 19 month old to learn how to ski and I just ordered this harness for her, Right now we are just having her used to wearing something on her feet and when we go up to Winter Park we’ll try the baby hill, however when we tried the hill at the park she fell when it went downhill but did great on flat walking by herself! How’s Skye doing on skis?

We do a mix of frozen and fresh, but the convenience of frozen is SO nice!

We are somewhat DIY… my dad can do anything and when we moved into our current house we completely demolished our bathroom and redid everything, however while it saved us a TON of money, it did take FOREVER to finish… but we love the bathroom now! (it was horrible at first… i mean why did anyone think it was a good idea to put carpet in a bathroom?!?!)


Have fun with the home improvements!
My weekend plans are just to chill out and I should probably start running again as i put my name in first 100 mile race lottery. Gulp!

Have q wonderful day Janae!


I am obsessed with The Ordinary skincare lines. They are amazingly affordable and work SO WELL. When I started using it I was having terrible issues with discoloration and acne and since using my skin has cleared up and looks so much better. My mom told me to try them out for about a year before I switched and now I’m just mad I didn’t try it out earlier! Have a great weekend!


Skiing terrifies me, and with kids, ah! You’re brave:)

I usually buy a combo of fresh and frozen veggies.
I ran a half marathon on new year’s day and it went really well! This weekend will be spent relaxing my legs and celebrating our 5 th wedding anniversary (today!) can’t believe it’s already been 5 years! Looking back at the photos of my husband and me this morning was so fun :)


I’m planning a girls night tonight with my friends, long run tomorrow morning, and afternoon skiing at Alta! I’m so excited!



Why are kids skis so darn cute?! In general, kiddo gear is just cuter and more fun.

I’m going to look into the neoprene boot covers for XC skiing. My feet get so cold and I use feet warmers (like those one time use hand warmers) and use shoe covers for winter cycling, but these may be a game changer in the snow!!!

I primarily use fresh veggies of what’s in season but LOVE LOVE LOVE to have frozen on hand for quick and easy. Let’s face it, making rice and throwing in frozen veggies (and maybe a scramble egg) is a fast and tasty meal for when time and energy is limited! And, in my case, sometimes the store is out of the veggies I want (true story, empty bins especially on a Saturday evening!!!)


What do you wear for your base layers when you go skiing?! What are your favorites? I’m getting ready to go skiing out west and it’ll be in the teens or below. Thanks Janae!


Hey Liz! I hope you are having a great day and I’m so excited for your ski trip! I either wear these:
Or the same baselayers that I wear for running here! Here is the link to wear I have all of my baselayers:

I want to hear about your trip afterwards!


Running breaks are so important to keep things fun! Enjoy the rest!! Looove dermalogica.. started using it a few years ago after a post of yours and my skin is the clearest it’s ever been. :)


Good luck with all of the home improvements. I am sure you and Andrew will feel very accomplished and happy when they are completed. I have been using Paula’s Choice Clear Regular Strength kit for years and it has been wonderful. I cannot believe I am using acne products and trying to fade dark spots at the same time. Argh!


I took on 2 painting projects in the fall when I needed a mini running break and I’m so glad I did! Painting is THE worst, but makes such a difference. Good luck with the projects. Can’t wait to see before and after!


Completely unrelated but since you love cottage cheese and fruit (and grapes sometimes bug you despite their general awesomeness), I thought you might like this link (or at least find it interesting):




Dermalogica Calm Water Gel has saved my life!

I don’t spent a lot of $$$ ? on cosmetics period but this is the best! My skin is sensitive sometimes and OH MY there are no words to describe how wonderful my face feels after I apply this ❤️!!

How did you get the paint out of your hair?

Only three more days until The Bachelor starts woo! ?

Happy New Year!!


Hi! Have been loving you and your page for years! You give me hope for life after divorce! ?
Can you please share the kids thermal underwear link? It doesn’t seem to be working. Thank you!!!


HEY MEGAN! Oh friend, I am so sorry that you have gone through a divorce. It gets so much better from here! Here are Skye’s and the big kids.

Let me know if those don’t work and please keep in touch!

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