10 Scenes & My Training Log!

*Met my friends for some trail miles and my legs literally felt like jello afterwards.

I can’t look up for a picture while running on the trails or else I will for sure fall.

*It was so foggy out there and at this point you can normally see the entire valley but yesterday you couldn’t see a thing.  We also kept hearing weird noises which meant my heart rate was quite high between that and the hills.

IMG 5878

*Final stats + 1200 ft of climbing + That’s not my weekly total since I didn’t put all of my treadmill miles on there.

IMG 5882

*I have no idea how this guy got in our backyard!

IMG 9099

*Andrew had quite the scavenger hunt set up for the kids.

IMG 5885

*We had family pictures taken and then celebrated the fact that we actually got a few pictures where everyone was smiling.

IMG 5901

*We tried a place called Tru Religion and it was fantastic.

IMG 5902

*I found out while we were there that Skye prefers to dip her pancakes into ketchup.

IMG 5908

*Did you know that there is such thing as root beer float milk?

IMG 5904

*Andrew’s working on a guest post for you this next week!

IMG E5927


Here is how my last week looked and I’d love to hear about yours!

Monday:  10 miles @ 7:59 average.

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 7:45 average on the treadmill at home

Wednesday:  Went to the gym and did a 3.5 miles warm-up and then 2 miles (@6:45 pace) into my 4 miles tempo and Skye was done with the child watch so I grabbed her and finished at home for a total of 8 miles.

Thursday: 10 miles @ 7:55 average

Friday: 8.3 miles @ 8:22 average

Saturday:  12 miles @ 9:02 trails!

Sunday:  Off

55.3 miles for the week!

I’m focusing on building a base again along with some strength on trails before jumping into the speed work routine!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What do you have going on today?

Ordering brunch… what do you get?

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I just saw online (Facebook ads get me every time) that Oiselle makes long sleeve running shirts with a cut out on the wrist for your watch and they still have thumb holes. Genius. How did no one think of this until now?!


That is genius! I’m definitely looking into that! Thanks for sharing ?


Oh you are not alone about those Facebook ads… they get me too. Off to go buy one of those, BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing Emily!


This week ended with 39 miles total. I too am building up my base again. All week my legs felt so heavy! Then yesterday, 7 miles into my 12 miles, everything felt fluid and good again, and I felt like I could fly! So thankful for moments like that!
Today will be nice and quiet, but I will definitely be hitting up Sunday morning yoga (my new fav)!
Brunch for me will always include some type of eggs and definitely bacon!
Have a wonderful Sunday ?


Wendy, I am SO thrilled that you had such an amazing long run yesterday and those moments are the ones that help us get through the hard ones! I hope yoga was perfect (and I wish I could come join you) and that you had a great brunch too:) . Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! My best run was my only run this week.. long run! My boyfriend told me we were going to do 8 miles but when we finished 8 he felt strong and kept going to end with 10. On the other hand I was fine up til 8 then whined and counted steps and shuffled to end up with 9.5. it’s crazy how sometimes how some days you just feel unbeatable and other days you just can’t.


Oh Amy, this is AWESOME! Way to go with your 9.5 and I love that your boyfriend kept going with you. Running really is an emotional (and physical roller coaster, we never know what we are going to get. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!


Best run was a threshold treadmill run the day after my rest day; short but I felt like nothing could stop me! Worst one was yesterday’s torturous 5km run in a humid oven-like circuit with no shade… 8) never again.

Brunch in Sydney, Australia where I am based at, is always different and unique in each cafe. Though I do miss the huge fluffy pancakes from the States so am relieving memories with your posts! I go through phases and now it’s an egg dish called Shashuka with 2 slices of good sourdough yum


Oh I love it when those types of runs happen but the 5k in humid heat… no thank you! I want to come to brunch in Sydney! That egg dish sounds incredible. Have a fabulous week!


This week ended with about 10 total miles- I’m still recovering from a race last weekend. Wow, those waffles look great. We have a place in Phoenix called Scramble and they have awesome pancakes and chocolate chip waffles. Hey, quick question. Have you ever had a race post your inaccurate finish time? This happened to me over the weekend from a rock and roll- I’ll use my time to apply for Boston. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue with them? I’ve reached out to RnR through their website and social media, but no response. Just curious if you have or anyone else have worked through fixing a timing mistake.
Happy Sunday!


HEY GINA! Oh that is so frustrating! I have at a Revel race but I noticed while I was still there and was able to find the right people to talk to there. Can anyone else help Gina??? PS I’ve been to Scramble and it is unreal!


Today is church, nap, dinner, & Fireside with my kids. I just told Aaron I wanted to go to Tru Religion! For brunch I love omelets. Have a great Sunday.


I want to go there with you too… you will love it! Thanks friend and I’m so grateful for you!

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