Where does YOURS come from, back burner & decision!

My body loves movement each day but when I don’t have a goal in the near future, there is very little motivation for me to get my exercise in while being uncomfortable (aka running solo in the cold ha).  Another morning of Brooke waking me up and avoiding running alone in 10 degree weather.  I’m sure once Emilee is back I’ll get out again but I’m just realizing now how race goals are 99% of my motivation!

Burn Bootcamp for me yesterday and Skye taught me how to squat.

It was bicep, tricep and back day and the sad thing is that my arms are actually tired TYPING this right now after doing this workout hahaha.

IMG 2985

A pretty normal morning for us and when I put a beanie on, Skye ran over and found another to match with me.

IMG 2999

Costco soup and salad lunch for the win.  I love their fully loaded potato soup and then this salad kit is my favorite (+ their rotisserie chicken + avocado).

IMG 3001

Skye had lunch first and then as soon as I was eating she ran over and grabbed another fork and joined me.

IMG 3012

Not a bad view for a dentist’s office!  I’m finally checking off the things I’ve been putting off the last few months because family and marathon training took all of my energy and I put everything else on the back burner:)

IMG 3021

While making dinner I kept thinking how nice it was that Skye wanted to do art the whole time while I was cooking… which she did do, on the paper and on that pillar next to her.  She really knows how to make those walls of ours look a lot more interesting.

IMG 3040

Two Peas and A Pod Roasted Cauliflower Soup for dinner last night.  One of those recipes that wins because we all love it.

IMG 3033

For dessert we had my mom’s crockpot chocolates that she brought us.  These things are my favorite and she makes them each year!

IMG 3024

I find it quite amazing how she can just get on the very tip of her tip toes when she is reaching for something.

IMG 3045

Anne posted about this podcast yesterday and I had a lot of laundry/organizing/cleaning to do so I dove in last night and 4 episodes later… I’ve cried and been beyond inspired.  Anne was right (like usual), this is an incredible podcast.  PS you have to check out her latest post about how to have a stress free holiday eating experience too.

IMG 3042

Did you see this?!  Maybe Des saw that I did back to back marathons and that helped her make her decision;).  I cannot wait to see what she does at Boston, the trials and the Olympics!

IMG 2967


What are your feelings about the dentist?  Have one you love?  Get anxiety going?

Nuts in dessert… yes or no way?

What percentage of your running motivation comes from races?

Did you watch Mr. Rogers growing up?  Do you remember any shows that you loved from when you were really little?

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I had to get an emergency procedure done at the dentist over the holidays probably 4 years ago and I literally went to something close to my house that was open, and now that is my current Dentist because I love love love him. (and I hate the dentist)


It was meant to be that you are his patient now! That is so great that you found him! Have the best day Erica!


Not a fan of the dentist – but my hygenist must love me because she requests that I come 4 times a year rather than the 2 that insurance pays for =[

Nuts yes! Makes desserts healthy right?!?!?!?

I think my running motivation comes more from the weather – whether or not I want to be out in it! Warm yes, hot yes, cool yes. cold NO!

I do remember watching Mr. Rogers. I think I enjoyed the routine of it, how it started and ended the same each day and gave me a lesson to learn or a better way to approach my day or a situation. Such a kind man who was the same on screen and in real life.

Have a great day!


Hahaah she just loves hanging out with you! Hahaha and they make desserts more filling with all that extra protein;) That is so true and I feel the same way, the cold has zapped my motivation to do anything outside but ski. The podcast was talking about the routine of it and how that was meant to be comforting to kids. Thanks so much Lisa and I hope your Thursday is a beautiful one.


I love our dentist! We had a not so great one for several years, and when we found the current one, I realized that dentists aren’t so scary… Ha ha
I loved Mr. Rogers growing up. My favorite part was the train that went all through his house, and seemingly through the entire town.
Skye’s personality is really cracking me up these days! Such a fun and exhausting age!
Today is the last day of finals, then we’re officially on Christmas break!! Yippee!!


I do not mind the dentist – I have a very high pain tolerance and have always personally liked my dentists. That said, my teeth suck. I could have inherited my parents’ heart disease or horrible hips. Instead I got crappy eyes and teeth. My molars have very deep crowns and are weak. This means that in the past two years, I had 3 teeth shatter. Because of my pain tolerance, I put up with them (yip) but began to worry that my sinus issues might be linked. So last month I had 3 teeth pulled. Yuck! Funny story is that the dental hygienist commented how white my teeth are and how lucky I am. What? I am getting 3 of those white teeth pulled!!

Nuts – Yes!!

Running Motivation – My dogs! Joking, but not really. I love the feeling after I run but not during the run. But my dogs really love running and it keeps them healthy. No one believes me when I say that my GSP is almost 11 because she is in such good shape.


THREE. TEETH. SHATTER. Oh Jackie, I am so sorry about everything that you have been through with them and thankful you have a high pain tolerance and that you love your dentist! I hope that this is the end of your teeth problems. Hahaha best GPS ever. I love how much they love running. Hope your Thursday is a great one Jackie!


I have a long drive home for the holidays so that podcast could be dangerous if tears could happen ha!

In terms of nuts, it depends. Absolutely not in cookies or brownies. But if it’s cheesecake or something like that then sure.

The dentist is a struggle for me… I have bad teeth. To quote my dentist growing up “I see that you do everything I tell you to but you still get cavities since you just have bad teeth”. So I usually go with anxiety that I’ll have to come back with a cavity and it’s basically a small miracle if I don’t have one.


Maybe I’m just super emotional and cry over everything ha but give the podcast a try on your drive. Cheesecake with nuts, I need to try that. Oh bummer about having bad teeth, I totally do too. It’s frustrating and expensive. I hope that your next visit goes perfectly. Have a wonderful day Maureen!


I have always hated/been scared of going to the dentist. Fortunately I have good teeth and so usually don’t have to deal with anything other than regular cleanings. My daughter has always loved going to the dentist (because of how great her teeth feel afterwards!) That daughter is now in her 2nd year of dental school so I guess at some point when she is my dentist I might not be scared anymore!


Okay, that is SO cool that your daughter is in dental school. That will be so nice to have her as your dentist! I hope your day is a great one Jo!


I’m glad you shared the article about Des. I’ve been wondering what she was going to do about the Olympic trials this year. Glad she is doing them and I hope it all pans out for her to do well there and at Boston!
I kind of like the dentist. But I’ve also never had any dental issues. I laugh because I like it so I can lay down and close my eyes and no one needs me.


I really do too. I am so excited to see how it all goes for everyone competing but I really hope she does well at all of the marathons. Bahaha it is kind of nice to just completely slow down for a few minutes and no one can expect anything different from us:) Enjoy your day Mary!


I really dislike the dentist. I have had a lot of teeth issues in my life and just hate it. I get my teeth cleaned regularly though and don’t mind that.

Yes to nuts in dessert. Adds a nice salty crunch to things.

100% of my running motivation comes from races. A switch goes off in my brain when I’m signed up for a race and I don’t even think twice about getting out there. When I don’t have a race I can maintain some running but then focus on other things like boxing and weights. I need to find a race for 2020 but am also enjoying a little break from running. As it was 15 degrees this morning I appreciated not having to run outside.

I remember really enjoying Captain Kangaroo when I was little. Mr. Rogers too.


I relate SO much to what you said about your motivation and my switch is off right now! Haha and I’m enjoying my warm house right now instead of running too. I forgot about Captain Kangaroo! I hope you have a dessert with nuts in it soon. Enjoy your day Carol!


In that picture of Skye eating your lunch, she looks just like you!

I had my first crown put on a month or so ago, and it completely traumatized me! I now hate the dentist.


I didn’t notice that until I read your comment:) . Oh crowns are ROUGH! I hope that was your last one Claire and enjoy your little break until the next appointment! Have the best day.


I wish my dentist had that view. I don’t hate the dentist, but I don’t love to go there or anything. I’m excited or Des and looking forward to the trials in general.


The dentist definitely isn’t my favorite person to make an appointment with. I get a lot of anxiety when I go. I don’t recommend panic attacks during 2 hour appointments! I’m very grateful that the last time I had to see the specialist I bought up my concerns about the anxiety and he gave me some medication to take the edge off the anxiety. It definitely helped and I got through the appointment with zero panic attacks.

I find that I get motivation from going to group fiitness classes. Right now I’m really enjoying Group Power ones.


Where are Skye’s PJs from?! So cute!! And she is truly on the very tips of her tippy toes to get that gingerbread house, hahaha. My daughter is 15 months old and can hold a squat like that too, I wish I had their flexibility!!


Hi Janae! I didn’t take good care of my teeth when I was younger so going to the dentist was always so stressful. But now I do and getting an electric toothbrush totally helped and they give me compliments when I go! That motivates me to take even more care of my teeth and it’s a great positive cycle haha.
I definitely don’t have any motivation to do any non easy run unless I have a goal.


My parents couldn’t really afford the dentist when I was younger, so as an adult it’s actually something I kind of look forward to.

I like nuts in most desserts except chocolate chip cookies.

I definitely need to check out that Podcast! I was recently introduced to an app called Libby, and it’s hooked up to our local library system and it has both books that you can read in the app or download onto a kindle and audiobooks. It’s awesome! I just finished reading “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” which is the story about the Golden State Killer. It was super fascinating.


Not a fan of the dentist…but maybe because before she retired…my mom was my dentist. So I got yelled at for having cavities as a kid haha.

I grew up on Mr. Rogers haha.

Races are definitely my motivation at this point in time. It is so rainy and dark outside that I am not super excited to run when I don’t need to get out. But yesterday I did go in the dark because I woke up at 5:30 am and rather poke and prod and wake the other half, I thought a run was a better idea ha

The soup and crockpot chocolates sounds delicious! Enjoy your time off and the holidays Janae!


I go to the dentist every day! I am a hygienist, haha. I became one because I always loved getting my teeth cleaned. I also grew up with fluoride in my water so I’ve had strong teeth all my life. I definitely see quite a few anxious patients, but it’s always nice when they try to make the best of it. We’re really not that bad :)


PS the view from your dental office is AMAZING! I would love to see that at work every day!!


I’m so glad you are loving that podcast too!! It’s sooo well done and their conversations are so real and raw. And thank you for sharing my post from yesterday – I appreciate it! :)

I hate the dentist, but mostly because I have terrible teeth/am very cavity-prone even though I don’t have a sweet tooth/eat a lot of sugar – I’m going tomorrow for my FIFTH visit in the past two months… I had a ton of cavities and had to get two crowns and it has been kiiiind of a nightmare. The last time I went a couple weeks ago for a filling I thought it was the last time but there was some miscommunication and that one needed a crown too and when they told me I actually had to go back again (to get the permanent cap put on – the first time they just drill out the cavity and then put on a temporary cap) I literally started crying. I was SO embarrassed (I’m not a cryer, especially not in public!) but I couldn’t help it I was just like OMG please no more dentist!! That drilling sound… ahhhhh it’s so bad! And I always manage to bite my cheek/tongue when it’s numb… ugh. Fingers crossed when they put my cap on tomorrow I’m finally done for awhile!


I agree. That drilling sound is the WORST!!! Somehow it always hits a nerve and causes me to jolt in pain no matter how much freezing they put in (same thing has happened at several different dentists). YUCK!! I don’t enjoy it at all.


I like the dentist! Leaving with that clean teeth feeling is the best. And most of my running motivation comes from running with others- if I’m by myself I do not want to go out in the cold or go out early. But if friends want to go, I’m there and I’ll push myself much harder!


Omigosh- Skye is going to be your prima ballerina!

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