Silentish Saturday!!

First run outside in a few days..

Emilee is back and it felt so good to get in a run together.

IMG 3141

IMG 3171

And then we got in some skiing a bit later.

IMG 8618

Skye went over to my friend’s house (we are doing a switch with her youngest with babysitting:) and from her house to being on the lift it only took 14 minutes!  I love how close Sundance is to us.

IMG 3172

IMG 8620

Staying up late for the Nutcracker the night before led to a long nap after school.

IMG 3204

Movie night.

IMG 3232

Skye dressed up for the occasion.

IMG 3228

IMG 3223

Time for the annual Jingle Bell run!  Should I go to it as festive as possible?

IMG 3203


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Not sure what we are doing! My youngest is roller skating then play date at our house and my oldest has a white elephant party tonight.

One draw back to being done with all prep for Christmas is not feeling as in the spirit these last few days.


I need to take Brooke roller skating, she would love that! I hope that you can kick back and relax since you are all ready and have some Christmas cookies, that always helps me. Enjoy your weekend, Carrie!


I read the comment above from Carrie and I feel the same way though my situation is opposite. I am not done, big, big push today and hoping I am done by nightfall. Sunday at the latest! Cleaning and wrapping follow the shopping!! Gradually getting back to running as I recover from an injury. That’s more than 3….oh well. Merry Christmas!!


The more you tell me the happier I am! Wishing you good luck as you are finishing getting ready for Christmas. I really hope you are done by tonight! Keep me updated on your comeback to running and I hope you are feeling 100% in no time. Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks Nancy!


Hi Janae! I love that Brooks Christmas sweater! Today I’m learning how to run in the rain (it is pouring all day but I need to do a long run), getting some reading done, and then going out for girls night! Happy ski days to you, so awesome that you live so close to the resort!!


Oh Amy! I hope that your long run in the rain went great and that you could warm up afterwards. Thanks so much and enjoy your girls night tonight!


Celebrating Christmas with my fiancé family. Then going to my youngest basketball games and then hopefully snuggling and watching Christmas movies.


Today I ran my last 10,5 k race (=quarter marathon) for 2019. It was a bit windy, so I’m happy with my time of 1.01.34. 10k split 59.26. This year I’ve done four races, three of them were under 60 minutes, so I’m very happy with that. There were volonteers who gave sports massages, so I waited a little while to have one and it was heavenly! I’m not sure what I’m going to do this evening, a bit of laundry I’m afraid, and hopefully a Christmas movie. I love your Christmas running outfit, I have a Inknburn reindeer top that I wore to the race today (and hoho ear studs ;-) )Have a great weekend! I’m a bit jealous you can go skiing so near to your house.


I love your ski goggles and reading your blog! Where did you get them??

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