Went to the gym for the first time in who knows how long:). I definitely won’t be renewing my pass when it expires in February because I don’t go enough to make it worth it but I’ll probably use it a few more times before then.  Andrew was at work so it was nice to get in 7 miles after the kids went to school while Skye played at the gym’s kid’s club.

It’s been a long time since I haven’t had a lot of structure with my running so it’s feeling good to just run whatever I want each day.

Brooke and Knox had their Christmas recitals at school!

IMG 3087

Last night Brooke and I did one of my favorite traditions… dinner and the Nutcracker.

I let Brooke choose any restaurant and she chose Olive Garden and I wasn’t mad about it at all :)

IMG 3107

The Nutcracker!!

IMG 3120

Of course there was no way we could forget a little Nutcracker!

IMG 3121

Knox, Andrew and Skye decided to do a stay at home date with Pizza and sent me some selfies before the play:

IMG 8599

IMG 8606

And a random flashback to one year ago today:)

IMG 2219


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*Roolee has a 15% off your purchase code for you until the end of the month—> CHILLY15 .  I just got the Meriam Sweater Dress, Dot Cardigan and Up North Sweater.  Happy shopping!

*The Run Fast. Eat Slow. A Runner’s Meal Planner!  I’ve loved Shalane’s cookbooks so much that buying this planner wasn’t even a question and I’m so happy that I did! It has some recipes in there, tips from Shalane and it makes it easy to plan out your meals each week while tracking your running with space to write out your goals.  I also love her idea of being able to look back on weeks/months of when our running is going really well (PRs, solid training etc) to see what we were eating to help us get to those awesome runs.

IMG 2934

Challenge accepted:

IMG 3023

*I may have shared this before but it deserves a second mention.  This Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan dip made with Greek Yogurt from Costco is unreal.  Everyone at our house can’t get enough of it.

IMG 2825

*Random one of the day but this is my absolute favorite bronzer ever.  It’s been around forever, a little bit goes a long way and I just love it.

IMG 3091

*If you are annoyed with wrapping paper storage like I was, this $4 gift wrap organizer is PERFECT.

*The second light comes into my room it wakes me up so I love a good eye mask.  This one had almost 4,000 5 star reviews on it so I went with it and totally agree with giving it 5 stars.  It is so much softer than my previous eye makes and the contoured cup makes it much more comfortable.  Not an ounce of light gets in with these:)

IMG 2371

*I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 50 Of The Best Ones From 2019!  I came across this article the other day and it put me in the best mood.  It’s easy to focus on everything going wrong and this shows how many amazing things are going right!

Screen Shot 2019 12 16 at 12 36 27 PM


What are your weekend plans?

To go along with the above article about being fed up with bad news… share any good news with us that you have!

Have a gym pass?!  Where to?

Do you use a paper planner?  What type is it?

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What a great article! I rarely watch the news because it just makes me sad and/or angry. I love hearing about all the good in the world ?
We are heading to Colorado today for Christmas!! Sadly, no snow in the forecast, but we’ll have lots of fun with family!
I do have a membership to the little local fitness center and I really like it. I don’t have a treadmill at home, so the fitness center is great for when we get really hard rain, or in late summer/early fall when it’s a thousand degrees with horrible Santa Ana winds. Plus they offer several fitness classes… I have become a regular at the 11am Sunday yoga class… That really makes the center worth it for me.
Have a great Friday, and keep enjoying all the holiday fun!


Hi Janae! I was just gifted that meal planner!! I wasn’t sure if I’d actually keep using it but I’ll sure try! It may encourage me to eat healthier.. I’d hate to flip through it and see lots of eating out haha.
I’m debating whether to get a membership to the community athletic center.. it rains a lot here and having access to an indoor track would he nice but it’s also really hot inside. Not sure what to do!


HEY AMY! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the planner! Hahah I was thinking the same thing and telling myself that I better not be filling it out with takeout left and right;) Indoor tracks really are SO nice but I’m with you… it’s hard to sweat to death on them! Let me know what you decide. Have a wonderful weekend.


I am just like you Wendy, I try to avoid too much of the news because it really brings me down sometimes. We need to hear more of the good stuff:) . I want to join you for yoga, that fitness center sounds perfect for you!

I hope you guys have the best time ever in Colorado with family!


You guys have some good Christmas traditions! And that dip sounds amazing! One more thing for you to bring when you visit Europe ;)
No big plans here. My oldest just finished his last day of school before Christmas break and my youngest just got sick (again! She also had a fever two weeks ago) so we’re going to take it easy. Only thing I have planned is a dinner date with two friends in Amsterdam :)
I’ve been using the passion planner for a couple of years now and it works good for me!
Have a great weekend :)


I have my cooler of items planned to bring you:) . I hope your youngest gets feeling better asap! Have the best time at dinner with your friends. I want to join!

Thanks Sanne, you too!


I have a membership to the Y. There’s 7 or 8 locations in my city and I can get into all of them. There’s two near me that I go to the most. Group fitness classes are included so I take advantage of a lot of those.

I use a Happy Planner in addition to Google Planner.


7 or 8 near you… okay, that is awesome. You have so many to choose from! I need to find these happy planners! Have the best day Fiona!



My weekend plans are to savor the start of vacation—ha ha Tonight we’re going out for a big family birthday for the December birthdays. Tomorrow I’ll go to yoga and then go for a run in the city to see some of the fancy houses’ Christmas lights. Sunday is long run day and then hanging out at Javateas, my fav cafe, with my husband for a bit and being lazy. I need to wrap lots of presents this weekend, too!!!! The ones that will take the longest are my two daughters’ stash of presents! Those stocking stuffers take a while, but I wrap all of them :) The stocking is so fun to open!!!!

I have memberships to a yoga studio and to a gym. I try to hit yoga 2x a week and at the gym I go to a strength class. I am SO SO not into HITT type of workouts!!!!! I can’t stand that jumping around. ha ha

Merry Merry Christmas, Janae!!!!!! :)


AHHH Happy Christmas Break Jen! I remember being SO thrilled as a teacher for this break! I really want to join you for your light run tomorrow. Sounds perfect and I’m just so happy about your weekend. Enjoy every single second. PS I am not into HITT type workouts either! Merry Christmas to you too!


What a great article and thank you for sharing Janae. We could all use some good news.

Is your gym different from the Burn gym? I like having a planet fitness gym membership incase I travel and want a gym for whatever reason.

Paper planners are the best. I have used Erin Condren for the last 8ish years and won’t go back.


YES… the Burn is just Burn and that I do use enough but my normal gym, I just never use! That’s smart to get a pass to one that is everywhere for travel. Erin Condren is the best. I hope your weekend is a great one Hollie and full of good news!


What an awesome article!

Weekend plans are 16 miles and then finishing up a few last minute gifts, like running gloves from Costco and wrapping the rest of the gifts. My son offered to wrap everything for $2/package. Ha, maybe I can talk him down to $.50.

I have the best news! My daughter just got her permit and while driving with me on her 4th day of having it, I saw a yellow light coming up and I said “Stop!” Well, she slowed down rather than stopping and coasted through a red light and of course it was a camera light. Ugh. So, I was asking my boss about his that he recently got, and he recommended that I talk to another co-worker whose husband might be able to help us. Long story short, I think he is going to be able to change it to a warning. Praise the Lord! It was a $490 ticket for my boss! Eeek. Also, I’ve NEVER had a ticket. Who gets a ticket on their 4th day of driving??

I use a paper planner both for work (lesson planning) and home. I really like the Happy Planner. You can find it at Michaels.


Hey Marissa! I hope your 16 miles this weekend are fabulous. $2 a package… that’s like $50 an hour haha. He needs to create a business:)
AHHHH I really hope that it is able to switch to just a warning. You have to let me know what ends up happening because that is a LOT of money! Hahaha 4th day… but I guess it’s a good lesson? I’ve never seen the Happy Planner, I need to check them out. Have the best weekend!


It is the start of Christmas vacation as of 3:17 today so we are headed to my parents for the weekend!

I have no gym pass….we live in a tiny town and they gym doesn’t have much equipment.. At home, we have a treadmill, dumbbells and a squat rack/barbell. I miss living in a bigger town where I could take classes!

I have a paper planner–let me know how the meal planner goes! I am horrible at meal planning, but somehow I always have dinner on the table, so maybe I am not failing completely;-)


3:17 ahhhhh that’s exciting! I hope you guys have the best time at your parents house. Sounds like a blast. Your home has everything you need, but I bet you miss those classes! I’m really hoping that this planner helps me to stick to meal planning. Ummm what you do is a huge success to me!


I feel the same way about the gym! I started paying per visit this year because I realized it was cheaper for me in the long run then having a monthly membership!



Hahah that’s totally what I’m going to do for this next year… great idea! I hope you have the best day Paige!


Today is my last day of work before their Christmas holidays, so my plan for the weekend is to sleep, bake and clean. And hopefully do a favourite local hike.

No paper planner – try to mostly do everything through electronic calendar but I do keep a small notebook for stuff.

Good news – the holidays will likely be low maintenance hahaha.

Have a great day Janae!


Sounds like the best weekend plans ever. Enjoy your break from work and your low maintenance holiday. Thanks Kristine, you too!


I don’t have a gym membership, but as a high school cross country coach I have access to the workout facilities at the school. My boyfriend also has a membership to planet fitness and I am able to go with him as a part of his membership.
I’ve had a paper planner for a long time – my favorite is Erin Condren.
I also have a meal planner/workout log that I’ve been using for the past year. I use the commit 360 fitness planner and love it. There is plenty of space to track my workouts and meals, as well as any other stats I want to track.


Oh that is awesome that you can use the school facilities. Those athletes of yours are so lucky to have you as their coach! You’ll have to keep me updated with their next season. Erin Condren planners are amazing. I love everything about mine. I need to look at the commit 360 fitness planners. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your boyfriend!


I am such a gym rat!! I don’t know what id do without my membership. I’ve been reading ur blog for so long now and the recent structure with your training is incredible and I admire your energy!! Like you mentioned though it can be so refreshing and nice to just train what feels right on a given day. I personally love having my fitness time as my “play time” when I don’t need to worry about snacks, school, work, naps, kid routines etc etc etc etc!!! I’ve heard of that popular bronzer. Maybe I’ll try it out next time … I have really come to trust your recommendations & always appreciate your Friday faves! (My kids are getting the Bluetooth microphones from amazon you recommended !! ;) and the Harry Potter books too!


Hey Sarah! I am SO happy that you have that play time… it just makes the rest of life go so much better when we take care of ourselves too! Oh I hope they love the microphones and books. Have the best weekend and keep in touch!


My weekend plans are to do my long run OUTSIDE for the first time in like a month other than a race thrown in there!

My good news goes along with the above…the snow in WY is finally starting to melt off the roads!!!

I didn’t renew my gym pass either…I majorly slack on strength training now that I have twins! (Not the best excuse but I would rather spend all of my exercise time running :)


AHHH YAY for the snow melting on the roads. Enjoy every mile out there!

Twins, you are incredible. I hope you are sleeping!!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to HRG and her tribe.

HRG thank you for what you do for human kind.


We are making the drive back from Denver to STL to visit family for Christmas! We were supposed to leave last night but on Tuesday we had a fraud charge on our credit card so we were waiting for the replacement yesterday and it never came! I had to call the credit card company to have it sent to my parents house instead.
Funny story, I bought a 2 year pre paid membership to 24 hour fitness… 7 years ago!! And I’m going to redeem it this year haha it doesn’t have an expiration date so I hope it still works! I have the lowest level of ClassPass, it’s just one or 2 classes a month. I used to use it more often before I had my daughter but I find it hard to find time now so I just go out for quick runs now.

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