Utah is STUNNING right now!

Emilee and I warmed up and cooled down outside and we just couldn’t believe how pretty it was!

IMG 1537

The indoor track was a sauna but I was very grateful that we had it yesterday to avoid slipping when we wanted to go fast.

IMG 1489

Had my brother’s kids for the day which was a blast.

IMG 1551

My nephew has special needs and him and Andrew just have the greatest bond.

IMG 1565

Last carbs for a few days because of the carb depletion to help our bodies store carbs more efficiently for the carb load!

IMG 1554

IMG 1573

Can’t wait to see Brooke today!

IMG 2983


S.E.V.E.N. DAYS until the race and here is how last week went:

Monday:  12 miles @ 7:37 average

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:27

Wednesday:  Off!  This wasn’t scheduled but Emilee and I both just felt so tired so our coach had us take the day off.

Thursday:  11 miles total (treadmill and outside)… Around a 8:00 average pace.

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:12 average in new snow!

Saturday:  12 miles total with 3 mile speed changes (sprint the straight on the track, float ((easier pace but not fully easy)) on repeat) and averaged 6:16 for these.  My previous PR for this workout was 6:27 average and that was on slight downhill so it was a big jump for us and confidence booster.

IMG 1489

Sunday:  OFF!

53 miles for the week!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Do you ever use an indoor track?

What is your Sunday going to be filled with?

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I have managed to run two miles four days last week and today. I feel like I can do more but am taking it short and slow in hopes of not reinjuring or aggravating whatever problem I have.
You are brave running in the snow. I would slide down the driveway on my butt.
I’m very excited to hear about CIM! Good luck! You’re going to get a new PR!


I love your big family and how much time the cousins spend together!


Just a week! AAAAHHH!!
My best run was yesterday–400m intervals during a gym workout, so broken up by strength movements, which made the running feel very free. Hardest was the windy 10-miler on Thursday morning.
I’ve never been on an indoor track, though it’s pretty cool you have one so close.
Today I’ll be geeking out on my new Garmin Insight, reading, hopefully watching a couple of shows on Netflix or Amazon, (ugh) grocery shopping, and starting to pack for my girls’ running weekend since I leave Wednesday :) I’d like to formally request another weekend day…too much? sigh!


I didn’t run a single time last week! We traveled and ate our way from New Orleans to Panama City, FL and back. I think your brother might have been our pilot when we flew to New Orleans – it was last Sunday, 11/24. LAX to New Orleans, Southwest flight #5995. I thought I saw him as we were getting off, but he was gone before I could be sure!


I had a fun trail run at Saint Edward State Park with my son yesterday.

I don’t have any indoor tracks available nearby. That one you are on looks very nice, where is it? Do you have to pay to use it?


Ahhhh one more week!!!! So excited for you!
My best run was 8 miles on the treadmill (first one this winter) watching a Christmas movie:-).
Our Sunday is filled with laundry and shoveling snow.


Hi Janae! I’ve only tried running on an indoor track a few times.. it was a small track and it took 11 rounds to make a mile! Felt like I would definitely get dizzy if I had to run too long.

I’m curious if you feel like it’s easier to run on an indoor track inside where it’s too warm or on the roads where it’s cooler but there are more obstacles!

Happy holiday weekend to you and your family!


My Sunday was filled with Christmas decorating at our house and my parents.
I am getting excited for you.
PS. your Thanksgiving wishes to Chris made his week.
PS. Brooke’s winter hat…….where from.


That snow is amazing. I would have such a hard time staying away from it, especially on a hot indoor track.

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