My 2019 Running Stats!

My Monday started out with 7 miles on fresh snow.  While I was out I ran into Josse and loved getting in a few miles with her.

I got home and we said our goodbyes to Knox.  He will be gone for ten days so we are going to miss him like crazy.

IMG 4006

My sister invited us to come to the gymnastics gym with her and the kids had a blast.

IMG 4033

And when it was time for Skye’s nap (she slept at my parents’ house) we took Brooke on a little skiing date.  It really clicked for her yesterday which she was super excited about.

IMG 4045

Then we picked up Skye and asked Brooke where she wanted to eat before she leaves today with her dad.  She told me she wanted a lot of rice so we went for Thai.

IMG 4059

I thought it would be fun to put together some stats for the year!  It’s been a big year for running and other years definitely won’t be as crazy as this one but things kind of just kept popping up and I went for them.  I have no idea what my plans are for 2020 but I’ll remember this last year forever because it sure was a fun one and my favorite running year so far!

So here are the stats:

2,670 miles ran (for the 1st year ever I kept track of all of my mileage:)

1 Ultra Completed:  Antelope Island 50 Miler

IMG 1143

3 Marathons Completed:  Boston, St. George & CIM

IMG 8441 jpegDSC01370

4 Half-Marathons Completed:  Indy Mini, AF 1/2,  Timp 1/2 and Hobblecreek 1/2

IMG 3180

2 10ks Completed:  Utah Valley and Deseret 10k

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 5842 2

1 5k Completed:  Lavell Edwards

IMG 4683

1 (and only time for my entire life;) I ran my age in miles on my birthday:

IMG 2960

Trails ran: I have no idea but I wish I knew how many miles on the dirt but my favorite one of all was running up Mt Timpanogos.

IMG 3337

As far as the most-viewed posts (outside of race recaps above) for 2019, I’ll include those too!

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3.  Why I Run: A Guest Post From My Pilot Brother

4.  10 Things Helping Me to Get Faster

5.  10 Ways I went from 2:59-2:49 in a year

6.  Gift Guide for Runners Women and Kids

7.  What’s Next:  Hint It’s Soon

8.  Bad Patches

9.  What I’ve been Eating & How Things Have Changed

10.  Every Detail About My Race Nutrition


What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

Staying up until midnight or no thank you?

Tell me about the best parts or races of your year!

Did you keep track of your running mileage this year?

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We try to stay up until midnight so we can see the ball drop and my daughter can hear me sing that song (I cannot sing whatsoever). We don’t go out, we hunker down with game playing and cheese, sausage and cracker snacks. And later popcorn and movies. My house is the kid drop off place. Which we love !
I love to keep track of my mileage. This last part of the year I have hit some hard times, so all mileage has suffered. But those things happen. I had 304 walk/run miles. 371 bike miles. 87 elliptical miles. and 129 swimming miles.
I just love your blog, it has become part of my morning coffee routine. I hope you and your family have a super fun and safe New Years Eve and the best 2020 ever.


Your type of New Years Eve sounds absolutely perfect to me. I hope that our house turns more and more into the kid drop off place as the kids get older! You rocked it this year and I am so sorry about the last few months of your year. You are so strong, Michele. Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning. That makes me feel so good. Have a beautiful day!


I do not stay up til midnight! I definitely am planning to keep track of my mileage next year, I have a planner arriving today to help me with this goal. I didn’t have as big of a running year as you, but I did PR the half and 10k and I’m 34 years old so I thought that was pretty cool, my old half PR was from when I was 27 (and not a mom)! However I completely bombed my marathon so I am signing up for one in May and trying again

So jealous of all your skiing I am itching to get out there…soon!


SARA!! Huge huge congrats on your PR this last year in the half and the 10k, that is incredible. Hey, I’m almost 34 so you and I have YEARS ahead of us of PRs and look at you… you just keep getting faster and faster! PLEASE keep me updated with how your marathon training is going, your May marathon is going to go amazing. I hope you get out for some skiing soon! Have a great day!


What an extraordinary year for you! And it was so fun getting to follow along. I wish I bwas better at tracking my miles, but I do know it was definitely over 1,200… Just not sure how many.
Sometimes we go out, but this year we don’t really have anything planned. Our city does a ” First Night” in the downtown area, so we may go there for a bit, but nothing fancy or super exciting.
I’m not sure what my goals are for this next year… Healthier eating, more consistent running and strength training, and lots of family time. As I get older, I definitely know where my true priorities lay.
Have a wonderful day and fun New Year’s Eve.
And, thank you for keeping me (and probably many others) inspired and motivated!


WAY TO GO WENDY on your running this year! That is incredible! Your goals sound perfect to me and I’m with you… family time is number one! Thank you so much for being my friend, Wendy. It means a lot. Have a wonderful evening!


Congrats on a great year! I don’t know what my total mileage was but I ran over 500 miles with my baby (due early Jan 2020) which is my.favorite stat of the year!! (Idk why no one but my running friends gets excited about that, haha ;) My running watch broke just as I was feeling like pregnant running wasn’t going so well around 32 weeks so I took it as a sign to just take it easy from then on. Do you ever tell Brooke and Skye about your running adventures together before they were born? Also, do you have any advice for getting back into running after baby once my Dr okays it (And a new watch recommendation??)
Happy 2020!!!


I GET THAT BIG TIME! I am so excited for you Emily. It’s going to be the best year ever. I absolutely tell Brooke about our running adventures together. I felt like we really bonded during those miles of running while pregnant. It’s a really special thing! I LOVE my Garmin Fenix Pro 6 so much and also loved the Garmin 935 that I had before. They are both fabulous watches. When you are coming back please please please remember that you are in a new chapter so there is zero use of comparing yourself to what you used to do. There is no rush back, do what your body tells you to do and get in more baby snuggles than miles:) So excited for you!


Happy New Year!! Thank you for always being so positive, encouraging and inspiring throughout the year! I’ll probably stay up until midnight and then going to start off the New Year strong with a Hot Cocoa 5k :)


Wow, thank you so much Mariah. That means a lot to me. Have the best time at the Hot Cocoa 5k… sounds like my kind of race! Happy New Year!


Hi Janae! What a great year for running- I can’t believe you fit that all into one year!!
This year I ran my first half and I got PRs in all distances from mile to half! I love being a new runner because I feel like it’s way easier to get PRs, though looking back on your year shows that’s not necessarily the case.


CONGRATS AMY on your 2019 running… first half and so many PRs. What a wonderful year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will look like for you!


I was so bummed last night when I realized I was only 27 miles away from a 500 mile year. I’ve been working through a foot injury for a lot of 2019, so I don’t want to sabotage myself by trying to log those miles today… But I did get a new 5k pr this year of 21:17, and a 10k pr of 55:30. I’m excited to add in lots more speed work in 2020 and chase down a new half marathon PR. (currently 1:53, and really want to go under 1:45!)



TWO PRs and recovery from an injury! You are amazing Paige and I can’t wait to see that sub 1:45 happen next year!


I don’t run anymore as I had my right hip replaced three years ago. So, I live vicariously through you and your! I am so i awe of all that you have accomplished this year all the while being mindful to take care of yourself so you don’t get injured or sick and more importantly, having fun! Even though I can’t run, this girl doesn’t sit still. I’m proud of increasing my strength this year by consistently going to Les Mills Body Pump classes, adding in two HIIT Bootcamp sessionsper week, the elliptical and walking at least 10,000 steps per day (challenging with a full-time desk job). I feel so blessed that I can feel so good and be this active at this time in my life! It has allowed me to help my daughter who had a c-section in late September followed up by her own hip replacement surgery exactly 8 weeks later. She is only 29 but her left hip was diagnosed as “collapsed” and needed immediate attention. Anyway, back to your questions – it remains to be seen if I am awake at midnight since I was up bright and early this morning, lol. Going to hang out with friends tomorrow for food, fun and watching the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl tomorrow. Sending an early Happy New Year wish to you, Janae!


Happy New Year to you, Leslie! Your year has been incredible and your strength inspires me. Your daughter is so lucky to have you and all of the service that you do for her! Keep in touch, so good to hear from you and have the best time with friends tomorrow!



Also, Blogilates posted a 1 min. bun yesterday as an IG post. We didn’t see the bun this year… maybe once. If you like, this is part of what she said:
Literally my go-to workout hair style. The 1-minute messy bun!!! ??‍♀️


Hahaha not using the bun has sure been a hot topic discussion this year;) . Happy New Year, Lee! Have a beautiful day!


Spending New Years with family in Sun Peaks, British Columbia. So much snow here, feels like we are in a Hallmark Christmas movie! We head back East tomorrow so unlikely I will make it til midnight. Fav running memory of 2019 has to be Boston, having my two daughters there and fighting to finish when I was sick. Lots of gratitude and optimism going into 2020! Cheers to you and your family!


Congratulations on all of your running achievements in 2019!! So very inspirational.

As much as I want that to be the reason why I’m writing, it’s actually because of your recap of the most visited blogs in 2019. And it’s about the 10 things you would have told yourself when going through a divorce. I think that when you wrote that a year ago, I probably just skimmed through it thinking it didn’t apply to me. Fast forward a year later and my husband of 18 years and I were just talking logistics about a divorce. To say that 2019 has not been great is probably an understatement. I am so sad that I am going through this, but I just spent the time to re-read your post and all of the comments. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one – and I’m not the only one who was blindsided after many years together and thinking we were together forever. That part right now is the hardest for me to reconcile.

If there is anyone out there reading this and going through the same, or has been through the same, and would like to be an email penpal, I think I would really like that. Sorry, I don’t mean to use your blog as a way to connect with people. :)
Just know that your recap came at the right time, a year later. If only I wasn’t so naive last year.

Happy New Year. I hope 2020 is good to you.

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