Silentish Saturday!

Happy weekend!  I’m off doing my biggest workout of the training cycle this morning and the official taper starts once we finish.

0 miles of running for me yesterday.

IMG 0750

There were tears when saying goodbye to each other for 12 days (luckily they will get to see each other at school still:)

IMG 0753

Skye joined me with the recovery boots.

IMG 0754

Skye was so so excited to see (and eat) snow.

IMG 0765

IMG 0795

Hung out at my parents’ house for a while and Skye pulled my mom around the house by her jeans to show her what she wanted to do with her next.

IMG 0805

Steak rice bowl (picture taken after I started eating and once Andrew’s nachos arrived).

IMG 0808

We went to see Frozen 2 and we all loved it… I don’t think either girls blinked the entire time.

IMG 0814

Stop at Runner’s Corner.

IMG 8155

Pancakes for dinner.

IMG 0828

Time for an awesome dress rehearsal for CIM!

IMG 0824


Tell me three things that you are doing today?!

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Good luck in your workout today!!!! Bring along for this training cycle with you has been so fun!!!


Oh thanks so much! It went really well! Hope your Saturday has been a beautiful one:)


Is Frozen 2 scary?! Debating bringing my almost three year old. Good luck on your workout! I love following your running journey. What an inspiration !!


That’s a great question because now I am hearing from others that it is scary but my girls did great in it… Skye jumped once but they loved it so much! Thank you so much and I hope you and your little one love it!


I’m sure you’ll crush your workout today!! ?
Skye in her jeans and little boots is just the cutest! And again, Utah is just so beautiful.
Heading out the door for 4 miles today. We had some rain, but I’m hoping the trail isn’t too muddy. Then it’s house cleaning, maybe some Christmas shopping, and a fun dinner with my youngest.
Have a great Saturday!


Thank you so much Wendy, it went really well wahoo! Oh that dinner sounds perfect to me! I hope the trails were perfect this mornign and thanks so much Wendy!


Hi Janae! Good luck on your big workout today!! You got this!

Today I’m doing a short recovery run (I did my long run on the treadmill last night), lots of stretching, and trying to eat more. I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday just starving even though I had a bug dinner. Does that ever happen to you?


Way to go getting in your long run last night… I think that counts as double the training points because it is so hard after a full day of life. That absolutely happens to me and I just make some toast or eat some cereal. Andrew always laughs when he see’s the cereal box out and my bowl in the morning after I got up and ate at 3 am. Hahaha honor that hunger… your body needs it to repair itself! Have a fabulous weekend Amy!


Hi! This is random, but I was wondering what shampoo you use for Brooke? Her hair looks so smooth. We live in Colorado and my daughter’s hair looks limp and static-y so often (but that is not the case when we are in places not so dry. Ha!) thanks!


Hey Mary! I hope you guys are having great weather today like we are (and prepared for all of the snow this next week)! I just have her use whatever costco is selling… right now it’s pantene. BUT I have trained her hair to only be washed every 4-5 days like mine (she showers more but not her hair)… I think her hair has adjusted to not being washed so often which is good for hair I think (or maybe that is my excuse). I hope you are having a great day!


1. Getting my nails done.
2. Consulting with my brother re deep fried turkey for thanksgiving.
3. Making a giant bowl of spiced nuts.

All is well.


Hi! I love your outfit in the first photo with Skye – you look amazing! Any chance you can post links for your jacket, jeans, boots? Thanks!!

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