Garmin Fenix 6 PRO Review + Our Day!

Good morning!

We started off our Sunday by watching the NYC Marathon and cheering like crazy for Jared Ward and Des Linden.

IMG 9092

We are all celebrating that it is feeling like fall again.

IMG 9099

We really took the day as lazy as possible!

IMG 9111

My parents came over which made Skye’s life.   PS on Wednesday my parents will have known each other for 50 years!

IMG 9115

My mom brought her dense and undercooked Ghiradelli brownies and they were fabulous.

IMG 9123

And Skye found Brooke’s clothes again.

IMG 9120


Let’s just start this review off by saying that I have never loved a piece of electronics as much as I love the Fenix 6 PRO.  I feel like it is just on a completely different level than any Garmin I have had in the past and I’ve loved all of my previous Garmins (besides that touchscreen one that I had ((Forerunner 620))… yeah, did not like that one).  It has so many bells and whistles that my statistics/numbers loving brain absolutely loves.  It’s an over the top watch so if that is not your thing, probably skip this review ha:

Also, I started with the Fenix 6 but then realized that one didn’t have the music capability so Andrew sent it back a week later and got the 6 PRO for me.  I don’t race with music anymore BUT I want the option to if I ever want it for a track workout or a race where I can use music.

Andrew got down on one knee to present it to me when it arrived because he knew how much it meant to me ha.

IMG 6140

Things about this watch that I absolutely love.

*MUSIC.  I don’t even really use music that much anymore but I love the option of having music on my watch.  You can store up to 2,000 songs on this watch through Spotify and listen to music with bluetooth headphones without having to have your phone with you.

*PacePRO!  <— An awesome way to pace yourself for workouts and races.  I haven’t used it in a race because I am practicing with it in workouts before I use it in a race but I think it is going to be really helpful for me to take out all of the math thinking when I’m racing if I am going for a very specific time.  It’s like you have the best pace band ever because it also adjusts to elevation gains/losses etc.   You can choose a course (via Strava) or create your own course.  You can choose what type of pacing strategy you would like as far as positive splits/even splits/negative splits and what your strategy is for hills (ie run a bit more conservative on the ups vs the downs).  I definitely want to run a bit by feel at CIM and with the pacers but I have a very specific time for a course that I’ve never run before so I want to make sure I’m as prepared as possible.  For the course that you have chosen you get to see the splits on your watch, the elevation plot and the map.  When you are using the course (as you are running it) the top of the watch will show you the pace you are supposed to run for the split, in the middle it will show you the actual split pace you are running and the bottom of the screen will show you how far off you are from the split.

It will calculate the pace that you need to run throughout the race so that you can hit the time that you are going for based on the splits that you have already done so far.  Super cool.

Here is what it looks like on my computer and it gives me my mile by mile split and will then give me those splits on my watch.  I set it for a little negative split and a little easier on the uphill effort.

Screen Shot 2019 10 22 at 4 30 29 PM

Screen Shot 2019 10 22 at 4 51 58 PM

*When I push the down button from the home screen it shows me all sorts of information that I probably don’t really need to know but I LOVE knowing—> weather, how long until sunset or sunrise, my current elevation, a compass, my V02 max along with race predictions, training status, my steps, my heart rate, my calendar, notifications etc.

*This watch has maps on it which is pretty cool but it also gives you routes that you can take when you enter in the distance you want to run for a round-trip.  So you can enter in that you want to run 10 miles, it will then give you a course that will go around in a circle to have you end at where you started.  I think this is an awesome option for when you are traveling and looking for a route or local paths that are popular in the area.  You can use your watch to give you turn-by-turn directions too if you put in a course that you want to run.

*The battery life isn’t quite as great as my last watch (Garmin 935) but it’s incredible and more than enough for me.  Battery life: 9 days in smartwatch mode & 6 hours in GPS mode with music!  I probably charge it 1-2 times a week at night.  The 935 spoiled me because it went up to 24 hours of a battery life in GPS mode so I felt like I charged it 2ish times a month!

*I love the customized screens that I can create… there are SO many options you can choose from!

IMG 8303

*For those of you that love training based on your heart rate, this watch gives you all of the info that you need to know through the wrist sensor!  I don’t really look at my heart rate while I’m running anymore (sometimes I do during an easy run to make sure I am going easy enough) but I love looking at my resting heart rate whenever I’m sitting down.

*It’s a smart watch so you can get texts on your watch.  You have to be near your phone but I love this option because I don’t check my phone very often when I am wearing my watch.. it makes it so I don’t have to check my phone for notifications because I know when I am getting them.

*My watch has a ‘find my phone’ feature which I end up using more than anything else hahah.

*A reason Andrew really wanted me to get this watch.  The safety and tracking features.  I have it set up so that if something happens, I can just hold the power button for 5 seconds and then it will send a message to Andrew with my location!

Screen Shot 2019 10 22 at 3 48 15 PM

*I really like keeping track of my period and different symptoms etc to better understand how it is effecting my running.  My watch has the option to see exactly where I am at on my cycle and everything that goes along with that.

There are many more things on this watch that I don’t use… Garmin Pay, Apps like Uber, the Pulse Ox Sensor (to see how your body is doing at absorbing oxygen), ClimbPRO feature, Golf Courses etc but I feel like with all of the things I do use on the watch… it is definitely worth it.  Happy early Christmas to me;)

*During a normal run I have my watch set to see all of this information on one screen which I love: Average pace (for the entire run so far), Distance, Timer, Pace (in the moment) and Lap Pace (the average of what you are doing that lap).  I can push the down button and see my heart rate, lap distance and lap time too.  I can push down again and see where I am at on the map too!  My addiction to knowing every different stat that I could ever want to know during a run is shown on here.

IMG 8306 3

*I also just love the finishing screen of a run where it shows me all of this info along with a little map of where I ran and if I go to the next screen of the run it shows me all of the other details too like total ascent and descent of the run, an elevation plot, heart rate, cadence etc.

IMG 8305

IMG 8307

There you have it!  These are the things I love about this watch and I haven’t found one thing about it that I don’t love but if I do, I’ll let you know.


What watch do you have? Do you love it?  Is there a watch that you are really wanting out there?

Anyone have a November bday or race?

What are you looking forward to this week?

On average… how many feet do you gain on a normal run in your area?

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Great review! I still have my old Garmin 250 (I think – it’s the white and purple one) but have been thinking of upgrading. I’ve heard good things about Coros too.
Richmond Marathon in less than 2 weeks. Just running for fun – no specific time goal.
We moved this summer to a new town and now my daily 6ish mile runs are 400-500 feet. Some days I just want a flat road but the hills really do help.
Happy Monday!


I have been browsing watches for a year or more. My husband and I agreed we could get one nice gift for ourselves when we paid off credit card debt (did it 2 weeks ago-yeah!). I appreciate your review!

I used to average 500-700 feet elevation change, but we moved from Montana to Boise 1 month ago. It is pretty flat around here unless I drive for a bit to get in the foothills.

I am looking forward to seeing my youngest starting her rec basketball season and trying to hit a 23 minute 5K on my morning run (hit 23:50 last week without knowing it!).

Hope you have a great day!


I’ve wondered about the new Garmin Fenix. I found the previous Fenix is a bit too bulky for me, but this one looks a little lighter. I love the ability to have the music straight on your phone too.


I have one of the original Garmins, love the low tech feature!! But I did go high tech with my head phones recently, after shokz are awesome. Looking forward to taking my girls for an overnight surprise trip tonight to a water park for my youngest’s 9th b-day. She doesn’t turn 9 for another 21 days but we all have off tomorrow and gotta love those non weekend discounts at those places!! Also, that kiddo is showing selective mutism whose boss this past year. It’s been tough but last years trip I worried about taking her anywhere crowded and talking to different people literally made her shake. We have a completely different child this year!!


That is an insane price for a watch! Definitely cool features, but I couldn’t imagine ever spending that much money on gear.


Haha I’m from Ohio so probably I gain 60 feet! But we are in Salt Lake City right now for a work thing for my husband and we ran from our hotel downtown yesterday and passed Temple Square and ended up on a trail and the whole thing was soooo nice. Even downtown! Some downtowns are a little blah but it is so clean and nice. I’m sure it was very easy to run since it was Sunday and fewer people out and about on the sidewalks, but we loved it! And oh my goodness that jump from sea level to here is serious!! We are hoping to find a trail and catch an Uber (so I don’t use most of my steam getting to it haha!). I just want to send for the kids and live here and run on these trails forever!


That watch sounds amazing! Thanks for such a great review! I would love a watch that works as a pacer.
I have another crazy busy week, but Friday we’re flying out to Chicago to see our oldest son at college!!! And, we’ll see his last home football game. We can’t wait!
Have a great Monday ?


I have the Garmin Vivoactive 3 and I really really love it. The Fenix would be a great upgrade for me someday.


Hey Janae! Happy Monday!!

So funny that you posted this review today because my husband surprised me with this exact watch yesterday as a gift after getting an 11 min PR in my half marathon and first female Saturday!!! It’s a huge upgrade from the forerunner 230 that didn’t even do HR, so your post was super helpful just hearing all the features haha. I am definitely resting this week after a hard race effort so as much as I’m dying to try out my new watch I can spend this week learning the features!!

This week I’m looking forward to getting a massage because I am very sore haha.

I live in Florida and our elevation is like 0 and there’s no hills hahaha. So if I run in my neighborhood my watch literally won’t register any elevation gain or loss because its so flat :)

Have a great day Janae and family!


Are there any other Garmin watches you recommend for a less full-time runner? I’m looking at the Venu. Most importantly, are there any other garmin watches that allow you to put in your distance and it gives you a route?


That watch is crazy!! I am very behind the times when it comes to technology (just got my first smart phone about a year ago), so while it sounds WAY over my head, it also sounds very cool.
My son turned TWO yesterday! We celebrated with family, pizza, presents, and cake. He had a great time. My birthday is the 15th, so we’ll get to do it all over again pretty soon :) Although, I probably won’t get an awesome toy lawnmower like he did.


My son’s birthday is tomorrow the 5th, my wedding anniversary is Nov. 10th, and my husband’s birthday is Nov. 21st. Lots of celebrating in our house this month.


Dense brownies are the best. And just baked enough that they hold together is the right way to go.

I have 2 races this weekend and then I get some time off! Have a lot of resting to catch up on, whew.


OMG I’m in love with that watch! How sweet that he got on a knee …. he’s quite the catch you have there! (Not that you need reminding!)
I have the Forerunner 235 and it’s fine enough but I see the Fenix making it’s way to the top of my Christmas list!
I’m looking forward to the weekend! Ha! And my cold going away. And running more miles. And maybe getting in some speed work.
On normal road runs I get at least 300-400 ft gain. If I’m doing repeats or seeking out all of the hills I can get close to 900 ft on roads. I have only found 1 flat stretch near me that is only 17 ft gain (in 6 miles) and at sea level but that’s a 25 minute drive and doesn’t always work.
Have a great day!!


Whoa, I think you sold me on the first point about the music – can you also download podcasts on it?? I usually listen to podcasts (not music) and that’s the main reason I take my phone. It would be nice to be phoneless though…and I’d definitely turn off that text/messages feature. Need alone time. Hah.


I had my November race! I hit my goal time and set a PR for my 10k. I was THRILLED, especially since there was a lot of climbing–I could tell I’d been doing hills because 2 months ago no way would I have been able to run it. :-)

Thanks for sharing about the watch! Always interested in running tech–it looks soooo useful.


Hi Janae! I have the Garmin 935 and I love it for the same reason you mentioned (awesome battery life and I feel like it charges so fast)! Thanks for going over the PacePro, I’ve been debating if I should use it for my December half. Maybe I should try it out on a long run just to see how it works better first.


I’m a brownie fanatic & love Ghiradelli brownie mix! How does your Mom get hers so dense? I must know her secret!!


I just sent a text to my mom to have her reply to you to let you know because you need these… they are magical! She will let you know as soon as she gets to her computer. Have the best day Michelle!


You are the best! Can’t wait!!


Hello! HRG Mom here. I buy the Ghiradelli box of brownie mixes from Costco. I follow the directions on the box except I use the high altitude directions (add 1/4 cup of flour to the mix and add 2 extra tablespoons of water, per bag of mix). The only other change that I do is that I only cook them for 43 minutes if it is one bag of mix and 48 minutes if it is two bags. I always cook them in a glass pan too. Thanks for reading!


Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to try this!


A couple months ago my husband bought me a Vivoactive 4S, and I love it. I felt so spoiled, he said it wasn’t close enough to Christmas or Mother’s Day and he just really wanted to get it for me. We are a low tech household so it was a big stretch for me to wear it everyday, but I love all the features, many of which you mentioned. I knew it was going to be great for my running, but I had no idea it would be so awesome in so many other ways.

We have two November birthdays in our house. My daughter turned 9 on the 1st, and my little guy turns 5 on the 24th. I love November!


Okay, your husband is AWESOME! What a sweet gift and I am so happy you are loving it. November is an awesome month for you guys… enjoy all of the celebrating Allison!


You’re seriously convincing me to buy that watch- I have the first generation Vivoactive from Garmin, which is great but is definitely showing its age recently!
I have a race in November- Indy Monumental Marathon on Saturday! Kind of freaking out..I’ll just be happy when I finish it and can stop worrying about running it!


AHHHH Gretchen! I am SO so so excited for you! I’ve heard this marathon is the best and I better get to hear from you how it went! You can do hard things and it’s time to go celebrate your hard work!


I just got my first ever gps watch this summer, a garmin (35, I think). Very simple, but I love it. It tracks my distance and pace which is all I really wanted.
I just ran a half marathon Saturday and did awesome! After a full marathon 2 weeks before I had no clue what to expect, but it went well! I may send it in to running accomplishments;)

Chattanooga and Nashville have hills! Elevation is relatively low to begin with, but the hills in the area are GREAT for marathon training!


YES… I love the simple watches too! It gives you everything you need and CONGRATS on another race… you are on fire! Those hills are making you so strong!


That watch sounds fabulous! Thank you SO much for the detailed review! Your reviews are always super helpful, especially with a big purchase like a watch. I hate to spend all that money on something to find that I don’t like it.

We have the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday! It’s such a great race and always a lot of fun. I just hope it’s not too cold at the start. I think I’m probably one of the only people that prefers a warm race. Ha! My muscles just feel like they can stay warmed and primed a lot easier than when it’s cold.


You are so welcome and GOOD LUCK this Saturday! I have a friend flying out for it! I totally see what you are saying about temperatures for your race… running fast in the cold lately has been so hard on my muscles! I’m craving that warm feeling again. Please let me know how it goes on Saturday, I’m cheering for you!


That is definitely the high-end sports car of watches, LOL! I would love to geek out on all of that data, too, if I were in a serious running training cycle.
Right now, I’m just looking for a GPS watch that lets me program my own intervals for various speed/rest cycles, monitors fitness/strength output, and also tracks sleep. Music would be great, but not a dealbreaker. So many options!!
My birthday is the last day of November, so I get to look forward (?) to it all month :) Hoping I’ll figure out which watch to request for my gift by then ~ha~
This week my son’s school is doing a fundraiser with 2 local restaurants (pizza & Italian ice), so I have a night of walking to the shopping center for dinner & not having to cook! Win!


I love watching my resting hr too! Does yours ever change by a good amount (5 bpm). Wo seeing if that’s normal or not!? What is your normal resting hr? Just curious!


I have a Garmin 5S and I love it! I can’t think of anything I would add to it, except maybe I would be able to control the music a little easier from my watch.

I have a 1/2 marathon on 11/17 and my mama’s 74th bday on 11/19!

My xc team is running to the next town (9.2 miles) after school tomorrow and then we all get milkshakes!

I live in a valley so there are not a lot of hills here! I definitely have to seek them out, so I try and make it to the other side of town at least once a week to get some hill training in!


Thank you very much for that review! I love my Fenix 6S but this one sounds just a tad better. May need to look into this as a Christmas gift to me :)

This week I am looking forward to Saturday when I give my first tour of our local cathedral. (I am training to be an official guide and have only done small parts of tours up until now.)

I have family with November birthdays. Always kind of kicks of the holiday season for us with them.

The highest elevation I can get here is about 300 and I have to hunt for that when I do hill repeats!


I only gain about 200-300 feet during my runs- not very hilly here in Minnesota :)
I run with my Series 4 Apple Watch, and I love it. It’s not as technical as yours’, but it’s what I’m used to!!
Just presented the new Air Pod Pros, which I’m excited about. I love music when I run!
Have a great week!


I have the Garmin Forerunner 35, and I absolutely love it! I know it’s one of the earliest models, and not really fancy or high tech, but that’s okay with me. If the GPS is accurate, I’m happy.

November race AND birthday here! And two days apart from each other, too. It will be an exciting week…

I’m looking forward this week to my last long run before my half, hopefully a 14 miler.

I have no clue how much elevation I gain on a run. Probably about 10 feet unless it’s a hill workout! I sadly live in a very flat area.


I just got my first GPS watch over the summer – the Vivoactive 3. It was so helpful to have it during my most recent marathon training cycle. It has plenty of features for me right now, but I’m now really intrigued by the one you have!
I don’t have any immediate race plans, other than a few local 5ks. I am looking for a spring half marathon to register for to keep me motivated to get out the door all winter.

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