Friday Favorites!!

Halloween morning started off with crepes cut into Halloween shapes and getting everyone dressed up for the day.

Emilee and I were able to go out for a run later on in the morning which I was very grateful for because it was freezing again.  I wore my ski coat because I was so cold ha!  Also… there was a lot of ice out, below this entire section was pure ice.

12.38 miles @ 8:29 pace.  This week I haven’t been able to do any doubles so to get to 80 miles I have just been doing double digit runs every single morning.

IMG 8822

Andrew, Skye and I went to the kid’s Halloween parade and then helped with Brooke’s class party.  The Monster Rice Krispy treats worked great because there are a lot of allergies in her class and everyone was able to eat these!

IMG 8828

For dinner we went to Chipotle because a burrito sounded so good and we were pleasantly surprised when the burritos were only $4!  I am obsessed with Chipotle burritos.

IMG 8867

We did a whole lot of trunk-or-treating….

IMG 8874

It was a great Halloween!

IMG 8855


I have some Friday Favorites to share today and I’d love to hear anything you are loving this week too!

*I am OOFOS #1 fan (I wear these all of the time at home and they save my feet during marathon training) and my mom is now too.  She has had feet problems for years and years and the Fibre Low are helping her out so so much.  I tried them out too (I got my size 10 feet from her;) and they are unreal.

IMG 8704

*Des Linden once again perfectly describes exactly how I feel… closeish to that breaking point ha.  Excited for this marathon to finish the job!

IMG 8610

*Margaret shared this link with me and I ordered one right away… It’s very similar to my favorite Lulu long sleeve and so so so much cheaper.  Thanks for sharing what you are loving with me (not sure Andrew is thankful that you do because I end up buying all of your recommendations haha).  Time to buy all of the colors to get through this winter!  PS I’m wearing a 4/6… I usually get a 4 at Lulu for this type of top).

IMG 8887

*Candice posted these and I went to Costco asap to get my own bag.  These are actually too good.

*Just a huge fan of this sweater and how soft and comfortable it is!  Winter isn’t my favorite but the sweater life makes it a lot more enjoyable.

IMG 8687

*This made me pretty happy… I use Strava now (I keep it private for safety reasons:) but you know that rock trail run that I told you about last Saturday?  The one where you climb 480ish ft in 1.3 miles?  I was able to see the segment on Strava and the three times that I have done it this year.  The first time I did it it took me 16:28 and last Saturday I did it in 12:40!  Seeing the progress with our running is sure addicting!


You guys are incredible.  If you want your amazing accomplishment to be featured then please send them to [email protected]


Jamie!!!  “I ran my first full marathon on October 12. This is something I have wanted to do for years, but have always been so intimidated by the high mileage runs. A friend told me to not pay attention to those, and when I got there, my body would be ready and they wouldn’t be as scary. I ran a half marathon in May, with a PR of 1:58:28, so I knew this was the time to keep going! I missed a few training runs but overall kept with my schedule. When race day got here, I had a goal of keeping the 4:25 pacer in my sight. As the race started, I was in the back of the pack, because it was so crowded, but eventually caught up to the 4:25 pacer. I then found myself ahead of the 4:25 pacer. Nervous about being able to keep this pace, I was hesitant to push myself any harder. I ended up running miles 8 through 25 with an man that was using this race as his training run for the NYC marathon. His goal for NYC was much faster than this, but he didn’t want to risk injury so he stayed with me for most of the race. He pushed me to run faster than I would have if I was on my own and for that I am so grateful! I ended up finishing in 4 hours and 15 minutes and I felt so amazing! When I was training for this race, I told everyone I would never do another marathon, but I am already looking for my next race. :)”



Allie!!! “This past weekend I completed my First Half Ironman!!! This was a huge accomplishment for me! Just after signing up and planning out my training I found out I would have to travel to the Philippines for work! (Multiple trips) I spent a total of 6 weeks overseas which made training a bit tricky.  Going into this race my goal was simply to finish since I had never done a race like this before, but if the stars aligned and I felt good my stretch goal was to finish in 7 hours. During the bike leg at mile 42 I accidentally hit the lap button on my Garmin which put me into transition 14 miles too early. ??‍♀️ Unfortunately I ended up having to restart my Garmin and didn’t have an accurate idea of my overall time. Fast forward to the end of the race, I came in at a 6:54:50 with my husband and friends there supporting me!! I could not be happier with how the day turned out!”



How was your Halloween?  What did you end up doing?

Who has done a triathlon?  What is the hardest part for you—> the swim, bike or run?

Who uses Strava? 

Costco lovers—> What was the last thing you bought from there that you absolutely loved?

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@Jamie — great photo, congrats on a amazing run!

@Allie — Please tell me more about how you fit training in with all the Travel? I’ve been pondering signing up for a tri ever since my brother-in-law left his old bike in the basement but I can barely get my CIM training runs in. Bike would be my weakest segment, no doubt.

@Janae — are you doing a meet up at CIM at some point?

Have a great day!


HEY!!! I am planning on doing a meetup at the expo on Saturday! Would that work for you?


Heck yeah! Woo hoo!


Hey Janae!!!! I’m back from the wedding and honeymoon wahoooooo. And guess what tomorrow is? My half marathon!!!!! First one since injury and I’m so excited to see my PR get retired, ha! Declaring it now! Plus its been in the 80s all week in Florida and we got a cold front yesterday so race morning tomorrow will be 44 at the start. It doesn’t get better than that!!!

For Halloween I went to sleep, haha. After flying back in Tuesday night, moving all my stuff Wednesday into my new home, and then Thursday back at work we were exhausted and I wanted to get that good rest for race day!

Caught up on all the blog posts yesterday and looks like the training for CIM is going well!

Have a great weekend Janae!


YOU ARE BACK ELEANOR!! I hope it was all so perfect and GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! I can’t wait to hear about your new pr. The weather is perfect for you, it’s meant to be. Thank you so much and I’m cheering for you big time tomorrow!


Sounds like you had a great Halloween and I loved reading more finish line stories! Funny you mentioned having size 10 feet, because I was seriously gonna ask you today! Mine are size 8, which, being a full 6 inches shorter than you feels quite large. ?


Okay, you are hilarious! Size 8 are the perfect size… that’s what the shoe companies make the most of! I hope you have the perfect weekend!


OMG that ice looks treacherous! I would be on my rear in no time flat! Those monster bars look amazing! I might just have to make some turkey ones and I feel like if I made halloween ones I’d be over reaching! Ha!
My boys had an awesome halloween; the neighborhood didn’t decorate as much as they have in the past but the kids still had fun and tonight is their school fall festival (aka halloween party).
I’ve never done a tri and I’m not sure I want to …. I don’t care much for swimming long distance. I’m amazed and in awe of everyone who does one though!
I use Strava! I love being able to see routes my friends run on local trails and secretly challenge them and try to beat their times! Lol!
Have a great day! Try to stay warm!


Oh you will have to send me a picture of your turkey ones. That is such a good idea! So glad that the party was awesome, love that you guys do that! Strava really does add an extra level of fun to our workouts, I love it. Thanks Jenny and you too!


Hi Janae! Long time reader first time commenter here. I don’t use Strava but I do use Garmin! I was wondering if you use the heart rate zone training at all and if you’ve found the recommendations for how long to rest after each run reasonable. Thanks and I hope you have a great weekend and stay safe on the icy roads!


Hey Amy! Thank you so much for reading and it’s so good to hear from you! I actually do not use the heart rate zone training. I do notice the recommendations that my Garmin tells me but I do not follow them because they seem way longer than what my coach has us do. I guess it just depends on where you are at with your training. PLEASE keep in touch and I’d love to hear if you are using heart rate training. Hope you have a great weekend too!


I have done a number of triathlons. I love them because I love swimming. Mentally the bike is hardest for me. But physically the run is usually the hardest.

It was cold and snowy here in IL for Halloween so I took my daughter to work and let her trick or treat on our floor. Then we made it one block in our neighborhood that night because it was so cold and windy. She still got more than enough candy.

I love Strava. We joke that if its not on Strava then it didn’t happen. I love to challenge myself to beat my segments or other people in town who have done them.


Teach me to love swimming Corrinne! Oh I am so glad that you were able to take your little one to your work to trick or treat! How has winter come about so much sooner than normal. Hahaha I love that and I’m starting to feel the same way about Strava! Hope your weekend is a fabulous one Corrinne!


I use Strava! Mostly just when I’m training for something but I use it.

We took our kids trick or treating. Harry Potter themed this year. Luna lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Draco mal got, a Hufflepuff and Professor trelawny.


HARRY POTTER THEMED! Oh that makes me so happy. You are the best Jenny! I hope you are having a great Friday and I’m hoping it warms up for us over here haha!


I love Strava so much and use it to challenge myself on segments all the time – I just love beating myself! What is it about runners that makes us so crazy and competitive with ourselves? Have a great weekend!


Hahaha I do not know but it is sure motivating to see how much faster we can get on those segments! It makes the workouts during our training that much more fun! Thanks and you too Jamie!


I did my first tri last year, and the swim was definitely the hardest for me! I love water, but more like floating around in it :) Can’t wait to do another one though!!

Have a great weekend Janae!


HAHAH I’m like you Gretchen… I like floating more than swimming;) . You’ll have to keep me updated on your next one please. Thanks, YOU TOO!


We’re currently in Hawaii, no trick or treaters at our condo. Not sure if kids were able to get out at home last night because of all the fires.

I’m on Strava but keep it pretty private – only my approved followers can see my runs/rides. I get the occasional odd follow request but I don’t approve people I don’t actually know.


That’s how I am too! I don’t want people that I don’t know to know where I am running! I think you are smart. I hope the weather is perfect in Hawaii right now (I’m sure it is)! So so sad about all of the fires. It breaks my heart. Hope you have a great day Kathy!


I love the race stories!

We had our families over last night for nachos/baked potatoes, the 49ers game, and some trick or treating :)

I love Strava! It’s so fun to try and beat myself!


Hey Janae,
I have a question about a particular running watch. I think you might have the one I’m talking about but I’m not 100%. I remember reading about a new feature in a running watch that allows you to put in a goal time and it will show you the pace you need to run to get back on track if you fall behind. If I recall, there’s only one watch that has this technology right now. Do you know which one this is? I’ve tried searching online and have been unsuccessful so far.


Sadly it rained here on Halloween so we only got out there for maybe 45 minutes. Not a bad thing though because that is just about all my 18 month old had in him!

I just picked up the trail mix from Costco… the m&m ratio to peanuts and raisins is a big thumbs up from me!!


Hey Janae the link for the shirt is actually just Des’ instagram. Can you link the shirt?



Just saw the results of an investigation by the Wall St Journal about Amazon and the apparel industry. While it’s super cool to get a great deal on purchases, their story notes they are sourcing products from unsafe factories. It’s in their (wsj) Instagram stories now. It brought my mind to your comment about the great deal, having no idea where your/ your reader’s item was sourced.

This might be something to think about, like when our phones listen to us and ads pop up about something we were talking about.

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