Last big workout… DONE AND DONE.  Andrew had a donut for me at the end of my run.  He is just the absolute best.

Look how nice Utah has been to us!  Yesterday’s weather was absolutely perfect. The snow has waited to come until we are in our taper and no longer doing crazy workouts.  I started out yesterday with a long sleeve top on and arm sleeves.  With each interval it just kept getting warmer and I finished with just a tank and shorts.

IMG 0872

The workout sure did a number on my hair ha!  I don’t know what happened but I had a lot of snarls by the end.

IMG 0836

We did a 3 mile warm-up and then did the same workout we did 10 days before St. George this last training cycle.  I averaged 5:26 for my mile repeats (ten of them… partly flat, mostly down) yesterday and that is 5 seconds faster per mile than I did right before the St. George Marathon.  Those first 3 felt awful.  I was worried I was really considering quitting then and there but with each one my body started to feel better.  I am SO grateful for different team members coming to the workout to pace us (they aren’t training for a race but just came to help us which was so nice) and support us along the way.  My 9th interval was my fastest too (5:21) wahoo!

My legs were crazy tired for the last interval but the workout built my confidence to see an improvement in my times especially because I wasn’t feeling great in the beginning!

Here are just a few more pictures from our day:

IMG 0890

Sometimes the 7 year old needs more naps than the 1 year old now.

IMG 0880

Admiring the Christmas lights Andrew put up yesterday!

IMG 0896


TWO WEEKS UNTIL CIM!  I cannot believe the race has come up this fast (even though some weeks felt like we were in slow motion with our training) and I am more than ready to taper.  We have a total of 5 miles of speed over the next 13 days before the race and that definitely sounds doable after the last few months.

I am going to be sleeping like a champ, eating all of the nutrients, drinking water and thinking all of the positive thoughts for the next two weeks.

Monday:  9 miles @ 9:01 average pace

Tuesday:  8:05 miles @ 8:54 average pace

Wednesday:  6.5 miles with 1.2 miles of intense climbing up followed by a mile easy and then one mile fast (5:31).

Thursday:  3 miles @ 8:22 and it really felt weird to run a lot shorter than normal on a Thursday.

Friday: Off!

Saturday:  19.75 miles @ 7:24 average (Andrew was there to pick me up and I was tired so that is why I didn’t finish at 20 ha).

Sunday: Off!

46.3 miles for the week!


What was your best run last week?  Worst run?

What do you have going on today?

Absolute favorite donut right now?

-Old Fashioned have my heart at the moment.

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My best run this week was yesterday I got six trail miles in and it felt 100% amazing! It was only 22 degrees when I started tho!
Are you not feeling the power bun or how come you don’t use that to avoid hair snarls?


I can’t wait for you to run CIM! You’re going to do awesome!
My best run was today. I did two on the treadmill. I have run less than ten miles over the last few months. I’m really hoping to get back to it. Now, I must wait to see if anything swells or feels weird… far, so good in the last 40 minutes.
Enjoy your rest! I can’t wait to put of my Christmas decorations. We don’t do it until the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


Awesome job!!
My run on the trail yesterday sure felt great!! And then my run Friday on the treadmill was really awesome too! That normally isn’t the case, but I will gladly take it.
I am just not a donut person, never have been. Occasionally I will have one, and it’s always a maple donut. But I honestly would rather have a bagel with avocado, or if I’m craving something sweet, a gooey cinnamon roll!
Enjoy your restful Sunday and the start of your taper! I think you will do incredible at CIM ?


What a sweet photo of Brooke and Andrew admiring the lights. It’s been so sweet watching their relationship grow and see how close they are. It’s evident she adores him (and vice versa).

Have a beautiful Sunday Janae!


Last Saturday (not yesterday) I got a 20-miler in in perfect weather, but since then my IT band has been hurting a bit so it hasn’t been a good week of running for me. I’m looking at a marathon in about six weeks so I really hope it clears up soon so I can get some more workouts in!

My favorite donut is always some type of old-fashioned. Recently I had a chocolate old-fashioned that was pretty great, even though it was just from a gas station.


Yaaay! 2 more weeks! I am so excited! And you are going to KILL IT!
My best run was my 6 miler on Thurs after work b/c I never expected it to feel as good as it did. I had to run in the dark hours after a very long, exhausting day at work. I thought I would be dragging, but I actually flew! ? My worst run was yesterday’s 12 miler. My body felt terrible and I could not get any power out of my legs at all. It was really frustrating and I had to really fight the thoughts that I will feel like that on race day. Sometimes taper is such a head game!
Right now I am really struggling with small details for race day. I live in San Diego, so I am really cold sensitive which makes me worry that arm sleeves aren’t enough and I should wear long sleeves… but then will I get overheated?? Plus I think there is a possibility of rain (praying it doesn’t!) and after Tokyo and getting hypothermic I know a jacket may be in order. I may buy one just in case… any recommendations?
Sorry about the crazy… blame it on taper madness ?
Have a great week, Janae!


I ran a 1/2 marathon last Sunday and my mind was in a bad spot. Ugh. The actual race wasn’t bad, I just really struggled with controlling the negative thoughts. So I would say that was the worst. The best was a nice, steady 19 miles yesterday. The last 6.75 had rolling hills too.

Today is church, naps, and family dinner! My fav :)

I have a gluten allergy so no donuts :( But before I was diagnosed, it was definitely a maple old fashion or a blueberry glaze.


Hi Janae!! Way to end on a high note before the taper!

This week’s running for me has mostly been on the treadmill so I guess the best run is the one where I watched This is Us :). Worst run.. well my knee started hurting again. I think it’s cuz treadmill running makes me use my quads more and I have week quads? I just keep telling myself to ease up on it since it’s taper time anyways and the real race won’t be on the treadmill!


You nailed that huge workout! Awesome!
My best run last week was a quick 3-miler, when I wasn’t going really fast, but I felt like there was no way I could slow down at all–just really felt great.
Recovering sore muscles today, supervising a little housework my son is doing to earn $, and a couple of errands.
Happy Sunday!

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