We were very lucky to have the Runner’s Corner group to meet for this run because when my alarm clock went off, I had very little motivation to get out from underneath my weighted blanket.   Like usual, I was so glad that I did get up after a few miles of running.

The glamorous life of eating a bagel in bed at 5 in the morning;).  Runners are weird.

IMG 0273

We started off on the trails for the first portion of the run and climbed 1500 ft over those miles before starting our 3 fast miles.  My legs felt fatigued after the trails so it was great for us to go into some speed after that.  We also had some crazy fast pacers which changed things big time for us (2:32, 2:36 and 2:40 marathoners)—> 6:13, 5:48 and 5:50 for our tempo miles.  Emilee and I both felt really strong with those miles too so that was exciting for us.

After that we did 5ish miles just around where we parked.

IMG 0279

Passing my favorite bakery at mile 16 without any money on me was really sad.

IMG 0287

Went home, drank bcaas, ate lots of food, stretched, chores with the kids, didn’t shower, wanted to nap but didn’t and then it was time to meet up for run #2.  So grateful to have other crazy people to do this with.

Date night with Andrew to finish off the day!


Just 21 days until our race.  This week’s focus was quality and I feel like we were really able to get those in just by dropping our mileage a little bit compared to the previous week’s of training mileage.

Monday:  9.09 miles @ 8:42 average

Tuesday:  200m intervals on the road with a total of 10.38 miles @ 8:05 average

Wednesday:  13.2 miles total with 8 miles in the morning at 6:17 average (really hoping to see a 6:16 average on December 8th)!

Thursday:  8 miles @ 9:04

Friday: 1 miles @ 9:39 just to keep the blood flowing and my legs alive.

Saturday:  18.04 miles in the morning with trails and 3 tempo miles + 8 miles in the early afternoon.

Sunday: OFF!

68 miles for the week and just one more run in the 20s before the race:)


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Those of you training for a race… how many more days/weeks?

What are you excited for today?

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I’m sure you will be ready for the race in 21 days ! You are so incredible !
My best run of the week was, for sure, yesterday. It is so motivating to run with others.
And those people want me to participate to a 6 km race (canicross) half december. I’ve never done a race. But I’m thinking about it. It could be a good thing for a start. With no pressure. Just for pleasure. And just do my best.
Today, no run, a cardioboxing workout in ten minutes ! Go !


Your training schedule is so impressive! Are you planning on taking a little break after CIM? Or not thinking about that just yet?

I am excited for a Friendsgiving I’m going to today! I didn’t run too much this week–I went to the gym a couple times and used the elliptical, which was fun because it’s been a while since I used one and it was a nice lower-impact break (plus I definitely felt it when I upped the resistance . . . good for the legs, I think!). Excited to get some runs in this week before a Turkey Trot!

Have a great Sunday!


I can’t believe your race is only 3 weeks out!
Today was actually my best run and I wasn’t feeling it this morning. I’m 6 months pregnant so it’s a toss up how running feels haha
I wish I had a race on the schedule, but it gives me something to look forward to and train for next year!
I’m excited to be productive today and set up a good work week.


I’ve been following the Hansons program for my race next month, and finally hit 60 mile weeks. This is the highest mileage I’ve ever been able to tackle without injury, and I am LOVING it. Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo that actually likes all the miles and tough workouts. I am so jealous of your running group, we’re a little limited in that department in south Texas, but I’ve loved reading about your experience.


Andrea, that is HUGE! 60 miles and injury free. Huge congrats and we are all part of that weirdo group. Wish you could come join us. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and that is a fabulous training program!


I am so excited to “see” you crush CIM! I had my marathon yesterday- Richmond Marathon in Virginia. Finished in 3:49, which is 20 minutes off my PR, but I’m so happy with how I didn’t fade at the end and felt so much stronger than my last marathon 3 years ago (which was only 2 minutes faster). Amazing how much nutrition tweaks can help. Hope you have a great rest day!


AHHHH Janelle!! Congratulations… you rocked it and I am SO happy that you were able to finish strong. That is an incredible feeling… you figured out your nutrition! So awesome and I hope you are on cloud 9 after this race for a while!


Wow your training is so impressive! You’re going to kill it at CIM :)

I’m excited for a nap today! Ha. Hope you get some solid rest in too! I have a questions, after your first run yesterday when you say drank bcaas and ate a lot of food…what did that look like exactly? I don’t do double runs often, but when I do I find it hard to eat (enough) in between and after (later on in the evening), running really seems to suppress my appetite?

Thanks! Have a wonderful Sunday :)


Wow your training schedule is impressive! You’re going to kill it at CIM!

I’m excited to nap today haha. Hope you get some solid rest in too! I have a question for you. After your first run, when you say drank bcaas and ate lots of food, what exactly did that look like for you yesterday?? I don’t do double runs often, but when I do I find it hard to eat (enough) in between and after my second run (later in the evening).

Thanks! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)


Hey Rachel! Thank you so much and that is a tricky balance to figure out. My ultra really helped my stomach out and helped me to be able to eat pretty much anything right before an easy run… I had a donut and eggs and then a few hours later I had a meal from Blue Apron that I made and it was so delicious. I would rather feel a little sick from eating too much on the second run than like I’m going to pass out from not eating enough ha so I always probably go a little overboard. I hope you have a great week and thanks so much!


I’m just getting back into running after seasons of more lifting and my 5k is next week! The last 5k I did I had to take a few walking breaks but I think I’m really ready to run the whole thing. It’s a virtual race sponsored by the company I work for (we all work remotely so they do cool things like this to promote health and team spirit).


You are going to rock this 5k and I bet the lifting + getting back into running = you will have a very strong race! Let me know how it goes, sounds awesome.


My favorite sentence of your whole post ‘Runners are weird.’ Yes we are!! ?


Hahaha we really are but we forget because we do all of these weird things so often! I hope you have a wonderful week Katie!


Hi Janae! You sure crushed this week! I only did easy runs this week. I decided to skip my long run yesterday after your advice and then just slept extra :)

Looking forward to a childhood friends wedding today! Have a great rest of the weekend!


Oh I hope that the extra sleep and rest helps and PLEASE let me know how you are feeling this week. Thanks so much and I hope the wedding was super fun!


OK the toughest part of that run couldn’t be the 1,500 ft of climbing or the 3 fast miles, but PASSING BY YOUR FAVORITE BAKERY and not going inside!! You really worked on your mental strength today and I hope you made up for it later ;)


It REALLY was! Definitely had a donut yesterday and one today at church hahah but my mental strength was definitely tested yesterday. I hope you have the best week Michelle!


My best run was yesterday; 11.9 miles which is my longest in almost 3 years! (In those 3 years was hip surgery and having a baby) I’m running a half marathon in 2 weeks and couldn’t be more excited! It’s my favorite distance and it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to race. Whenever it felt hard running yesterday I stole your mantra, I can do hard things, and it totally helped! I’m so excited for your upcoming race, you are going to rock it!


AHHH ERIN! That is HUGE! I am SO happy for you and you are so so so ready for your half marathon. You are going to rock it and PLEASE let me know it goes!


My best run was this morning. It was warm (well for MN this time of year). I was thinking this morning on my run that I wish I was training for a race right now because I love cold(er) weather running when there is no snow and ice on the ground yet! It made me think I should look for an early spring race….or sign up for a 5k yet this winter.

Do you like double runs? I do them every once in a while when I need some fresh air in the afternoon, but I am not sure how I would like them being “scheduled” ;-).


Hey Becky! I am SO glad that you had great weather for an awesome run this morning. The best way to start the day and let me know what you end up signing up for! Hmmm double runs= sometimes I LOVE them and I feel like it is so nice to get out and run again in the fresh air and then sometimes I am just doing it to check them off for my coach. It really depends but not something I would choose to do outside of my marathon training! Hahaha yep, the scheduled part changes it a bit. Have a fabulous week!

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