Change of Plans… We Might All Feel This Way Today.

OFFICIALLY IN THE SINGLE DIGITS: 9 days and yesterday was the last time I will wear my florescent jersey before CIM!

The original plan was for us to race the turkey trot yesterday but my coach saw that we were really feeling worn down so he told us to run it for fun and we will do a 3 mile workout on Saturday instead.  It really is so nice to be able to meet with him in person so he can really get a feel for where we are at with out training and adjust accordingly.

Right now we need as much rest and recovery as possible with a little sharpening and that is what we are going to do!

From when we went to go talk to my coach on Wednesday!

IMG 1269

It was snowing like crazy during the race so I was happy to not be slipping and sliding trying to go fast… but my friend on the right (Tawny) averaged 5:45 pace for the race!  UNREAL.

IMG 1312

I think winter is officially here now and that this will be the normal for the next few weeks:

Screen Shot 2019 11 28 at 5 54 26 PM

4 mile race + miles before and after the race = 11 miles total.

IMG 1298

Lately, whenever I run on the treadmill I catch up on James Corden clips on Youtube which makes treadmill running fun.  I watched this one yesterday and it made me laugh so hard.

Brooke did a turkey trot too with her dad.  I can’t wait for her cross-country season (aka running while we play a million games each practice;).

IMG 2948

SKYE SLEPT IN UNTIL 10 AM.  I think that she would do that every morning if it wasn’t for the big kids making noise ha.  She loves her sleep but was a little unsure about the snow.

IMG 1306

She is getting way too good at hiding.

IMG 1321

We had a small dinner with Andrew after he was done with work and is there anything better than rolls?  I have my carb depletion coming up (PURELY FOR MY MARATHON TRAINING so that my body will store carbs better for the race) so I am extremely grateful for rolls right now.

IMG 1324

Finished off the night with Frozen for the 49858th time:).

IMG 1319

I have a feeling we are all going to feel this way today:

IMG 1291

PS sorry for the lack of Friday Favorites today but I included all of my favorite things in my gift guide here (but my favorite running/life leggings are on sale today for only $20!!) this week just in case you missed it.  Have the best weekend and I have never found a more accurate chart in my life.

IMG 1296

Happy almost December:)

IMG 1235 2


Who is shopping today?!?

Who did a turkey trot yesterday?  How did it go?

What was the best thing that you ate yesterday?

Who is going to have a lazy morning??

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We did the turkey trot (5k) as a family yesterday–it was the best time! It was the first race for my husband, 5 and 4 year old. My husband and 4 year old walked back to the school at mile 1;-) My 5 year old loved it…she was a block ahead of me at one point. She hurt her ankle and had to go to the bathroom starting at mile 2, but she still ran the last block to the finish. She was mad that I went on a run this morning without her. I have been trying to get my oldest daughter (9 years old) into running and it just isn’t her thing so I am so excited that my 5 year old wants to run!

I think it is going to be a lazy morning and lazy weekend:-)

That is awesome that you are able to meet with your coach in person and he can change your workouts based on how you are feeing. I spend way too much time thinking about how much I can push, if I should back off, etc. It would be nice to have someone to take the guesswork out of it!


Oh I LOVE that your whole family did the turkey trot yesterday! It makes me so happy that your 5 year old loves running already, looks like you’ve got a training partner for life! It really is so nice because it’s hard to know and my coach says he can just look in our eyes and tell and he is always right! I hope your Friday is a beautiful one!


Oh, that snow! Little jealous, little grateful–I’m really not ready for snow yet, even though I like that crunch under my feet.
Skye is SO CUTE in that antler headband :)
I may do some online shopping today, but it’s hard to get me into a store on this crowded day!
I trotted on my own yesterday: 10 miles in the wind (~20 mph with 30+ gusts). The goal was to remind my legs that we’re going to do a half next Saturday, so this is how you keep moving ~haha~ I may or may not have walked backward for a bit when the gusts were blasting me head on.
I filled up on stuffing yesterday! Also loved the turkey and snowflake rolls (just soft dinner rolls sprinkled with flour, but sounds more fun).
My morning is pretty lazy, though I’m working from home…in my jammies.
Have a cozy day!


I hope that the snow comes at the perfect timing for you! Isn’t online shopping just the best? I am excited for your half and I want to hear all about it yesterday. Totally going to copy you on the snowflake rolls… my kids love names like that for food. Enjoy those jammies. Thanks Corey!


Happy Thanksgiving Hungry Runner Girl crew!!! That Syke is going to move mountains:)

Tell me about your black striped shorts on your treadmill run. Cute….cute….cute!!!!!


Hey Toby! Thank you so much and I agree with you about Skye:) . They are the Senita Rio shorts and I LOVE them and the pockets they have on the sides too. I hope you have the best day!


I did a turkey trot with friends yesterday and had so much! We took it easy, talked, cheered on other runners. Love how many people want to go out and run on thanksgiving!


That Turkey Trot sounds absolutely perfect and I totally agree, it’s so fun to see everyone out moving Thanksgiving morning. I hope your Friday is a great one!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful fam.
Best thing I ate yesterday was the brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, and corn bread. Actually all of it. all of it was gooooooooood.


Erica, Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, Chris and Hope! Tell them all hello for me and I think I need that corn bread right now. Enjoy your Friday!


Hah, that chart is totally me too!

We don’t have any snow yet so I’m enjoying running on clean sidewalks and trails while it lasts. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! I love that sweatshirt; where did you get it?


Thanks Marissa and you too! Here it is:



I ran the Detroit Turkey Trot 5K & as crowded it was for the first mile, I was able to speed up & finish the last mile pretty fast with two of my friends! It was a great morning!


What headband are you wearing in this picture?

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