Emilee and I were talking during our run yesterday about the fact that we never really run any miles in the 7:XX range.  We are either in the high 8:XX’s-9:XX’s during our easy runs or we are doing speed in the 5:XX’s-6:XX’s.  Sometimes our overall average pace of a run is in the 7’s between the speed work and the w/u & c/d but I can’t remember the last time I ran a 7:XXish mile.

I really feel like my training goes a lot better without the middle paced miles.  I keep my recovery day paces different than my speed work paces and I think that really helps me.  I think that if we did do more of the middle paced miles then we wouldn’t be able to hit the speed paces prescribed to us.  I totally agreed with this from this podcast I listened to yesterday, “The best way to train is to really polarize your training.  Hard is very very hard… to force physiological adaptations to be made and easy is excruciatingly easy so that you truly recover from those hard days.”

8.05 miles easy yesterday and today we have some hill climbing with one really fast mile and then our last huge workout is on Saturday.

Skye is not happy when Brooke goes to school… She keeps that little tear under her eye there for as long as possible to remind me that she doesn’t want her to leave.

Also, you never know when a little pb on your cheek will come in handy later on in the day.

IMG 0516

My sister and I took advantage of the short-sleeve weather at the park yesterday with the kids.

IMG 0536

Between my sister’s two boys and Skye, nobody got hurt at the park which is quite the accomplishment for us.

IMG 0531

Emilee and I went in and talked to our coach to get the final weeks of training all figured out.  He said after our workouts last week he thinks there is a bigger chance of us hitting the time we want to at CIM.  I didn’t take a picture at the store but found this old one of the first time I started running for Runner’s Corner in 2011… I was so excited!

IMG 4325

Shalane’s recovery quinoa salad is quite delicious when you add some cubed sweet potatoes.

IMG 0537

And this cereal is quite delicious when you eat it straight out of the box.

IMG 0555

Brooke had a friend over and they asked if we could make a treat together.  General Mills sent us all of the ingredients for ‘Buddy The Elf Sweet Maple Chex Mix’ so we went for it.

IMG 0558

Sugar overload followed by leftovers for dinner.

IMG 0559

And a few random things to end off today:

*Andrew has been massaging out my right calf like crazy to help my plantar.  I had no idea how tight my calves were but I was sweating bullets during this massage!

IMG 0452

*This picture popped up on my Facebook and it made me smile.  Time is sure flying by!  I remember this being a really hard week because it was going to be my first holiday away from Brooke.  We won’t have the big kids this Thanksgiving either & Andrew works so it will be a small Thanksgiving this year too.

IMG 0528

*This is why we are throwing away every marker in our house.

IMG 0556

*Rain and snow will be heading our way starting today but it sure has been nice to have such great weather for most of our training!

IMG 0547


Do you find that your easy runs are usually around the same pace or do they differ? 

-Ours are usually within 30 seconds of each other!

Last treat that you made at your house?

What running store do you go to in your area?

What are your feelings towards leftovers—> YES HALLELUJAH or pass?

-Leftovers are my best friend because it means delicious food without the work.

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The last treat I made was no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies. They are a favorite in my house!
We are lucky to have several great running stores in KC – they all get my business!
And leftovers are how I survive. Often times I will prepare two meals on the same day that will feed my family for the next four dinners. I am a huge fan of planning out my meals for the week and ensuring there are leftovers on the days when I have longer runs/workouts so I don’t feel stressed about getting food on the table and can instead focus on my run when I get home from the office.


Thank you for reminding me of those… they are my families favorite too. That is awesome that you have so many running stores where you are. I love the way you meal plan and prep and you are so smart to do it the way you do. I hope you have a great day at work LC and an awesome run!


I need to try adding sweet potatoes to that salad! I love love love that salad and I love sweet potatoes. Do you eat the roasted potatoes with the skin on?

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week–they had oats and almond butter and were SO GOOD, almost a cross between a cookie and healthier snack. So easy, too! https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2019/10/28/pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies/

I had an interesting run this morning–started to not feel good when I wasn’t too far in, and I tried to keep going but had to turn around. I walked for a bit, then decided to jog home since I’d get home faster that way . . . and even though I didn’t feel my best I ran way faster then! I think the combination of walking + wanting to get home gave me some extra spring, which is funny to me because I definitely didn’t feel good. I really want to start getting faster, and I know I CAN, I just have trouble actually doing it. Anyway. Was bummed I didn’t finish my run the way I wanted to, but I know I’d regret it way more if I didn’t listen to my body.


YES YES YES you do and I leave the skins on… the more nutrients the better! I need to make those cookies… the almond butter sold me:) . Her pictures always make me drool ha. I am SO glad that you listened to your body and that is what pays off in the long run and keeps us running longer and faster. You were smart this morning and I hope you feel better on your next one. Thanks Kristin!


I think I am running way too often at that middle-of-the-road pace and that’s why I’m struggling to see improvement. This was a big ‘aha’ moment – thanks! Your blog has definitely given me something to think about…

I recently made ‘healthy’ brownies with almond flour, protein powder and almond butter.

Marathon Sports is near me and I LOVE them.

Leftovers are life. I make double portions for dinner so lunch is taken care of the next day. If I’m cooking anyway I may as well get two or more meals out of the effort.


Hey Carol! Oh those aha moments are the best and who knows… it might work for some but I definitely see more improvements in my speed when I am polarizing things! I need to try those brownies and I hope you have some amazing leftovers today for lunch. I love your theory! Have a beautiful day.


Need to slow down on my easy runs, I tend to run the pace of the person I am with which sometimes means too fast. Made banana bread this morning before work as I am away for a few days and my daughter can snack on it while I am away. Local running store near me is the Bedford Running Room, where I have met the most amazing people. Totally agree with you Janae, leftovers are the best, no work and quick fuel. Have the best day!
p.s. Skye thinks she’s 10 motoring away on that scooter!


It really is so hard to run easy enough on our easy days when we are with other people… I get what you are saying! I bet your house smells so good right now and good luck on your trip. Hahah she seriously has no idea that she is still ONE… it’s so funny to me. Have a beautiful day!


Hey Janae! I have a thought about your plantar issues. I AM NO DOCTOR – but my PT gave my life-changing information last year and it might help you too. My plantar fasciitis flares up every once in a while too, and I always so straight to working on my calves and supporting my arches, which obviously helps a bit. But last year my PT looked at my TOE FLEXIBILITY, especially in my big toe, and noticed I had very limited range of motion in that area on my one foot. He had me do an exercise where you stand your foot flat on the ground and try to raise just your big toe and keep the other 4 on the floor, then raise just the 4 toes and keep the big toe on the floor, about 10x each a few times a day – it is HARD. I also stretched by holding my foot in sort of a “tip-toe” position a few times a day, which felt awesome. The plantar fasciitis pain disappeared after that!! If it ever flares up again I focus on that for a few days and it’s back to normal. I wonder if that could be your issue if you do a ton of calf work but it keeps coming back. I would have never thought about toes being the issue… Obviously you should ask your own doctor about it, but something to think about!

Anyway, that was quite the ramble :) Good luck at CIM – I’m rooting for you as always!


ANNA. Thank you SO much for your help and for what your PT had you do. I just did the toe lifts and I’ll continue to… it’s hard for me to do so I’m guessing I don’t have toe flexibility. Hoping this fixes mine too! Thanks again, I really appreciate your help and support… it means the world to me!


What a treat to have short-sleeve weather in November, even for a little bit!
Uh oh…it has been awhile since I last made a treat in my house. I don’t think opening the bag of candy corn/chocolate-covered peanut mix counts? That chex mix looks fantastic!
The “local” running stores around me seem to be closing in the past few years. We have a Fleet Feet and Road Runner Sports.
Leftovers are A-OK by me! The less I have to prepare, the happier I am. And I’m fine with eating the same thing regularly.


Right?! We felt quite spoiled yesterday! Ummm that bag definitely counts and that mixture is just perfect. That makes me so so so sad that some of those stores have closed around you. I love running stores and I want them to all exist for ever. I hear ya… It takes me a long time to get bored of a meal. Have a great day Corey!


Love leftovers!! No cooking.
When I ask my husband to massage something he never does it hard enough! Glad Andrew can get into that muscle for you! You mentioned sports massages you were getting. What is the difference between that kind of massage and a regular one?


Hey MARY! The guy that I go to focuses more on manipulation of the soft tissue and it’s pretty uncomfortable (for me at least) while a normal one is more for relaxation. I hope you have a beautiful day Mary!


I am jealous of your short sleeve weather! It has been colder than normal for November here in Iowa and I’m getting a little stir crazy being stuck inside with my 3 week old. I really wish it was nice enough to take her out for a walk in the fresh air, but with it being flu season we have kept her away from crowds and out of the cold weather as much as possible.
The last treat I made was some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are technically “lactation cookies” as I am exclusively pumping and trying to keep my supply up, but they are soooo good! My husband even thinks so haha. I have been eating 1 or 2 each time I pump so that makes for lots of cookies throughout the day but I’m not complaining!
My brother used to work at a running store near me called the Shoe Shack so that was my go to for shoes and gear, especially since he could get stuff for me at the employee cost. He still works there but only when they need extra help so no more discounts for me unfortunately. But I have found another locally owned running store that I like and I like to support small business when I can.
Leftovers are my jam! I love that a meal is basically ready for me in the fridge and I just have to heat it up. Especially now with a newborn since the time for cooking is often limited. Or I think I will cook but then little miss is fussy and cuddling her takes priority :). Gotta soak up those baby snuggles while I can!
Have a great day!


Oh Tara, I hope it warms up a bit for you guys! CONGRATS on your new little one. I remember that when Skye was born… I stayed inside for a few months because I was so nervous about her getting sick. It’s hard. I hope that it warms up so you can get out for some walks together though. I’ll have to try those cookies for our next one. SO fun that your brother works at a running store close and that you also have another option close too! Cuddling always wins:) . ENJOY!!


I’m a massage therapist who works on plantar issues a lot! Make sure you’re getting into the skin muscles as well. Tibialis anterior specifically but anything that feels “sore” when pressed. That muscle is responsible for flexing the foot and needs lots of love especially in runners with a hefty heel strike. Best of luck! I’m loving watching you crush your dreams!!


SARAH SARAH SARAH thank you so much for this help. I go in to my massage therapist tomorrow and I’ll tell him about the Tibialis anterior… thank YOU! Have the best day and I really appreciate your support!


I’ve been making a conscious effort to keep easy run paces about the same. I noticed I had a tendency to go too fast on easy days. I have trouble making the paces I want on my hard days. I might need to adjust my expectations…I only end up angry and frustrated with myself on those days.
When we had littles, there was only washable markers in the house for just that reason! Aquadoodle books and floor mats. They’re awesome.
The last treat I made was original recipe Chex Mix. It’s a holiday staple around here. Christmas cookies are going to be appearing soon!
Almost never any leftovers. I would love to, but they have bad side effects on my GI tract. Any leftovers have to be eaten very, very carefully. Usually only things that have minimal fat, minimal dairy, and NO sauce or gravy of any kind. So…broth based soups, salads, and veggies.


Way to go Jen… I really think that you will notice a big difference on the hard days when you make your easier days easier. Looking up aquadoodle books and floor mats right now. There is just something so perfect about chex mix. Oh bummer about your GI reacting to leftovers!!

Have a beautiful day Jen!


My easy runs are all usually within 30 secs too, but I actually think I’m doing them too fast and need to slow them down. Hard to do!

I LOVE leftovers!!! I don’t know how some people won’t eat them….many things are better the next day. More for me!


That is so true… a lot of recipes really do taste better the next day! I hope you have a beautiful day Laura!


We get pretty close to the same weather here in Colorado that you do in Utah! It has been sooo warm the past few days and the front moves in today.
I have (another) stress fracture so no running right now :( sooo sad. When I think about your fast paces I am amazed!! I don’t think I have ever run any mile that fast.
Love me some leftovers!!!!


LAURA! Oh girl, I AM SO SO SORRY! How much longer until you are running again? I hope it is soon and grab some hot chocolate today… the cold is coning in fast.


Hi Janae! Thanks for sharing your paces!! I am a beginner and I am always suspect of whether a super easy run will actually do any good but after several injuries I am finally coming around. I actually read somewhere that you can’t really run *too slow* on a recovery day since it’s just to get blood flowing in your legs, but I’m not sure how true that is. Do you have any thoughts on how slow you can run for it to still be effective?

Thanks! And I hope you have a great day and loosen up that calf soon!


Hey Amy! Great question! Easy runs are the best and I just tell myself that if it feels ‘hard’ then I need to slow down during the run. I don’t think you can go too slow unless it is messing up your form which could cause an injury. My post here has a ton of the benefits of going slow and I hope you like it. Have the best day Amy and keep me updated on how you are doing!


Dear Janae: could you please put a few Beretta pictures in your next posts? He hasn’t been showing up much lately. I miss him. I am dog deprived in my real life. Thank you, Belle


Hahaha I sure will! She is doing great and out on a bike ride/run with Andrew right now! Hope you have a beautiful day!


I’ve been trying to make my easy runs slower. The treadmill makes it easy (too dark in the morning for me to go outside now!) but when I’m running outside I tend to run faster. I also feel like I’m being judged on Strava for my paces, which is silly. I have seen great success from slowing down, so there’s definitely some value in it!
Dave’s Running Shop is one of our local running stores – and I’m a coach and Ambassador for them, so that’s where I shop! :)


I am always having to work on taking the easy days truly easy. Some days I just feel GOOD and want to go faster. One of the biggest thing I’ve learned from your blog is the importance of recovery.

I recently bought my own house and am living by myself so leftovers are a HALLELUJAH. It’s quick, easy, and I know I’m getting the most out of my money. I’m getting used to eating leftovers multiple times since one recipe can last a long time for one person :)


I’m super excited to find out how CIM treats you!!

We made gf brownies for my mom’s bday last night and they were delish! Seriously, WalMart has a great store brand mix!

We have a locally owned running store called Sole 2 Soul and it’s awesome!

Leftovers are my absolute favorite! I have a fridge and a microwave in my classroom and warm food on a cold day is the absolute best. Sometimes I think I like the leftovers even more than the original meal!


I find leftovers can taste even better.
YES to leftovers.

Cutie picture of you and little Brooke.


If you haven’t been able to remove the marker stain, try hairspray!
It works.


I did on the floor but there are some areas on our door that hasn’t… off to grab my hairspray! THANKS DEB!


You should surprise Andrew at work on thanksgiving with his favorite coffee or something! It can be a new tradition for holidays he works! Even if he’s too busy to chat, I bet it will be fun for you to give & him to receive:)

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