Weekend Recap + What I Wore

Good morning!!!

Random tangent of the day but I came across this old picture of Brooke and decided to try the same hairstyle on Skye…

IMG 7550

How Brooke has grown up so fast… I do not understand.  Oh and that above pink blanket is still a part of her daily life but it just isn’t as bright anymore ha.

IMG 7580

It felt great to have another rest day but Skye worked on some pull-ups.

IMG 7555

After church my sister had us all over for dinner!

The highlight of the day on Saturday…

Andrew bought some mountain bikes for Brooke and Knox and it was like Christmas morning for him to see Brooke ride around on hers.

IMG 7522

Then we went to get them all new helmets and Skye was not happy when we took hers off.

IMG 7525

Okay, at some point I promise I will stop talking about the race BUT here is a video from the very end!

I forgot to post my outfit details from the marathon so here they are:

1.  The Senita shorts are awesome.  I had four gels in the pockets and my shorts just held them so perfectly and they didn’t move around at all.  You can’t beat their prices either… these shorts even wash super well too.

2.  RUNNER’S CORNER JERSEY—> The best running store you will ever visit in your life.

3.  Garmin Fenix 6S Pro.  I have never loved a piece of technology as much as I love this.  Good thing I won money at the race to help me to justify this purchase ha;)

4.  Balega socks.  I’ve never had a blister with these socks and they are just my favorite socks ever.

5. These sunglasses.  They are comfortable, they don’t move around and they are cheap enough that you don’t stress out too badly if you lose them.  Emilee and I just wore our sunglasses on top of our head until the sun was out and then wore them for the rest of the race.

6. Arm sleeves from Brooks 6 years ago (they have some similar ones here).  These arm sleeves have come to MANY races over the years.  I was very glad that I was able to just throw them to Andrew when I saw him at mile 6 when it started to warm up outside.. I did not want to lose them.

7.  The Brooks Hyperion.  I actually wore the exact same pair of them that I wore the previous year for my 2:59 marathon.  They are my lucky shoes and I might have to wear the same pair for CIM.

8.  I wore this sports bra.  I love it a lot and it is quite comfortable in my opinion.

For long term readers, my lucky bee sweatshirt (the grey one that had an embroidered bee on it and it was just not the most attractive piece of clothing ever but I loved it so much) has officially disappeared.  I looked everywhere for it to take to St. George to wear it before the race because I’ve worn it before every big race that I’ve done since I got it and now it’s lost.

So if anyone finds it, please let me know.

IMG 6645

Just a really low-quality picture of the pockets on my shorts.  Oh I also had Andrew bring my Birkenstocks to the race so I could put those on right after the race.

IMG 6671

Sadly we are past the days of shorts and tank tops around here.

My running partner Jenn amazes me because she doesn’t wear gloves!   This was at the end of 8 miles together and my fingers were frozen (I even had handwarmers in there) and her fingers were sweating she said.  I really need to acclimate to this cold weather because it came FAST this year and I’m not sure I know how to do speed work in the cold.

IMG 7484

And THIS… absolutely incredible!  A lot of limits are being broken this year, 2019 has been a great one so far!

Screen Shot 2019 10 13 at 3 17 04 PM

My new life quote:

IMG 7481


In case you want to catch up on last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were:

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What are some of the pieces that you absolutely love to wear at races?  Sunglasses at a race—> yes or no?

What usually gets cold FIRST when you are out on a run on a cold day?

Who raced this weekend?  TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

Anyone reading bike?  Mountain bike? Road Bike?  Both?

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Hi Janae! So sad to hear about the sweatshirt! I raced a half marathon this weekend. I showed up and there were A LOT of running teams there so I was immediately intimidated. BUT then I remembered that I run for me and kept thinking “beat yesterday.” I finished w/ 8:15/mile and am excited to see how I can bring that down! I’m running a ‘fun’ half in November on some hard trails, looking forward to new challenges!


Maggie… I am SO happy for you! You absolutely rocked your half and I love that you didn’t let your confidence down. Beat Yesterday… I love that so much! That is exciting about your half next month and I would love to hear all about it. The trails are so much fun and make us so strong! Have the most beautiful day.


Janae!! Super delayed (this last week has been nuts) but CONGRATS on your 2:49!!! I am so incredibly inspired by you and I hope you’re still celebrating your amazing accomplishment!! Seriously so awesome. Congrats again!! Keep it up and I have no doubt you’ll crush CIM too!!

I ran Chicago this past weekend and ran a 3:16:03!!! An almost 9 minute PR that I NEVER thought in a million years I would be able to do!! I ran a 3:25: 45 last year and literally remember saying to myself “I will never be able to run that fast again” lol! Everything hurts but I’m so happy :)

PS – Loved your recent Ali on the Run Podcast episode!!!


Arthi. A NINE MINUTE PR!! Are you serious?! That is a huge jump and just WOW. I am so happy for you… and wonder what will happen at Chicago next year (DREAM BIG)! Thank you so much and wish we could go on a run together! Have a wonderful day.


Ooh I love that Kipchoge quote!!! Such a cool weekend for running!!

So this past weekend I ran my first marathon!!! I still can’t believe it! I finished in 4:18 and it definitely feels like after you have a baby – you don’t want to think at all about having another one right now but you know you will want to again at some point. :) I ran the South Jordan race and it was pretty small and I was alone for lots of it. I didn’t love that but loved how close it was to home and that made it really convenient. My husband and I are really looking at St George next year to do it together – any tips on how we can BOTH train for a marathon at the same time?


LAURA!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats. I hope you stay on top of the world for awhile after this. Huge congrats!! Oh you have to do St. George next year, you are going to absolutely LOVE IT and you won’t be alone at that one:) . Any chance one of you are more of an evening runner? One could run in the morning and one at night? I’m a big believer in hiring a babysitter too… it would be the perfect date to go on a long run together. Do you have family close by that would want to help and you could switch off with them? I am just so happy for you, congrats on a huge accomplishment!


Thank you so much Janae!!
Those suggestions are really helpful! We don’t have any family in Utah but we have a strong church community/family and so I’m sure when the time comes we can have help so we can do some long runs together. Neither of us are evening runners but maybe that will just have to change. :) thanks so much for your supportive and helpful suggestions!


I was never able to tolerate wearing sunglasses while running until I discovered Goodr brand. I hate the name, but they are SO COMFORTABLE and not pricey.
I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, so my fingers and toes get super cold if it’s below 50 degrees out. Here in Western, NY, that’s 90% of the year, so gloves/mittens are an essential.
Have a great day, Janae and family!


Hahaha the name really is awful but they sure mastered the perfect pair of running sunglasses for cheap. I bet your fingers rarely feel warm! I have a space heater on right now because it is lower than 50 haha. Thanks Stacey and ps are you guys going to find out the gender?


Sunglasses are a must if it’s during the summer. I don’t have a must wear piece. I base on my mood.
When I run on a cold day it’s my ears that get cold 1st, then hands. being up here in Seattle not sure I’ll miss those cold Utah mornings.
no race for me this weekend but my son who is on cross country ran in the HUGE Nike hole in the wall invitational over 5,000 runners from middle school-high school and he got a NEW PR of 14:17 in the 1.7 mile run!!!

We haven’t biked for a while since both kids aren’t into it much.
Have a great Monday


Hahaha you will NOT miss our cold winter mornings. I might just hibernate next winter haha. CONGRATS to your son… he did absolutely incredible! Thanks Molly and you too.


I recently got those Senita shorts at your recommendation, and wore them for my marathon yesterday. They are so comfortable and are perfect for carrying gels. And I got my first BQ (actually a BQ-8!)!!!


AHHHH CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST MARATHON!!! You rocked it… a BQ-8 on your first marathon?! UNREAL! I hope you are planning on Boston 2021! So glad you loved the shorts too, they are just the best.


I’m always amazed at people whose hands don’t get cold. My fingers are always cold when it cooler than it’s 50 degrees. I don’t have anything I have to wear and I find I really only wear sunglasses for summer races. No reason though.

Boo about your sweatshirt, I remember when I lost my striped Ralph Lauren 90s sweater and it was sad.


I’m with you… it would be so nice to just always have warm fingers hahah! I hope that by some miracle that sweater shows up in your life again! I feel your pain!


Oh- I really like those shorts. The pockets=a yes.

Thanks for sharing your mental tips. I actually utilized some of them this weekend. It worked out! I broke 3 which was fun. It was crazy finishing and hearing the women’s world record was broken. A lot of inspirational stuff at Chicago this year. I think you would probably qualify for elite perks, and they treat people well here. Fast course, I could see you ripping one in Chicago!


AHHH I WAS WONDERING HOW IT WENT FOR YOU! HUGE CONGRATS KAYTLIN! I hope you feel on top of the world. So happy for you! I really have to get out there one year to Chicago, it sounds perfect. I bet that was so cool to be there the day the women’s world record was broken. Recover well!


I love Goodr sunglasses. I have way too many pairs because they have the cutest colors. My nose is always the coldest think during the winter months when I am running. My feet get pretty cold too. I really want to get a pair of the Senita pants because I love the pockets!


That’s the thing about them… you think you have enough and then you find a new color and have to buy them too:) . Oh I forgot about my nose… same here. You should try them out, they are amazing. Hope your Monday has gone great so far!


This weekend was the best to spectate … and it’s not over; the Moab 240 is still going on! The overall winner finished in 59:30:11 and the first place woman is at mile-ish 210 or so. Wow wow wow! The broken records of the marathon give me all the happy excited chills.
I was wondering about your bee sweatshirt! Ha! I’m so sorry it’s MIA.
As for races I’ve always worn a trucker hat, preferably new or a favorite that my outfit is based off of. I’m not a huge sun glass wearer so the hat works wonders for me. Sweat wicking, keeping the sun out and keeping bugs out of my hair when I’m on trails. Ew. Ha!
My face get’s super cold; to the point I’ve considered wearing a ski/robber mask while I run. I figure that’s to creepy though so I can’t bring myself to purchase one. Lol!
I have a mountain bike that has never been to the mountains. Lol. I’ve only ever done trails and road w/ it. So I guess I should start calling it a trail bike??!
Have a great day!


I cannot even IMAGINE running 240 miles. They are absolutely incredible. So many people out there doing amazing things and inspiring all of us. Hahaha I’m seriously sad about it!Trucker hats really are the best. You really should get a mask… my mom got me these and they are great:
Trail biking is the best:) Enjoy the rest of your Monday Jenny!


Sunglasses – yes, all the time, year round! I just got a pair of Optishokz Revvez (https://optishokz.com/) – they are bone conduction sunglasses so I can listen to music directly from my sunglasses. I have had Aftershokz headphones for quite a while and I’m loving having it built into my sunglasses.

My ears tend to get cold. My hands sweat! I occasionally start out with gloves, but they usually come off within the first mile.

I started mountain biking about 10 years ago. I do more road biking now.


How have I never seen these until NOW?! Absolutely incredible… best 2 in 1 ever! Thanks for sharing this with me Kathy. Send me your sweaty hands haha… I need them this winter:) . I hope you are having a wonderful day!


A belated congratulations on your 2:49! You are amazing!

Ears and nose get cold first.

I love biking, mostly mountain biking but I have a road bike too. I hate encountering cars, though, so I usually stick with mountain biking. This past Friday, my husband and I played hooky and took a day trip to Moab to go biking. It was wonderful.


Thank you SO much Heather! Your Friday with your husband sounds like it was absolutely perfect. I need to copy you guys and surprise Andrew with that, he would love it! I bet the weather in Moab was perfect too! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


Unrelated to your questions BUT… would you recommend St George as a first marathon? I’m thinking mostly about altitude. Is it an issue for people who aren’t from the area? Congrats again on an amazing race!


I totally would recommend it! If you are going for completion.. the altitude should be fine! If you are looking for a PR then I always worry a bit about going up in elevation but for your first one just focus on loving the experience. You can’t beat the views just make sure and get in some good up and down training. I hope you love it as much as I do! Have a beautiful day and let me know if you have any other questions!


Oh no, I’m sad to hear about your bee sweatshirt! I hope it turns up.


Oh thank you so much!!! Have a great day!


Definitely my hands. I need to bust out the gloves. This is going to be a long winter. Any tips on a good running jacket for the colder weather? I’m finding it hard to get out, particularly in the early mornings and think proper gear could help.

Janae, what UCAN do you use? I’m looking at their site but not sure if to purchase the “workout energy” tub or the “performance”. I know performance is for longer but wondering if just to take more of the energy? Most of my runs are about 60″ in length but 1-2x a week I go longer and I’m trying to boost that up now (coming back from injury etc.). Also, do you get the plain or a flavour (what’s your preference?).


I totally understand… it’s so much harder to go out in the mornings now. I’ll put a post together about weather gear for different temperatures! I use the performance UCAN! I would definitely go for the workout though if I were you! I always get the tropical orange but I really need to try out the plain soon. Let me know what you end up using and loving and so happy you are back after injury!


My hands get really cold and I get white fingers so in winter time I have to wear gloves. Sometimes my hands are warm when I get back home and then turn really cold when I’m in the shower, weird! I have a bike (seven speeds, which is plenty for our flat country) for doing errands and biking around town, and sometimes I just go for a ride. Did you know you’re going to run CIM before you ran St. George? Or did your coach only tell it afterwards? I wore my sunglasses at my half last year and was really happy I did. When I don’t need them they stay on my head fine while running too. Have a great day!


Hey Eva!! Oh that is very interesting about your hands in the shower! I signed up for CIM back in July or August but didn’t want to commit to it until after I saw how St. George went and talked to my family about it to make sure it wasn’t taking too much time!
I hope you are having a great night!


Ah, I ran Chicago this weekend and it was AMAZING! Huge PR for me at 3:40:14 and I crushed my original goal of 3:45. I’m excited to see where things go from here and I always come back here for motivation :)


AHHH JOANNA!! I am so thrilled for you. You absolutely crushed your goal. I hope you are on cloud 9 all month. HUGE congrats and let me know what you are planning on next, I’m thrilled for you!


I raced my first 15k this past weekend and holy smokes let me tell you, the cold in Ohio came FAST! It was close to 80 on Friday and at the start of our race Sat morning, it was only 34 with pretty strong winds. My lungs were burning for the remainder of the day. For being 16 weeks pregnant and being so cold out, I ended up finishing in 1:30. Next time I’m aiming for faster lol. I can handle running in the cold once my body is adapted but the wind and cold, I don’t think I will ever adjust or figure out how to do that. I’m always envious of you running in all the snow for your winter runs, many many props!!

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