Sentence Per Picture!

Treadmill yesterday (5 @ 9:00 pace) and time for some speed today… I definitely missed running with people and outside yesterday but thank you James Corden for creating Carpool Karoake to keep me entertained on the treadmill.

Skye grabs her backpack whenever it’s time to take Brooke to school.

IMG 7761

We went to help out at Knox’s field trip!

IMG 7803

It was one of the best days of Skye’s life.

IMG 7781

The same goes for Knox too;)

IMG 7787

Sometimes your weekly date involves picking up Chipotle, putting Skye down for a nap and enjoying A Million Little Things before the big kids get out of school… It was a good date.

IMG 7831

Biking champs (Knox’s bike gets here tomorrow so they took turns).

IMG 7916

Another amazing soup from here.

IMG 7245

I do not understand why Skye stays more still for ‘hair salon’ with the girls vs when I am doing her hair;)

IMG 7752

We have created a blanket addict.

IMG 7658

Andrew sent me a picture of his planner and what he wrote a few months before the race….  Now for his prediction for December 8th (CIM) to happen…

IMG 7753

Excited to wear these fast shoes this morning!

IMG 7918 2


Give me your sentence for the day!

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Sentence of the day: I will be forever grateful to Janae for bringing A million Little Things into my life!!!!!


OH I AM SO GLAD. Best show ever (well, along with Parenthood)! I hope your day is a beautiful one Mel!


I will most likely be doing a treadmill run myself today… Morning is jammed packed, and I felt like I just really needed sleep, so I will squeeze in my run later. It’s been so ridiculously hot here again, that running in the afternoon outside is not something I really want to do ?
Knox’s field trip did look fun!
Have a great Thursday!


Good luck on the busy morning and getting everything in! Some days the sleep just has to come first too… you made the right decisions! Thank you so much Wendy, you too!


SOTD: Now I want Chipotle for breakfast. :)


Hahahah I think you need to go now. Like right now. Have a beautiful day Jocelyn!


Sentence for the day: Eek! I’m about to have another driver in the family!
My 16-y.o. is taking her driver’s license test this afternoon. Janae, I don’t know how you made it through being a driver’s ed teacher–I’ve now taught both of my daughters to drive, and I’m just thankful that it will be more than 4 years before I have to start with my son :) It’s nerve-racking business!
Have fun zooming fast in your speed workout!


ANOTHER DRIVER!!! Ahhh Corey this is exciting:) It was terrifying… absolutely terrifying. Hahaha good luck with the test and enjoy your nice break before you are doing it again. Thank you so much Corey!


I think I need Chipotle as my dangling carrot to get me through parent teacher conferences tonight.


I wish I was there to bring you one at parent teacher conferences tonight… I remember those! IT’S A LONG DAY!! Good luck Erica!


SOTD: Life is beautiful through the eyes of children.

I miss field trips … and it’s only been maybe a year since the last one I was on! Ha! And I need to know … did you look at his prediction before or after you ran 2:49??
Have a great day!


Oh I love that sentence and you are so right! I didn’t! I knew he thought that but I didn’t know it was in his planner:) . Have a wonderful day Jenny and thank you!


Um, can we talk about Andrew’s handwriting? It could be a font!

And YES for husbands predictions being spot on. Yeah CIM!


RIGHT!?!? I am embarrassed to write anything near where he writes because his handwriting is so much better than mine haha. Hope you have a wonderful day Kristi!


Sentence of the Day: I’m marrying my best friend in 8 days!!!


This gave me goosebumps… sooooooo thrilled for you!!!!!


My sentence is more of a question — What did you order from Chipotle?
I have never been, but whatever you’re eating looks like something I need to try.


YOU NEED TO GO NOW. I get the burrito with steak, brown rice, black beans, veggies, sour cream, guac, corn, mild salsa, lettuce and I think that’s it. Let me know what you think of it!


Om Andrew’s handwriting is goals! Can he do a whole post for you but handwritten??


HAHAH I love this idea!!!


Hi Janae!

What tank top are you wearing in the first picture? the striped one?

I wish we had Chipotle here in East Coast Canada. It looks delicious!



Hey!!! Here is the tank:

And I need to send you some chipotle!


I have to say, I really dislike running. I can’t even run a mile. But somehow despite hating it AND being almost 20 weeks pregnant, you’re making me want to go for a run.. lol!!


This makes me so happy!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you are feeling well!

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