Frozen Lungs, Light of Day & A Reminder of Normalcy.


Training for a marathon right after I’ve run a marathon (and an ultra and 50 other races all in one year;) is taking more mental strength than normal for me to get out and train hard… BUT I really think the cold is what is making it so much harder for me than usual lately.  Utah is experiencing record lows right now for this time of year.

We decided to do our workout later on in the morning yesterday and just knowing we were going to be able to do it in the light (and warmer than when we run in the dark) made me so excited for it.  Long story short, if you are struggling with running motivation during the cold winter months, if you can… try to get out every now and then in the light to run!  A little bit of sunshine when it is cold is needed for our mental health too.

Starting speed at 9 rather than 5:something in the morning= you better believe it will be happening as many times as it can over the next 39 days.

Skye giving the wind the same look I gave it during our workout.

Running later than normal made it really nice to have a relaxed morning with Brooke before she left for school.  I slept in until 7 and then we got in multiple rounds of Connect 4 while I sipped on my UCAN (my code for a discount is in this post).

IMG 8694

Our workout was pretty much entirely flat and we will be doing a major trail run today!   Lots of marathon paced miles in the middle of this workout wahoo.  And yes, I did get many stares for my shorts selection when it was a ‘feels like’ temperature of 17 degrees.  The hardest part of this workout was definitely my breathing because of how cold it was… These cold runs are going to make marathon pace at CIM feel like a piece of cake in December;)

My goal this week is to hit 80 miles wahoo.

IMG 8706

Oh and Emilee gets the friend of the year award.  I was in a rush out the door to meet her and I forgot a gel and needed one during the run… so she gave me half of hers.  I was very thankful.

IMG 8711

We celebrated finishing our workout with gas station hot chocolate that tasted like heaven.

IMG 8700

We had my sister’s boys over which Skye absolutely loved.   What our playroom normally looks like.

IMG 8723

Brooke loves to help Beretta accessorize.

IMG 7527

And this is what Andrew calls Brooke’s, ‘Hangries Angries’ face.

IMG 7531

Leftover lasagna for dinner… PS we both think cold lasagna is delicious.

IMG 8720

Followed by this amazing hummus my friend Jenn brought over.

IMG 8730

And then a quick trip to the grocery store in our PJs for some soup ingredients for tonight.  We are celebrating Halloween with Knox tonight!

IMG 8729

Thanks Katie for showing me this clip of JARED WARD on Shark Tank.  I definitely will be buying their Meteor (“vibrating, self-heating massage therapy ball designed to facilitate muscular recovery, increase flexibility and help reduce chronic pain, all in a device the size of a softball”).  So cool and Jared Ward sure has been busy doing all of this along with getting ready for New York this weekend!


Who is running the New York City Marathon this weekend?

-If you are, here is my recap from 2011.  I am SO excited for you.  There is nothing like this marathon!

Does trick-or-treating happen where you are at?  If it does, what are you passing out this year?

What recovery tools do you use or have at home?

Are you a fan of Shark Tank?  Ever bought any products that were featured on the show?

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I have an angry quad muscle holding me back, i wonder if the meteor would make it happy.
Great news!!!!!!!! my treadmill is getting fixed this morning. i’m so happy. i don’t have to walk 500 laps around my driveway in the cold anymore to get a workout it. my quad doesn’t like my elliptical and i can only do the rowing machine for 20 minutes (and i have to break that up). It’s a great day. I had to tell a client that I couldn’t come do her audit today because i have to get my treadmill fixed.
i can see where people think you’re crazy when they see you wearing shorts in 17 degree weather. i’ll get sweaty on a regular long run when it’s 17 degrees so i certainly understand why you wear them. it’s also incentive to run faster to warm yourself up.
I love connect 4. i got it for my son for christmas last year so i could play it. sadly, he doesn’t like it as much as i do.
have a great day!


I hope your quad is feeling 1005 soon and YES for your treadmill! Hahah that’s very true about my shorts… they help me to run faster. Oh bummer, hopefully he starts liking it more soon. Thanks Lee, you too!


I am so excited to watch the NY marathon! I would love to run it one day, I just absolutely love NYC!!
Our neighborhood does every holiday really big, and Halloween might be the biggest!! We go through many Costco bags of candy during the night, so we have a good variety of candy… Always included is chocolate!
I have recovery boots (like yours, different brand), foam rollers of different sizes, and my trusty yoga mat. My hubby just picked up a massager (I can’t remember the name) that will be great for really hitting sore spots deeply. He has used it on his shoulder muscles and said it’s amazing.
Enjoy your trail run today ?


HEY WENDY! You better run NYC one day, you’ll love it! I want to come to your neighborhood party, that sounds awesome! Let me know if you like that massager and I can copy you:) . Thanks Wendy!


What watch face do you use?


I have the Garmin Fenix Pro 6 and Andrew did a customized face for it so I’ll ask him how when he gets home from work! Have the best day Megan!


Ha ha! I’m guessing the “hangries angries” face looks familiar to my family and coworkers!
Our neighborhood does trick-or-treat, though we usually don’t get more than about 20-25 kids at our door. Choices this year: m&m (plain or peanut), snickers, peanut butter cups, hershey minis, sweet tart bones, and skittles zombies (which I didn’t realize have icky flavors in them, like beanboozled–oops!).
My son (11) is very worried that rain is in the forecast for Halloween.
I keep lacrosse balls at the office, in my gym bag, in my car, and on my desk at home; I use them for tight hamstrings and back/lats, mostly. Also “voodoo floss,” which are thick bands to use for blood flow restriction therapy.
Hope you have plenty of hot chocolate!


You’ve got great choices at your house… I’ll be over soon;) . I’ve wanted to try out the skittles zombies! I hope that there isn’t rain tomorrow for you guys! I need to try out the voodoo floss! Have the best day Corey and I’ve been hitting up the hot chocolate like it’s my job!


I ordered glow sticks on Amazon to give out last Halloween. We had a ton leftover so we’ll be giving them out again this year. There’s a cul-de-sac across the street from our house so I think we get passed by in favor of that – more houses and less walking! I’m looking forward to seeing the costumes tomorrow.


Glow sticks=brilliant! I’m totally going to do that next year! It really is the best to see all of the costumes. Hope your day is an amazing one Fiona!


OH man breathing in the cold is the worst. Especially like the dry air you guys have there. It hurts so much. Way to get it done.

Now I want some hot chocolate myself.


Just walk into your officer area with your hot cocoa machine (if it sounds like I’m jealous it’s because I am)! Ummmm yeah my lungs today at 3 degrees almost killed me! Have the best day friend and love the haircut!


I thought of you as I made my clothing selection for my run today and almost wore shorts. In 31 degrees. Almost. Thank goodness I have 1 pair of pants that I don’t have to fight with while I run so my legs were happy campers. I got strange looks just for being out there!
We always venture to other neighborhoods to meet up with good friends to trick or treat. My mom’s old neighborhood would have street decorating battles and the crowds would be so huge that streets were shut down for hours! Macklemore even took his family there a couple times! My boys didn’t care so much for gore, fright and crowds so we haven’t been back in a couple years.
I love love love my Roll8 ! I also bring out the old school foam roller occasionally.
Have fun on the trails today and have a great day!


Oh yay! I am so glad that pair kept you nice and warm! Way to get out in the cold. Ummm that neighborhood sounds amazing! Have the best time tomorrow night and the Roll8 is THE BEST. Thanks Jenny, I hope your day has been great so far!


Passing out bags of mini pretzels from Sam’s club,.. (my 5 year old son choose this .. they’re his favorite snack and he’s hoping for less kids and more left over lol) .. hopefully the kids aren’t too upset at the lack of sugar from our house. We do however have some awesome decorations :)


OH our kids would LOVE that… we should come to your house! Andrew will be jealous of your decorations too. Have the best day Naomi!


We bought two big bags of candy for trick or treaters, and one is chocolate treats. It’s supposed to be really rainy and yucky for Halloween, so we might end up with a bit of leftovers. I’m not mad about that. haha! So is this your top mileage year so far with all of the races and training? How many miles are you up to now? That’s great that you have been able to stay injury free!


I wish I had kept track of all of my mileage this year… I bet it’s on Garmin Connect but that doesn’t include treadmill miles. I’ll have to try to put it all together. Yes, I’ve been crazy lucky this year. Enjoy those leftovers hahaha!


Halloween trick or treating at my house tomorrow night. My town has always had trick or treat on the thursday before Halloween. I’m not sure why but its been that way for 60+ years. Usually we get kids from other towns who celebrate on the 31st so I’m not sure how many kids to expect. We also are expecting the rain and wind and some towns around us have postponed trick or treat already! I’m giving out regular sized candy bars…Snickers, Milky Way, Take Five, Clark Bars etc. I don’t have kids at home any longer and I but them up when they are on sale before the holiday!


Melvie, my kids would LOVE coming to your house! Your town sounds awesome and I love that you get kids from other towns also. Enjoy!!!


I’ve never bought anything from shark tank, but that does look awesome! I have a foam roller, tiger tail, a rolling massage ball, and a tennis ball i use for any tight muscles.
We have two big bags of candy, one of chocolate and another with gummy candies. We have a 17 month old, so we’ll take her to a few houses before coming home and handing out candy. I’m in Denver and we got slammed with snow starting Sunday. Woke up to 6 degrees and we have 6-8″ of snow on the ground. It’s supposed to start warming up after today, but it’ll still be pretty cold, so not sure how many trick or treaters we’ll get due to the cold.


Oh wow!!! You guys got hit hard! I hope it warms up soon… winter just came way to early this year. Oh have the best time celebrating your second Halloween with your little one. SO FUN! Have a great day Kathy!


I’m running NYC this weekend!!!! Will be my 3rd marathon and hopefully best. My mental strength is a lot better than it’s been in the past… I swear that’s like 90% for me! SO SO excited and can’t wait to experience it all!!! Any tips?? Fueling beforehand with my Ucan :)


AHHHH GOOD LUCK KATHLEEN! You are going to do amazing and I am cheering for you! So excited that your mental strength is so strong too. Don’t waste energy trying to pass people in the first few miles (all of the weaving adds up in mileage) and save that energy for Central Park! Take in all of the emotions and let all of the cheering fuel you when you start to get tired. Put your name on your shirt too… I loved hearing people call out my name the entire race! Let me know how it goes!


Are you going to get the Nike Next% shoes for CIM? Brigid Kosgei would recommend it. Good luck! CIM is a great course.


Hey Kristin! Brigid is insanely amazing! If you have any tips for me on that course please let me know! I’m sticking with Brooks for life;) . Hope you are having the best day!


Not running the NYC marathon this year, but that race is on my bucket list!

Sometimes kids trick or treat on our street, but we’re usually gone trick or treating ourselves! Just in case, I keep some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on hand. And, okay, I eat them from time to time myself, haha.

I don’t really have any recovery tools I use, but when I went to buy myself a new pair of running shoes a couple weeks ago, the guy there was trying to sell me all sorts of expensive recovery tools!

I’ve never seen Shark Tank. Maybe I should check it out.

Did you really run 50 races this year or is that just an exaggeration? I was thinking about trying for 20 in 2020!


I need to be better about my exaggerations and say they are an exaggeration… no! I probably did about 10 or so though! DO THE TWENTY IN 2020. That is such an awesome goal and I’m cheering for you! It’s always a good choice to keep some Reese’s on hand… you never know when you need one. You have to run NYC someday, you’ll love it. Enjoy your trick-or-treating this year!


Janae!!!!! Cold lasagna???? Yall are monsters!!! :) I live in a super hot climate and so over the summer, I’m drooling over your 70 degree runs because for me it will be in the 90’s, but now I feel bad for you. The coldest temperature I have ever run in was 40 degrees. Haha. You’re awesome!!!

I live in Taiwan currently and there is no trick or treating here. I would pass out sour candy though because I’m vegan so I don’t buy chocolate candies on principle, plus no need to worry about nut allergies.

I need more recovery tools at home, but the best I have right now is my hydroflask, which doubles as a foam roller. I hope you and yours have a fun halloween!!


I don’t think I’ve bought any products on Sharktank, although I’m not 100% sure of that LOL. At home I have the R8 which I like. I tend to get deep tissue massages which work the best for me and recovery.

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