Friday Favorites!!!

It always makes me nervous to go out on the first run back after a marathon because what if something is hurting that you didn’t know would hurt!

Luckily, yesterday… everything felt good.

5.06 miles with a 9:25 average pace.  My entire body was frozen so that wasn’t fun but the actual act of running felt fun again.

I think we are all going to survive off of hot chocolate all winter long.

IMG 7367

Andrew went mountain biking (Corner Canyon for Utah people) and I died over this view that he sent me!

IMG 7371

The highlight of the day happened after school.  We picked up the kids and then took them to the store.  We told them they could choose their own items to make dinner for themselves.  They were VERY excited about this plan.

IMG 7387

Knox chose a mini pizza and fruit along with a fruit roll-up and some sunflower seeds:)

IMG 7389

And Brooke said she wanted to make a cheese plate like we did a few months ago from Trader Joe’s.  I added the cucumber but she chose everything else and put it all together.

IMG 7391

PS Brooke currently wants to be a chef when she grows up and Knox wants to be a pilot.  I am very excited about both of their current career choices.

IMG 7392

We finished off the night with a chess competition.  Brooke laughed pretty hard when she put me into checkmate and I was trying my hardest!

IMG 7412

Oh and Andrew and I made this French Bread Caprese from THIS COOKBOOK (which I am loving so far but will give a review once I’ve made more items).

IMG 7403


I have a few favorite things to share today (affiliate links included)!

*My current favorite Roolee obsessions!  The Cassandra Boots, Arlet Embroidered Top and Leif Solid Sweater!

Also, THIS MONTH you can get 15% off your Roolee order with the code hungryrunner15

IMG 7229IMG 7237

IMG 7238

*Stephanie Bruce is a big hero of mine.  I love how hard she works and how well she balances being a mom and an insane athlete.  I have been loving her new episodes about her Chicago training and I am cheering her on (and any of you that are running it) big time this weekend.

*I’ve been REALLY enjoying my candy again this last week!  I didn’t stop eating candy completely during marathon training but I rarely had it for a few months and this week I’m just loving it all over again.  These are officially my favorite treats right now so if you see them, try them and let me know your thoughts and review.

IMG 7110 2

*Last bathroom selfie for a while.  MEGAN posted this sweatshirt the other day and I loved it… and I really loved that it was $15 on Amazon too.  They have a lot of other choices for the front too.  Super soft and SO cheap.

IMG 7241

*I know that a lot of us aren’t thrilled about winter coming BUT hopefully this will make it a little bit easier on you like it did for me;)

IMG 7346


I LOVE hearing about the amazing things you are doing so please send them to [email protected]


ELLIE!!!  “I had a running accomplishment this weekend! I chose to reset all my PRs after recovering from an eating disorder and taking some time off to gain weight and get healthy. Well, at the beginning of the summer a 5K took me 44 minutes! On Saturday, I ran a 5K in 32 minutes, a new post-recovery PR!!

I was thrilled with my time but more thrilled that I talked positively to myself during the race, and chose to be happy with myself instead of comparing to where I once was.”


Is anyone running Chicago this weekend?

What are your weekend plans? 

Current favorite candy?  Or anyone reading that could happily live without candy and not even notice?

Tell me about your favorite YouTube channel?  Why do you love following them?  

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LOVE that dinner idea for the kids. .. I’ll have to let my son have his own shopping/cooking night. He’s 5 so hopefully he picks something with some nutrients in it. .. also love the tiger shirt. I never know what size to order online unless I’ve bought from that retailer before. May I ask what size you purchased? And if you think it runs more fitted or loose? .. Thanks in advance :) … have a great day Janae!!!


Hey Naomi!! I hope your 5 year old loves the dinner idea! I got a size small in the tiger sweatshirt! It fits a little smaller but I think that is how it is supposed to be? It’s so soft and you can’t beat the price! Hope your weekend is fabulous!


I think training is a personal thing, and the fact your body stood up to the work you put in is a testament to your consistency the last 10 years. You put in work this cycle, I gotta admit, I did not think was possible (not just for you..for anyone!). Thank you for proving ME wrong, because it made me really think hard about limits and confidence.
You’ve inspired me quite a bit through the years, and seeing things work out for you has really inspired me for the Chicago Marathon this weekend to think bigger and give myself permission to succeed, just for the joy of it.
I believe you will OTQ, and I also look forward to continuing to read your blog in the future to read about all the other parts of your life! Thanks for always sharing with us. Rooting for you from corn country!


Kaytlin!!! Good luck this weekend ahhhhh and I’m so happy you are removing those limits that we tend to place on ourselves. You are going to do incredible things! Thank you for being my internet friend over the years and your sweet words! I want to hear all about it and know I’m cheering you on big time!


I am not american so I don’t understand this Hallmark movie thing… Isn’t Hallmark a company that makes greeting cards?
Brooke’s cheese board looks fantastic! I like the way that kid thinks :)


HEY SARAH!! Yes, you are right… they make greeting cards. But they also have a channel and they make the cheesiest Christmas movies ever:) . I love them haha. Maybe I can find them on DVD and send them to you. Have the best day Sarah!


I love that the kiddos got to choose and make their own dinners! What a great idea. And I can’t wait to hear what you think of that cookbook, I’m always looking for new ones.

I listened to your episode of the Ali on the Run show yesterday during my run and I had the best run;) It was like my friends were coming along with me, haha. I love all the positivity and self-belief you showed this cycle and I really believe that helped you. And the amazing support from your husband. It’s only NINE DAYS (single digits wahoooo) until I get married now and I am just so so excited to be able to live with my fiancé who gives me so much love and support already!

Right now I’m loving my coaches youtube channel that’s fairly new -> @sugarruns. She is doing a series right now that’s her journey to sub 3! So I like seeing the highs and lows of that journey.

Weekend plans–>final weekend not being married ahhh! So just enjoying some relax time and doing some DIY stuff for the wedding. And I have a 10 miler tomorrow!

Hope you have a great weekend Janae!


Thanks for letting me come on your run Eleanor?. 9 days!!!!!! Ahhhhhh I am so so excited for you! I better get to see a picture:) so happy for you! Go rock that 10 miler and I’m going to check out her channel thanks!


Ran the longest I ever have today- 9 miles! Not on purpose… I misjudged my 8 miles. Oh well, I did it! So on my way to a half in December. I ran to a park and discovered they have already turned off the water?? I had just chugged my Gu ( testing out things) and so I hand chopped some water from the bathroom faucets. I can’t take Gu without water.

Love that idea for a meal!! My youngest is amazing at planning meals. She comes up with some awesome ideas.
I all of a sudden like candy corn and can’t tolerate gummy bears. But a little bit of candy I think supports a healthy diet!! Currently though I found these Wymans Just fruit and banana bites. My girls ask for them for dessert. They are pricy but when my kid passes up candy over frozen fruit I am all for it!!


Go Carrie Go! 9 miles! I’m so so excited for you! Our water has turned off too and I’m not ready for that! I need to try those banana bites! Hope you have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to hear about your half!


I just had this Reese’s candy that was like a peanut butter cup, but had mini reese’s pieces inside, AND caramel. It was so. good.

I have to tell you–this week was not my best week for running; I took a few days off because my leg was hurting (which I know was the right call!), and then two other days I felt so tired I just reset my alarm in the morning instead of running. But I realized today (while watching the sun rise and drinking tea; not a terrible start to the day) that while running is usually a way for me to take care of myself, listening to my body and NOT running sometimes is also taking care. Your blog gets me excited about running but your talk about rest days has also made a difference!


WHERE CAN I FIND THIS REESE’S CANDY… that sounds very interesting. I am SO glad you listened to your body and took a few days off! You are so so right… way to go taking care of yourself. Thank you so much for telling me about this:) I hope your day is an amazing one Kristin!


I listened to your episodes on Ali On the Run and I’ll Have Another in the same day! I’m so glad you did those right away. I’ve enjoyed all your post race thoughts…so inspiring!!
What a great idea for dinner! I’d be very happy with both Knox’s and Brookes choices. Your French Bread Caprese looks soooo good! I think I’d like that with red bell peppers too.
I am so excited because it is 49 degrees in North Texas today!! I hope this weather lasts through the weekend so I can enjoy it during my long run. No doubt it will be back up to 90 by next week :)
My favorite non-chocolate candy is Gummi Bears!! I’m also a big fan of Reese’s Pieces. I think they are both good for running when you need a little something after a few miles.
I finally got a weighted and slept with it for the first time last night…AMAZING!! I slept so soundly until my dog woke me up because he heard thunder.
Have a great weekend!!!


I’ve been meaning to comment on previous posts but just wanted to congratulate you on your new marathon PR and tell you I am SO EXCITED for you and can’t wait to see what CIM brings you!
You continue to be such an inspiration for me with your attitude towards running and life in general.
I also LOVE both Brook and Knox’s meal choices, looks delicious. My favorite candy will always be Reese’s. I am dog sitting /studying this weekend, and trying to rest up before my big marathon next weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


Glad to hear things feel good post marathon Janae. The thing about not feeling anything living life, but feeling it when you run hits too close to home. That’s basically my hamstring…I never feel anything doing normal day but man when it fires running, I’m not running another step.

Roolee has such cute stuff. Ever since you got me hooked on their moto pants, I always find something cute LOL.


Congrats, Ellie on the positive talk (and the PR)! Way to believe in yourself.

And love the idea for the kids to pick out their own dinner. It’s awesome that they got to choose, and still made healthy choices!

Also excited to hear what you think of that cookbook. I’ve made some really great things from their blog but there is something fun about having a cookbook to flip through.

So glad you felt great on your run and Good Luck to everyone running Chicago this weekend!


Twizzlers. all the way!


Love reading about your amazing race last weekend! I am running Chicago. So nervous because I seem to have some plantar fasciitis that popped up out of nowhere! My chiropractor has been super helpful tho. Is it crazy that the diner by my house was playing “one moment in time “ Whitney Houston from the Los Angeles olympics I think and I started tearing up? It’s going to be a fun(crazy) weekend!


I love the idea of having the kids pick their own meals! Knox’s meal is a cross between typical kid food and kid-raised-by-runners-who-eat-healthy food, haha. And Brooke’s is definitely what I would expect coming from a future chef!

My favorite YouTube channel is Amber Schulz’s . You can also check her out on Instagram @amberunz. Gotta love kids who run!


PS What’s Skye going to be when she grows up???


I could actually live without candy but not ice cream!! But my favorite candy is peanut butter m and m!!


Congratulations, Ellie! That is fantastic for you. I too need to reset all my pr’s. It will be fun to start fresh.

My favorite youtube channel is Gwen Jorgensen. I wish she uploaded more often though!
I loved seeing Knox and Brooke’s meal choices. SO fun and great for you for letting them do that! Awesome.

A running store down the street is hosting a Chicago Marathon watching party and I plan to stop in for a bit! It will be fun to geek out with fellow obsessed runners :) Are you going to watch?


OH!!! And I just maybe record pretty much every new thing on Hallmark – movies and mysteries too :) I love all the happy syrupy-ness. Escapism!! It is wonderful and brings me joy :)


I’m going to watch my youngest son in his cross country meet tomorrow morning. So much fun!!! This is his first year running XC and he’s doing great! Pasta for dinner tonight.


I love that sweatshirt! Did you buy your normal size?


Yes! I bought my normal size! I hope you love it too!


Way to go Ellie, you are successful at doing hard things!


OMG I love the idea of resetting a PR! My half marathon PR was when I was pretty disordered and I always say I can never get back to that, but in reality why would I want to get back to that, I was not in a good place in life. So my accomplishment was the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon a few weeks ago with a 2:26:39! I’m going to start my PR there :)


I know this is way late, but I ran in the Chicago Marathon last weekend and it was amazing!! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I love how you put out these big goals! I trained with an amazing group of girls and we put out some big goals for our Fall marathons! My A goal was 3:30:00, and I didn’t quite get it, but I bet my B goal of 3:40:00. I finished in 3:37:05…a 25 min PR! WHAT?! Insane, right??? Anyway, it was awesome, and I’ve also been enjoying all the candy-any candy, I’ll take it, but sour is my most favorite! :)

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