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Skye loves to throw in a challenge by climbing on top of me while I am trying to plank.

Emilee and I went out for 8 miles first thing in the morning!

IMG 7662

I’ve had a few people ask about whether or not we will be running CIM together and the answer is YES.

During the St. George Marathon there were times I would look down at her legs and try to match her stride so that we looked like twins and I’ll do that again at CIM.


Along with the planks I mentioned above, I worked on some pull-ups and continued on with upper body strength work at Target.  This method below is the only way to visit Target safely for Skye and also save the ears of other customers around me:)

IMG 7725

Just the usual kid stuff for most of the day.

IMG 7736

IMG 7743

And the soup from this cookbook with the little cheese croutons= Amazing.

IMG 7541

The odds of Brooke eating all of her veggies at lunch goes up 400% when I put in a cute plastic toothpick in for her to use.

IMG 7738

I think we all look up to Kipchoge a lot and when I was watching this documentary about him, it reminded me of another big reason I look up to him:

Remember in Berlin 2018 how his SHOE INSOLES started coming out in the first mile of the race?  His feet were blistered and bloody and cut up because of this but he kept going, he didn’t quit and ended up winning the race.  This story is such a great reminder to me that hard things pop up in training and racing for every single runner out there.  We just have to do our best, work with what we can, stay in the game and as a result, amazing things will happen.

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PS if you want to learn a bit more about how everything worked for Kipchoge’s 1:59:40 (the pacing, the car, the course, the fueling etc)… this is a great watch:


The other day on Instagram I asked for people to share their FAVORITE finish line story with me.  Well, those stories had my mom and I texting back and forth about the ones that were shared because they were all so amazing.  I was REALLY hoping that you guys would email me your favorite finish line story with a picture (if you want to share)… they can be about your people showing up at the finish line to surprise you or how you felt crossing the finish line of a race you didn’t think you could do or your first finish line ever or your first finish line after having a baby or anything at all!

These types of stories give me goosebumps (and tears) and I would love to put together some posts with everyone’s stories so we can cry together over our internet friend’s stories.

Send them to—>  [email protected]

And a random picture that isn’t from the finish line but before the race:)  Feel free to send a picture with it from the finish line or anything that you have that day!

IMG 7057


What is the best part of your Wednesday going to be?

What’s your workout today!  How often do you do strength work?  I’m really trying to get back in (and even go to Burn Bootcamp this week).

Plank—> on your elbows or on your hands?

Do you like Indian food?  Favorite dish?

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I think you could start a whole new blog on Finish Line Stories! What a good idea!

My workout today is a few easy miles… in major taper mode for my marathon on Saturday! It has been a bit since I’ve lifted or done any core work though, hopefully I can get that in again soon. I didn’t even know planks on your hands was a thing people did??

The best part of my Wednesday will be seeing my best friend who I haven’t seen in two months!!


RIGHT?! I seriously love hearing these stories so I hope a lot of people send them in! AHHHH I am so excited for your marathon this weekend and on a new course. You are going to rock it Grant and I better get to hear all about it. Have the best time with your best friend today!


Kipchoge is amazing. I am in awe of what he has accomplished. Thank you for sharing that video – I’m forcing my family to watch it later!


OH yay!! I am so glad you like it! The way he views the world is incredible and I think that is one of the biggest reasons why he is so fast:) . Have the best time watching it with your family later. Thanks Amanda!


Best part of my day will be my workout, elliptical plus strength today. I might try running to test the hamstring next week (it will be six weeks rest) or I might go one more week. I do strength 4 times a week. Planks – I do different varieties depending on the day, so both.

No indian food for me!


Oh John, I really hope that your hamstring is happy on your first run back. You’ve been so good at letting it heal. Keep me updated and I should probably do both too. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


I went to barbell class this afternoon, it had been two weeks. The friend I go with is injured and going alone isn’t as fun. I had to force myself because I want to run faster. Once I was on my bike to go there it was fine of course. I went to a second hand shop and found four Christmas balls in my colours (red with gold glitters). I like Indian curry we’re having it on Friday, with naan bread and rice. Have a great Wednesday!


Barbell class… that is AWESOME Eva! I hope that your friend is back before you know it. That class will definitely help with speed! So glad you found those Christmas balls and enjoy Indian curry on Friday! I need some asap!


I REALLY think my son and Skye would get along marvelously. He insists on “pushing” his stroller like that, too. It’s cute to see him be independent, but wow is it a back breaker to carry him like that!
I generally do planks on my elbows… which is the more effective way to do them? No planks for me lately because I’m pregnant and planking is already super uncomfortable, but I did run three miles this morning :)


Way to go on your run this morning! You are rocking pregnancy! I always feel more work in my core when I am doing them on my elbows but maybe that is just me… anyone else? They really need to be bffs. Someday they will meet! have a beautiful day Stacey.


omg I would laugh so hard if I turned he corner and saw Skye pushing the cart with you holding her like that :) Wednesday is our run group today! I started going to a local running store group run every week now because of you! Its the actual best. I never thought I liked running with other people and now I definitely do, we do so much better together than alone.

I hate planks and refuse to do them on the principle of it ;)


Hahaha I’m sure people do when they see us;) . Oh I am SO SO THRILLED about this news. Like best news today. SO happy you are running with this group and I bet you really look forward to Wednesday’s because of it. Hahahaha I like you a lot.


How fun to get to run the race with someone!

My Wednesday started with 8 miles before work with friends and will be finishing with a xc meet for my high schoolers, so it’s all good!

I was just talking about Indian food with friends last night. I love anything with curry and/or coconut milk!


So glad that you got in a good run with friends and I hope your team does amazing at the meet! I’m craving a dish with a lot of coconut milk asap! Thanks Marissa and enjoy your day!


My workout today was a swim – 500 m breaststroke and 500 m freestyle. I usually swim when I need to wash my hair :p I do like Indian food!! Now I want some for dinner …


Bahaha I love the way you plan your swimming workouts… that makes complete sense to me. GREAT workout and I hope you get some Indian food for dinner.. I’m trying to make it at home so I’m on the hunt!


I feel like I want Emilee to do a guest post and tell us about her! You talk about her so much and I want to know her story :-)

That soup with those little croutons looks so delicious!

Do you love the Bentgo boxes for Brooke’s lunch!? I use them for my kids lunches too and I don’t know how I did life before them lol.


I really need to have her do that! You guys would love her so much. I am obsessed with the Bentgo boxes, they are the absolute best and so easy to clean! Hope you are having a beautiful afternoon!


Love Indian food. Butter chicken and naan bread go great together. My dad makes butter chicken in the crockpot and it tastes amazing.
I have had to do that cart/carrying child thing more than once with my 18mo old. He gets SO fussy sitting in the cart I have maybe a 15 minute time limit so I’m glad to see I’m not the only mother that lets their child push the shopping cart to avoid a meltdown. Enjoy your Wednesday!


I need to get your dad’s recipe! Oh you are not alone and I wish we could go to Target together and hold our babies the same way together! Thanks Gillian… YOU TOO!


Best part of my Wednesday was buying a new Garmin! My workout will be 8×800 with 200 jog recoveries plus warm up/cool down. My goal is 10k to half marathon pace for the intervals. I do some strength training, but I’m kind of lazy about it. It’s a lot less fun than running. ? I always plank on my elbows. Doing it on my hands makes my wrists hurt. And I love that Skye picture! Kids make us do things we never thought we could! Indian food is the best. Now, I want to make some for dinner tonight!


A NEW GARMIN!! WHICH ONE DID YOU GET?! I hope your workout went great and I am sure you rocked it!


I got the Garmin Forerunner 35. I feel like it’s an affordable but nice watch and I’m really enjoying the wrist based heart rate monitor. My workout did go well. I was pretty surprised. All in all, a very good day. ?


Today is my birthday :)

I do strength work almost every day. Love it!

Planks… usually on my elbows but sometimes with straight arms!

Indian food = meh. I prefer Mexican!


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!!! I hope you have some delicious mexican food asap!!!


I love the idea of finish line stories!! I sent mine in and can’t wait to read/smile/cry reading everyone else’s! I am SO bad about strength work lately. I have 10 month old twins so once I get home from a run all I have time to squeeze in are a few planks and glute stuff. The best part of my Wednesday has been getting the house clean!


Thank you so much Taylor for sending it in and I can’t wait to share it. TEN MONTH OLD TWINS… you must be so busy! Enjoy that clean house:)


Oh man … you shop at Target how I do … I’m glad my 5 year old is small for his age! I thought he would be ok (aka tame) in the big section of the cart last night but he kept climbing out and I was scared to death he was going to fall.
Awesome job figuring out how to get Brooke to eat her veggies! I have to sneak veggies in my boys food. They’ve eaten spinach in their spaghetti sauce without knowing it because I cut it up super small and call it herbs! Lol!
Today was my first run in 1.5 weeks due to a re-injury so it was more a run/walk. Felt great to be out there again but I was just told to lay of running for another 1-2 weeks (I’m going with 1) and cross train instead. I’m grateful I get to still exercise!
When I remember to plan, I usually do it on my elbows unless I feel daring then I’ll use my hands on the half bosu. That hasn’t happened in a while! Ha!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food! I was just introduced to an Indian buffet restaurant and it is amazing! It’s all my favorite!
Have a great day!


Yum, that soup with the cheese croutons definitely does look amazing!
Best part of Wednesday was getting to meet up with my old colleagues for breakfast and getting a good workout in at the gym in the afternoon! Now it’s almost Thursday afternoon here in Australia ;)

No workout for me today (I usually have one day a week of rest, but which day varies depending on my husbands shifts). But I do strength training at least 2x week and then I try and swim, cycle and/or run on the other days! Plank definitely on my elbows!

I like Indian food but we went to Sri Lanka last year and I love their food even more!! We ate so many delicious home cooked dishes!

Good luck with the CIM training and have a great weekend!!


*congratulations on your sub-2:50!
**Lived in India for 5+years :-), so I’m mighty picky. I’d say go to the Indian restaurant with lots of Indian clients – they know their food the best, and if they like it, it’s passed all the checkpoints!


Yummy, that soup with the cheese croutons definitely does look amazing. Awesome job figuring out how to get Brooke to eat her veggies. The best part of my Wednesday was buying a new Garmin. Like best news today. SO happy you are running with this group and I bet you really look forward to Wednesdays because of it. We ate so many delicious home-cooked dishes.

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