CIM Training (ehhh recovery) Week #1!

Just a normal Saturday over here!  Skye experienced Doritos for the first time in her life and that was a definite highlight for her.

We went to a big festival that our city was holding where the kids could sit in police cars/ambulances/firetrucks etc!  They also had a free lunch for everyone who came and the girls felt pretty cool.

IMG 7509

We also got a Jamba Juice so that was a big highlight too;)

IMG 7513

CIM training has started!

What we needed to start our training off with was some recovery and active recovery and that is what I did:

Monday:  2 mile slow hike with Andrew and the kids

Tuesday:  Nothing!

Wednesday:  1 mile slow hike with friends and kids

Thursday:  5 miles @ 9:25 average

Friday:  Gentle Yoga Class (aka very relaxing and stretching)

Saturday:  8 miles with Jenn and Emilee @ 8:34 average

IMG 7485

Sunday:  Off.  I slept more this week than any other week in my entire life haha.

Oh and I’ve also been working on my pull-ups again.  I stopped working on them during the taper for my marathon and I’ve really got to build this strength up before CIM!  Brooke is keeping me motivated by doing them with me and she is going to be doing one unassisted in no time!

IMG 7492

What was your best run last week?  Worst run?

What do you have going on today?

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Best run = the 5k race
Worst Run = speedwork I tried to do a little too soon after being sick
Enjoy your recovery and getting ready for CIM!!! Yay!


Speed work and coming back from sickness… not fun! Thank you so much Leah and I hope you are having a great day. Huge congrats again on rocking your 5k!


Sounds like the perfect recovery week. I’ve slowly started back running. I’ve been joining my friends on the last couple miles of their long runs because they’re a little slower at the end and I can somewhat keep up! :) Can’t wait to follow along on your CIM journey!


Thanks so much Cate and that is the perfect plan and keep loving those miles with your friends! Hope your Sunday has been beautiful!


Had a great run yesterday—farthest that I’ve run in a while, and it felt great! Gave me a lot of confidence for my next race. :-)

Can you tell more about what CIM is? I’ve heard about it so many times but I don’t even know what it stands for!


Way to go Kristin and your longest run in a long time! You should have all of the confidence for race day! It is the California International Marathon on December 8th wahoo! It is the next race that I am doing:) . I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


Had some awful runs earlier this week –> Taper crazies! I was so looking forward to my 18-mile race this week that ended up being canceled, BUT I found a local half and joined last minute! PR’d and got negative splits!!!


HUGE CONGRATS MAGGIE!!! The cancelled race sure worked out for the best!


Hi Janae, the last picture made me a genuine smile. Those 2 girls are going to become just like their mom. Btw I have the same question as Kristin from above – what does CIM means? Thanks.


HEY!! Thank you so so much! I should have explained that better! CIM is the next marathon that I am going for on December 8th! It is the California International Marathon. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I was able to get another sub 2 hour today at my half! I actually want to do another one without so many hills lol so funny how we forget about them hills. My running partner is running CIM too!!


My 8 mile run this morning in the COLD weather (which I’m not used to!!) was terrific…..even if I’d prefer it was about 20 degrees warmer ;)

I’m curious…..when you run 9+ minute miles, does it seem incredibly slow for you (since you are capable of running so much faster)? I’m a “slow” runner to begin with, but I’m wondering if you have to constantly remind yourself to slow down sometimes, when your legs are accustomed to moving so much quicker?
Happy Sunday!


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