10 Random Marathon Thoughts.

7 miles total yesterday @ an 8:34 pace and it was freezing but that is the best sign for my marathon on Saturday.  St. George is about 4 hours south from where we live so it is warmer than here and that means freezing here = perfect there.  PS if this blog post makes zero sense I am just going to blame it on my carb depletion.

I ran with Emilee and we were both majorly feeling the lack of carbs during each mile… tomorrow we are going to feel like a million bucks.  The last few days have made me feel extra grateful for carbohydrates.  I haven’t felt hungry at all during the depletion but just very tired and like I’m moving in slow motion.

Went in to see Dr. Bennett to get everything working properly for the race.  Megan was also in to see him for her hamstring problems!

IMG 6301

We got home and my sister’s boys came over which Skye loved because she misses Brooke and Knox a lot when they are at school.

In the future these three will all be at the same elementary school at the same time which makes me and my sister a little nervous.  They are all very good at accomplishing mischievous things very quietly.

IMG 6316

Two of the most delicious parts of my day were from this caprese salad that I made…

IMG 6318

And a cream sauce (heavy cream, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper) that I made with grilled chicken, zoodles and roasted asparagus.  I also had steak (with salad above), avocados, eggs, almond butter (with a spoon) and nuts… I am MORE than ready for the carb load.  This depletion was harder than any of the workouts ha.

IMG 6335

We played outside…

IMG 6330

And then Brooke and I went out for a little date.

IMG 6339

IMG 6345

Ten random marathon thoughts to discuss:

*I am VERY excited because Knox and my Dad will be able to be at the marathon this year!  They were both bummed to miss it last year.  My brother and his family (they just moved to St. George) will all be there too.   This marathon is my favorite for many reasons but partly because we grew up there.

*This will be my first marathon that I’ve raced without music.

*I did a total of 4 miles on the treadmill this entire marathon training cycle.  I think that might be my least amount ever.  When I was running on my treadmill on Saturday I was actually thinking about how much I really do like treadmill running (while watching This Is Us:).  No matter how I get my run in… I like it.

PS this was a night run… hence the makeup.

IMG 6255

*I drank pedialyte the day before and morning of my ultra and I REALLY think it helped me to stay a bit more hydrated during the race… I’m doing it again for this marathon!

*I also had a vitamin b12 injection two days before my ultra and I’m going to do that again for this marathon.  It’s all completely legal (it’s just vitamins) of course but I think it can really help out with my energy.

*Things are looking good (I get nervous when the high for the day is in the high 90s for this marathon).

Screen Shot 2019 09 30 at 7 19 35 PM

*I’m going to use my mantra that I used last year because it worked so well—> I CAN AND I WILL.

*We haven’t done a lot of workouts with marathon pace so I’m hoping all of the faster paced workouts that we have done over the last few months makes marathon pace feel easyish.

*One of my running friends was talking about how hard it is for her to stomach gels and take them and another running friend recommended her eating them randomly throughout the day.  That way her body would be more used to eating them and feel better during the run too.  Worth the try I think if you have a hard time eating them on the run.

*This is from this book and I absolutely loved it.  When the adversity comes at different points along the course, I’m going to embrace it.  “The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.” YES

IMG 6257

And lastly a random picture from our Brooks trip a few weeks ago:)  Natalie, Gina and Sara.

IMG 5588


Who has an October birthday or an October race?  Share with me!

What are your current feelings about the treadmill?  What percentage of your training is on the treadmill?

I would love to hear any random running thoughts that you have had lately:)

Races—> Do you do them with or without music?

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I’m running my marathon next month without music – which is a first for me too! All of my training has been without music – but it certainly is making me a bit nervous to not have that distraction if I need it.


Oh you have to let me know how it goes. I am cheering for you and you are SO ready to race music free! Have the best day LC and happy peak week:)


Hey! Listen to Ali on the Run show episode from Monday! So much of this episode reminded me of you and your coach and training for this marathon! So glad I found your blog, you inspire me !!!

Jen Z


THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME TO… it was JUST what I needed to listen to. Keep me updated with how you are doing and have a wonderful day Jen!


I can’t believe you actually replied!!! So cool ? I feel lucky!


Okay you are the sweetest! Seriously thank you for helping me with that podcast! Have a great day!


My husband and I both have end of October birthdays. Also just found out that my daughter will be induced next week, so our grandson will have an October birthday as well!!


Kimberly (I am guessing this is the Kimberly that I’m friends with over email:) . I AM SO THRILLED that everything is going well with your grandson and daughter. October is going to be the best month for you guys!


I’m not aiming to do a carb depletion, but *man* that caprese salad and other food you mentioned sound delicious :)
Random running thought: intervals feel pretty terrible during each fast effort, but they really do make a difference. ugh. :D
You’ll be ready for whatever weather you get–remember running in that steamy weather on your vacation a few weeks ago? I hope you get the perfect temps, but you’re prepared to handle what comes!


So you are JUST the best for reminding me about the cayman running weather. I have done my heat training and now my cold training… I can handle it all. Thanks for the boost in confidence. Love your thought about intervals and I totally agree. Hopefully you get a caprese salad asap. Thanks Corey!


Ok I know you wanted your caaaaaaaarbs yesterday but that dish you put together with the cream sauce and the zucchini looks DELICIOUS. I want to hear all about the first carbs you get this morning after your workout!


I had a 4 inch slice of white bread, jamba juice, most of Skye’s pumpkin bread and shared the cinnamon roll with Andrew. My muscles are locked and loaded with glycogen and I just had pasta with the leftover cream sauce haha. Hope you are having a beautiful day friend!


I may not have a birthday until December, but I am due with my baby girl #2 this month! It is so nice to know I can say “I’m having a baby this month!”, and I can almost say this week! ;) We’ve been praying for this little blessing (we are naming her Scottlynn Reid, calling her Reid) for two years and it is so surreal to think she is almost here! We cannot wait to meet her!

I haven’t been able to run in weeks, but I am excited to start training again come January or February for another race. Until then, I’ll stick to just a few treadmill runs throughout the first part of the winter and focus on our new lives as a family of four!!


YOU ARE HAVING YOUR DAUGHTER THIS MONTH. I am so happy that she will be here and she is so lucky to come to you. What a beautiful blessing after the struggle for two years! Please keep me updated with how you are doing and everything… I love her name!


How many days did you carb deplete….super curious? I have heard about this but I am no where near you’re level so have never tried but it does sound interesting. Congrats on running as an Elite. I can’t imagine. GOOD LUCK. I am headed to Scotland for a fun and scenic marathon:-)


Hey Karen! I started Saturday afternoon and finished this morning (Tuesday morning). So happy it is done but I am feeling like it is going to help. Have the best time in Scotland… SO SO COOL! Enjoy every step of that marathon, I bet it is insanely gorgeous.


I’ve got an October birthday! October 3rd! Two days away! I love october because my birthday, I love fall and Halloween! I mean who doesn’t just love dressing up and getting candy?!

I may do a 10k this weekend at my local zoo.

I used to run without music because I do triathlons and you can’t have music during the races. But ever since having my son last year and almost all of my running is stroller running, I run with music. I put my phone on the cups older on the handlebar and it amplifies the music.


HAPPY BDAY IN TWO DAYS ANNA! I’m with you… this time of year is the best and I hope you have already started celebrating your bday. Have the best time at the 10k too. Oh that is awesome to have the amplifier stroller;) plus you don’t have to carry it. Hope you are having a great day so far!


No October races, but one in early November! Have been having a little leg pain so trying to get back into being really good about PT. My random running thoughts: running when no one else is out is so peaceful. My mind feels so calm, even when it’s hard.

I go back and forth on the treadmill–if I’m using it a lot, like if there’s bad weather, I start to love it and wonder why I would ever run outside . . . and then I go back outside and dread the treadmill again! I guess I am a creature of habit.

I know you miss carbs, but that caprese salad and everything else you made looks SO GOOD. Your photos make me want to come over for dinner.


Super excited about your race next month! Yes yes yes about the PT and maybe even take some time off (so glad I did with my calf… 2 days did the trick)! You are so right about that time all alone on a run… so so calm. Come over for dinner tonight… I’m making bread topped with a donut with a side of spaghetti noodles and rolls;) . Hope you are having the best day!


No October birthdays but October is my wedding month, wahoooooo! I promise I won’t talk about my wedding everyday this month….;)

This is actually the training cycle I’ve spent the most miles on the treadmill. I used to run after work, but this cycle I switched to morning runs which has been better for my recovery. But it does mean that at least 2 of my runs each week are on the treadmill. However, they are both of my easy runs. my long run + speed work day are always done outside. I think this is good because the treadmill I can really force myself to run slower whereas outside I tend to just go. So I’ve really been enjoying it. :) My fiancé and run friends sometimes question how I spend so long on the treadmill without going crazy but I think you just build up a treadmill tolerance and I love to listen to podcasts and be able to zone out and not worry about traffic or other safety issues that early in the morning.

I’ve always raced and done my runs with music (and long runs with podcasts). However! This cycle I tried a new thing where my speed workouts never have music, not even during warmup or cool down. I thought I would hate it but I actually love being so in tune to my body. I didn’t use music or anything at my 5k this weekend and I think it actually really helped. So we’ll see how it goes whether I do this for my half marathon in November!


HAPPY WEDDING MONTH ELEANOR! I am so excited for you! I think you have the perfect combo of training going on. Way to go getting in that speed without music, it really is so nice to be really listening to our bodies. I hope you are having the best day and so thrilled for you!


No carbs sounds hard! But I will say your meals still look nutritious and very delicious!! When you do a carb depletion, do you carb load before too, or just after? I ask because I was remembering all the cookies you made that day you had your friends over and you said it was a little weird to see them in regular clothes and not sweaty. ?

Also, do you know if something’s up with Instagram? When I looked at your post from yesterday, I could see the picture just fine, but no caption or comments. I looked at a few more accounts, and it was the same. Kind of weird. Just wondering if it’s just me or everybody. Not that it really matters, but I do like my Instagram… ?


Hahah I sure did… not sure if everyone else did but I loaded up on carbs (or maybe that’s how I always eat;). Oh that is so weird… I haven’t noticed that. Has anyone else?


Allie Kieffer on Sunday gave the advice to tell yourself during the marathon, “I AM doing it!”
Des then suggested to set small objective during the race to get yourself through the miles.
You’ll do great!!


Oh I have been wondering about how that went! I LOVE both of those things from Allie and Des, thank you so much for sharing! Hope you are having the best day Molly!


I have an October birthday and FOUR October races. :) I am doing something called the Loony Challenge this weekend in the Twin Cities of Minnesota: the 10K and 5K on Saturday, and the 10 Mile race on Sunday. My birthday is October 23, and I am planning to do a 6 hour trail race in Turtle River State Park, just outside my home town on October 27. Much excite!


You have the best month up ahead of you… I am SO excited for you. Happy birthday month and I want to hear about your races, so excited for you!


I remember trying a carb depletion about 5-6 years ago and I just felt tired all of the time. Like you, I was not all that hungry, just tired. Hopefully it works out for you, I always find people’s nutrition before races interesting (I have so much to learn in that department).

I actually really want to try zoodles, they look good.

I listen to music when I do easy runs but not workouts or races.


I really hope it works for me too… it really is so interesting to see what everyone does. Try the zoodles! They are delicious but nothing beats a real noodle in my opinion:) . Have the best day Hollie!


My birthday is Sat. Oldest has a swim scrimmage and coaching my youngest daughter’s soccer team do a busy day!

Tread mill, started off with it and now I prefer outside. That said, tomorrow is going to hit 93 here so I might be at the gym on the treadmill.

I just finished my first 10k ( running it). I have racewalked 6 marathons and several 1/2s. Is it crazy to try to run a 1/2 marathon on 12/15? I have done 8 miles as my longest and in the training for the 10k. I added in racewalking, going up to 10+ Miles. I just have the itch to keep going!!


I know you weren’t asking me, but I don’t think that’s crazy! You have 2 and 1/2 months to train, and if you can run 10 miles by race day, you’ll be good. Plus, tons of people walk a little bit of a race they mostly run, so you could probably mostly run a half now. I’m cheering for you!


CARRIE!! Congrats! I totally think you can run the half on 12/15 and I’m cheering for you big time! Keep me updated on it all and happy birthday on Saturday!


I’ve actually pushed myself to get more miles outside! I do mostly treadmill miles simply because I have A LOT of allergies, which is a bummer because I go faster outside. Haha. I listen to music or watch tv when I’m on the treadmill, but if I’m running outside I like to listen to what’s going on around me – I think it’s mostly a safety thing.


I think you are being smart on your runs outside! Bummer about all of your allergies, my mom really struggles with that too and it is so hard. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Enjoy your carbs today!!

My middle son will be 14 on the 14th :)

Gosh, I think the last time I was on a treadmill was this summer and that was more because I had a pretty bad ankle sprain in May, so that I could jump off as needed. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship with the treadmill but I’m so grateful to have one when I need it!

I’m a xc coach, so I really try and listen to my own advice while running! I talk to myself a lot!

I’m about 50/50 on races with music. I don’t usually run with music except for races but sometimes it annoys me.


I have several October races lined up! Hot chocolate 15k (which will be an automatic PR for me since I’ve never run that distance before!), Rock N Roll Denver Half, and another half at the end of the month! And I always run/race without music. I’ve only done 2 marathons ever with music, and I’m so used to running without it now that I actually find it to be kind of distracting.

No October birthdays, but I do have an October wedding! I’m getting married next Saturday!

And I honestly kind of miss the treadmill. I don’t own one and I don’t belong to a gym so I rarely run on them. Really only when I’m traveling and don’t have another option. But I’m still convinced that the treadmill helped me snatch my first ever BQ (and at the time a massive PR), so I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart!

Eeeee I just can’t wait for Saturday! Does St Geroge have a tracker app?


My bday is Friday, the day before your race!
So your carb depletion was was no carbs? Or just low in carbs? You couldnt have fruit either?


AHHH HAPPY BDAY WEEK MARY! So excited for you:) .

No fruit but there were carbs in the veggies and some of the foods I ate had very little carbs! It feels so so good to be eating them again:) .


My birthday is on the 10th and my daughters is on the 20th! I usually do a thanksgiving 5k with my family but my kids are with their dad this year for thanksgiving Sunday so I might just lay low and relax!
Ok cutting out the carbs is definitely harder than any workout I agree! Your chicken dish looks really good though.
I do not like treadmill running. I’d rather the rowing machine or the spin bike over a treadmill.


I hope you’re enjoying your carbs today!! I would be lifeless without carbs!!

I haven’t run on my treadmill all summer and I am kind of dreading it for this winter. I hope I change my mind and don’t lose motivation. I need to find a good show to watch (*cough* The Bachelor*cough*) :-)

I’ve gone through music phases over the years but currently I am loving listening to music and would definitely need it for a race!

I am so excited for you for Saturday!!


I ran my first marathon without music and didn’t need it. I think if you’re used to running without it, you’ll be fine!

October birthday and race! 18th and race on the 19th! Already planning my post race ice cream cake.


Hey Janae! Here’s a (not so random) thought: I m as cheering for you and your marathon with as much excitement as I am for the USA ladies in Doha right now and some of the pro marathoners out there (woot woot, Sara Hall in Berlin last weekend!!)!! You are going to do amazing! You’ve put in all the hard work (hello 4:30am running alarms), have an amazing family as support system, and even went the “extra mile” by carb depleting for a few days (now THAT’s commitment!). You’ve got this! And, I’ll just say it out loud: I think you’ll OTQ :).


I like what you said out loud:) . That would be an incredible milestone to hit! Thank you for cheering for me… it means the world to me. I absolutely love your name (and the spelling) and please keep me updated with how you are doing!


No October birthdays, we have one in November, December and January. My daughter and I are doing the 5K Donut Dash this month. Last year you featured our picture on a Friday blog post. We’re doing it again. Wonderful American history in St. Joseph, MO and the proceeds benefit several museums.


I’m not a fan of running with music, sometimes I run without it on the treadmill…the silence is nice :) I’d definitely prefer to be outside, but it’s currently still summer in Texas and I’m 18 weeks pregnant, so climate controlled and water availability is more important. I still try to get 1 run in outside before the sun comes up. I cannot wait for fall!

No bdays or races, but we are having my gender reveal at the end of the month!!


50th Birthday tomorrow 10/3 and doing the 4 Bridges 1/2 to celebrate on 10/20. My hubs is running the 5k also on 10/20 and yes probably in his chacos again haha. Praying for your race!!!!


Gina!!! Happy happy happy birthday tomorrow! I hope it is perfect and what the way to celebrate it on 10/20!

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