You Know You Are in Marathon Training When + An Easy Way to Build your Mental Strength!

Nothing like coming home absolutely drenched from a run in the rain.  A few miles into the run I ran through a sprinkler to get through the trail and it made my shorts wet while the rest of me was dry so I was worried it looked like I peed my pants.  Luckily, a few minutes later a storm pounded down on me and I no longer looked like I peed my pants because everything was wet on me.   11 miles total for the day @ 8:50 pace.

There was also a few minutes of hail pelting me and I was reminded of what it feels like when your fingers feel like they are going to fall off from being so cold.  I think I’m going to be on the treadmill more this winter than I was last winter ha… 30 miles in a blizzard will do that do you:)

IMG 4878

It stopped raining, I changed my clothes and Brooke told me she wanted to run… so we did.  About .5 miles in and BOOM another crazy amount of water was falling.  The nicest old lady pulled over and told us to get in and that she was taking us to school:). She had beautiful white leather seats and the cleanest car I have ever seen and she just pulled over to help without a thought that we probably weren’t the cleanest… We were very grateful.

IMG 4886

And luckily we only got a little wet:). PS I am pretty positive that I had this same sweatshirt when I was Brooke’s age.

IMG 4888

Skye and I went out to get some errands done and I would like to thank Target for helping me always be prepared for the season ahead.

I even had my space heater on the whole time while I was at the computer yesterday… fall has arrived.

IMG 4908

And then we went to the mall to let Skye run around.

IMG 4899

It took Skye a few minutes to get comfortable playing there but then I realized that she is used to Brooke and Knox being there with her… this is all new territory for her.

IMG 4905

Later on we made dinner and then Knox had a soccer game!

IMG 4913

And then my niece had a cross-country meet!

IMG 4921

Finished off by a cereal party at 8 pm.

IMG 4923

You know you are in marathon training when:  You come out to the kitchen in the morning and see the food you ate in the middle of the night… the same thing used to happen to me during pregnancy!  I woke up hungry the other night so I went to the kitchen and ate chic-fil-a (one of our kids didn’t eat their meal because they weren’t hungry…) and some cereal at 3 a.m.

Marathon training hunger is real and chic-fil-a sauce is the perfect way to solve that hunger!

IMG 4616

Time for TWENTY (yes, 20) x 400s:). I have never done this many 400 intervals in my entire life combined let alone in one workout ha (slight exaggeration but not much).

Today’s mantra that I will be using when my legs want to fall off:

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Also, my running partner sent me this article and it shared a way we can all build our mental strength ha… not sure I can do this though:

IMG 3160


Are you a fan of HOT hot showers or a normal temperature?

-If the water isn’t near boiling… I’m not getting in.

What are some signs that you know you are in marathon (or any distance) training?

Running in the rain… do you view it as fun or not so much?

Favorite type of candle smell where you live?

-Vanilla will always be my favorite.

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Vanilla scented anything was ruined for me during my first pregnancy. The smell made me want to vomit and ever since I can’t handle the scent!

You know you’re marathon training when you have to refrain from talking about running non stop because you’re probably boring your poor family members.

You know you’re at the end of your marathon training when instead of going out for your run you’re reading your favorite blog and commenting on it. Holy moly how do you get yourself out the door some days? It’s dark and cold outside and my bed is warm and cozy! Ha! Ok. I’m just going to get dressed and head to the treadmill and get it done! My speed workout was yesterday and it was HARD! (3 mi wu, 2 mi @ 6:56, then 5×1 km @ 6:23 w/2 min recovery between each one with 2 mi cd). I thought I might barf but I didn’t. Good luck on your 400 repeats. You are speedy fast!


Bahahah yes about your you know….
And tell me about your marathon… I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! Way to go on your speed yesterday, YOU ROCKED IT! Hahah I felt that barf feeling today too.
It is sure getting harder to get out of bed for me too now that it is darker. Our bed is just so warm!


Vanilla is also my absolute favorite candle scent. I am looking forward to pumpkin scented candles this Fall.


I’m with you on that! Let me know if you find a pumpkin scented one you are obsessed with! Have a great day!


Hail!!! It was 95 degrees here in south florida that hail would have melted way before it touched the ground here hahaha

I’ve been reading your blog forever and remember when you used to teach spin classes and go running. I started taking spin classes recently and have really enjoyed the balance between spin and training. I think they compliment each other really well! :)


95 days… WHAT?! Kristina… I am SO happy that you are loving spin and honestly it TRULY helped my running so much. Way to go girl! Keep me updated on everything and go have a popsicle haha!


Crazy weather in Utah!
ROFL about the cold shower. I’d rather build my mental strength by doing something like burpees, and no thanks on any cold water unless I’m drinking it :)
The hunger and ability to nap at any moment = sure signs of a training cycle!
Running in the rain can be sorta fun, as long as it’s not giant drops getting in my eyes.
I like a fresh-smelling candle, like coconut lime. Have you seen Homesick Candles? They created candles with scents that are supposed to be classic for each state. Pretty neat gift for college students or people who have moved.
Hope you stay dry today!


I love HOT hot showers. But, lately, I’ve been enjoying a cool/cold shower after CrossFit because I have about 20 mins between CrossFit and having to leave for work and I am DRENCHED in sweat. No A/C in CrossFit boxes and its stilll in the 90s and crazy humid here;) So the only way to cool down is in the shower, ha. So I’ve been adjusting to that! But normally HOT hot showers all the way.

Some signs that I’m half marathon training (haven’t done a marathon yet)–> being in bed by 830 every night, ha; a lot more snacks I have to bring to work as mileage creeps up, and random stretching throughout the day…my coworker says the stairs in our office are like a runners dream to put your foot up and do the calf stretch ;)

I LOVE running in the rain, it’s super distracting to me and makes the miles fly by. You just have to accept that you may as well run through the puddles bc you’re already soaked anyways;)

Question for you ( and maybe this is a long answer for a future post;))–>do you think that the sub 3 was a big mental wall for you, and now that you’ve broken through it, faster speeds seem a lot more attainable? I’m not sure if I’m asking that right, but like for me a sub 2 half marathon was like a skies the limit kind of goal, I started training and hit it, and now I feel so much more confident to just go for waaayyyy faster paces. Sub 3 marathon was something you went for for so long, and now I’m so excited for you to go for a 2:53 (or ever faster!).


I like to take normal temp showers but then run really cold water over my hair right before I get out. It’s supposed to make your hair shiny, but it kind of wakes me up, too!

Candles—I seem to go for salted caramel and fall-type scents. Fall is definitely my favorite time to burn candles!

Loved the picture you posted on Insta a day or two ago of you getting your recent PR—you are ROCKING the running scene right now, Janae!!!!! I love it!


I LOVE running in the rain. Throw on a baseball hat and a braid and I’m good to go. I have my 6 week postpartum checkup tomorrow and I am SO excited to get back to running, rain or no rain!


AHHHH YAY!! Congrats Jessica on your new little one. I am thrilled for you!


I love running in the rain! Although hail is different. I’d be running for cover if it was hailing.

You are making me so anxious for fall weather! Still running at dawn/dusk in 90 degrees here in South Texas


–Unless I’m super hot (cool, not cold shower), my shower water better be pretty toasty.
–For me, the biggest sign I’m nearing the end is when I catch myself saying “short run today – only 15 miles”.
–Running in the rain is fun if it’s warm . But in the Colorado foothills, if it gets too cold, you start risking big problems. I canceled an 18 mile training run 10 miles into it once because we got so cold in the rain that we couldn’t feel our legs or fingers and cold pains were shooting through our feet and through our wrists up into our arms (it was nice when started and we had light rain jackets just in case but no gloves, hats, long pants, other long sleeves – we knew it might rain but didn’t know the temps would drop that drastically).
— I’m allergic to the chemicals they use to “fix” most scents so there are very few candles I can use. So my favorite is pretty much any one that doesn’t give me a stabbing headache.


Bath and Body works has a caramel cold brew scent that I love. I always know when a coffee lover comes in my house because the first thing out of their mouth is “I smell coffee and it smells amazing”. I don’t mind a run in the rain if its not cold outside. However, that does usually lead to some chaffing.
20 400s!!!! You are amazing! I bet you rock them. I think the most I ever in a workout was like 6 and that was rough.


I’m with you on the hot hot showers. I love the pumpkin and apple scents of candles and the pine tree scent for Christmas.


Running in the rain used to be my favorite thing! Until… Boston 2018. Now I swear I have PTSD and can’t handle rain… especially running in it. It makes me anxious. Of course I was also 13 weeks pregnant, had awful puking-my-guys-out all-day sickness, and a horrible cold (bronchitis) when I ran Boston… I think that made it all worse and now I just associate all that miserableness with running in the rain.

I LOVE pumpkin spice candles!




I’m not sure I trust people who don’t like HOT showers… :)
Signs of serious training for me is the ability (and desire) to fall asleep at 8pm, and the desire to eat everything!
Running in the rain is okay as long as it’s not freezing outside. It’s not my favorite but I’d rather run in the rain than in the 90 degree, 90% humidity weather we get in the summer! Speaking of which, yesterday and today are supposed to be near 90s… Iowa weather is so weird.
I can’t decide on a single smell that’s my favorite! I have a bunch of complimentary scents all over my house, depending on what mood I am feeling!


Love, love running in the rain. The wind…meh, not so much.

Warm shower, or no shower. I absolutely despise being cold.

In the fall, I love the smell of wood burning. Fireplaces or outdoor fire pits. I can not get enough of it!


Just normal temperature showers for me… unless I’m having a hot flash, then it can’t be cold enough!

Marathon training is when you use the word “just” before “10 miles” when it’s your long run.

My last run in Hawaii was in a complete downpour. I loved it. I’m not a fan of running in cold rain, but that rarely happens.

I pulled out my Fall decorations yesterday. I switched out my Summer candles – Summer Scoop and Pineapple Cilantro, for Fall candles – Cider and Caramel Macchiato. Cinnamon is my favorite, but I save it for Christmas time.


Ha! I am training for a half and I would love to come in under 2 hours…I was just thinking on my run today that I need to work on my mental game…thats what it may come down to for me.
But I’m not sold on that approach! I’m a sucker for a hot shower.
Never trained for a full marathon but I think I would know because of how tired I would be! I’m amazed by the number of things you do in a day when your weekly mileage is so high. I would want to nap all the time! ☺ I love reading your blog for some inspiration and for a daily dose of Utah…we moved away a couple years ago and I miss the Wasatch range SO MUCH!


Hahaha DON’T DO THE COLD SHOWER THEN:) . I have a feeling that Deena Kastor’s book etc is a much better approach! Come back to UTAH… it misses you too:


Hot showers for me! It’s almost like a treat after that cold sweat feeling during a run. Here in MI the mornings are in the 50 and 60’s right now… you are cold but very sweaty and sticky especially these near end summer mornings!
I have not completed a full marathon, but my mileage tends to be around 25-33 miles per week. I completed a half last weekend and I can eat 500-600 calories after runs and it does not put a dent in my hunger. I’m back in the kitchen in no less than two hours! So I know that’s when my mileage is high (for me). Meals with my family usually end with them in shock at the amount I can eat. So sometimes I just choose to eat some meals alone LOL.
My favorite candle has got to be anything pumpkin spice or a blueberry crumble type candle. Anything baked!


I’m right there with you on the hot shower feeling like a TREAT! You are just my hero for your humidity running! Haha I am right there with you on that hunger and it’s sure hard to dent it;) . Now I am craving a blueberry crumble candle! Thanks so much Mackenzie and have a great day!


I love to run in the rain!
I take warm showers. When my kids were little they would shiver in the shower with me. It only took a few showers with me before they decided it was torture. Both of my children love to take hot showers.


Hahaha maybe you love warm showers partly to make sure you don’t have kiddos joining you haha:) . Brooke always says no way because my showers are too hot;) . I hope your day is a wonderful one Megan!


Regular shower temps for me! My husband and I have different levels of “hot” and his showers are soooo hot! I always have to turn the temp down before I get in. He also reheats food super hot too, so maybe it’s just a different thermostat that our bodies have! Hope the 400s went well. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything in the middle of the night!


Haha I am like your husband too and Andrew teases me because I always put food in the microwave for another 45 seconds;) I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful so far.


Ugh I’m jealous of your fall weather! It’s still hot and humid like summer here in TN!
Yes to hot showers and vanilla candles!!


COME VISIT UTAH and you will get some nice cool temperatures! Hope you get the perfect hot shower soon. Have a beautiful day!


20×400… Wow! You can do it, Janae! :) I, on the other hand, would have to run those repeats at about 8:00 pace to stay alive.

Another cross country meet for your niece… You must be so proud of her! What was her time yesterday? Does she do 5k or shorter? 3k seems to be more common for middle schoolers.


HEY LEAH!! You would rock those 400s! Ahhhh I don’t even know if I saw what her time was and yesterday was a 3k. She just started this (and running in general) about 3 weeks ago so right now the focus is more on completion. SO fun to see her doing this. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Thanks for the response! Completion is a great goal for a beginner. Some of my best runs happened before I even started focusing on pace. I love how cross country teams welcome people of all skill sets and experience levels.


Thanks so much for the response! Completion is a great goal for a beginner. Some of my most fun runs happened when I didn’t focus on pace at all. I love the way cross country teams welcome people of all skill sets and experience levels!


I like normal temp showers but it’s also supposed to be 97 degrees here tomorrow…

Running in the rain is so fun; however, our SoCal rain isn’t like most rain, typically it’s more of a drizzle ;)

Any candle that smells like a baked good is my fav!


I just wanted to say you look great (too) without added eyelashes.


Oh thanks so much Jenny! I am loving it a lot too! Have a fabulous day:)


Coffee scented candles are my absolute, all time favorite, especially when I do an at home treadmill run. I love that smell.
I’m jealous that you got to wear a sweatshirt on your latest run. I live in Phoenix and I danced this morning when it was only 80 degrees at 5am for my run. Lol. Not quite sweatshirt weather..
I know I’m in marathon training season when I do my own laundry every few days..?


Hot showers are amazing, especially when it’s cold. Feet always needing to be massaged and wanting to eat all the food means I’m in half marathon training. I thoroughly dislike running in the rain but running in light snow is one of my favorite things. Anything lavender is my favorite candle.


Great questions.
The hotter the shower the better. I know I’m training for marathon when sleep is my best friend.
I would much rather run in the rain than the wind any day.
There is a local Candle Maker that sells the best smelling candles called Day Spa at the farmers market near my house. When she’s in town I stock up on them._


yes, I agree, boiling hot showers!!

Jealous that fall is there…..we are setting heat records…..97 is today’s high……


Running in the rain is my absolute favorite! Except on marathon race day- I ran the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon a few years back and it rained/drizzled the whole time. Never have I ever had so many blisters on my feet!

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