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WE DID IT and as you can tell from the picture—>  We were all very happy to check this workout off.  We have known about this workout for a while now so it felt so good to finally get it done and feel strong.

I predict some major PRs for the entire team!

A group of us started at 4:30 a.m. which meant that the majority of our run was done in the dark!  I had my reflective vest on and I brought a headlamp but didn’t actually need it for the fast miles because the sidewalks were pretty well lit.

IMG 5909

The first time that I did this workout on the same route we did 6 x 1 mile and my average pace for them was 5:49 back in the beginning of June so I am thrilled to see the progress.

10 x 1 mile (part flat, mostly down) @ 5:31 average.  I’ve really learned that as far as workouts go, it’s so much more fun to start comfortably hard and then work your way down.  The loop we do is kind of like a big 1.7 mile loop so 1 mile for the speed and .7 miles up back to the start.  Somewhere in the middle there we had a bathroom break so we did a little extra recovery to get to the bathrooms.   20 miles total @ 7:36 average.

IMG 5963

My favorite part about new watches—> They make you feel cool when you set new records (although, I’m a little confused because on my splits above it says that my fastest mile was 5:21).

IMG 5960

I did what I promised myself I would do after the last interval.  It felt so so good to be done ha.  Very happy with how it went, I felt in control of the pace and a spring in my step. Now to just get my body recovered and a spring back in my step for next Saturday.  A 10 day taper is a lot shorter than what I’ve done in the past but my coach knows his stuff… added bonus, he really knows the course for this marathon.  Both he and his wife have won this marathon so I am fully trusting this process.  I just really need to make sure to prioritize recovery with going to bed early, eating well and easy miles now.

The hardest part about this workout for me was how off my stomach felt but I’d rather have that than my body feeling off or hurting (0% calf pain wahoo).

IMG 5913

Our stuff at the start of each interval.  I had my w/u and c/d shoes, Gatorade, water and my Clif gels that I am loving.

IMG 5933

Back in time to get the kids going for school.  I’m very grateful for teammates that want to start workouts crazy early:).

PS I’ve had a few emails or comments asking about if I am tired… the answer is 100% YES.  If Andrew is home for the day then I am for sure getting in a 20 minute nap but if not, I put myself down for sleep when I put the kids down (not sure what I’ll do when they are teenagers and staying up later ha).  I hit the jackpot with incredible sleepers so if my kids were waking me up during the night, not sure I would be doing this.  <–SO PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND IF YOU DON’T GET A LOT OF SLEEP.

I. Am. Tired.  BUT it’s my choice to do what I’m doing, I love the training and I really don’t want it to affect my family’s life in the slightest so I just do my best to keep up with everything throughout the day.   My mom has called me Tigger since I was just a little thing so I do think I have a bit of natural energy in me but if you are in training and you feel tired… welcome to the club and I’m pretty sure it includes 99.9% of adults:).  PS some nights I sleep double as long as Andrew.  He just doesn’t need a lot of sleep to feel good!

IMG 5968

Somehow this ended up happening for a good chunk of the day which also meant we had no power.  I guess the power box for a chunk of the neighborhood is in our yard but everything was fixed and started working again.

IMG 5993

This is how Skye has started entertaining herself at soccer games.  She crawls through the chair over and over again.

IMG 5995

We were on the go most of the day and we made sandwiches for dinner.  My after-dinner snacks included Mollie’s suggestion for the quinoa peach molasses bowl from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.  It was delicious but mine didn’t turn out as pretty as theirs.

IMG 6002

Sanne and I have become penpals (she lives in the Netherlands) and sent me the most amazing goodies.  I saved a little bit of Skye’s candy bar for her;)

IMG 6004


Do naps help you or make you more tired?  Do anything that helps you to feel more energized when you hit a tired wall during the day?

What would be your ideal amount of sleep each night?

-9 hours is heaven to me and I get it a few nights a week (when I’m not waking up for a 4:30 a.m. run).  I am very behind on my favorite shows because I just go to bed so early now! 


Last cookbook that you used?

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I am having a very hard time dealing with my kids later bedtimes. My health took a bit hit when I was getting up at 4:30 to run (I was trying to go to bed at 9-9:30 but the kids were going to bed at 8:30 at the time). Now I get up at 5:30 and go to bed at 9:30. The kids go to bed at 9:30 so I have zero time without them awake which can be hard. They are 13 and 10 so it’s not like they need me like they used to, but it is still nice to have some quiet without them awake.

I do my long runs on Sundays – We are just too busy on Saturdays to get it in. We fit in sports and I try to get all my chores done, then Sunday I can typically relax after my run. But on the weekends the kids are up way later than me and I have issues because my husband doesn’t believe in sleep like i do so he sometimes doesn’t make them go to bed or he falls asleep in front of the tv and I’ve woken up and found my daughter awake watching Netflix at 2 am!

And we haven’t gotten to the point where my daughter is out late on weekend nights – I figure when that time comes that me and my husband will switch off either staying up until she gets home or be the one that goes and gets her.

So enjoy the kids having an early bedtime :)


OH I totally understand what you are saying… we need a bit of time kid free to decompress and be alone for a minute. I’m really glad you readjusted what time you are getting up in the morning! I am going to soak up every minute of them still going to bed early… ahhh how do you do it?! I hope you have a beautiful day Jessey!


I have to be so strategic about naps. I work full-time so obviously no naps during the week. I love a weekend nap though! But, if I nap for more than 20 minutes, I’m so groggy that it wasn’t worth it.

In this season of life, my ideal amount of sleep is 7.5-8 hours. I hope when my kids are older that number can go up!

I clearly need to eat more chocolate, because I have no idea where my favorite chocolate is from! I’m going to get on that right away!

I’m currently obsessed with Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow too!

Have a great day today!


I’m with you… if the naps are too long they just make me feel terrible. I hope your sleep increases soon too. Report back to me about your chocolate findings and any recipes you are loving from Run Fast. Thanks Sara, you too!


Hahaha I’m eating the Quinoa molasses bowl as I read this! I swear, whenever my iron starts feeling low this gives me a good boost! But mine don’t look as pretty either! That chocolate looks AMAZING! Awesome job on that workout!!!!!!


Thank you for recommending it to me! It was just what I needed. Thanks Mollie and I hope you are having a really great day so far!


Niiiiiiice job on that workout. The sidewalk nap/break was totally earned.

I think the best chocolate depends on exactly what you are looking for:
-Plain chocolate: Italy
-Confections, like truffles: France or Switzerland
-Candy: Belgium
-Really bizarre flavors: Japan


(I love and respect that you had to break up your best chocolate answer into categories because that was my reaction, too. )
When I lived abroad in Italy, I made it my mission to taste test as many different chocolates as possible to determine the best. I can say with complete confidence that the highest quality and best tasting Italian chocolate is Venchi. I love German, Swiss and Italian chocolate but haven’t (yet) done a taste off between them. European Chocolates is so much better than American chocolate.


Thank you for breaking it down for me Victoria… that is VERY important and my goal is to someday try all of those:) Hope you are having the best day!


Congratulations on your awesome workout!! Remember that cookbooks use major filters. I don’t think any food looks like that in real life :) Well done on your peach bowl.


VERY VERY TRUE… as long as it tastes the same right?! Thanks Amanda. Happy Thursday!


My garmin does that too. I’ve decided that it doesn’t go by the mile markers on the watch. I think it chooses whatever time period it can for your fastest mile. So it may have been from 1.5 to 2.5. They don’t do just from 0-1 or 1-2.

If I take a nap, it has to be a long one. I’m not one of those people who can take a 20 minute nap and feel great. I need like 90 minutes.

I spent a month in Finland and love their Fazer brand chocolates!


Oh that is interesting… I do remember at one point starting to sprint a few seconds before I lapped it to count it for the interval so maybe that is why. Thanks Alyssa for the help! I think I might need a 90 minute nap today too. A MONTH in Finland.. that is amazing. I hope your having a great day!


Naps don’t generally make me feel better but occasionally my body will be like I NEED A NAP and I give in and it helps haha. I think the sweet spot is getting a 20 min nap, but if I nap it ends up being >1 hour bc I never do it;) but then I feel worse….

My ideal is also 9 hours. Yesterday you commented back saying I wonder what time you go to bed, since I get up at 4:30am for workouts. I try to go to bed by 8:30, and generally do. So then I’m at least getting 8 hours, but 9 is definitely the sweet spots and I loveeee my Wednesday and Sunday mornings (rest days) when I sleep in (those days I try to get 10+ hours). I would rather miss out on the late night going out and feel better and be stronger for my workouts. Some people don’t want to sacrifice that and that is a-ok, I think everyone just has to pick their priorities!

Best chocolate is definitely from England;) I miss it so so much!

Last cookbook I used was run fast, eat slow! :)

I’m racing a 5k Saturday, wahooooo! It’s my first one back from injury where I’ve actually been back to speed workouts. I’ve only done a couple speed workouts so I have no specific goal, but its going to be a good test of my fitness to lay out other speed workouts leading up to my half. Plus I’m just super excited to get back into the race environment! So lots of sleep tonight and tomorrow night to prepare for that! No idea what my body will be able to do but the last 2 weeks of speed workouts have been strong so I’m excited to see where I am at. Zero pressure on myself, just going to go out there, have fun, and give it my all.


Thanks for getting back to me on that! I totally agree with you… I would much rather miss out on late nights to feel strong and healthy for my running. I get you:) . GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY and you better let me know how it goes. I am thrilled for you and cheering for you!


WOW! Nailed that workout!
Naps do help me, and sometimes I just cannot resist them. Once in a while, I’ll wake up after a half hour and feel like I can’t possibly get up, but if I do start to move around I find out it has helped and I can keep going. Walking the dog (or at least walking outside) will sometimes help me shake off feeling like I’ll fall asleep.
I think I would love 9 hours of sleep, but I can’t remember the last time that happened.
I’m not sure which country makes the best chocolate in general, but I sure do love me some Toblerone!
The last cookbook (hardbound) that I used was one that a neighbor made as a community fundraiser.
You’re down to single digit days until the race! Get ALLLL of that sleep :)


I took Skye on a walk yesterday because I felt like I was going to fall asleep and it helped so much! I hope you get 9 hours of sleep this weekend… wouldn’t that be great?! Toblerone is the best. Ahhhh I didn’t realize it was single digit days until you said that. Thank you so much Corey and I hope you have a really great rest of your day.


Napping helps me yes!

Also, what helps is less brain noise. What I mean by that is laying down while there is a kiddie show in the background does. not.help.me because that noise is tiring on my brain. A walk, bike ride, family read……less noise is key for me.

Quality food snack, not the quick fix sugar.


That makes total sense to me… and I totally agree. Off for a quality food snack:) . I hope you get a great nap in soon! Thanks Erica!


So I have a weird theory with the watch thing. I THINK (and maybe I’m crazy or just not very bright…math admittedly isn’t my strong suit) but I think when it alerts you to a record-setting mile, that isn’t reflected in your splits, I think it’s like…a mile between miles? So like between miles 7.5 and 8.5. even though it wasn’t one of your splits, that’s when you were fastest. I have no idea if this makes sense. But I’ve had my Garmin do the same thing and this is how I rationalized it?

Also yes to all the naps, except I usually can’t take them so I find a walk is nice if I’m feeling sleepy at my desk. But sometimes days are just hard :)


I totally think you are right on with that. It makes sense too because now that I think about it, on one of the laps I started sprinting for a few seconds before lapping my watch for the mile repeat so it must be including that part. Thanks for the help! Hahah that is very true, sometimes days are just hard. I hope your Thursday has been great so far though!


Naps are amazing! So helpful and 95% of the time I wake up feeling so much better. 8 hours of sleep is ideal for me, but I can do well on 7.5, too. I can do 7 for a few nights, but then I start to feel it. I think if I had kids I would need more. :-)

My favorite chocolate was I think from Poland—dark chocolate with RAISINS in it. I love raisins.

So excited for your race! You’ve been working so hard and I’m glad it’s been so fun with the team. I had a GREAT run this morning, which made me really happy–one where you don’t really notice the time passing. Have a beautiful day!


Hahah maybe Skye is what is making me need 9;) . Okay, I must try that chocolate at some point. I love chocolate covered raisins so I’m sure I would love that one from Poland. SO happy that you had such a great run this morning. LOVE it when that happens. Thanks so much Kristin and I hope your Thursday has been great so far.


Ha, I’m on your blog, yay!! Your question reminds me that next time I should send you a different chocolate bar made by the same brand I sent you (Tony’s Chocolonely). They also have a caramel sea salt flavor and it is the best!

A longer naps makes me more tired for sure. I just took a mini nap with my son (he just started school and he’s very, very tired) and that was quite nice :)


THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Just had some more of the chocolate you sent. I am so grateful for everything you sent and the kids can’t wait to take a bath. Brooke was the same way when she first started school. Love those mini naps. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Napping helps me if I’m tired at like 1, but more often than not I get tired at like 4, which is close enough to bedtime that a nap is kind of counterproductive. My ideal night of sleep is probably 9 hours as well. I read recently that Eliud Kipchoge sleeps at least 8 hours a night and has a 2 hour nap everyday. So basically, the guy gets paid (in part) to sleep. Lucky!

I have no idea where the best chocolate is from! America? American everything is the best! (I’m a little bit patriotic.) But I will settle for dark chocolate from anywhere. ?

The last cookbook I used was a my mom’s edition of Better Homes and Gardens from like 30 years ago. Not especially exciting, but it does the job, and the pumpkin bars I made were absolutely delicious.

I read your response from last night and liked your idea about putting tape over the watch. I like to know my time at the end and sometimes the results websites are a bit slow in updating, but I think I push myself the most when I can’t see my time, as weird as that might seem. Like if I know I’m falling behind my goal time, it’s tempting just to give up, but if I don’t know, I’ll keep pushing hard and best case scenario, I’ll make up the time I lost running slower, or worse case scenario, I’ll still finish strong.

Thanks for being so supportive and always willing to talk!


Thank YOU for being so supportive and my internet friend! I totally know what you are saying, it’s hard to not keep slowing down if you are even just a little bit under your goal. I’ve done that. You are going to rock it and finish so so strong. 2 hour nap everyday… I think I need that. I also need some of those pumpkin bars. Enjoy the rest of your day Leah!


Hi, Janae!! It’s been so long since I’ve been on your blog, and I’ve definitely missed it. I have been really busy lately, turning 18, going off to college, etc. I’m coming back from an injury, so I opted not to be on the cross country team this year, but I am training for a half marathon. I’ve been reading a lot about racing weight lately, and I am over mine by about five pounds. I really want to get there, but don’t want to compromise good fueling in the process. What is your advice? The race is in a month and I’m currently 98 lbs and a little over 5’3 (I’m small framed), if any of that affects anything. I hope you get a lot of good rest for your marathon and I know you will do awesome!


HEY LAURA!! You sure have a lot going on. I am so sorry about your injury but so happy you are back! My biggest tip would be to stop weighing yourself. Focus on the proper recovery and fueling and your body will naturally be at where it performs best. We get so caught up in numbers and forget about letting our bodies guide us to where they do their best! I personally run SO MUCH FASTER 25ish lbs heavier than I used to think was my best ‘racing weight’ and can’t believe how much better I feel when I focus less on numbers and more on my health. THANK YOU SO MUCH and good luck!


I never used to like napping… but I do enjoy a good weekend nap every now and then! During the week, I try to just get to bed earlier if I’m feeling extra tired. Or, like I did today… unintentionally sleep through my alarm and get more sleep :)
I honestly feel pretty good if I get between 7 and 7.5 hours a night, but I do generally bank more sleep hours on the weekend. In the summer, I am great on even like 6 hours a night, but once it gets cooler, I need more sleep like I’m hibernating!
I haven’t used many cookbooks lately, but I have been using the Food subreddit for lots of new ideas!


I am so so glad you slept in this morning… I bet you are feeling great. SIX HOURS A NIGHT–> you are like Andrew! I bet you get so much more done each day than I do haha. I will have to check that out for new ideas. Thanks Rhiannon, enjoy the rest of your day!


I Like 9 hours of sleep too and I’m not marathon training! Kids go to bed well but wake up too early! Also, I will be hurting when my kids are teenagers too. I’m not a night owl.
Last cookbook “100 days of real food” making granola.


9 hours of sleep is just the best. I’m just going to make Andrew stay up and wait for them when they are teens. GRANOLA sounds so good right now! I hope your day has gone great so far Mary!


Tigger!!! How cute!! Your mom is too much ❤️❤️
Naps are the best and twenty minutes is the perfect amount! hiw long did Ross and Joey nap? Hahaha!! Anymore than 20 and I’m groggy. ? My preferred sleep ranges are 8-10 hours!
I have yet to have fancy chocolate aside from Godiva. Am I missing out? ?
I’ve done a lot of sheet pan roasted veggies. Snagged the idea from Jen @ PBR! ?
Don’t you worry about catching up on your shows! That’s why post marathon recovery exists lol. ?
Have a wonderful day! I’m getting my hair done hence back to back comments lol! ?
Let me know if you tried the googling friends names I mentioned to you! ☔️ ☂ I replied to your last reply at least I think!

Have a super day! ?????? e


Oh that napping episode is the best! Jen IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST and you are both influencing me to make more sheet pan roasted veggies. Hahaha good point… I’ll catch up on all of them then. Ahhh I am going to try it now, thanks so much Sydney!


8-8.5 hours is the sweet spot for me. Usually when I’m tired I don’t like to take naps because I don’t like how I feel afterward, but some afternoons (especially when I did a long run in the morning) a 1-hour nap is heavenly. My alternative solution is too much coffee haha.

I’m currently running on very little sleep because I’m flying all the way from Juneau, AK to Florida today! I won’t be in Alaska again until April and I already miss running there… won’t miss having to watch out for bears and moose though, haha.


You are flying back to Florida… good luck with all of the traveling and I hope your summer was perfect! Hahaha caffeine definitely helps. Good luck with everything and I bet you didn’t miss the Florida heat this last summer. PS bears and moose–> AHHHHHH


Naps are life!!! I love a good nap :)

I guess now we know where Skye gets all her energy!! Tigger #2 ;)


BAHAHA SO SO TRUE!!! It’s my Karma hahah:) . Hope you get a good nap soon Tracy!


wow very good article.


Hi! What watch are you wearing? I’m looking for a new one! Thanks!

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