Silentish Saturday (A RACE)!

My alarm clock on Friday morning went off and I thought, “I’ll go run after Brooke’s race and go back to sleep now.”

The race ended and I didn’t go running because if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it most likely isn’t going to happen.

BUT the more rest I get right now the better, right?!

I did get in 2 miles WITH BROOKE AT HER RACE!

Her school puts on quite the race once a year during the school year.  They have an aid station, police officers blocking off the roads, the mascot, balloons galore and so many people out cheering for them.  It was amazing to see the entire school out being active.

IMG 6111

2 MILES!!!  She finished in about 30 minutes and felt so accomplished afterwards.  Andrew, Skye and I ran the whole thing with her and the weather was perfect.

IMG 6123

She got in some uphills, downhills and grass running.

IMG 6124

They even hooked them up with popsicles after.  After the race my brother-in-laws dunk team (he is the coach for the BYU dunk team and he participates with them too) did an assembly for the school.

IMG 6129

Skye made sure to wear her running clothes too.

IMG 6131

IMG 6139

Took the best bread over to Mer’s house to see her.

IMG 6145

IMG 6149

And then to our friend’s outdoor party with amazing food trucks, outdoor movies and games.

IMG 6152

IMG 6158


IMG 6159


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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I was supposed to doing a 10k trail race today, then a 10k road race tomorrow. (it’s a dual-dash). BUT, I’ve been sick all week and on Thursday was diagnosed with pneumonia. What??? Needless to say, no races for me this weekend. I’m very disappointed, but have take care of myself so that I’m well for our nieces wedding next weekend!


I did my first 10 k race today and I loved it and got my best time ( from my training runs too). I did not push it at all because of my bad knee ( which feels fine) until the end. I am a race walker and always will be but I have always wanted to run. These past 6 to 8 months my knee is cooperating and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. I want to do more!!! I maintained an 8:40 pace and I think I could improve but my goal is to just run at the pace my knee likes! So happy today!!


CARRIE!! CONGRATULATIONS! I am just so thrilled that your knee is doing so well and you ROCKED IT! Oh please keep me updated on it all! So thrilled for you. I hope you are celebrating all day!


I think i replied by accident to your comment about your 10k, so sorry you missed. It stinks when that happens and I hope you feel better soon!!


Oh Susie this is terrible! I hope you are feeling better and better each day! Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I hope the wedding next weekend is wonderful! When you are better you are going to have an amazing 10k!


17 miles this morning and I woke up to a steady rain ? At least it’s warm though!
After my run we’ll be heading to cheer on my little nephew at his soccer game, then a BBQ at a friend’s house.
Have a great run and a fun Saturday!


Way to go on your run in the rain today! So glad it was warm! Sounds like a fabulous day and thank you Annemarie!


I hope your last double digit one was fantastic, can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes! Today we have the last soccer game of the season, Gymnastics floor routine choreography, and a college soccer game tonight, and it’s my sons last homecoming dance. Have a great day.


Busiest day!!!! Okay, the week after the race can we please go on some walks? Hope today is a beautiful one!


Awwww!! Brooke is such a good runner!! She’s got her mom’s long lean powerful legs!
What is the thing with cashews in it from a good truck?


Brooke wanted me to tell you thank you after I told her that you said she was a strong runner! It was massaman curry rice bowl and it was heavenly! Have a great Saturday!


Happy Saturday Janae! Today my husband and I are going to our favorite coin and jewelry shop owned by a father and son. They make us feel like family there. I need to run some errands and then I hope to take a nice long walk. All in all it should shape up to be a good day.


That sounds like a beautiful day! Enjoy every second. Thanks so much Kimberly!


Wait, Skye ran with you, Andrew, and Brooke, too?!? I’m not sure I believe this… She must be an amazing almost 2-year-old! ?


Bahahah she is quite talented! I forgot to mention that she was in the stroller? have a great day!


PS why do you call it Silentish Saturday?


Because I try to do less words on these posts but I always end up writing a lot still hahah


Janae! I just had a huge stack of pancakes using the recipe you linked yesterday . They are by far the best ones I’ve made it home! Thank you so much for sharing. We definitely have the same pancake love :-)


Okay this makes me so so happy! They are the BEST! Happy weekend Amanda!


I don’t people think but from my side it’s great.


Brooke’s arm carriage is spot on!!!

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