I Don’t Think I was Greedy + Off to Seattle!

Friends that meet you at a ridiculously early time in the morning at a track are just the greatest.

We really look happy and I’m guessing that is because these are the faces of people that know they don’t have to do another 20 x 400m workout anytime soon (picture taken after our run ha).

Back to long sleeve weather already?  I took off my top for the actual workout but definitely needed it for the w/u and c/d.  I feel like winter entered Utah very dramatically and out of nowhere!

IMG 4927

We even have fresh snow on our mountains.  The track we went to was my high school track and also the same school I student taught at in college so that brought some fun memories.

Our coach gave us the guidelines of doing these at around 80-85 seconds and he also said, “Don’t get greedy and go faster than you can maintain.  It is better to be consistent and develop the muscle memory than overly fast and inconsistent.  Have a great workout!”

I did my best to not be greedy!  —> 85, 85, 83, 81, 82, 82, 83, 82, 83, 81, 85, 81, 83, 83, 82, 81, 80, 79, 79.

This workout is called a 2 Man 10 Miler.

How it worked—> Maddie and I would do our 400m and as soon as we finished, Emilee and Ashley started their 400m.   It was a standing recovery and it worked out to be that we had an equal recovery (about 82 seconds) after each one but those 82 seconds of recovery sure went by crazy fast.  It was really fun this way because it felt more like a team effort.  Definitely new to me after doing all of my track workouts solo in the recent years.

Once I finished, I laid down on the grass because it was so hard.  Not sure if that is because of the accumulation of weeks of training on our legs or because how crazy hard the workout was?!  Probably a bit of both.

One thing we forgot to do—> change directions on the track half-way through.  I’ve had little hot spots pop up in the past when I always went the same direction on the track so it is important to vary your direction to avoid muscle imbalances!  Also, it was SO nice to just have all of our stuff at the same spot after each interval because it’s harder to get drinks when you are doing speed work on the roads.   Okay, one more thing.  I loved how this high school put in a gray track because it made it so much easier to see when it was dark out still and I’m sure the track is a lot cooler during the summer months too.

IMG 4937

The weather could not have been better and another workout deposited into the account for St. George.

IMG 4945

I went home, had 2nd breakfast and got Brooke to school and then I headed out for a few more miles.  I’m in Seattle today and tomorrow and I’m not sure about how much running I can fit in while I am gone so I needed a few more yesterday to get me to 65 for the week.  I drove to a flat area and made sure to park near a gas station so that the second I finished I could run in for a hot chocolate.   It was raining pretty hard during this 2nd run so the gloves were necessary.

IMG 4950

Grabbed a hot chocolate right after and it hit the spot.

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It rained for the rest of the day and when I told Skye we were going to go get the mail she put on Brooke’s helmet to protect her hair from the rain.   I was laughing so hard when I saw her do this.

IMG 4972

She then helped Brooke on her homework of typing out her spelling words.

IMG 4974

These two were happily reunited yesterday.

IMG 4990

And Andrew and I made dinner together and then had cereal later on.  The amount of cereal we are going through right now is quite impressive.

IMG 4989

Off to Seattle!  I’m very excited to see my Brooks family and spend time with them:). Flashback to my very first trip with Brooks (we used to go to New York each year)… Brooke was in my belly:).  And that is Dorry, she is the greatest.

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PS I am sure glad that we were able to run this mountain last month when we did because there was only about 3 weeks this year without snow on it and avalanche dangers!

IMG 4976


Ever been to Seattle?  Anyone live there?  Favorite parts about Seattle?

What food(s) are you going through rapidly right now at your house?

When (if ever) do gloves while running usually become a part of your life again?

Thoughts on hot chocolate?

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I can’t believe it’s that cold there! It’s still so hot and humid here, just the thought of hot chocolate and gloves seems surreal! Awesome job on those 400s!!! the most I’ve ever done was 14/15 or something and it was painful haha. Hope you have a great trip!


I hope that it starts to cool down soon for you guys! 15 of them is practically the same thing so you know that pain! Thanks so much Mollie, I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I am having hot chocolate almost every night for dessert right now. It’s still really hot out here but once I’m showered and in pjs and our ac is at an evening temp acceptable to my husband I’m ready for a blanket and hot chocolate! I prefer to make it myself with cocoa powder though instead of using a mix.

We’re going through a ridiculous amount of grapes right now because I can’t seem to make myself cut up fruit for lunches or snacks. Yeah, so I’m too lazy to cut up an apple but I make homemade hot cocoa from scratch….it’s complicated….


I am eating hard boiled eggs like a mad woman lately! I have salads every day for lunch and that has been my protein on them for the last couple of months. I’m not even a little bit tired of them ha! I hate wearing gloves. hate hate hate hate hate. So it has to be insanely cold for me to wear them. I pretty much wear the same running clothes from 40 degrees up. I’m always cold to start but I always end up hot by mile 2 if I wear a long sleeve anything. I’m sure I look nuts running around Ohio in the morning when its 43 degrees and I’m in a tank top. Oh well!!

I did notice my hand warmers in the closet the other day. Seriously hoping we don’t have too many super cold days this winter.

I think hot chocolate is delicious, but I’m never hungry after a run and it feels too heavy like food for me to enjoy it then. But I do really love it when it gets cold. Extra marshmallows, please!


I’m with you on pretty much wearing the same thing 40 degrees and up too! You are inspiring me to make hard boiled eggs each week… such a good snack or addition to meals! I hope this winter is a little nicer than last year two? Hope you have a wonderful day Jenny!


The Starbucks Roastery! Even if you don’t drink coffee, they have the BEST chocolate croissant (I think they call in a cornetti). I think of it way too often and live very far away. I’m sure they also do hot chocolate. Elleno’s greek yogurt at Pike Place is another favorite, as well as Molly Moon’s ice cream! (If they still have the Yeti summer flavor . . . get that.)

This post made me wonder if Brooke is named after your running shoes . . . :-)

Love love love hot chocolate. A couple years ago, I was drinking it almost daily. Now it’s more of a treat, but I still love it!


I need a chocolate croissant right this second!! Your comment made my stomach growl?. Thanks for the help! I’d always loved the name Brooke since I was young but the connection sure made it perfect! Hope your day is a wonderful one Kristin!


Enjoy your trip. I live accross the sound, west of seattle in a small town. I feel our weather as been muggy recently. I read you often but have never posted.
In seattle at pikes we love these fruit rolls a vender sells that are rolled in coconut. Also always eat at la parisienne french bakery. My favorite is the almond paste croissant.


We go through fruit and tubs of spinach like crazy and my husband is not the one eating that ( except in his smoothie that I make!). My girls and I just love it. I guess those are good things to go through quickly!! Fruit drives me nuts though, it’s not like you can buy it way ahead because it will go bad but then I blink and it’s gone. So then back to the store and no one goes to the store JUST for the items on your list, ha!!!
My oldest loves hot cocoa and I love surprising her after swimming some nights with it in the winter. I have a dairy allergy so it’s a no go but decaf coffee with a bunch of dairy free creamer is a close sub for me!
Its 90 here today though so no hot cocoa!!


My sister in law and brother in law live in Seattle, and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting them a few times! I LOVE SEATTLE!!! What a cool, hip, yet outdoorsy city! I LOVE a bakery called Bakery Nouveau in SW Seattle!!! I still dream of their macarons and treats!!! When I visited them, I ubered to Green Lake and Alki Beach to run–gorgeous!!! ENJOY your time there! I did hit the big Brooks store in Fremont when I was there!

Food—the salty caramel popcorn from Trader Joe’s. If you haven’t tried it, YOU MUST! :)

I do not look forward to needing gloves again while running!!!!! lol

Hot chocolate—I like it, but I’m not a fan of hot drinks b/c they burn my mouth! And I’m too impatient for them to cool enough–ha ha, so I usually end up with a burnt tongue! My favorite is at Christmastime when we put candy canes in our hot chocolate! YUM!!!!!

Can’t wait to hear about your Seattle adventures with Brooks!!!!!


With your huge cereal consumption I think you should do a “cereal round up” and share your top favorites! Also, this is way overdo, but please pass along to your mom that I was really moved by her post where she talked about some major life struggles she has had. It’s very apparent that your optimism and outlook on life is in the genes?


Kelly, thank you so so much! I will absolutely tell her this and it will make her so happy?! Great idea on that post… it’s coming your way! Enjoy your day and thanks again!


What is the gray long sleeve top that you are wearing? It looks so cool!


Thank you so much! I got it from Fabletics about 6 months ago! I hope you are having a great day so far Jackie!


Random question: Did you name Brooke after Brooks running gear? Or was Brooke your maiden name?

Have fun on your trip!


Hey!!!! Brooke was on my list of names since I was like 12 but I love the connection! Anderson was my maiden name! I hope you are having a great day Catherine!


We go through copious amounts of Lucky Charms in this house! Sad, but true. Hot chocolate is absolutely necessary some days. Hope you have a wonderful day Janae!


We currently live 1.5 hours north of Seattle- Moved here 6 months ago from Utah . my favorite part downtown is the musum of pop by the space needle. other part is by me called Kayak point by the sound.

I currently have 2 growing boys so we are going through ANY kind of snacks- string cheese/ jerky is the favorite this week.

I’m not sure due to Washington weather when gloves come back , but if I was back home it’d probaly be now.

Love hot chocolate. more so sitting on my deck surrounded by the fog up here.

Have a great morning


We lived in Seattle for two years, if you go to Pike Place or University Village QFC you have to try Ellenos Greek Yogurt. It is amazing! All homemade and displayed like European gelato. The lemon curd is my favorite but they should have pumpkin pie right now. They put real pieces of pumpkin pie on it. So so good!


Never been to Seattle, but I hear it’s great!

Foods I go through fast: bananas, nuts, and anything chocolate. :)

Beginning in about January, I wear gloves on my morning runs, but I live in the South, so I imagine it would be earlier if I lived someplace cold. Gloves are not my favorite, but cold fingers are much worse.

Generic hot chocolate = not my favorite. Homemade special dark hot chocolate = amazing!


I always say number of cereal boxes in our pantry is directly proportional to number of miles running.
Right now I feel like we are going through red grapes at an alarming rate. I should buy everyone in the house their own bag.


Ivars clam chowder! My family is from Seattle so when we go back to visit, this is a MUST. And i’m sure you’d LOVE Pikes Place Market.


Avocados are the hot item at our house, that and frozen berries!

I am ready for hot chocolate weather. I am reminded too that I need to upgrade some of my fall/winter gear. ;)


Yes yes yes to ALL the hot chocolate! It’s been a staple for me this week after every run! What happened to our nice weather?! It got so cold way too quickly!


I LIVE IN SEATTLE! Well, just south of Seattle but born, raised, work and spend every weekend there since my mom and friends still live there. I love playing tourist and taking my boys on the light rail into downtown to go to Pike’s Place for fresh doughnuts, a visit to the gum wall, go to Starbucks for hot chocolate, ride the great wheel, head up to the Space Needle (haven’t been there since they installed a glass floor!!), check out the science center on rainy days and play in the fountain near the Seattle Center on hot days. If your looking for a quick run, run around Lake Union (about 10k) or do loops around Greenlake (about 3 mi around the lake). Running on the Burke Gilman is fun too. If you want trails, check out Discovery Park. It has sweeping views of Puget Sound and the islands. On a clear day you can see Mount Rainier! Then when your done, head to Seven Hills for running gear; the owner is an ultra runner and super super nice.
Foods we are going through are watermelon, cereal, fruit snacks, granola bars or any and every cooked meal when the boys friends are over! Man they eat a lot!! Ha!
I’m not ok with cold weather but I’m embracing it and just bought https://www.oiselle.com/shop/collections/lux/lux-hoodie in crimson/maroon so now I’m excited to try it out. The lux line is amazing! I don’t care for gloves but they are a necessity for me in the cold! I think when it’s about 40 or less the gloves come out. The lows are still in in the mid-high 50’s.
Hot choc – eh, I can do without. My boys LOVE it but only with marshmallows!
Have a great day!


I live in Seattle too! Lots of Jennifer’s here! It’s beautiful here today and a long way from gloves weather :)


I live in Seattle! My favorite place there (especially for running) is gas works park near brooke’s HQ. My favorite places for treats are cookie counter (best cookies! Plus ice cream) and mighty o-s for donuts :) have a fun trip!


I love hot chocolate but most mixes nowadays (and many from breakfast places, too) have artificial sweeteners in them that I am allergic to. So I have to read labels, buy more expensive mixes, and decide at breakfast places if I want to ask them for labels or just skip it. It’s become kind of a pain. Boo, hiss.

I’ve worn my half-gloves (kind of like a sock with a thumbhole that goes from fingertips to just past wrist – or flip them and they cover palms and way past wrist) twice this week already and should have worn them for at least one of last week’s runs. The days are still warm here but 6am is very cool and my hands are very wimpy.


I am so jealous that it’s long sleeve and hot chocolate weather there, my favorite kind of weather! The high today here is 87 so it’s still definitely shorts and iced tea weather on my end :D


Welcome to Seattle, I live here! If you’re looking for some fancier than gas station hot chocolate, try the Theo Hot Chocolate at Milstead (just down the street from the Brooks HQ) and the Mexican hot chocolate at El Diablo on Queen Anne! I became quite the hot chocolate connoisseur last fall when I was pregnant and taking a break from coffee :)


Year round we go through ice cream! My husband and I mostly because I don’t always tell my kids we have it.


We have been eating all the fresh fruit lately! Grapes, peaches, watermelon, strawberries. California produce is off the charts right now!

It has to be under 40 for me to wear gloves running and even then they rarely stay on for more than a mile. I always wear cycling gloves and really needed full fingered gloves yesterday (it was 58) – my hands stay cold on the bike.

I’m a bit of a hot chocolate snob – I’ll only drink it if it’s made with milk! I didn’t use to be that way, but I can really tell the difference now.


I spent 8 months in Seattle on a work detail. My favorite area was Alkai Beach in West Seattle. Running along the water with the city skyline in the background is really neat.


I’m about 30 minutes North of Seattle. Well, 2+ hours with traffic, lol.

Lots of great suggestions above. If you can make it over to West Seattle/Alki Beach to run you have to try the Salmon and Chips at Sunfish (a small fish and chips place right across the street from the beach run by 2 brothers). They also have good halibut and chips and scallops!

I also run at Greenlake a lot with my son.

Got the official diagnosis from the doc Monday of high hamstring strain. He told me not to run at all for 4-6 weeks (other exercise is ok) and then only start running if the pain is totally gone. Oh well….


John, I am SO so so sorry about your injury. This breaks my heart. I hope over the next 4-6 weeks you can have a passion to focus on to help the time speed by. I am SO sorry!


Thanks Janae! I still have the elliptical, indoor/outdoor cycling, and all my core/strength work so I can weather this.

Hope you have fun in Seattle. It looks like it might rain a bit – but it will be hit and miss and probably not rain hard enough to ruin any of your plans.


I cannot believe you are wearing long sleeves. It’s 95 degrees here in NC with crazy humidity. I am clearly not running with gloves but I HAVE to run with a towel and change it every five miles because I’m dripping in sweat! I would be ok with fall weather right now. Have fun in Seattle!


Skye is a little smartie – love her helmet hack! YES to hot chocolate (we have the same weather where all the sudden it’s 33 degrees in the morning and I’m scrambling to find my warmer gear) and we’ve been devouring peaches and nectarines, but I have a feeling it will change to pears this week ;) Way to go with that workout!


I have to say your commitment is inspiring (as someone who struggles to fit in morning runs!). I hope you have a great time in Seattle!


Have a great time in Seattle!! I am also in the Seattle area. You should have some decent weather for the next couple of days, too!! Can’t wait to hear what you will be doing at Brooks!!


Love Seattle and Brooks! I made my first pilgrimage to the Brooks store in Fremont last fall. In the theme of hot beverages, my Seattle go-to is warm MarketSpice tea in the Pike Place Market. I love their original black tea and decaf rooibos varieties. I had some today… but iced as it’s hot and humid in Ohio! Enjoy and safe travels!


I am glad you were in Seattle formour beautiful weather. It is back thunder storms which we never get. Rain yes thunder and lightening no.


You should check out the parkrun in Seattle (free weekly 5k on Saturday mornings)- they seem to be taking off in the USA more now :)

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