Shed the Fatigue & HOW YOU CAN WAKE UP THE GLUTES for your RUN!

No running = more time for doing things like Brooke’s nails in the morning before school.

I honestly don’t know how to describe my calf… it didn’t hurt at all yesterday but I just have this weird feeling in my gut it needs another day or two off because I don’t want to run on it and then have it hurt again after like on Monday.  At this point in my training cycle, rest is especially necessary so I’m just going to try to do my best to rest even though I couldn’t sleep in …

As Victoria told me, “Shed the fatigue and get ready to sharpen for race day.”

My body woke up naturally at around 5:30 a.m. (probably because I went to bed at 9:) so I decided to go lift some weights at the gym for a little while (well, 1st I tried to go to the temple (for my church) and then realized my recommend just expired last month so the gym happened instead).  I’ve gone to Burn Bootcamp over the last few months but I haven’t been to a gym in a very long time.  It felt a little weird to be there ha.  I also broke the below band that they had there while doing donkey kicks and it snapped me pretty hard ha.  Running takes a lot less coordination and I missed that yesterday ha

This episode from Ali made the gym and drive a lot more fun:)

Yesterday morning my running partner brought the most amazing treats on the planet.  Chocolate domes with brownie and chocolate mouse in the middle and peaches from her tree.  I’m telling ya, I run with some of the world’s absolute best people.

Andrew had the day off so we went up to Salt Lake City to get a few errands done.

Including the Apple store… Turns out my phone wasn’t broken, makeup had gotten into where the sound comes out and that’s why I couldn’t hear anything hahahah.  That was a nice relief.

Later on Knox had a soccer game and Brooke taught Skye how to roll down a hill so that made her year.

IMG 5381

And then this scene happened and it made my night.

IMG 5392

Oh and a new box of these made my night too.  Cereal is just a nightly thing over here right now.

IMG 5398

Screenshot from yesterday…  it’s so so close.  Oh and this scene below is from one of my absolute favorite parts—> the hills are over and the coasting begins!

Screen Shot 2019 09 17 at 7 06 18 PM


Let’s chat for a few minutes about something I’ve had a lot of questions about lately—>. How in the world do we get our glutes to work while on the run and why is it so important?

We can get so much power from our glutes during the run and if we don’t use them… we miss out on that power/strength AND we force other smaller muscles do the work which might cause injuries and imbalances.  Many of us sit down a good chunk of the day (I know I do!) which teaches our glutes to be lazy and shut down.  Besides making sure to do strength training each week (I love this workout for my glutes) to build strong glutes, we can take a few minutes before each run to wake them up so that they WORK while you run.

I try to make sure that I really squeeze my glutes throughout each of these exercises to get them awake and ready to do their job during the run!  Here are my favorites and I would love to hear any of yours!

There are so many more things you can do too:  Bridges, single leg glute bridge, fire hydrants, lunges, single-leg squats, side skaters, hip hikes, single leg dead lift etc etc.

One of the ways that I help myself to keep my glutes working during the run is to pretend like I have a $100 bill held in-between my bum cheeks (sorry, this sounds weird hahaha but I learned this at my RCAA coaching classes and it works for me).  You do what you have to do to make sure it isn’t dropping while you are running by squeezing them so it helps me to keep my glutes firing!

This video helps to give some other (less weird ways) ideas to use your glutes during the run.

I’m definitely not an expert on this topic (or anything that has anything to do with strength training:) BUT I do notice a big difference on my runs when my glutes are working during the run vs when they are not.  It’s worth the two minutes or so it takes each morning and thinking about it during the run!


How much of the day do you feel like you are sitting down?

Do you just start out running or do you do any sort of prehab before you start your run?

How often do you go to a gym?  Is it a big gym, small gym, somewhere in the middle?


-My two favorites are in this post!

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Hi Janae! Can you explain a bit about the Temple Recommend? I did some Googling, but I’m still a little confused, I think. When you say Temple, that’s different from the church that you go to on regular Sundays, right? And if your recommend expires, what do you need to do to renew (is that the right word? I have no idea…!) it? Sorry if these are basic and annoying questions, but thank you if you choose to answer!


Catherine I’m curious too! Our church is open during the day but not THAT early! LOL!


Hey guys! I love questions! So my temple starts at 5:40 which is so nice for people that work and want to go before (or when I want to go before the kids wake up wahoo)! To go into the temple you need a recommend and I’ll be getting my new one this week! The temple is different from our Sunday church meetings. The temple is a very sacred place of worship for us and it is somewhere I go to feel peace and comfort! For the recommend we answer questions regarding if we are worthy to enter (ie living an honest life, keeping the commandments , faithful to our spouse (if you are married) etc). If you can answer yes to those things you can get your recommend. It’s something that helps me to continue to live an honest life because it is something I always want to have (which feels weird right now that I don’t because of expiration)! Let me know if you guys have any other questions and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Thanks for the reply, Janae, I’m glad I understand now!


I get it now! I was thinking it was like a swipe card to get in! VERY interesting! Thanks for sharing!


Of course!! I hope you have a wonderful day Bridgette!


You’ve got this! Rest up, let that calf calm down, and get ready to squeeze out that last bit of speed and endurance for race day.


I just read your comment from the other day and it meant a lot. You are just the best and I’m so grateful to now know you in real life! Have a beautiful day!!


Thinkng about glutes makes me think of yoga! I do some glute work, but I love that I cover a lot of glute work just by going to yoga class. And, it helps with stretching and flexibility and balance. YOGA FOR THE WIN! :) It’s a bonus that I actually really love yoga :)

I do a lot before I run—roll my calves with The Stick, donkey kicks, clamshells, fire hydrants, and some rolling my problem spots and then dynamic drills. Age & injury have made me stick to this pretty religiously!!!!

I go to the gym 2 (ideally 3!) times a week to take a strength training class. LIke yoga, I really love it! I run solo 100% of the time, so I think I really like the community in my yoga and strength classes. Gee, I’m not 100% an introvert after all! ha ha ha

AND, OH MY GOSH, I NEED ONE OF THOSE BROWNIE DOME THINGS! HA HA You do have the best friends!!! :)


Oh I bet yoga is PERFECT for this… it’s a win win! I wish I could go to classes with you, I need friends to go with because I think the community feel is what I miss the most when I’m not running. You are rocking that prehab! I need to send you one of the domes… they are too good.

Hope your Wednesday has been great Jen!


I have a desk job so the only time I am really stretching my legs between 8-4 is either going to the kitchen or bathroom, lol. I try to get a few parking lot laps in. Two of my favorite podcasts: the dropout and crime junkie!


I AM HOOKED ON CRIME JUNKIE right now… you are going to have to share with me your favorite episodes. And I can’t wait to check out dropout, thanks Lauren! Those parking lot laps help so much I bet. I hope your day at work today has been a great one so far.


You got this! Rest up :)

Right now I feel like I spend 80% of my day sitting. There are lots of reasons (one of them being I am actively trying to rest/recover from HA). I won’t lie, I feel pretty restless but I know it is the best thing for my body right now and I am trying my hardest to stay positive, motivated (and sane haha). This podcast really helped!
So many wise words and REALLY inspiring women.
When I am running, I try to do a few activation exercises before heading out. But I am impatient and don’t always do the best job haha
Also, what are some of your pre-cereal dinners lately?! I’m in a major dinner rut (and OFTEN just end up eating cereal for dinner sigh.)


Rachel, thank you so much for sharing and I am going to listen to this today while I do laundry… you have me looking forward to laundry now:) . I hope that you are recovering well and I get it.. it’s so hard to be restless for me too. Oh you aren’t alone in cereal eating for dinner sometimes! Lately we have had a lot of Blue Apron (which I think I’ll be sharing tomorrow) and then random things from Cook Fast, Run Fast, Eat Slow & Run Fast, Eat Slow! Definitely my favorite cookbooks right now. Thanks so much and I hope your day is a great one!


You do such a great job of sharing about your faith but not over sharing…however I’m always curious about different things you do or are required to do (I like learning about faiths other than my own). When you shared that your “recommend expired “, what does that mean? ?


Hey Kelly! Oh I am glad! It’s a big part of my life but I don’t want to go overboard talking about it ha so this is good to hear:) . I should have explained that… the recommend lasts for 2 years and then it expires. SO I just need to go in for an interview to get a new one and answer questions to show I am worthy to go (ie follow the commandments:). I hope this helps and I hope your day has been great so far!


I have been doing band work for ages, but have often wondered if my glutes are actually firing when I run. Given the number of issues that pop up for me, I’m certain the answer is no. I have always done band work along with my strength work (makes sense, right), but doing it before a run makes more sense–if I want my glutes to activate on a run, why not do it right before a run. Epiphany! (And I feel so lame for not doing this sooner.) Also, the $100 bill between the buttocks is an amazing way to think about it. Thanks for this post and for the videos! As a side note, I just walked t Starbucks practicing my glute activation as recommended in the second video.


DO NOT FEEL LAME AT ALL… it took me like 18 years of running to start it ha. I’m so glad and I hope it makes a big difference for you in regards to the issues that pop up. YES to already starting at Starbucks. Keep me updated on it all Kristen!


I’m afraid I don’t have any podcast recs because I think we listen to the same ones! I LOVE that Ali is doing marathon themed podcasts now … makes it tempting to sign up for one! I really like Nicole DeBoom’s podcast; I’m not sure if you mentioned her before but shes amazing! She’s interviewed the greats like Kara and Cat but she also interviews other super inspiring female athletes that are less known. Her energy is contagious too! Others that I listen to occasionally are: Billy Yang, Humans of Ultrarunning, the Morning Shakeout, Trail Running Women, Trail Runner Nation and For the Long Run.
I NEVER do any prehab before a run … just don’t have time! I’m lucky if I can stretch and lately I’ve found I can stretch while blow drying and flattening my hair before work! Ha!
If I have a stand up desk, does that mean maybe, just maybe, perhaps my booty isn’t as lazy as I think??! Ha! I usually stand as long as possible depending on what workout I did before work. It’s pretty exhausting and by the time I get home I’m toast.
Have a great day!


Oh I am loving her marathon themed podcasts, so so fun. Oh I ADORE Nicole DeBoom’s too but I haven’t listened to her in a while because I forgot about hers so thank you for reminding me. Can’t wait to check out the other ones you recommended, thank you! I absolutely think a stand up desk makes a big difference! I would be toast too… thanks Jenny and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday:)


I have been thinking about the bills in my butt cheeks ever since you mentioned it last week. I seriously think it’s helping my persistent glute pain that I have had for about a year. I even have my husband and a coworker trying it now. Thank you so much for the tips and video! Hope your calf feels better soon!


Oh I am SO SO GLAD that it is helping… wahoo! It’s weird to think about haha but I swear it is the only thing that keeps me doing it. Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day Caroline!


I am OBSESSED with Peanut Butter Chex right now. It is my absolute favorite.
It’s also so funny because this morning (as I was shoving my face full of them) I was thinking “this is perfect for runners, I wonder if Janae knows about this cereal?” Even though I’m 90% I learned about it subconsciously on your blog?

On the glute note, I’ve noticed my glutes are so much more engaged now that I’m doing barre regularly! I went to barre last night and then did 800s this morning (my least favorite workout), and WOWZER I’m feeling my bum today. I do highly recommend barre for runners, I really do feel like it’s helped me so much!

And please post the motivational podcasts once you have them! I def need them too :) Hope your calf feels 150% better soon!


AHHHH THANK YOU for thinking of me during your cereal eating… you need to let me know about these things to try! Oh I bet barre makes a HUGE difference. Way to go on that and I need to get in. I totally will post them, thanks so much Annie and I hope your day has been a great one so far!


Re: your phone. I had that problem once…turned I got goopy gels in it :(. Oops.

I usually start off walking or trotting to get into my run.

We have a gym in our building but to be honest I haven’t been in there lately. And I sit down a lot – I have a desk job, but I try to get up and walk around during the day.

Have a fantastic day Janae!


Hahah glad I’m not alone getting gunk into my phone:) . You get in so much movement with all of your training and racing that you need some sitting time! Thanks so much Kristine! I hope you do too:)


Thanks for the video yesterday. My left foot is bothering me and I thought it was due to the tightness in my left calf. I had my leg checked out by a Physical therapist and the tightness is just below my calf muscle. I am going to stretch it and use the tools in that video.
I sit more often when I am at work now than ever before. I used to walk a lot during my 12-hour shifts and I do notice a difference in the tightness of my hips. Thanks for all of your tips.
Do you wear an apple watch anymore? What watch do you wear during the day? and do you get notifications from your phone on whatever watch you are wearing?


You are so welcome! I really hope that it is able to help what is going on with that tightness… it’s crazy how tightness in our calves can cause so many feet problems too! I do not wear my apple watch anymore. I have the fenix 6 from Garmin and I absolutely love it. It does send me all of my notifications from my phone! I hope you are having a wonderful day Megan.


How much of the day do you feel like you are sitting down? Majority of the day when I’m at work. I do make sure I move 10 miles per day though. This usually includes a run around 7 miles per day and I make sure to walk during my lunch, and get up from my desk a lot. I also take my daughter on a walk every day:)

Do you just start out running or do you do any sort of prehab before you start your run? I just start running.

How often do you go to a gym? Is it a big gym, small gym, somewhere in the middle? Never. I do have a gym in my basement though, so I try to lift 2-3 days per week.

I love mindpump podcast. They have excellent discussion, they podcast daily, and each podcast is almost 2 hours. -Also crime junkie


Totally going to listen to mindpump today.. THANK YOU for the recommendation! I just started crime junkie a few weeks ago and I’m completely addicted. You are doing awesome getting in 10 miles A DAY… great job! That is awesome you have a gym at home and Andrew and I have been talking about doing that at our house. I hope your day has been great so far! Thanks Heather!


Ugh, I sit way too much during the day. I’m at a desk from 7:00-3:30 and my hips hate it. I try to get up often and walk to the far end of our building for bathroom breaks and water but it’s not always easy to fit in. I do my workout in the morning before work so I do get some movement in but it’s a long stretch of the day not moving.

Seeing those peaches made me remember something you might like – or maybe you’ve already tried it. I know you’ve mentioned grapes in cottage cheese but have you ever had peaches in cottage cheese? My mom loves the combo (I’ve never tried it).

No gym for us but we just invested in a cable machine and treadmill.


You must get up SO early to get in your workout before you are at work at 7:00! Way to go Erika and I’m sure that workout makes the biggest difference in your day. I have never tried peaches and cottage cheese… I’m going to try this asap. I’m sure I will love it! Cable machine + treadmill = all we need! Thanks Erika!


Hi Janae,

Love the video – thank you for sharing! I also love the tank top you are wearing in it, could you let me know where it’s from?



Check out the Another Mother Runner podcast – SO good :-)

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