Many Friday Favorites. Team Party. 7.

It’s Knox’s BDAY!  I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to be his step-mom and be in his life.  He is the most friendly little soul you will ever meet and his love for snacks, friends, Legos, his sisters and questions is just the absolute best.   His sweet soul is VERY needed in this world!

My body felt very very tired after Wednesday’s huge workout.

IMG 6010

IMG 6008

Skye probably ran about 6 miles yesterday too.

IMG 6028

We took Knox lunch (he will be gone today) for an early birthday celebration.  We even played at recess with them.  Skye did not understand why she had to leave and go home with us afterwards.  She will have NO problem with the transition into kindergarten in the future ha.

IMG 6042

Last night I had all of the girls on our team over for some pre-carb-loading and talking on the couch.  It was kind of weird to see each other in real clothes and not sweaty ha.

SO MANY COOKIES.  I made these cookiesthese hot chocolate cookies and these snickerdoodles!

IMG 6073


I’ve got some favorite things this week (affiliate links included) to share!

*My favorite 4 blog posts that I’ve read this week and loved:

-Anne shared, ‘What to Eat Before and After a Long Run’ and it is awesome.  We all need all of the help we can get with this and there are so many great ideas in this post!

-Julie shared, 12 Recent Books I Read and Loved and it came at the perfect time for me because I needed some new books to read!

-Loved this post from Gina and so proud of her—> Lose Yourself.

-I will absolutely be making Tina’s Crazy-Easy Pumpkin Spice Granola… I’m drooling over the pictures!

*Just thank me in advance for this recipe:  Candy Corn + Dry Roasted Peanuts **optional: add in white chocolate chips too (Megan D’s suggestion).  

I feel like this combo will even make the people that don’t like candy corn like it.

IMG 5516

*Two CHEAP tops that I bought on Amazon and love.  Brooke’s favorite animals are leopards so I wanted her to think I was cool with this top (and I thought it was so cute) and this pink long sleeve top (so incredibly soft + comfortable + a lot of colors to choose from + it has pockets).  

IMG 5514 2IMG 5511 2

*Okay.  These G2G Bars are too good.

G2G reached out to me about sending me their bars and working together.  I told them I would try out their bars but I don’t normally like protein bars (that protein taste is just the worst in a lot of bars) so if I didn’t like them I would give them to somebody that did ha.   They sent me a few boxes and I’ve already gone through a few of the boxes on my own… I’m hooked.  I really and truly love them so much and they have now taken the place of my Costco brand bars.  The peanut butter chocolate chip and the almond coconut are my absolute favorites.  I keep them in the fridge and they are the perfect snack to grab on the go.  They do not have that gross protein taste so do not worry, they taste way better than any protein bar I have tried.

If you want 20% off use the code hungryrunner HERE!

IMG 5803

*Target has the largest mugs right now which I need because we have entered hot chocolate season.  I love this one with the reminder when I come home from a run and drink hot chocolate.

IMG 5440

*I posted this book the other day but had to talk about it again.  WOW… you have to read this if you are wanting to work on your mental game.  I pretty much highlight each line.  The training is done and my focus is all on my mental training now.  Our minds are so powerful and they can take us to the next level in our running so it is worth the time investment to read books like this!

*I can give an official review of my weighted blanket after using it for a bunch of nights now.  My last blanket started spilling out the beads so a new one was needed and this one feels much more durable.  The seams are close together so that the beads stay in the area they should be rather than falling off the sides of you.  It is warm but I don’t ever overheat with it (although Andrew says that he would after using it for 5 seconds ha).  This one is way cheaper than my last one and you just can’t go wrong with 4.5 stars/4,164 ratings on amazon!  I sleep 10 times better with a weighted blanket vs without one.

IMG 5743

*We officially found our favorite pancake recipe.  Each pancake comes out fluffy, an inch tall and so so delicious.  Take my opinion on pancakes seriously because I have really tried a lot of variations in my 33 years of life.  I also just got this little pumpkin (shape) pancake/waffle maker here for any pancake that we make in October.

IMG 5702


Candy Corn—> delicious or NO WAY?!  Ever tried it with peanuts or with some other combo?

Anyone else sleep with a weighted blanket or does that sound like the worst thing ever (like it does to Andrew)?

Protein bars—> are they your thing or no thank you?  Those of you that love G2G bars, what are your favorite flavors?

Feel free to wish Knox happy birthday and I’ll have him read them all when he gets back!!

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You have to make candy corn fudge. I takes the peanut/candy corn goodness to a whole new level.


I NEED YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE PLEASE!! That sounds perfect for us!


Happy Birthday Knox!!!

Thanks for sharing the book list from Julie! If you’re trying to pick one to start with, I also love Beatriz Williams. A friend recommended her books to me and I’ve been hooked, always on the lookout for a new one!


Hey Mariah! Thank you so much. If you get a chance will you let me know your favorite one by her?! I hope your day is a great one!


Her new one “The Golden Hour” is great if you want a romance/mystery! But the Schuyler Sisters series (Along the Infinite Sea, Tiny Little Thing and The Secret Life of Violet Grant) are probably my favorites! I like that you get to learn more about each sister and their lives- plus how life was different for women in the 60’s.


Happy birthday Knox!!!!!! Hope he has a special fun day and weekend!
I just tried G2G bars at the Revel Big Cottonwood half a few weeks ago. My husband and I each got one in our swag bag and after a few days I ate his too. :) The one I really liked had coconut in it – can’t remember what else but it was really good! Way better than the typical protein bar. :)


Thanks Laura and CONGRATS to you and your husband on Big Cottonwood. I bet the one you had is the one I’m obsessed with… it feels like I’m eating a candy bar! I hope your morning has been great so far!


Happy happy birthday sweet Knox!! I hope he has the best day ever! I too sleep with a weighted blanket and I’ve come to really rely on it. It’s extremely comforting for me. Candy corn and peanuts mixed together is a fabulous marriage of flavors! I can eat way too much of that particular combo ?


I love candy corn, and I’m glad there are other adults who do, too! Have never tried it with roasted peanuts, but I think I need to. My favorite candy combination is mixing peanut m&m’s with peanut butter m&m’s . . . something about the textures and flavors combine perfectly. It’s addicting.

Love love love that target mug! Such a good message! I want one!

I haven’t tried a weighted blanket, but I like sleeping under at least three blankets, so . . . I imagine I would like one. :-)

Happy Birthday, Knox!!!


YES… you are not the only adult that loves it and PLEASE try the combo and let me know what you think! I will try your combo… I have a feeling we are going to love it. Hahaha I’m sure three blankets creates the same feeling! Thanks so much Kristin and enjoy your day!


I have the same weighted blanket and LOVE it. I don’t sleep with it in the summer and miss it so much. I got my kids much more expensive ones and it was so unnecessary. My cheaper one (from YnM) is just as good! 5 stars!
Happiest birthday to Knox! Hope he has a great day.


Time to bring your weighted blanket back out:) . I think I will get that one for the kids… thanks Elizabeth! Thanks so much and I hope your Friday is a beautiful one!


Happy Birthday to Knox!!

Candy corn is nasty, nasty, nasty! I only ever buy it to make fall themed crafts. I don’t eat a lot of candy that isn’t chocolate, but if I do, I want to have flavor – candy corn is just like sugar nastiness to me :)

I think I may get us all (or at least me and the kids!) weighted blankets for Christmas. I have a hard time sleeping so I feel like it would be a good idea. I wish they weren’t so expensive!


I know MANY people that feel the way you do about candy corn! It really is just pure sugar haha. I hope you love the weighted blanket and you are right… SO pricey! Thanks Jessey and I hope your Friday is a great one!


Happy Birthday, Knox!

Can you look into the link you have set up for the pancakes? It is going to a 2016 article not related to pancakes :) I am obsessed with pancakes so would love to try out what you think is now your favorite! Thanks!

Happy Friday!


My bad!! Here is the link and thanks for letting me know it was the wrong one. Let me know if you try them and your thoughts. Thanks Amanda, you too!


Happy Birthday Knox!

Thanks for sharing all the links.

I do like candy corn and am intrigued with the idea of mixing it with something salty.

I have a weighted blanket but only use it in the winter because it’s too hot otherwise. Not quite ready to pull it out yet but it does help me sleep through the night when I use it.

I haven’t tried those protein bars but am generally open to any type of bar. They are just so convenient.


Let me know if you try the mixture and if you try the G2G bars! Thank you so much Carol and I hope you have a great day!


I love candy corn! I’ve even used it on long runs before! Just used your code to order some G2G bars. I used to love the Perfect Food Bars but developed an egg allergy and can’t eat them anymore. These look like a good alternative. Thanks for the code!


Happy birthday Knox! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with everything you want! Your smile brightens up everyones days!!!

I haven’t tried G2G bars yet, right now I’m hooked on RX bars. They have a bunch of seasonal flavors too which are delish!

Thank you for reminding me about my weighted blanket! I got one for Christmas last year and LOVED it. Then in March when my injury started we worried that it was actually contributing to my tendonitis and foot issue (I was wearing one of those sleep boots that are typically used for plantar and that didn’t combine well with a weighted blanket, as you can imagine, hah). But now that I’m better and not having sleep pain I need to get it back out!!

Also I”m checking out all your Friday favorites and favorite blogs because they sound great! I was wondering if you had any go-to winter running gear that you’ve used in the past. I know it’s a little early for that, but my fiancé and I are going to Banff, Canada on our honeymoon in 4 weeks (aaaah!!!) and so I’m looking for some warmer stuff to wear hiking.

Thanks Janae and have a great weekend of resting and carbing! I’ll be thinking of you during my 5k tomorrow and pulling on that mental strength game!


Happy birthday to Knox!!! I hope your day is filled with your favorite things!
Candy corn=YES!!! And the peanuts take it to the next level.
I like a couple of protein bar brands–will have to give G2G a try (especially coconut).
And FYI, I’m also now craving cookies! Ha!
Happy Friday :)


Happy birthday, Knox! HOpe you have a blast on your special day! Eat all the pizza!

I’ve been thinking of getting a weighted blanket, this one was a pretty good deal so got it! I certainly appreciate your recommendations!

Candy corn=no way, lol!

Have a great weekend!


I hope that it helps you to sleep better too! Have a fabulous weekend and send me your weekend!


Can you please re-link that cute leopard top? Been looking for an affordable short sleeve done but at least for me, both links are going to the pink shirt.

And most importantly, happy birthday Knox!


SORRY ABOUT THAT!! I have messed up the links today big time ha. Here it is and I hope you love it!

Have the best day!


Happy, happy Birthday to Knox!!! He does seem like such a sweet, kind boy ?
Heading to Stanford University for a conference on mental health and wellness for teens… Can’t wait to learn how we can help and support our kids as they navigate through the demands of school and beyond!!
Happy Friday!!


Happy Birthday Knox!

Megan D is a genius! Why have I never thought to add white chocolate chips to my candy corn mix? I just bought a jar of candy corn for my desk at work….now I am going to need to get some white chocolate chips too.

I am not a fan of protein bars but I am going to send your link to my husband who does eat protein bars since they have very little sodium in them and he is on a low sodium diet. And I have been wanting to try a weighted blanket! I might give the one you have a try.


Happy Birthday Knox! I hope you’re having a ton of birthday fun!

I just bought some candy corn last night. I love them but only the original kind!

I need a certain amount of weighted covers when I sleep – but it can’t make me too hot!


Happy birthday, Knox! I fully support your choice for pizza for the family party :) Hope you have a great day!


So many cookies!!! Looks like my kind of party.

I hope Knox has a great birthday with all his favorite people and activities!


Happy Birthday Knox!! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating 7!!

Yay Candy Corn!! I love it with salted peanuts AND chocolate covered peanuts!! I like Indian Candy Corn too.

That pancake recipe looks so good! I’ve been trying to make waffles lately and they have not turned out very well. I’m going to give pancakes another shot. I like all the cooking tips in the reviews…I think that will help make them exactly right!

Really happy about that book list! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been tempted to try a weighted blanket. If it’s too hot I can probably uncover my feet haha :)


I honestly think candy corn is so gross, but I have a good friend who absolutely loves it. Funny how it’s one or the other. Also, I’ve been meaning to try a weighted blanket, so I may need to do that soon! I actually saw some at walmart for a good price, too. I’ve been sleeping with an extra king sized blanket folded in half on top of me which seems to do the trick but gets a little toasty. Ha!

Okay, here’s the thing – I LOVE G2G bars. I’ve loved them for a long time. They taste amazing. BUT, I find it hard to justify them as a “protein” bar when the carbs are way more than the protein. For me, they’re more of a snack bar. If I want protein, I’ll just eat some extra chicken, ya know? But they are delicious, and now I want one!

Happy Birthday, Knox! I hope you have the greatest day ever!


Candy corn = No way!

Protein bars = Okay… Most of them are too sweet for me. I love Larabars, though!

Your cookies = Making my mouth water!!!

To Knox: Happy birthday, little man! Me and my girls think you’re adorable! (Hopefully, that isn’t an insult. Some little boys HATE to be called adorable.)


Happy birthday handsome Knox! A birthday joke for you…
Why did the Cyclops stop teaching?
Because he only had one pupil!

Hope you have a great day!

BTW…Janae…I thought about what you said yesterday with being tired. I like to think there is tired with purpose…. getting up early to pray/spend time reading the bible, running or other exercise, staying up late for date night or studying for a college course. But then there is tired without purpose…I didn’t go to bed early enough b/c I was watching show after show or just lost track of time. I allow for both in my life but am very careful about those times that I’m tired without purpose. Good for you for maintaining perspective!
I’m finally reading Deena Kastor’s book from your recommendation. Really enjoying it so far!


Happy Birthday Knox!!
I love candy corn! I usually make the same combo, but i’ll also add M&Ms too and it’s just like eating a snickers bar!
I used to hate protein bars, but now I actually like them! haha
A weighted blanket sounds awesome! My husband feels the exact same way as Andrew, I love being warm and cozy and hate being cold. We actually have a heated mattress pad and we can each control our own side. In the winter, I always have mine on and he has never even used his side haha. I have been considering buying a weighted blanket, but still haven’t pulled the trigger since I’m not sure if i actually NEED one…


CANDY CORN 1000000 X YES!!!!
I have an amazing shirt that says candy corn is my favorite vegetable. And I just ordered candy corn running shorts from gone for a run. I may have a problem. :) How come there’s no candy corn emoji??

Happy Birthday Knox!! I hope it’s awesomely awesome!


Happy birthday Knox!!! <3

And thank you for sharing some link love to my what to eat before and after a run post! I'm so glad you found it helpful :) Miss you!! xoxo


My son was diagnosed with a peanut/tree nut allergy this year so we swapped the nuts for popcorn to mix with candy corn. It still gives that salty sweet combo


Yes to candy corn and peanuts! Won’t eat candy corn any other way. I make it into little gift bags for teachers this time of year.
So do you use weighted blanket instead of a comforter? Trying to figure out how it works.


Happy happy birthday Knox!!!!


Happy birthday Knox! I hope you get spoiled big time. Have a great day!


Herzlich Geburtstag Knox!!! (that sort of rhymes a bit!) I hope you had a fun few days of celebration!

We love those hot chocolate cookies and make oodles of them each winter. Thank you for that recipe!!!

I gave my daughter a weighted blanket for her bday-she’s in college and loves it.

Candy corn is neutral to me-I don’t *hate it* but it’s not *delicious* either. That being said, it’s fun to eat, as long as to not eat so many the sugar coats/hurts the throat. I think it goes great with peanuts, too! It’s very October-y for a snack.


Happy b-day Knox! I forgot to comment on yesterday’s post, but it’s funny that you mention about when your kids are teenagers and staying up later. My kids are now 14 and 16 and most days I’m so tired from getting early to run that I get to bed before they do – and it’s 10:30pm! I keep telling them that they need to get more sleep but they don’t believe it :) I wish they did go to bed earlier because then I feel like I have a little more time to myself. But it’s all good as long as I get my 7 hrs of sleep!


happy birthday Knox! I hope you feel every ounce of how much you’re loved! have a fun birthday week!!


Happy Birthday Knox. You are a great brother! I hope your Birthday is great and you have a fun year at school.


Happy birthday, Knox!!!!

If you like snickerdoodles, you MUST try these ASAP!
So good!




I got that pink shirt you are wearing in purple after seeing your post. I love how comfy it is and it will definitely be one of my “live in” shirts for after work this winter. In winter I usually change to sweat pants and a long sleeve or bundle up in a sweatshirt after work just to be cozy.

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