CARB DEPLETING + Weekend Recap!

This was Saturday morning and it was so incredibly good.

I’m ALMOST DONE WITH MY CARB DEPLETION and I am counting down the minutes.  I have never done this before but my coach gave us the option to do it.  He has seen a lot of success with himself and his athletes that have done this a week out from their marathons. I really trust my coach (I’ve had a lot of PRs since starting with him—> mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon) so this (even though it has been very hard) is another thing I’m trusting him on!

I AM NOT A DIETICIAN (or anything close to one) BUT THE BELOW IS MY UNDERSTANDING (and I would love more understanding on it in the comments if you want to share).  I know there are many studies that have proved this to not work but my coach has seen it work for his athletes so I’m going for it.  I’ve followed everything my coach has told us to do so far so I really want to give his entire training cycle my 100% dedication.

The point of the carb depletion is that when you start eating carbs again, it will trick your body into storing more glycogen than normal after being depleted of glycogen.  Your body can then use the extra glycogen during the race.  It might even help to train your body a little bit to use fat for fuel which is important during a marathon at the end when you are out of glycogen.   I also think he has us do it for mental reasons ha… we are supposed to do an all-out mile tomorrow and he said it is going to feel a lot worse than mile 26 of the marathon so we will prove to ourselves that we can do really hard things tomorrow morning;)

I’ve been careful to make sure I am getting enough calories during this carb depletion.  So far I have eaten avocados, steak, veggies, bacon, almond butter, cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella, butter, greek yogurt and a lot of almonds and peanuts.   ***This type of eating will ONLY occur for me during this depletion.  I am the biggest believer in carbohydrates and they will continue to be a large portion of my everyday eating.

I started the depletion Saturday after my second run and will finish it the second I get home from my all-out mile.  I’m going to rock it at the carb load starting tomorrow morning.  Thursday afternoon/Friday will consist of normal eating.

After breakfast on Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch with the girls and Brooke’s friend too.

IMG 6237

IMG 6241

The girls then spent a long time painting each pumpkin.

IMG 6250

We had a very low-key day at home on Sunday.

IMG 6256

We went to church!

IMG 6281

And then picked some fresh veggies out of my good friend’s garden.

IMG 6284

And finished off the day at my parents’ house for dinner.  This picture of me with my dog and parents was on the counter when I got there.  That little poodle was my best friend for a lot of years!

IMG 6287


And just a few more random things to talk about today:

*Brooke’s racing pro tip:  run through the sprinklers whenever you get a chance.

IMG 6099

*They are officially twins.

IMG 6090


IMG 5901

*My suitcase is officially packed.  I LOVE packing for a race early so that if I think of anything else that I need leading up to the race I can just throw it in my bag.

IMG 6251

*Skye is watching out for me leading up to the race too by bringing me just the things I need.

IMG 6132


Have a middle name?  What is it?


Has anyone tried a carb depletion before a race?  Notice a difference?  What about a carb load?

Favorite form of carbohydrates (I miss them and want to talk about them ha)!

Are you an early packer or last minute packer for trips?

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So interesting about carb depletion. I am excited to see what it does for you!
I’ve been thinking that Brooke has been looking a lot like your niece lately! They are so cute!
Have a great Monday Janae ?


They really all look so alike! It’s nuts! Thanks Wendy! You too!!


Hi Janae!! This is so interesting to hear about carb depletion, I’ve never done that before. Please update us on how you think that affected you post-race!

I’m definitely an early minute packer. I told my fiancé yesterday I started packing for our honeymoon and we are leaving in 21 days, haha!! It really helps to see what you have/what you need to get. and then you have more time to remember stuff you might have forgotten otherwise!!

The big news I promised to update you on —-> I PR’ed in my 5k this weekend! I actually cried at the finish line, which I never thought I would do at a 5k haa. But it’s just been so trying to be patient through this injury and work on being stronger. and it’s amazing that after only 2 speed workouts back (and a long base build of easy miles coming back from injury) I was able to take 1:48 off my 5k time! My previous PR was set in May at 26:11 and that was 2 months after injury and doing a hard effort actually caused my injury to regress. So honestly I went into the race with a little fear, but also knowing my coach was totally behind it because we had built so slowly and she knew my body was healed and ready for hard efforts again. It was also the first 5k that I feel like I won the mental battle. Usually during 5ks I give up or slow down because short distances are so hard for me, and this one I pushed from the get-go and actually negative split it. I told myself “I am comfortable” over and over in the first 2 miles and the last mile I just kept telling myself “go” and ‘Faster cadence” and that I would regret it A LOT more if I gave up than if it hurt a little. All those things worked and it was a great day, and I got my first sub 25 at 24:23:) thanks so much for all your encouragement this week going into my race, and it’s been helpful reading your mental strategies and reminding me of my own going into this race.

Enjoy the carb loading this week and I’ll be wishing you luck and praying for you daily going into your big race Saturday!


AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS Eleanor! This is so exciting… you rocked it! You were so smart about your injury and comeback and now it is paying off big time. Love the ‘go’ and I’m going to use that on Saturday! SO excited for you and I can’t wait to hear about what is next!
I totally will let you know if it works and I hope that it makes a difference! Hahaha I think that is when I started packing for our honeymoon too! Have a beautiful day and thank you so much:)


Interesting to hear about carb depletion. Hope it works for you!
I don’t have a middel name, I’m still mad at my parents about that ;)
Your mom doesn’t age! How is that possible!?


Hahaha I AGREE WITH YOU! I think it is because she smiles so much:) . I mean you could ask them to give you one now;) . Hope your day is a great one Sanne and I hope so too… THIS IS HARD. Also, the girls used the bath fishes yesterday and THEY LOVED THEM. Thank you so much!


Michelle ?

I’m an early packer. I helped someone move Saturday and when we got there to help hardly anything was packed. Made me very glad I’m an early packer ?.

I’m so excited for you and your upcoming race! Wishing you the best! ⭐️???


Hahahaha they hadn’t started packing yet?! I’m like you… everything would have been in boxes already for about a week. Thank you SO much Jan! I hope you have a fabulous day:)


No wayy!! My middle name is also Nicole!


Oh this makes me so happy!!! I’m sure we have a lot of similarities:) . Enjoy the rest of your day Stacey!


I want to hear how you feel this works! I would have to eat so much almond butter and peanut butter and super dark chocolate to survive this hahaha.


Legit eating almond butter out of the jar with a spoon right now…


Carb depletion works really well for me. I have done it a number of times and even practice it before a few of my long runs leading up to a race. I started doing it almost two years ago. It took my body a while to adjust to the carb depletion, the first few attempts were not easy. I must consume more fats with my meals during that time to tolerate the carb depletion. Good luck! I believe it will work for you.


This is SO good to hear. Oh thank you Megan for telling me about this. I’ve been eating so much fat too and that is helping. Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s giving me motivation. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


I can’t wait to read all about your race! Best of luck! My middle name is Nicole and our oldest daughter’s is too. ?


My biochemistry professor in undergrad recommended carb depletion to me before my marathon, so I feel like that’s legitimate! I was injured and undertrained going into the marathon so I can’t really speak to any effects of it because I felt like garbage for 75% of the race. He also warned me that glycogen stores a ton of water so it’s super important to stay hydrated and also not worry if you feel bloated and heavy!


OKAY… this is awesome. Just what I needed. I really do need to up my water. Thanks for the help Sarah!


Oh I love it! It’s a great middle name:) . Enjoy the rest of your day Ashley!


Is it a certain level of carbs that he has you eating, as vegetables still have carbs in them, just varying levels. From a physiological standpoint, there are studies to show the benefits of limiting more whole grain carbs such as breads and pastas. Excited to see how your body reacts! Go win your day, Janae!!
My middle name is Rose, which seems to be coming in style as a first name…I have met three little babies in the past month with Rose as their first name. So sweet!


YES… I should have been more clear about that. Veggies are okay for us right now but those sure don’t satisfy me like bread/pasta ha. Good to hear that there are studies to show the benefits of what we are doing… hallelujah! One of my best friend’s middle names is Rose so I automatically love you. I love that name too! Have the best day Amanda.


My middle name is Lim . And no, I love carbs too much hahaha.

Definitely an early packer. I leave my suitcase out for the week and it makes my other half insane haha. I get a little uptight when packing for races ha.

So excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about your race. Have an amazing day Janae!


Thank you so much Kristine! Hahaha Andrew feels the same;) . Love that I know your middle name now too:) . Have the best day Kristine!


You look like a twin with your oldest niece in the picture of you with your dog growing up! genetics are definitely strong in your family!


It really is! When I am out with my niece people always think I’m her mom! Hope the rest of your Monday is great Melissa!


Good gracious, your mom does not age!!


I AGREE!!! I hope your Monday has been great so far Emily!


Early packer for sure. I feel like it adds to the excitement of a race or trip to start all the planning early. This carb depletion is so interesting, I haven’t heard of it but am curious how it will turn out. I tried cutting out carbs 7 or 8 years ago when it became popular and I last about 7 hours, hah! But if I knew it was short term and a specific purpose I think I could do it. I’m impressed with your will power. It’s funny that I don’t think it’s strange to wake up before 4am to get in a huge workout, but giving up carbs for a week seems crazy hard! Middle name is Christine.


It really does help out my excitement too! 7 hours is how long I want to last with this haha. Hahaha both things are crazy hard but I’m with you… the carbs are harder! Hope you are having a great day Michelle!


Hi Janae!

My middle name is Dawn. It’s not a popular one. I don’t know anyone else with that middle name. Aren’t middle names fun?! I love naming babies and it’s just so fun to be able to choose as many names as possible. We only have two kids…maybe I can ask people if I can name their babies? :) No takers yet.

Carbs….oh my love for bread runs deeeeeep. I don’t eat it anymore because wheat and grains make me break out so badly. Like, grade 9 boy bad. My favourite indulgence was always a super fresh ciabatta bun, toasted with peanut butter and homemade jam. But instead, I just adore the smell when my husband has that treat.

I totally agree that you and your niece look so much alike in your super adorable flashback picture.

Hope you have a wonderful week and I can’t wait for you to carb load like it’s your job. :)


I LOVE the name Dawn! I had a good friend named Dawn:) . You can name our next baby hahah I do not like the amount of thought it all takes! That is so interesting about the connection between wheat and grains and your skin… I wonder if my skin will clear up from the depletion! Thank you SO much and I hope you have a great Monday!


interesting! I’ve never heard of carb depletion. Interested to hear what you think. I’m also curious how they came up with 4 days (?) off carbs and then 4 days on.. seems like a pretty short time frame to make a difference so I wonder if they had tried a bunch of iterations?
the #1 carb I thought of when you asked that question is fresh huge cinnamon rolls!!
packing ahead of time is so smart so you don’t have the anxiety that you’re gunna forget something.


I’m interested to see how it all works out too! So technically it’s a little less than 3 days of no carbs and then 2 days back on before normal eating again. I’m not sure why though… I’m guessing my coach has played around with it over the years. And I will probably need a cinnamon roll tomorrow. Thanks Krista and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


I don’t think I could get through 24 hours of carb depletion! ;) I’m not a dietician, but I do know a bit about how the body works, nutrition-wise. Don’t get discouraged if you gain some water weight and feel bloated as you carb load again after the depletion. Your body will be hanging on tight to every gram of carbs, and with that comes water. It’ll feel SO good to eat pancakes again, I’m sure!
By the way, I am SO excited for your race!


I have no clue about carb depletion, I only studied it for about 10 minutes at lunch.

However, are you sure this is something you want to try for the first time right before your marathon you’ve been training so hard for without knowing how it will effect your body, mood, and everything else? Maybe you should try it in the off-season first? I did read a few articles stating it does not help that much if you plan on taking gels and such during the race to replenish your glycogen stores anyway.

I know – that you know your body best and you’ll make the best decision for yourself. Just had to throw that out there.

Good luck with whatever you choose – I really hope you do awesome Saturday!


I can’t wait to hear about this carb depletion result! You are going to rock it! Can’t wait to hear!


Maria :) I am also very intrigued about the concept of carb depletion. Definitley will be waiting to hear your thoughts after your race.

Totally random but has anyone ever noticed that Skye smiles just like Andrew with the wrinkeld nose and squinty eyes :)


Agree with you on the importance of carbs!

Also I am updating you on my goal marathon from Saturday….I bombed it! I am still trying to figure out what went wrong but I am so proud I overcame the misery. It was high 84 that day but I also think I went out a little faster than I should have. After I crossed the finish I said I was done and now two days later I think I am going to try again….but probably not until next fall haha. I’m so exited to see how you do next weekend!


YOU HAVE NOT FAILED UNTIL YOU QUIT TRYING!!! You’ve got this Sara. I am SO sorry about your bad race on Saturday… keep going:) You are amazing and I hope you are recovering well!


My middle name is Ruth. It is special to me because it is my paternal grandmother’s middle name, and my daughter’s…Also because I biblical Ruth is such an example of a devoted and faithful woman.

Definitely excited to hear about carb depletion – my coworker has done it and swears by it.

I don’t pack until a couple of days before because I can’t stand the mess of having a suitcase out…. but I start making my list weeks in advance…, so basically the same!

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