Speed Changes + Can’t Stop + Training Last Week!

Speed Changes.

I now know when those two words are combined things are about to get real;)

We did a 6 mile w/u and then 1 mile speed change, 1 mile easy, 1 mile speed change, 1 mile easy, 1 mile speed change, 4 mile c/d

Speed changes = 100m FAST, 100m Float (a bit faster than recovery pace) on repeat for a mile!

The speed changes are tough because you are constantly going back to accelerating just as the floating period starts to feel comfortable.  I’m happy that with each speed change mile we went faster and I’m noticing a big change in my leg turnover lately—> they are moving faster!

PS I remembered to have UCAN before this run and my stomach was so happy for the 15 miles!  Experiment around on things so you can find what makes your stomach happiest during your runs… it makes such a difference for me.

PPS try these speed changes out if you want, they are challenging in a very different way than most workouts.

IMG 2605

During our cool down we ran around the chalk the block area to see all of the artists out working on their awesome picture.  By tonight all of the parking stalls will have art in them!

IMG 2535

Dove head first into this when I got home.  It was a lot cooler than normal but I was still dreaming about cold fruit during the final miles.

IMG 2537

Knoxster and I went out on a little date together during Skye’s nap.  He found his Mickey shirt to wear for Skye because of her current obsession with Minnie.

IMG 2617

They were both thrilled to do a little back to school shopping.

IMG 2639

Still doing that thing where we eat somewhere as much as possible until we get sick of it;).  I can’t stop thinking about Thai food so for our second Saturday date night week in a row we went to Spicy Thai.

IMG 2636

IMG 2637

But this week we had a few extras for our date night;)

IMG 2620

And then Skye showed off her headstand skills… she is much closer than I am at getting one.

IMG 2643


Here’s how last week’s training went!  In the beginning of the week I was going for 75-80 miles and then we readjusted down a bit after Wednesday felt so terrible:)

Monday:  12 miles @ 8:16 in the morning and 4 miles @ 8:33 in the afternoon

Tuesday:  10.6 miles @ 8:19 average

Wednesday:  16.42 miles w/ 7 x 1 mile @ 5:36 average (partly flat, mostly down for these mile repeats) w/ .7 mile recoveries

Thursday:  8 miles @ 8:21 average

Friday:  4 miles @ 8:44 average pace

Saturday:  15 miles @ 7:41 average w/ 3 miles of speed changes

Sunday:  Off!

70 miles for the week and ready for a race on Saturday… going to really freshen up my legs before the race!


What was your best run last week?

What is your Sunday filled with?

Do you eat out at the same places consecutively or do you switch it around a lot?  

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I have never heard of speed changes…they sound kind of fun? haha, I would probably change my mind after my first 100 meters;-).

I think today was my best run! I thought my legs would be tired after my long run yesterday, but I ran 7 miles a little slower than half marathon pace.

You have so many awesome places for eating out! We rarely eat out because we are very, very limited in options. Today is going to be church, rest, rest and rest. Enjoy your Sunday, Janae!


Bahaha try them and see if you like them… not sure I would use fun to describe them though. SO happy that you had such a great run today and 7 miles at around half marathon pace is AWESOME. Come visit Utah and I’ll take you to some of my favorites. Thanks Becky and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


My best run was my Tuesday track workout. I focused on shorter rest which was challenging yet rewarding. I agree with Becky that speed changes sound kinda fun, but I would hate to have to switch my pace every 100 meters. It would drive me crazy keeping track of that mile after mile.

I almost never go out to eat because it’s so expensive and I love to cook! But when I do go out, I like to try new places.

My Sunday is filled with church and rest, too. Both good things. ?


Both fabulous things! WAY TO GO on your track workout and shorter rest periods make huge leaps in our fitness! Way to go and hahah the speed changes do drive me crazy! Can we come over for some of your cooking? Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!


We usually eat at one place all the time until we get sick of it haha! We’ve been loving Zao Asian Cafe here in Bountiful recently, and it’s been my go-to basically every Friday for the last month!



I’ve been getting more into speed work lately. Never tried speed ups. Might need to work those in. We like to try new places when we go out, but find ourselves zoning in and rotating our 2-3 favorites.

Quick, personal question for you. When you’re doing 2-a-day workouts, do you just feel like you’re constantly showering? I have long hair (like you) and I get really tired of dealing with it after a while. To the point that I won’t do as sweaty of a workout because I know I’ll need to wash my hair/style it, etc. kind of lame, but true…

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